Trey Gowdy GRILLS James Comey on Unmasking, The Media & Intercepted Calls 3/20/17


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  • allon33
    allon33 10 месяцев назад

    The Swamp is about to get a HUGE draining.

  • Iona McBride
    Iona McBride Год назад +1

    Trey Gowdy needs to ask the questions and then jump over into Comey's seat and answer the questions because it's for sure Comey's not going to tell him much of anything

  • anthraxrocks2003
    anthraxrocks2003 Год назад +1

    at this point its obvious james comey is a stooge for the democrats

  • Charles Arthur
    Charles Arthur Год назад

    Trey Gowdy is a sniveling, corrupt, imbecilic, idiot.

  • lawrence fure
    lawrence fure Год назад

    All the questions had been asked, and answered before they got around to Gowdy. He was just fishing around to see if anything had been missed. There was no grilling going on. It will be interesting to hear what the FBI and NSA investigations turn up. If there were any leaks from those agencies we most likely won't hear anything from them about it. They will eat one of their own to stop this kind of thing from happening in the future. Some leaks are put out there by the FBI to see which dog barks the loudest. An old Arab saying goes like this. When you throw a rock at a pack of dogs, the one you hit is the one that yelps. Who's been the yelper in all of this? Just take a guess.

    • Super Goober
      Super Goober 10 месяцев назад

      lawrence fure
      Why are the Arabs throwing rocks at dogs? Is there evidence of this happening? Is it widespread, or just local? How long has this been going on?! Can someone do something about this? (Tongue in cheek.)

  • voyager2119
    voyager2119 Год назад

    Are trust in the American people!!! But no one trusts Comey! I don't trust him and the only reason Trump hasn't fired him is because it would look like a coverup! I mean Russia and all, come on let's move on people! Again I don't trust Comey he's a lair man...

  • lloyd beard
    lloyd beard Год назад

    how about Fuck you comey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this kangaroo court!!!!! arrest them all!!!!!

  • lloyd beard
    lloyd beard Год назад

    we will arrest and hang you Comey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!911 and the rest of gangs

  • Chris Martino
    Chris Martino Год назад

    Gowdy is using old lawyer tricks .... you can tell by the delivery of his questions... as they say ... a one trick pony

  • Rhonda Smith
    Rhonda Smith Год назад

    Comey could care less about what the American people think. His dancing around is despicable.

  • Marie Koh
    Marie Koh Год назад +1

    If Hillary Clinton had become president, she would have abused the spying and wiretapping for her own gain. She would have gone after the nation's patriots and anyone who didn't on board her program--- she would have used it for her globalist agenda.

  • Dennis Schmidt
    Dennis Schmidt Год назад +1

    I love Trey! He Kicks Ass! Every time I see Him....He's Handing Out a Ass Whooping Without even Getting out of His Chair!

  • Namow
    Namow Год назад

    The American citizens have lost their trust in the intelligence community. Comey needs his pink slip.

  • Cheryll Thompson
    Cheryll Thompson Год назад

    Did I just hear a Freudian slip? We may be conducting. ....I mean we ONLY investigate in the US with surveillance..... hmmm...

  • Edo Peter
    Edo Peter Год назад

    It is safer to have a snake in your closet than have Comey and his rouge intelligence colleagues (Obama emissaries) around your government. Trump will be an idiot not to know this.

  • Steven Sandhu
    Steven Sandhu Год назад

    This is the start of a smart investigation in to Hillary Clinton and Obama. Where there is smoke there is fire. Its not simple just to throw someone like Hillary Clinton in jail. It takes clever maneuvering smart witty questioning and concrete evidence and a big picture so everyone and everything can point to a beginning and a person.

    • Shmifflepuff
      Shmifflepuff Год назад +1

      "Where there is smoke there is fire." Does this apply to Russia and Trump?

  • Rich McCormack
    Rich McCormack Год назад

    As usual, this will ultimately amount to nothing.

  • Mike Day
    Mike Day Год назад +1

    James Comey let an obviously GUILTY Hillary Clinton o-f-f t-h-e h-o-o-k.

  • Donna Keizer
    Donna Keizer Год назад

    Trey makes MINCEMEAT of that lying Comey ✝

  • noschool123
    noschool123 Год назад

    The phrase evil empire was first applied to the Soviet Union in 1983 by U.S. President Ronald Reagan,

  • Dion Alexander
    Dion Alexander Год назад +1

    Comey is 100% FOS!

