Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • 'Miracle Workers' star Daniel Radcliffe takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Does Daniel Radcliffe have tattoos? Which Harry Potter movie is his favorite? Where did Daniel meet his girlfriend? Is Daniel on social media? Daniel Radcliffe answers all these questions and more!
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    Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Comments • 20 046

  • Ally Alien
    Ally Alien 23 hours ago +1

    Hello everybody and I am *Harry Potter*
    Oh wait, Wrong one. Hello everyone I’m Daniel Radcliffe

  • Adreanna Kaas
    Adreanna Kaas Day ago

    Im taller than Daniel Radclifft im 5'6"

  • Melissa Coburn
    Melissa Coburn Day ago

    I really love Daniel Radcliffe

  • Poké Maniac Nick

    How to be Daniel Radcliffe:
    Start being Elijah Wood and just tell everyone you're Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Potterhead 13
    Potterhead 13 Day ago

    All harry potter fans is watching this lol

  • Faye Duncan
    Faye Duncan Day ago

    Lol random person asks what is Daniel radcliffe?
    Me: I wish I could tell you how about go bye one in the store?
    Random person: ok I'll go buy a Daniel radcliffe right now (walks away)
    Me:(bursts out laughing)

  • gatcha elle
    gatcha elle Day ago

    AHHHH you are such a good actor!!

  • Amanda Monks-Roberts

    Daniel: I had a pretty normal childhood
    Me: Oh yeah sure you only defeated the dark lord no biggie

  • Amanda Monks-Roberts

    Omg you have a wife?!?! DOES GINNY KNOW?!?!

  • alexsandbox
    alexsandbox Day ago +1

    8:45 "ARe YoU SEeINg THe PResIdeNt toDaY dAD"

  • Douae Mellouki
    Douae Mellouki Day ago +1

    He's a real British, and it's amazing

  • Sude Demir
    Sude Demir Day ago

    7:47 LOL

  • shi ka
    shi ka Day ago +7

    Seriously not people love the 5th book?? Me and people I know mostly are saying the 5th book is the best!!

  • Mimi_playz
    Mimi_playz Day ago

    When he said Gryffindor I left the chat

  • Paige Smith
    Paige Smith Day ago

    I feel proud to be British 😋

  • Megha Hada
    Megha Hada Day ago

    Dan, you are such a great humorous. Love you alot

  • Maejan Basilia
    Maejan Basilia Day ago

    I miss the movie harry potter.....
    I want it back

  • Timberwolf69
    Timberwolf69 Day ago

    Brilliant. Mr. Radcliffe, you are way cooler than you think.

  • Lolli Pop
    Lolli Pop Day ago

    Bruh I’m 13 and way taller than Daniel Radcliffe 😂😂

  • Nick Wild
    Nick Wild Day ago

    He's cool

  • Kate Dizon
    Kate Dizon Day ago

    "does Daniel Radcliffe like Emma?"

  • Rohit Goyal
    Rohit Goyal Day ago

    they deleted some "good" questions

  • LovextoFad
    LovextoFad Day ago

    Is he going to be new wolverine, or Is he joking?

  • Haikal Ummi
    Haikal Ummi Day ago +1

    I hate your beard 😭😭😭😭

  • Yellow Zini
    Yellow Zini Day ago

    How to become the wife of daniel redcliffe?

  • Cloud nine
    Cloud nine Day ago

    I feel dannie and emma will b friends like leo and kate

  • Louis Janus Thomas

    dude's so boring

  • Klara Zwe
    Klara Zwe Day ago

    Still see harry in his eyes😍

  • zpajams 1234
    zpajams 1234 Day ago +3

    He'll remain Harry potter for me always....

  • Anushree Shinde
    Anushree Shinde Day ago +1

    Your moon is in Pisces Daniel

    NEXUS VSTGN Day ago

    I love the 5'th one the most i think too

  • Queen Bae
    Queen Bae Day ago

    My favorite Harry Potter is The Goblet of Fire. Who’s with me 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • ChillieSurvival
    ChillieSurvival Day ago

    Now you see me 3 Is cool

  • Lovely Lyrics
    Lovely Lyrics Day ago

    3:30 ||-//

  • Wish Jordanne
    Wish Jordanne Day ago

    Those eyebrows

  • doctor no. 69
    doctor no. 69 Day ago +1

    daniel radcliffe: exists
    me: hahah, harry potter, go back to the wizarding world

  • Rykin Martin
    Rykin Martin Day ago

    Is Harry Potter and the cursed child movie still happening?

