Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • 'Miracle Workers' star Daniel Radcliffe takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Does Daniel Radcliffe have tattoos? Which Harry Potter movie is his favorite? Where did Daniel meet his girlfriend? Is Daniel on social media? Daniel Radcliffe answers all these questions and more!
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    Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • Xavier
    Xavier 15 minutes ago

    When you realise Daniels about to turn 30

  • Subhojit chatterjee
    Subhojit chatterjee 18 minutes ago

    What is Daniel Radcliff??
    Me: Dude you're a wizard, the chosen one

    ISABELLE AGETHEN 艾莃桐 24 minutes ago +1

    theQuestion about the new wolferine, SPOILER ALERT

  • Rick o'neil
    Rick o'neil 2 hours ago

    Is he on Felix Felicius or something?

  • Ongama Zondo
    Ongama Zondo 2 hours ago

    How to be Daniel Radcliffe?
    What i would say: You have to be rad and go to cliffes a lot
    I am aware how i spelt cliff

  • Majida Zaidi
    Majida Zaidi 3 hours ago +1

    Daniel: i had a pretty normal life.
    Me: working in one of the most successful fantasy movie ever is pretty normal for Dan.
    At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in, They got in on pure talent.

  • Claudio H. Aceituno
    Claudio H. Aceituno 4 hours ago

    Es tan friki

  • •༻Gacha Emma•༻

    By the long hair i think we all meant the goblet of fire.

  • Shac Allison
    Shac Allison 6 hours ago

    2:24 wtf

  • Omni Elbows
    Omni Elbows 8 hours ago

    Daniel: "And i was like, you know what i will never have the opportunity to do something that cool again"

    Me: ya know besides being Harry Potter and all that

  • Lolbit_Playz _Gamez
    Lolbit_Playz _Gamez 8 hours ago

    What is Daniel Radcliffe?
    Me: A HUMAN

  • Christine Pruger
    Christine Pruger 8 hours ago


  • Cutey Fly
    Cutey Fly 8 hours ago +1

    “Does Daniel Radcliffe like Emma Watson?
    YES! She is my *Best Friend*”
    Me: NO MAH SHIP (dont come commenting me “Ya they are just friends” or like mean comments this is MY opinion)

  • Harry Potter Fanpage
    Harry Potter Fanpage 9 hours ago

    0:19 SAME!!

  • gabriel gil
    gabriel gil 9 hours ago

    Wow hold did he just say hes going playing the next wolverine?

  • Emma Gardner
    Emma Gardner 10 hours ago

    *I’m not a naturally good person*

  • rishi503
    rishi503 12 hours ago

    Anyone else waiting for him to be asked if he was drunk on the set?

  • Mia 123
    Mia 123 13 hours ago


  • Mia 123
    Mia 123 13 hours ago


  • Oscar wants
    Oscar wants 14 hours ago


    SIΛM ΛBEDIN 15 hours ago +1


  • I play soccer
    I play soccer 16 hours ago

    No he was fighting

    -vold- I mean he shouldn't be named

  • Zahraa Ali
    Zahraa Ali 18 hours ago

    Same my zodiac sign is cancer

  • I am Poltergasm
    I am Poltergasm 18 hours ago

    I absolutely love this guy. He was amazing in Lord of the Rings!

  • Ace Angel
    Ace Angel 20 hours ago

    Best question:
    What is Daniel Radcliffe?

  • Archi Jain
    Archi Jain 21 hour ago

    Please do it of emma watson

  • luddite witch
    luddite witch 21 hour ago

    lmfao I still love him

  • Miraculous Simpson
    Miraculous Simpson 22 hours ago

    The only thing that’s left of Harry Potter in him is his eyes

  • Bhawna Verma lingo-fan
    Bhawna Verma lingo-fan 23 hours ago

    Thanks to the team for arranging this for us!!!

  • GOD Particle
    GOD Particle Day ago

    What's Daniel Radcliffe 's height?
    Does Daniel Radcliffe watch Cricket?

