15 FLY VEHICLES from the 90's that will make you say, WHOA!

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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    Nothing gets the nostalgic heart racing than a look back over some of your favorite cars from yesteryear. Everyone remembers there best 90's vehicles; whether it be for the speed, the precision, or the downright craziness, it was undoubtedly a fantastic era for motor engineering.
    Here is our list of 5 fly vehicles from the 90's that will make you say, WHOA!

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    Featured 90's Vehicles⭐
    15. Dodge Viper SR 10
    14. 1991 Nissan Figaro
    13. Lister Storm
    12. Plymouth Prowler
    11. Toyota Sera
    10. Daihatsu Midget II
    9. Honda Acura NSX
    8. Volkswagen New Beetle
    7. Porsche 911 GT1
    6. Isuzu VehiCROSS
    5. Ferrari F50
    4. Hummer H1
    3. McLaren F1
    2. Jaguar XJ220
    1. Lamborghini Diablo

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    Epicness by Young Rich Pixies
    Kickoff by Josh Leake
    Like We Used To by Stanely Gurvich
    Amped Adapter by Marc Robillard
    Voice-over by Glenn Nobel 🗣
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    15 FLY VEHICLES from the 90's that will make you say, WHOA!
    #mindseyevideo #90s #vehicles
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Comments • 329

  • Minds Eye Design
    Minds Eye Design  26 days ago +14

    Hi everyone, thanks for watching! 👀
    There are some corrections posted below I will be editing them out soon. We do apologize for this and work hard to bring you 100% accurate information.
    This is in no way Glen the narrators fault so please don't take it out on him.🙏 Thanks!
    Number 15 is a Dodge Viper RT/10 ✔ and not a SR1 ❌
    Number 2 In 1991, a Jaguar XJ220 prototype was testing on the infamous Nürburgring and set a lap time of 7:36.46. ✔ Seven minutes not seven hours❌ as stated in the video.

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  2 days ago +1

      Probably broke down rusted away in the woods or in a scrap yard being recycled.

      KOOL KIDZZ 22 days ago

      wheres the plymouth Lazer???

    • Ronnie Cohen
      Ronnie Cohen 23 days ago

      Minds Eye Design _&

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  24 days ago +2

      Lol i edited everyone of those errors give it time to update.

    • The Generous Degenerate
      The Generous Degenerate 24 days ago +1

      Too late... Already wrote my snarky comment, not taking it back now! Lol

  • Byron Baker i
    Byron Baker i 7 hours ago

    1997 eagle talon

  • Donald Salkovick
    Donald Salkovick 10 hours ago

    The Sera was the inspiration for the doors on the McClaren F1

  • AnimeKing #1999
    AnimeKing #1999 Day ago +1

    You forgot the Honda Accord. Its a sleeper car.

  • Painkiller Jones
    Painkiller Jones 2 days ago

    They left out the Thunderbird.

  • Charles Turner
    Charles Turner 3 days ago +3

    I'm a Chevy guy so one of my favorite cars from the 90's is the 1996 Chevy Impala SS

    • Charles Turner
      Charles Turner 2 days ago +2

      +Branon Fontaine yeah I still like that big body car

    • Branon Fontaine
      Branon Fontaine 2 days ago +1

      Charles Turner....you mean the rebadged Caprice? Yeah, those were okay for a grocery getter....

    • Painkiller Jones
      Painkiller Jones 2 days ago +2

      A four door SS, with, as I recall, the vette engine.

  • David Hollowood
    David Hollowood 3 days ago +1

    They made fun of the Nissan Figaro concept renaming it "The Possum"

  • Joss Jjew
    Joss Jjew 3 days ago +1

    Apologies beforehand for not knowing , but what does "FLY" mean or refer to here? Thanks

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  2 days ago +1

      I think that would be a nut in a nutshell. 😂

    • Joss Jjew
      Joss Jjew 2 days ago

      So in a nutshell , "impressive". Got it, thanks

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  3 days ago +1

      Cool, awesome, sweet, righteous,bodacious, rad, etc.