  • Rykin Martin
    Rykin Martin Day ago

    I love Daniel Radcliffe so mich

  • Esther’s Account

    England wow

  • Lily Kennedy
    Lily Kennedy 2 days ago

    Daniel Radcliffe is the same hight as my mum!

  • thatonegay boi
    thatonegay boi 2 days ago +108

    "I'm not a naturally cool person."
    -Harry Freaking Potter

    • Sarah White
      Sarah White Day ago

      is that a reference to team Starkid?

  • LunaxGinny Besties
    LunaxGinny Besties 2 days ago +7

    *wHaT iS DaNiEl rAdClIfFe*

    (Ik I spelt his name wrong Kay?)

  • Chaya gold
    Chaya gold 2 days ago

    This is frikin lit.

  • Joanna F
    Joanna F 2 days ago +2

    I LOVE the 5th movie I think that and the 3rd, 4th and last one all have such great scenes. It’s why the Harry Potter series will always be so popular

  • Via-Blue11
    Via-Blue11 2 days ago

    My favorite was also the 5th

  • Alexis Tackett
    Alexis Tackett 2 days ago +2

    When was Harry Potter this hot??

  • Cass Henry
    Cass Henry 2 days ago


  • Krazy Kiki
    Krazy Kiki 2 days ago +1

    The 5th is my favorite.

  • Just a girl Without a dream

    I was so surprised to hear that his first movie was not harry potter

  • Alperen Öztürk
    Alperen Öztürk 2 days ago

    He is really sincere

  • Jaimee Haddon McGuff
    Jaimee Haddon McGuff 2 days ago +1

    8:49 my mother named me after her because my full name is Jaimee Lee Ripley Haddon McGuff

  • Callum Chaney
    Callum Chaney 2 days ago

    Love the 5th film

  • Pocket Pybro
    Pocket Pybro 2 days ago

    Who is this guy?

  • Allison G
    Allison G 2 days ago

    Anyone else want to see Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor on here??

  • Jamless Howlter
    Jamless Howlter 2 days ago

    Y’all are really believing the whole “I’m Daniel Radcliffe” show Harry put on aren’t you?

    • Nainab :3
      Nainab :3 Day ago

      I know right? Muggles these days.... they'll believe anything, right, Hagrid?

  • Littleladybug 14
    Littleladybug 14 2 days ago

    I find it funny that he studied religion of philosophy

  • Virk Saab
    Virk Saab 2 days ago +1

    This guy is great👍🏻

  • Lisa Horgan
    Lisa Horgan 2 days ago

    Bristish accent soo beautiful

  • Lisa Horgan
    Lisa Horgan 2 days ago

    Your not daniel your harry potter

  • Pink Giraffe
    Pink Giraffe 2 days ago

    God I love how he is getting annoyed at the grammar. That is so relatable. He's so funny tbh.

  • Pink Giraffe
    Pink Giraffe 2 days ago

    I like that he actually answers the questions properly unlike some people.

  • Pink Giraffe
    Pink Giraffe 2 days ago +22

    That thing with the paparazzi is actually so smart and funny.

  • Pink Giraffe
    Pink Giraffe 2 days ago +1

    Ok wow I love that he's correcting the grammar. 😂

  • Pink Giraffe
    Pink Giraffe 2 days ago +9

    I'm glad he's not annoyed about Harry Potter questions.

  • Izzy Guest
    Izzy Guest 2 days ago


  • Izzy Guest
    Izzy Guest 2 days ago +3

    "For the moment, part of Europe, but, you know."

    Yes, I do know.....