  • Victoria Taylor
    Victoria Taylor Day ago

    it’s probably so so annoying to be constantly compared to harry potter anytime he says something

  • Hunter Welsh
    Hunter Welsh Day ago

    My favourite Harry Potter is namber 6

  • lit gohan
    lit gohan Day ago +1

    Lmao i love this omggggggg

  • Reable And Ava Vlogs & Animations

    “Daniel”, actually Harry Potter,: I don’t know what I would get an Oscar for?”
    Me and most people: you killed the dark lord, defeted horcruxes, killed a man with you bare hands, and Sacrificed yourself to save others, oh and don’t forget, you were so brave!!! OKAY HARRY!

  • Silvia Simon
    Silvia Simon Day ago +3

    I love him, he seems like such a down to earth guy. Very sweet :3

  • maui jazelle
    maui jazelle Day ago

    Is it me or does he sound like Ed Sheeran

  • Claudia Aguilar
    Claudia Aguilar Day ago +1

    Srly he clearly can keep a conversation for hours, so nice!!

  • Calvin Young
    Calvin Young Day ago

    Harry potter is my favourite movie

  • courtneybleeker
    courtneybleeker Day ago +1


  • lindsay rice
    lindsay rice Day ago


  • Makayla Cokonougher

    “What is Daniel Radcliffe”😂

  • TheLannabee
    TheLannabee Day ago

    The Fifth is my favorite! With the time turner, and of course Gary Oldman is brilliant!

  • Dylan Hellender
    Dylan Hellender Day ago

    I did not know that emma watson was in apex legends

  • or something
    or something Day ago

    The fifth has always been my fave

  • Sean Hamilton
    Sean Hamilton Day ago

    I love the fifth harry potter movie

  • PineCsne
    PineCsne Day ago +1


    PEAJZ Day ago

    Daniel Radcliffe should have a lightning scar tattoo.. and you know where

  • Ivory Nordeng
    Ivory Nordeng Day ago

    What an adorkable guy

  • Anna Kumlan
    Anna Kumlan Day ago

    His eyes is so beautiful.

  • Amir Farooq
    Amir Farooq Day ago

    omg the fifth is my favourite too as book and movie Ive watched it like a zillion times also multiple times in the movie theatre

  • Paige Thomas
    Paige Thomas Day ago

    He has very mild crackhead energy

  • TheEddie1910
    TheEddie1910 2 days ago +1

    Pff, everyone knows he has a Hippogriff tattoo on his chest. Nice try Daniel

  • L3nny 666
    L3nny 666 2 days ago +1

    he doesn't believe in zodiac signs, this guy gotten a 100 percent more symphatic to me

  • afootineachworld
    afootineachworld 2 days ago

    I love his voice

  • Mad Cat
    Mad Cat 2 days ago

    Did he just give us spoilers for the new wolverine movie...

  • Anton Pedersen
    Anton Pedersen 2 days ago +1

    This Daniel Radcliffe guy kinda looks like Harry Potter

  • Marci Alicea
    Marci Alicea 2 days ago

    I swear at 6:40 it sounds like he started to say 'screw' rather than 'join'. 🤣🤣🤣

  • jumpy eyeball
    jumpy eyeball 2 days ago


  • JellyCony 兔子布丁

    omg... harry potter was once planed to be filmed in america? can't believe that!

  • Peggy the savage Deleon


  • • Ś h i r ø •
    • Ś h i r ø • 2 days ago +1

    He’s adorable lol

  • Dakota Goulding
    Dakota Goulding 2 days ago

    I wonder does he ship drarry I so want him to approve it

  • Harry_Potter_Fan_0412MW

    Do Emma Watson on wired

  • Kanaya Lilacita
    Kanaya Lilacita 2 days ago

    Video: What is Daniel Radcliffe?
    My mind: A human easy

  • Robin Carey
    Robin Carey 2 days ago

    Just shave his beard and put some round glasses on him and boom you got Harry Potter

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh 2 days ago

    Q: How to be Daniel Radcliffe?
    Me: Use the Polyjuice Potion !!!!

  • Bennett Wieland
    Bennett Wieland 2 days ago +4

    "I'm not a naturally cool person!"
    You killed the freaking Dark Lord Voldemort!