  • Nahyan Suleman
    Nahyan Suleman 8 days ago +1

    Hmmm...Am I the only one who just found out about the Lamborghini MartianLego? (14:05) Fascinating!

  • Mile Rudan
    Mile Rudan 8 days ago

    Mitsubishi 3000 GTS Spyder

  • TC H
    TC H 10 days ago +1

    Why can’t they fly?

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  8 days ago +1

      I think those would be airplanes you're thinking of. These are cars. 😄

  • Dark Mugetsu
    Dark Mugetsu 11 days ago +1

    my 97 Camaro is so damn 90's, Rectangle glass headlights with the black eyeliners, black mirrors and pillar between trunk glass and doors on a white body, curvy arrow body with round glass trunk, Targa Tops, total 90's and I love how unique it looks on the road XD

  • Pedro Tavares Nicodemos Filho

    I would want HONDA puts again an up to date of NSX in production.

  • David Grisham
    David Grisham 12 days ago +1

    What about the ugly mustang foxbody!

  • Maltina Maltina
    Maltina Maltina 14 days ago

    New Beetle ain't makin' anyone say WHOA! Not fly, not inspired in any way, nothing interesting about it all, no performance, not even as good a car as the Mk 6(?) Golf it's based on.

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  14 days ago

      A lot of cars have better performance, but the rest of what you said is just opinion. I appreciate the feedback, but there could have been hundreds if not thousands of Beetle lovers who said " Whoa!"

  • 60NXNP09
    60NXNP09 15 days ago

    Legendary LEXUS LS400 and Infiniti Q45!

  • Cedric Bench
    Cedric Bench 16 days ago

    Subaru svx

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver 16 days ago

    @12:51 DID YOU KNOW: you misspelled "public?"

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  16 days ago

      Where? In the vid? Yeah the editor worked 14hrs straight and finished the video at 6am to try to have a post up fot everyone. He's human. I'll fix it.

  • vanpenguin22
    vanpenguin22 17 days ago

    Is Cassie a digitally generated character?

  • The Rusty Hubcap US
    The Rusty Hubcap US 18 days ago +5

    The XJ-220 was the fasted production car in the world in 1992 it hit 217mph. But before a few months passed the new Italian built Bugatti EB-110 broke the record and hit 218mph. The F1 later slashed the record of the 2 with a top speed of 240mph in 1994! One year after the F1 went on sale in 1993. That record was unbroken until the Veyron in 2006 which did 253! Of course the current fastest in the Koenigsegg Agera RS at 285.4mph!

    • The Rusty Hubcap US
      The Rusty Hubcap US Day ago

      Branon Fontaine factory stock jackass

    • Branon Fontaine
      Branon Fontaine 2 days ago +1

      The Rusty Hubcap US....wrong...the current fastest car that is street legal is a 2006 FORD GT at 301.4mph....the video of it kickin ass is here on RUclip....

  • Azrael Machiavelli
    Azrael Machiavelli 20 days ago

    I was able to see one TOYOTA SERA in Puerto Rico.

  • Derrick Duffy
    Derrick Duffy 21 day ago

    Yeah I just want to say no MR2 wow that's one vehicle that I loved cuz my stepdad had one but I did like the prowler that's my favorite vehicle I wish they bring it back for the new year I would love it 👎😠❤️🚗

  • Derrick Duffy
    Derrick Duffy 21 day ago

    I hope they mention to the MR2 cuz that one vehicle that's pretty cool love you videos keep up the good work 🤘❤️📹👍

  • Ed Jack
    Ed Jack 22 days ago

    15:06 The outer looks so 90's

  • Ed Jack
    Ed Jack 22 days ago +2

    The Isuzu VehiCROSS makes me think of Windows XP

  • Ed Jack
    Ed Jack 22 days ago

    The 90's Beetle looks like something early Apple would make.

  • That BMW Guy
    That BMW Guy 22 days ago +2

    Wow no BMW 8 series E31 it was an iconic 90s car although technically it’s a 80s car

  • Lujan Testa
    Lujan Testa 22 days ago

    5:26 WHAT ARE THOOSE?!

    • Lujan Testa
      Lujan Testa 21 day ago

      +Minds Eye Design Hmmmmmm seems you are not inteligent enough to get the joke?