  • chris magadanz
    chris magadanz Год назад

    Proof of our intelligence agency listening in on foreign governments

  • d maxt
    d maxt Год назад

    Comey is just an eel. Mr. Teflon. That dude in the military outfit he just a bottom feeder. Gowdy is brilliant hang em high. Comey you just sprout the same stance on everything repeal and replace Comey.

  • Chuck Sedgwick
    Chuck Sedgwick Год назад +5

    Gowdy's questioning is always logical, to the point and easy to follow. Hope he is around for many years to come.

  • Daevid Harvey
    Daevid Harvey Год назад +2

    trust James Comey for nothing ... that he is the head of the FBI is tragic

  • Jim Elrod
    Jim Elrod Год назад +1

    I believe in the free press, but not the felonious actions of reporters and editors. I truly hope the DOJ makes some arrests in these treasonous acts.

  • Brad Erwin
    Brad Erwin Год назад +22

    Comey has no credibility, other than being Hillary's personal defense lawyer. Does anybody expect him to tell the truth about anything?

    • Brad Erwin
      Brad Erwin Год назад +2

      He defended her old crooked ass in front of congress while the whole world watched and gasped at his excuses for not arresting her.

    • TRU TRU
      TRU TRU Год назад +2

      Brad Erwin did come not assist by talking about emails after he came out and said there is no evidence. he helped u guys and now it's his fault

    • Brad Erwin
      Brad Erwin Год назад +2

      Comey is the reason Hillary is not in jail right now.

    • Marie Steve
      Marie Steve Год назад +2

      Trey Pierce killary lost because of her own lies, n her corrupted dealings, The American People Saw Right Through Her Evil Agendas!!!

    • V Gorp
      V Gorp Год назад +1

      Comey's the reason she lost the election.

  • Mario
    Mario Год назад +4

    Who are the SUSPECTS? OBAMA and LYNCH

  • Ra Mar
    Ra Mar Год назад +2

    Love Trey Gowdy... Get this Hillary servant.

  • Alemayehu Solomon
    Alemayehu Solomon Год назад +1

    Grills? LOL The director answers to no one it seems, that what I got from this conference. I like Gowdy, but he didn't glean anything useful from this exchange. Don't get why people act like anything important happened.

    • Trigger Happy
      Trigger Happy Год назад

      Alemayehu Solomon ... Click bait, plain and simple. 99% of ALL RUclip vids have clickbait titles. I can't stand it! Some are RIDICULOUS! Like Gary Frenchie of Next News Network! I had to unsubscribe it got SO bad! They make it embarrassing!

  • Ra Mar
    Ra Mar Год назад +3

    Trey....Love this guy. Always makes Comey nervous. Love it.

  • Susan Murdock Murdock
    Susan Murdock Murdock Год назад +8

    Hillary screwed herself so there was no need to employ the Russians; she lost all on her own!

    • Susan Murdock Murdock
      Susan Murdock Murdock Год назад

      +Adam Gabrail This is all just so much b.s.; paid for by all of us.

    • Adam Gabrail
      Adam Gabrail Год назад +4

      Susan Murdock Murdock The irony about the Russians whom she illegally dealt Uranium to which was even behind Putin's back.

  • Susan Murdock Murdock
    Susan Murdock Murdock Год назад +4

    Comey has been and is in league with the Democrats; this is obvious to anyone paying attention.

  • Rawkit_Surgeon
    Rawkit_Surgeon Год назад +1

    The noose is tightening for Comey.

  • Karol Lavia
    Karol Lavia Год назад +3

    He can not confirm it will be investigated? What country is this?

    • TRU TRU
      TRU TRU Год назад

      Karol Lavia don't forget about the no evidence of wiretapping😆😆

  • Rambo Weed
    Rambo Weed Год назад +1

    squirming snakes. GOWDY MODE

  • TangoX
    TangoX Год назад +2

    "I can't answer that." This is exactly the problem with Comey and all his cronies. We, the taxpayers, the American citizens are tired of their political games and cover ups, we deserve answers and will get answers! Government work is PUBLIC BUSINESS unless it's a classified foreign threat. Answer the question!!!! I wish Trump would fire this questionable "Director."

    • TangoX
      TangoX Год назад +2

      Sorry, I can't answer that! But what I can say is that he should fire you until you get smarter. Can you manage?

    • TRU TRU
      TRU TRU Год назад

      TangoX should trump fire himself for lying?

  • Ica Radakovic
    Ica Radakovic Год назад +4

    This man (Mr. Trey Gowdy) is PHENOMENAL!

  • Steve Beaudoin
    Steve Beaudoin Год назад +3


  • Rickin Russia
    Rickin Russia Год назад +8

    BTW, if Putin helped defeat Hillary, then a Russian helped to save our Republic. What do you think?

