• Published on Apr 10, 2017
  • Explore speciation with The Amoeba Sisters. This video discusses sympatric and allopatric speciation and covers several types of isolation types including behavioral, temporal, and habitat isolations. This video has a handout at www.amoebasisters.com/handouts. Expand details for table of contents 👇
    Table of Contents:
    Defining Species 0:36
    Defining Speciation 1:41
    Allopatric Speciation 2:36
    Sympatric Speciation 3:36
    Prezygotic Barriers 3:48
    Postyzygotic Barriers 5:16
    Concepts to Keep in Mind with This Video 6:03
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  • Amoeba Sisters
    Amoeba Sisters  3 months ago +17

    We like to pin clarifications or corrections on our videos. We appreciate comments that bring them to our attention. There is a text box in this video that states that natural selection acts on populations, but we want to clarify this. Natural selection is based on differential reproductive success of individuals and this is a mechanism for evolution, which acts on populations, in order for this to happen. Natural selection does *occur* in populations (some references will use the words "*act on*" such as this example esajournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1890/0012-9623-95.2.24), but as a mechanism, natural selection does so by differential reproductive success of individuals. Our focus is to prevent the misconception that it does *not* produce an evolutionary change within the individual. The individual's survival and reproductive fitness will affect the population. Since we can't easily edit the text box, we are going to opt to remove the portion with the text box as it is explained without the textbox later in the video.

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    Arola Sangtam Arola 23 days ago

    This video is great... Helped me a lot

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    Rhythm Gumber 26 days ago

    Pls make a video on Hardy Weinberg principle

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    Caroline LISE 2 months ago

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    Sky Fly 2 months ago

    I'm telling ya.. illustrations make a difference in learning. With your voice and the illustrations.. yall make a killer team! I am learning so much in such a short amount of time. Everything that I am learning in BIO right now is clearer now because of yalls videos! THANK YOU FOR HELPING US AND OUR CURIOSITY!!

  • Joseph Proto
    Joseph Proto 2 months ago

    You guys rock!

  • Akash Ali Hazarika
    Akash Ali Hazarika 2 months ago +1

    I have a query. Why didn't the different geographic human populations evolve into different allopatric species over the course of evolution ?

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    IlluminosaImmortalis 3 months ago

    My seventh grade life science students LOVE your videos. They always say "yay" with the utmost enthusiasm when I say we are watching an Amoeba Sisters video. Thanks so much for posting these. They are helpful, relevant, and loads of great fun.

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  • Rico Swavay on Facebook

    One of the most interesting facts about human evolution and evolution in general is the fact that the mechanism by which it is alleged by evolutionists to occur, namely, by mutation, has never been “observed” to change any species into another via an “increase” of DNA information.
    In fact, there has not been even “one” observation of this occuring. There has only been “observations” of species changing into another via a “loss” of information.(NOTE: That species have been “observed” to reproduce new species doesn't necessarily mean it's the type of evolution that the “average layman” thinks of when they hear the term(i.e. a species reproducing a new species that has different DNA than the species it came from and is somehow “more intelligent,” and can't reproduce with the species it came from, but can with offspring that resulted from the same mutations as it(i.e. “Macroevolution”)).
    There have been species that have been “observed” to evolve but only by “anti-theist evolutionists'” definition of the word evolution because their definition also includes species that speciated as the result of a loss of DNA information with no gain in intelligence. But the truth is, the species that they claim that they have “observed” evolved(e.g. bacteria, cockroaches, humans, etc) have really only become “lesser” species* in the sense that they have only “lost” DNA information(e.g. bacteria and cockroaches losing the genes that code for the proteins that makes them vulnerable to antibiotics and pesticides respectively, resulting in them becoming resistant to those, respectively, and some humans losing genes that caused them to lose proteins that in turn caused them to become lactose tolerant and immune to malaria).*
    Some(e.g. “Michael Behe”) have even said that this should be called “devolution.” However, because of the way evolution is defined by “Atheistic anti-theist” evolutionists never have and probably never will, call it “devolution.”
    That not even one mutation has ever been “observed” to result in an increase in DNA information and intelligence, was even admitted by Richard Dawkins by acquiescence(or omission) in the video below because when the interviewer asked him has there ever been a mutation that resulted in an increase of information, he was silent for a long time trying to think of one, then, instead of giving a yes or no, and/or, naming a species, he never did directly answer the question but instead tried to throw people off the fact that he didn't by changing the subject to saying there's a misunderstanding about how evolution occurred thereby implying that most laymen won't understand as if that would justify his not giving a direct answer. Here's the video showing him do this below:
    That mutations have only been observed to result in “losses” of DNA information is why Michael Behe titled his new book published this year “Darwin Devolves,” which is depicted and discussed in the video below:
    However, most, if not all, evolutionists would argue that the “FOSSIL RECORD” shows that there “apparently” HAS been an increase DNA information because the fossils in the Earth's layers go from less intelligent to more intelligent species from the bottom layer up, and, in order for that to have happened, there HAD to have been an increase in DNA information.
    However, please be advised that, evolution is only a “fact” (i.e. has been “observed” to occur) only insofar that species have been OBSERVED to change into another according to “ATHEISITIC” evolutionists' definition of evolution which is, as stated above, is adaptation to environment via mutation but includes ones that were/are caused by “losses” of DNA information too, and so is not limited to the average layman's definition which is implicitly thought of by the average layman to be a change of a comparatively less intelligent species, into a comparatively more intelligent one, via an “increase” of DNA information.The idea that the species in the Earth's layers went from less intelligent to more intelligent species from the bottom layer up as the results of increases in DNA information is only a “belief” because such has never been observed, obviously, because it happened in the past when no modern man(Homo sapiens sapiens) yet existed to observe it occur.
    *Examples of “speciations” that resulted from losses of DNA information include that of wooly mammoths into elephants, and sabertooth tigers into lions and tigers, etc.

  • Noa Weller
    Noa Weller 3 months ago

    um..... actually natural selection acts on INDIVIDUALS and evolution acts on POPULATIONS... Don't be making videos about evolutionary biology if you can't even get the basics right...

    • Amoeba Sisters
      Amoeba Sisters  3 months ago +1

      We appreciate you bringing our green text box to our attention. We will pin a comment and see if we can clarify our text box that natural selection involves differential reproductive success of individuals and a mechanism for evolution, which acts on populations. UPDATE: We've been looking through it for the past few days, and it seems perhaps the issue is what we mean by "acts on." Natural selection does *occur* in populations (some references will use the words "*act on*" such as this example esajournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1890/0012-9623-95.2.24), but as a mechanism, natural selection does so by differential reproductive success of individuals. However, it does *not* produce an evolutionary change within the individual. The individual's survival and reproductive fitness will affect the population. We do wish to add a clarification to this though. Thank you.

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      the formation of new and distinct species in the course of evolution.

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