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  22 days ago +1

      Confused by the car or the invisible things only you can see?

  • DanteEightSix
    DanteEightSix 22 days ago +3

    I wanted to get a Sera when I lived in Japan, but never saw one, and even the locals I talked to didn't know anything about it

  • Boom Box
    Boom Box 22 days ago

    From what i remember when the new Beetle was released. Everyone talked about how sluggish the performance was. It really didnt have a lot of power when first released. Later models included turbo chargers to give them more performance.

    AWSOMUS LATEST 23 days ago +4

    I found 2 toyota sera's priced for 10,000....woa

  • Chill
    Chill 23 days ago

    Copy and pasting vehicle info from wikipedia. Yeah like that site is sooooo accurate for car info. At one point my vehicles page said my 1.6l 4 cyl engine was a 2.7l straight 6. 🙄🤦‍♂️

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  22 days ago +1

      Yeah he made a few errors, but I assure you, it's not copy and pasted. He knows better than to use wiki on vehicles videos in the future tyvm. A lot of work and time goes into these videos.. more than you think. Mistakes happen, we do our best to correct errors and not repeat them. No we are not all experts in every single thing we post, although we love talking about what we feature and enjoy sharing it with others.

  • Hizkia Santoso
    Hizkia Santoso 23 days ago

    3:27 Lister Storm was front wheel drive?

  • Flies2FLL
    Flies2FLL 23 days ago

    "In it's light gray, one of the coolest looking cars of all time, like something straight out of a James Bond movie"
    Sure. With it's awkward long overhangs and obviously crooked body panel gaps....

  • Noises
    Noises 23 days ago

    1st generation Lexus LS400. The best Luxury Sedan the world has ever seen. Even Lexus admit they don't make cars that good any more.

  • Pokey Trucker
    Pokey Trucker 23 days ago

    A lot of obvious omissions from this list. Also, who the hell puts the Diablo above the F1?

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  22 days ago

      Opinions that's why. Leave some suggestions for those omissions, and we may include them in a part two and credit you with a shout out. Thanks for watching.

  • Actinium Anarchy
    Actinium Anarchy 23 days ago +2

    “Aerodynamics inspired by an F-16” lmao how exactly??😂😂😂

  • Alex F
    Alex F 23 days ago

    90-93 Vector w8 twin turbo (yes, w8), 242 mph 0-60 3.9sec. Production was either 200-300 worldwide.
    American exotic car

  • Alex F
    Alex F 23 days ago +1

    97 vw beetle, I read it was considered as the safest car in its class and then when vw changed to a longer front end, it became one of the worst cars in its class. Apparently 97 version looked too famine but it worked vw did sell more.

    • djkenny
      djkenny 22 days ago

      Too bad they are a nightmare to Own. Constant electrical, transmission, sensors, plastic engine parts that fail. Junk. Now Beetles from the 70’s...

  • Henge Dude
    Henge Dude 23 days ago +1

    0:40 burger king foot lettuce

  • Rand Huff
    Rand Huff 23 days ago +1

    I don't view the 90's as an inspiring decade for the car industry but I think that this is an excellent compiled list. I enjoyed watching it. Great video!

  • Nota Nova
    Nota Nova 23 days ago

    Wasn't the Sera rebadged as a Toyota Paseo in the states without the funky doors?

  • hortencia Talabera
    hortencia Talabera 23 days ago +2

    The new beetle always had mechanical problems

  • hortencia Talabera
    hortencia Talabera 23 days ago +1

    The honda nsx was nice

  • Chico Haze
    Chico Haze 23 days ago +2

    Did anyone knew the Maclaren f1 doors was inspired by the Toyota cera

    • Alex F
      Alex F 23 days ago

      Just recently read that

  • Rene Grondzi
    Rene Grondzi 23 days ago

    The record holder was the C4 callaway sledghammer it did 254MPH

  • Tourette TV
    Tourette TV 24 days ago

    Learn how to pronounce the names of the car before posting. It's so cringey. Murcielago and the Nissan Micra...