    • Denny
      Denny Месяц назад

      Democrats are a much bigger threat to freedom then Russia now

    • Chris Martino
      Chris Martino Год назад

      oh your talking about important stuff like saving the Republic... I see

    • Rickin Russia
      Rickin Russia Год назад +1

      I wasn't talking about economics, I was talking about saving our Republic from the secular- progressive-God hating- Constitution killing- globalists.

    • Chris Martino
      Chris Martino Год назад

      and why is that? because Russia has a wealth inequality 25% higher than the US. Trump respects putin because Putin has sucessfully taken money from the poor and funnelled to the rich. It's Trumps blueprint.... the goal is to have two classes... the super rich and the super poor.. Kill the middle class....

    • Adam Gabrail
      Adam Gabrail Год назад

      Rickin Russia Sounds 100%

  • Elite Cleaning Services
    Elite Cleaning Services Год назад +1

    You Trump followers are delusional, just like him

    • Mega Bro
      Mega Bro Год назад +2

      michael lewellyn learn how to spell before you insult anyone else about the words they say

    • michael lewellyn
      michael lewellyn Год назад

      +Daevid Harvey because an absurdly orange, incrstous, corrupt and idiotic lier who has embarrassed the United States every day since taking office is working soo well.

    • Daevid Harvey
      Daevid Harvey Год назад +3

      yes , your hillawee was your choice ... thank God The Boss Man Won , suck it

    • Mega Bro
      Mega Bro Год назад +7

      TheJerixxx thats all liberals do, call names and provide zero evidence for the accusation lol. Stay classy

  • 001 002
    001 002 Год назад +1

    Did he slip up and admit FBI works overseas..... ?

    • Rambo Weed
      Rambo Weed Год назад

      POLO MARCO selfincrimination. fbi is for national interests

    • W0X42A
      W0X42A Год назад

      FBI does work overseas, in specific circumstances. Benghazi was investigated by the FBI because, even though it was overseas, it was a U.S. Consulate.

  • Merkin Perm
    Merkin Perm Год назад

    On December 21, 2011 trump tweeted about Barney Frank's nipples. What a homo

  • You can't See me
    You can't See me Год назад +1

    I know 1 Congressman that would disagree with Comey about the release of info. Not a lot of trust in this corner for Comey and His ppl. Thank you again Mr Gowdy for doing your job. Well done.

  • Sandy Adams
    Sandy Adams Год назад +2

    blah, blah, blah from Comey

  • Cindy Fear
    Cindy Fear Год назад +2

    I have studied body language, but no expert, and I say he is deceiving. He needs to go, and McCabe as well...

    • Rickin Russia
      Rickin Russia Год назад

      Definition of expert: a has-been drip under pressure.

    • Chris Martino
      Chris Martino Год назад

      I would rather have an expert comment on whether our Republican FBI director should be removed

    • Rickin Russia
      Rickin Russia Год назад

      Yes Comey should be fired asap. The only reason why Pres. Trump keeps him is because he reopened the Hillary Server-Gate investigation with Huma's laptop days before the vote. It did help some.

  • bigwaverider
    bigwaverider Год назад +2

    I love how Comey answers questions that hurt Trump and refuses to answers questions that don't hurt Trump.
    These hearings are pointless. No one ever tells the truth about anything. James Comey needs to be replaced. Hopefully the voters who put these democrats in office will replace them in the next election .
    Of course the Hillary/Obama administration were spying on Trump.
    Do we really believe that suddenly they were playing nice?

  • bigwaverider
    bigwaverider Год назад +2

    I love how Comey answers questions that hurt Trump and refuses to answers questions that don't hurt Trump.
    These hearings are pointless. No one ever tells the truth about anything. James Comey needs to be replaced. Hopefully the voters who put these democrats in office will replace them in the next election .
    Of course the Hillary/Obama administration were spying on Trump.
    Do we really believe that suddenly they were playing nice?

  • Gerard Cronje
    Gerard Cronje Год назад

    Great! No president can request a "wiretrap" legally. All agree Nixon did it illegally during Watergate. Think Obama would leave a paper trail and not copy Nixon? Ofc the ah did it.

    • Rickin Russia
      Rickin Russia Год назад +1

      Obama's Obamatons didn't need his order to wiretap, they know what to do automatically.

  • Larry Dawson
    Larry Dawson Год назад

    Hey Commi Comey - have you interrogated the reporter?

  • Larry Dawson
    Larry Dawson Год назад

    Hey Comey have you attempted to ask the reporter. I doubt it Commi Comey.

