Champions in Season 2020 | Dev Video - League of Legends

  • Dive into 2020’s new champions and reworks with Reav3. Prepare to meet Sett, the newest juggernaut, and discover the secret behind his Calling Card. Then get reacquainted with Fiddlesticks and Volibear-and learn about two upcoming champions for next summer.
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    HARDBASS , VODKA SLAV! 23 hours ago

    Barber : so which haircut do you want sir
    Riot dev: i like pineapples

  • Silentnight
    Silentnight Day ago

    Balance Sett.

  • Mirza Husagić
    Mirza Husagić Day ago

    Riot: "we're planning a lot for 2020"
    CoviD-19: *swiggity swooty*

  • The sketch is better


  • amio overlord
    amio overlord Day ago

    Voli going for rework?

  • Tishan Habib
    Tishan Habib 2 days ago

    I can't wait for Yone, Yasuo's dead brother...

  • Luky[ECM]OCD_SVK
    Luky[ECM]OCD_SVK 2 days ago

    to do je ta caja u setta posli ig pls

  • Juanmy Medina
    Juanmy Medina 3 days ago


  • Juanmy Medina
    Juanmy Medina 3 days ago

    Pls take a Valmar and Kai from lore of varus. 2 in 1. Please..

  • Jamisco
    Jamisco 4 days ago

    Honestly, Just remove everyone and start over

  • Ed Benegas
    Ed Benegas 5 days ago

    how about the wild rift??

  • Spooky Boi
    Spooky Boi 5 days ago

    I didn't know Charlie Brown was a real person.

  • Marcin Chojniak
    Marcin Chojniak 5 days ago

    "We couldn't decide if it should be team fight focused bruiser, or an agile, prancing Assassin"... in my mind appearedonly "SO WE CHOSE BOTH"

  • paijwa
    paijwa 5 days ago

    Doesn't really look like a bear now tho

  • Atreus
    Atreus 5 days ago

    i wonder whether Jinx' sister (Jinx mentions her in one quote) will also be a thing for a new champion? Would be sick af

  • Noah Moussaoui
    Noah Moussaoui 6 days ago

    We need Yasuo's brother Yoan to be released as a champion. Maybe have him as a shadow isle champion because he did die to yasuo.

  • Ynxxoi 00
    Ynxxoi 00 7 days ago

    so no ahri VU? :(

  • Phantom-Knight-X1
    Phantom-Knight-X1 7 days ago

    So when can we play the new fiddlestick

  • Few Hack
    Few Hack 7 days ago

    lol can you plz bring back fru

  • Michael Berrigan
    Michael Berrigan 7 days ago

    why does this guy look like he hasn't slept in 2 weeks

  • Joshua Han
    Joshua Han 7 days ago

    I just want my Xerath to be more god-like :(

  • MON mon
    MON mon 8 days ago

    Pls do a guest character from other video game

  • Joseph Denbo
    Joseph Denbo 9 days ago

    Give us another Darkin!!!

  • Shit Post
    Shit Post 9 days ago


  • Rosario Delacruz
    Rosario Delacruz 9 days ago

    Maybe Soraka it can be rework🤔...

  • Elvin Jr. briones
    Elvin Jr. briones 9 days ago

    I'm so excited cause they will add again Aphelios!!!

  • Clipted Void gaming
    Clipted Void gaming 9 days ago

    Uhmmm please update yasuo.. give it more power at strength ty

  • Dylanbatac Batac
    Dylanbatac Batac 10 days ago

    Plss rework nucture too.

  • Kehhnnononnuwn
    Kehhnnononnuwn 10 days ago

    his face looks like it's photoshopped

  • Marco Karanopoulos
    Marco Karanopoulos 10 days ago +1

    What if the new champs are the deer from bot lane and shens father

  • Cameron McKee
    Cameron McKee 10 days ago

    please dont change mundo ever :( :( :( maybe a visual update but his kit is the only one I can play lolol

  • wa la
    wa la 10 days ago

    Barber : watchu want cuh?
    This dude : you know ananas?
    Barber : gotchu cuh

  • LeTuce
    LeTuce 10 days ago

    egg head

  • Sr Koch
    Sr Koch 11 days ago

    This guy has such a boringly scripted voice with 0 facial expressions. Might as well not even show himself in the video as it would literally be better to just see more content.

  • Islam Cavalo
    Islam Cavalo 11 days ago

    Riot: expect to see another familiar face this year
    Yone ( yasuo brother): My time has come

  • Nayef Chams
    Nayef Chams 11 days ago


  • BIN dozer jus bin
    BIN dozer jus bin 11 days ago

    Hey dude can you rework jax hes skill are look like old please rework

  • BillxTheChampion\ more

    He looks like an egg to who hit puberty

  • Mads Bødker
    Mads Bødker 11 days ago

    i love this guy. he has abso absolutely no emotions

  • KYAO
    KYAO 11 days ago

    pls do jax

  • Endangered121
    Endangered121 12 days ago

    this guy literally looks like a combination of fiddlestick and volibear

  • Ben Robbins
    Ben Robbins 12 days ago

    so they did what they did with the gangplank update.