  • Superman12344737
    Superman12344737 2 days ago

    I think im turning blind i looked on the comments and one corner of my eye was on Daniel and he looked like sphypherPK

  • Claire’sLOL Channel
    Claire’sLOL Channel 2 days ago +43

    He still sounds the same but looks so different

    • Nainab :3
      Nainab :3 Day ago

      i know right ugh the nostalgia is kicking in...

  • Martin Bolton
    Martin Bolton 2 days ago

    I am sorry to say your series miracle workers has got to be the worst thing I have seen in my life.

  • Tannie Cee
    Tannie Cee 2 days ago

    Idk but he is really handsomeee

  • It’s me Lynne !
    It’s me Lynne ! 2 days ago

    Yass go red wings

  • hell no
    hell no 2 days ago +2

    Why didnt anyone tell me daniel was in new zealand. I live there. Frick

    • hell no
      hell no 2 days ago +1

      Live in rotorua

  • Fiza Hayat
    Fiza Hayat 2 days ago +13

    What is Daniel Radcliff😂😂
    He is some water n carbon
    Savage answer by him😂😂

  • Filipper 33333
    Filipper 33333 2 days ago +20

    I used to be his neighbour!!!!!
    Remember King's Road

  • Dorothy Bandell
    Dorothy Bandell 2 days ago

    Lol, I like the jacket idea. Awesome.

  • Jet Yee
    Jet Yee 2 days ago

    How Daniel Radcliffe do magic

  • Dzikriansyah
    Dzikriansyah 2 days ago

    I miss my chlidhood:(

  • Panic! At the disco Fan

    Jeez I’m taller than him

  • Action Tracker
    Action Tracker 3 days ago

    The 5th is the best!!!!

  • Ammar Mahir
    Ammar Mahir 3 days ago

    Love him

  • zanestjohn1
    zanestjohn1 3 days ago +1

    “I’m not a naturally cool person.” literally sums up my whole life 😂

  • Namrata Chauhan
    Namrata Chauhan 3 days ago

    Aww heart

  • Matrix101Matt
    Matrix101Matt 3 days ago +1

    5th and 7th (both films) are amazing same with books

  • kay
    kay 3 days ago +43

    He's such a brutally honest and genuine person, there's absolutely nothing fake about him

  • Star’s Gacha
    Star’s Gacha 3 days ago +1

    The fifth is my fav

  • Mark Deans
    Mark Deans 3 days ago

    his eyebrows though

  • Bodene Foster
    Bodene Foster 3 days ago

    I live in new zealand I love harry potter

  • Di Worldwide
    Di Worldwide 3 days ago

    He's nice

  • Gihnmilden
    Gihnmilden 3 days ago

    I've got to say ... pls, don't get rid of your beard

  • Izzy Shrouq
    Izzy Shrouq 3 days ago +1

    I'm wondering what his life was like when he wasn't Harry potter 😅 u know, normal life, going to school, having exams and friends and so on. Lol Daniel u r gonna be Harry forever :D

  • Milana Nekrasova
    Milana Nekrasova 3 days ago +6

    I enjoy Harry Potter❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love you very much!!!💙💙💙💙💜💜❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💫💫💫💫💕💕💕

  • Aurora Knight
    Aurora Knight 3 days ago

    He doesn't look like Harry Potter

  • Mohamed_ GDP
    Mohamed_ GDP 3 days ago +1

    His accent.

  • Ayoub Kc
    Ayoub Kc 3 days ago

    Daniel Radcliffe ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛⚡⚡

  • sophia frew
    sophia frew 3 days ago

    Your birthday is the day after my birthday

  • Francesca Malberti
    Francesca Malberti 3 days ago

    He's such a sweet human

  • Angelica Maria Ramirez Alvarez

    I don't why but i got this in my recommendation. I haven't seen the movies or read the books ( i really tried but i couldn't, the story just didn't resonate with me). The think is I am not a fan but i think Daniel is a very nice guy. He seems down to earth and kind. Wish him the best

  • KingAlxie
    KingAlxie 3 days ago

    He is so hot!!!!

  • Sara Hanna
    Sara Hanna 3 days ago

    Find him annoying.

  • Thenicegirl615
    Thenicegirl615 3 days ago

    draco: pottah pottah pottah!!!!!!!!
    :harry you cant even say it...