  • Super Fast
    Super Fast Год назад

    grilled right sure

  • Lawrence M Aeshliman
    Lawrence M Aeshliman Год назад +13

    Put Comey in front of a Grand Jury so he can answer questions....I am so tired of Lawyers that will not comment, but have no problem saying Trump is wrong about wire taps.

    • Lawrence M Aeshliman
      Lawrence M Aeshliman Год назад +5

      Wishful thinking on your part....Remember you can't Stump the Trump! He's your President...get over it!

    • Fstblack 12
      Fstblack 12 Год назад

      Matthew Thomas That funny as hell , but sad that Trump has so many people fooled, while he pull off his biggest con. This Trumpcare should convince everyone.

    • Matthew Thomas
      Matthew Thomas Год назад

      Lawrence M Aeshliman Ummmmm, it's not lawyers saying Trump is wrong about wiretaps, it is everybody. Republican and democrat, from every branch of government and the intelligence community. Even Fox News anchors have had to call him out for his treasonous lying. Time to face the reality that your emperor has no clothes.

    • Skoal Machiavelli
      Skoal Machiavelli Год назад +2

      Wikileaks prove wiretapping claims also the FISA warrant was a proved document that gave 44th administration their surveillance approval without Trumps name on it. His name was masked. Which is why they got approval.
      45th said "wiretap's", that doesn't mean 44 physically LAN lined directly to a wired phone like the 50's but that FISA approved surveillance warrant was initiated. Which falls under the definition of "wiretapping" = surveillance of phone or internet data.

  • Christmas Girl
    Christmas Girl Год назад +1

    What I don't get, is that I'm sure info that is out there has not been done legally. Some hackers put there did all this. Probably, given the task by anyone in government. They are only going through what THEY" would do legally. Guaranteed...everything is undercover and illegal!!

  • Operation Truth
    Operation Truth Год назад

  • Rickin Russia
    Rickin Russia Год назад +35

    Trey Gowdy. The Sherlock Holmes of our times.

    • TRU TRU
      TRU TRU Год назад +1

      Rickin Russia and then put trump on trial for the Patriot killed in the botched raid

    • Rickin Russia
      Rickin Russia Год назад +4

      Right. But let's first put Hillary and Co. on trial for the 2 Navy Seals killed at Benghazi.

    • offsetter
      offsetter Год назад

      TRU TRU
      sean spicer quoted headlines from every major news source. he even quoted the journalists. thats why you hear so much about heat street and Louise mensch. after some of that was going on. trump sends a tweet on a Sunday. saying he was being subjected to wiretapping. the Whitehouse along with Graham and Whitehouse ask for a investigation into the wiretapping claim. think of it as a grenade trump threw. this isn't where does trump get his sources from? this is, where do some of these journalists get their sources from? thats why trump made the claim. then trump himself held up a news paper with a crazy click bait headline. then sean Spicer gives the media a tongue lashing. before all of that there was tensions with the correspondents dinner. the media and other's said they are not going. then trump said he isn't going. then the media got upset! appalled! lol its easy to see what's going on here. trump says budget cuts the media freaks out. but its just base line budgeting. its a less of a increase from last years budget. not less operational money. HA! look, its complicated. but realy studying this stuff will show you how crazy these people are. same with health care reform. if they realy gave a crap. they could have paid all of the health insurance in our poverty level for way less than the multi hundred billion dollar reform. or that crazy big stimulus. plenty more examples of nutty political bull crap. but i think that sums up Washington thinking pretty good.

    • TRU TRU
      TRU TRU Год назад

      offsetter where does trump get his sources from?

    • offsetter
      offsetter Год назад

      TRU TRU
      you said it yourself before. the media says "allegedly", unnamed sources. leaked information. however you want to put it, is insane. i can seriously ruin a neighbor or coworkers day playing by those rules. because of those stories the republicans wanted to put a end to it. thats why they asked for these hearings. for the rest of your #1 we will find out this week. plenty more will go down. for your #2 read anything Michael S. Schmidt has wrote in the NYT's recently, ask him the same. you got to admit. while trump was meeting Angela Merkel he was asked about the wire tap claim and he said well i guess me and Angela have something in common, it was funny. the previous administration was conducting surveillance on her. there is a middle road here. or a correct path. im just not entirely sure exactly whats going on. its fun to learn the sausage making process though. 3 branches of government cant realy do anything to each other. except mud sling using the media HA! its interesting.

  • jeansprettypups
    jeansprettypups Год назад

    Thanks Live I missed alot of this