  • Julia Amerioun
    Julia Amerioun 2 days ago +1

    Anyone else thinks the sound of him ripping the paper off is extremely satisfying?

  • claudia varnado
    claudia varnado 2 days ago

    my brother saw me watching this and asked "why are you watching elijah wood?" I just died!!!

  • foxy paws
    foxy paws 2 days ago +1

    I'm elven and 5 foot 4.5

  • Leahcr8ts
    Leahcr8ts 2 days ago

    Who else likes it when they peel it off

  • Sara Scott
    Sara Scott 2 days ago

    Hmmm Harry Potter was a drop out Daniel Radcliffe was a drop out

  • saradeax
    saradeax 2 days ago

    Daniel Radcliffe is so pure

  • Batmancoolmanbro 22
    Batmancoolmanbro 22 2 days ago +1

    Is he actually being wolverine

  • telboy007
    telboy007 2 days ago +1

    Loved the grammar lesson at 2:42.

  • Alda Kwee
    Alda Kwee 2 days ago +1

    Thanks WIRED. Daniel looks great.

    MO's STUDIO 2 days ago

    My favorite one is the fith lol

  • Théa Blb
    Théa Blb 3 days ago +21

    “Hey I’m Daniel Radcliffe...” no you are harry potter please do not break my dreams

  • Ivy Aringo
    Ivy Aringo 3 days ago

    Same favorite Harry Potter book and movie 😍

  • Abdel Sayed
    Abdel Sayed 3 days ago +1

    4:51 Hogwarts, duh

  • Abdel Sayed
    Abdel Sayed 3 days ago +11

    why is daniel radcliffe acting like he's a muggle

  • /KateMsp/
    /KateMsp/ 3 days ago +15

    Does Daniel Radcliffe have a son?


    Albus Severus Potter and James Sirius Potter have left the chat

    • Mia 123
      Mia 123 13 hours ago

      Lilly Luna Potter has joined the chat

  • Mehgan’s Life
    Mehgan’s Life 3 days ago

    I love Order of the Phoenix

  • Mohan Patra
    Mohan Patra 3 days ago

    Y don't they make Harry Potter cursed child....

  • El Gerrumo
    El Gerrumo 3 days ago

    Pinche Daniel es bien chingon

  • Pika Corn Animations animations

    7:11 I'M WHEEZING

  • MegaPepsimax
    MegaPepsimax 3 days ago

    Has Daniel Radcliffe ever watched Harry Potter?

  • Abhi Prabakar
    Abhi Prabakar 3 days ago +1

    "I am... dropped out!?!! I guess... as what you would say" excuse me we are muggles we know that. dont have to stress that

  • Jessica Mendes
    Jessica Mendes 3 days ago

    Harry's 29 ?!?!

  • Jenny Crenshaw
    Jenny Crenshaw 3 days ago

    "Flirting" 🤣

  • Ijahnae Giddings
    Ijahnae Giddings 3 days ago

    Dan: my girlfriend...

  • Ijahnae Giddings
    Ijahnae Giddings 3 days ago

    1:25 errrt wrong you were a slytherin and you know it

  • Courtney Beczo
    Courtney Beczo 3 days ago

    I saw that Broadway show! If I'm not mistaken, he's talking about Equus and I got to see ALL OF HIM! 😂

  • Rftr Bnm
    Rftr Bnm 4 days ago

    He will win oscar someday.

  • jung Hobi
    jung Hobi 4 days ago

    Im still not used to him not wearing glasses 😭

  • Joana Trigo
    Joana Trigo 4 days ago

    I love this guy

  • The Seven
    The Seven 4 days ago

    6:08 xD

  • The Seven
    The Seven 4 days ago +11

    Daniel Radcliffe is like Harry Potter when he drank Felix Felicis.

  • Queen Annie
    Queen Annie 4 days ago +2

    “I’m generally not a very cool person”
    *you played Harry pot-*
    *I have left the chat*
    _if he’s not cool then what am I?_

  • Queen Annie
    Queen Annie 4 days ago +59

    dan: my girlfriend -
    *Ginny Weasley has left the chat*