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  22 days ago +1

      Yes boss, why haven't you sent our pay check yet? oh wait that's right...anyway, I'd love to hear you try to read any of our scripts without mispronouncing something. We don't have a huge budget here and sometimes goofs happen. It's so cringe worthy that as a result, the video is doing quite well and only a couple people have mentioned mispronunciations.

  • Calvin Hikes
    Calvin Hikes 24 days ago

    This list is awful. It's bad and you should feel bad.

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  22 days ago +1

      Opinions, and majority watching don't agree with you. Your comment is awful that's my opinion. It has no context, and is simply no better than the average comment of an internet troll.

  • Gontse _
    Gontse _ 24 days ago +1

    The Toyota Sera is unbelievably cheap in South Africa, I've seen one sell for R65000 Rands/$4,500 USD. There are people who imported them here because they are right hand drive so there's no need to change anything on the car, infact most of the Japanese Domestic Cars can be imported as they are.

    • Gontse _
      Gontse _ 22 days ago

      I've spotted one in Pretoria and I must say I didn't believe my eyes, and it was cheap for some reason. I even checked it twice to make sure it's a Toyota Sera because I didn't believe it.

    • Lotus Cortina
      Lotus Cortina 23 days ago

      As a South African and a car guy , never seen one in SA . Just to ad , very expensive and complicated to import a vehicle into SA .

  • Valkyrie Magnus
    Valkyrie Magnus 24 days ago

    I think the Cera may not have been a good race car but it would have been a good beach or waterfront cruiser.

  • Terri Whyte
    Terri Whyte 24 days ago +1

    i always thought the original ford exp was quirky and cool

    • Terri Whyte
      Terri Whyte 23 days ago

      +Nota Nova love the frog like front end of it

    • Nota Nova
      Nota Nova 23 days ago

      My uncle had one, it was an odd little car lol
      His was an 84(?) I believe and it was obviously a direct but underpowered competitor of the Charger/Laser

  • Harry Shahrum
    Harry Shahrum 24 days ago +1

    Toyota kijang

  • chefinavan1
    chefinavan1 24 days ago +1

    Replaced by "the mursheeurlago" a rare car that

  • Colin Easton
    Colin Easton 25 days ago +1

    160 from a viper with an 800 horse engine? That’s pretty poor. Mercedes would probably get twice the speed from the same engine.

  • lucas rosario
    lucas rosario 25 days ago +1

    You forgot the pt cruiser by chrysler

  • Craigslist Seller
    Craigslist Seller 25 days ago

    I've always loved the sensuous little Figaro since it debuted waay back then, with its tiny (1.0L) turbo engine and in-dash CD player. I scoured local magazine shops here in Honolulu to find the ultra rare car magazines that covered it -- most of which were from the U.K. I still have these original articles to this day....I believe the '90s will be remembered as one of the pinnacles in automobile history. Thanks so much for making this video!

  • Lagbait
    Lagbait 25 days ago +1

    No Syclone or Typhoon? C'mon man.

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  24 days ago

      We'll try to get those in part 2. Thanks for watching.

  • Mike Nathan
    Mike Nathan 25 days ago +7


  • HoldShiftt2Run
    HoldShiftt2Run 25 days ago

    I always thought the prowler was ugly as a kid.

  • Wesley alan
    Wesley alan 25 days ago +1

    Cool list,thanks Glen!

  • Kodukushi :3
    Kodukushi :3 25 days ago +4

    To be honest I clicked on this video because I was determined to find Godzilla here, the ORIGINAL GODZILLA, the Nissan skyline R32 GT-R, with the RB26DETT

    • Kodukushi :3
      Kodukushi :3 24 days ago +1

      @Minds Eye Design, thank you!

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  24 days ago +1

      Good suggestion. Come back and watch the viewers picks in part two. You may get a shout out and mention.

  • Michael Salyer
    Michael Salyer 25 days ago +1

    You really missed out not including the Autozam AZ-1. Probably a way more iconic 90s car than 75% of the cars on your list. But, if you do a part 2 video, maybe you will include it in that list. By the way Glen, you made several errors. Just a suggestion, but maybe before releasing your next car video you can get a few "car guys" to Critique it a little and help you clean up the mistakes. Like I said not fussing, just a suggestion is all!