  • Carlos Pitteri
    Carlos Pitteri 12 days ago

    Ryan looks like pesci from jojo lmao

  • Ramafik
    Ramafik 12 days ago

    maybe have this guy snort something before letting him be recorded? Jesus...put some pep in it

  • RevolverOcilot
    RevolverOcilot 12 days ago

    This guys looks like a hard boiled egg with hair

  • Team Kevin
    Team Kevin 12 days ago

    Why is there an egg talking to me?

  • Grimcookie
    Grimcookie 12 days ago +3

    i already get psychological damage from playing with some people in this game, no need to add it as a champion mechanic

  • Филип Б.
    Филип Б. 12 days ago

    This guy looks like he came out from the muppets or south park with that haircut

  • John Mark Alarcon
    John Mark Alarcon 13 days ago

    please make a champion like Thanos and it's Infinity Stones please???

  • shugo66
    shugo66 13 days ago

    New 5v5 Map anytime ssoon?

  • shugo66
    shugo66 13 days ago

    Came here from the fiddlesticks video and Wow it looks good.

  • Thomas Wayne
    Thomas Wayne 13 days ago +1

    I've got a feeling that the familiar face will be Yasuo's brother, Yone. GG

  • OG Martijn
    OG Martijn 13 days ago

    Why the voli rework? Voli is beautifull the way he is?!

  • Nick Roj
    Nick Roj 13 days ago

    It's almost like you guys are setting up for an MMORPG?

  • Nick Roj
    Nick Roj 13 days ago

    You reading that script is like waiting for a live stream to start. BLINK IF YOURE OK

  • Jeosh Sandoval
    Jeosh Sandoval 14 days ago

    Upgrade the graphics of the game please. I'll defenitely play this game again if the graphics is almost like on HON.
    All LOL cinematic graphics are so badass and very good.
    I hope the game itself too.

  • Ca Udyr
    Ca Udyr 14 days ago

    Its udyr time🐾
    Make it happen

  • nanabs
    nanabs 14 days ago

    Buff aatrox pls ;-;

  • DRANZE Monitor
    DRANZE Monitor 14 days ago

    I really do hope that Shen and Zed's master will revive and will give an exciting story or lore about Runeterra, that there are secrets that lie beyond the darkness of Ionia, and that darkness can give another champion as well.

  • MenoOG
    MenoOG 14 days ago

    a fawn vastayan and katarinas dad

  • IronEagle 1
    IronEagle 1 14 days ago

    This makes me so sad because my pc is broken....

  • Tsuru no Ichizoku
    Tsuru no Ichizoku 14 days ago

    You know when you asked your barber to shave your head but you changed your mind halfway through?

  • Nicholas Joseph
    Nicholas Joseph 15 days ago


  • DEADSHOT Gaming YT
    DEADSHOT Gaming YT 15 days ago

    Where is wild rift pls make it fast

  • Riot911
    Riot911 15 days ago

    I hope the masked champion who refuses to die is kayn's brother from that one story, it would be very interesting lol

  • james villa
    james villa 15 days ago

    does anyone dont recognized that he doesent blink

  • Crayola Azul Tea Sad
    Crayola Azul Tea Sad 15 days ago

    Porque no embellecen a viktor :"U?

  • duras427
    duras427 15 days ago +1

    Why this guy look like an onion

  • mai
    mai 16 days ago

    why mechanical fs wtf wrong with you

  • Artuğ Altuğ
    Artuğ Altuğ 16 days ago

    you owe the game a support champion since senna design as support failed big time!

  • DexTheWizard
    DexTheWizard 16 days ago

    Make MMORPG

  • kennith alfred
    kennith alfred 16 days ago

    give us YONE

  • ash0777TODAK
    ash0777TODAK 17 days ago

    his face like ryback

  • Omegawylo
    Omegawylo 18 days ago

    This guy is a charisma black hole

  • Lego Boba Fett
    Lego Boba Fett 18 days ago

    Why does his head look like an egg

  • Smut Peddler
    Smut Peddler 18 days ago

    They all better have invuls, gap closers, true dmg, executes and half bar shields

  • Organic Giraffe
    Organic Giraffe 18 days ago

    Wow isn't that Bertram from RDR2? Riot really does bring legends to life.

  • GoldW0lf
    GoldW0lf 18 days ago

    Revert aatrox

  • Andrew Colwell
    Andrew Colwell 18 days ago

    still think rammus needs an update

  • Lew.
    Lew. 19 days ago +1

    Would love to see Shaco finally come out of the woodworks after all these years.