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  25 days ago +1

      Glen made zero errors he just narrates and the writer has been docked 1 beer from his pay. Btw, I love your suggestions for the part 2 we will be making. Look for a shout out and mention if we use your suggestions.

  • Timothy AllBee
    Timothy AllBee 25 days ago +1

    I enjoyed this video, read the comments, and agree with a few of them. More research and editing should have been done to ensure that the most correct information was produced prior to posting. I know from experience that no matter what material you provide someone will always be there to sharp shoot your information. Again it was an enjoyable recap of 90's vehicles and thanks for the trip down memory lane. Keep them coming.

  • Marc B.
    Marc B. 25 days ago +1

    The Diablo is/was a neutered Countach. The bodywork alone on a Countach, cant be matched. It should still be made today. Then all the 'wannabe drug dealers' would have a REAL Lamborghini....to ruin in their own special way.

  • JetLife Sr
    JetLife Sr 25 days ago +1

    I’m glad I found this channel I love different things about cars I didn’t know about

  • Karen Vickers
    Karen Vickers 25 days ago +1

    I do not know a lot about cars, but these are real pretty!


    We need to help much we can channels like this they do have good content I know not everyone can't but those that can we need to help I know is so much to choose let's help those that put time and good content to make their channels good

  • Big Tall Joe Brown
    Big Tall Joe Brown 25 days ago +2

    I saw a Sera once in Erie PA with Canadian plates on a flat bed.

  • ᴴᵃᶰˢ ᴮˡᵃᵃᵘʷ

    You forgot the kei cars

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  24 days ago +1

      Will keep those in mind for a part two. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Jonny Mud Mower
    Jonny Mud Mower 25 days ago +1

    I had a 92 geo storm ,,, looked like a Camaro with Down syndrome .

  • Pac1fic0
    Pac1fic0 25 days ago +3

    The Sera design reminds me of the Subaru SVX.

  • dvddmc
    dvddmc 26 days ago +1

    You can get the Toyota Sera in the states now since it is old enough to get past the import rules

    • ssolo6178
      ssolo6178 12 hours ago

      I just seen one in the AutoZone parking lot.( Columbia,md.) Same green and all, especially love the right hand drive.

  • rotaryfreak99
    rotaryfreak99 26 days ago +5

    Mazda AZ-1, Cosmo, RX-7, TVR Speed 6 and 12, GMC Syclone/Typhoon. God I could go on and on.

  • JDMtuner 240
    JDMtuner 240 26 days ago +1

    So you telling me a Lamborghini Diablo is so much better that a Jaguar xj220

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  25 days ago +1

      Who said that? I don't think anyone said that. My favorite is the Jag.

  • BOC Built
    BOC Built 26 days ago

    Gotta love the 90s.

  • The Michael
    The Michael 26 days ago +1

    I've never seen that Isuzu SUV before or ever. Weird.

    • Alex F
      Alex F 23 days ago

      I knew Vehicross about at time of production but never saw on the road.
      Rodeo, saw those at least couple times a month here in north California since the 90s

    • Timothy AllBee
      Timothy AllBee 25 days ago

      The Michael - they also made one called the RODEO

  • Carlos Leamus
    Carlos Leamus 26 days ago +1

    Funny that the F1 doors were inspired by the Toyota Sera 😂

  • Pt Tr
    Pt Tr 26 days ago +3

    Viper was my fav. I always liked the Honda Prelude '94-'97 version...not a lot of hp but an excellent ride. (in the 1st video game "Need for Speed".

  • Isuzu Guru
    Isuzu Guru 26 days ago +1

    Isuzu !!

  • vern freeman
    vern freeman 26 days ago

    the Dodge viper with the upside down Daffy Duck logo

  • Salvador Lomeli
    Salvador Lomeli 26 days ago +2

    How about Ford Probe GT turbo

    • Timothy AllBee
      Timothy AllBee 25 days ago

      Salvador Lomeli - Probe was a mismatched parts car that Ford put together at the end of a production year.

  • cloud ix
    cloud ix 26 days ago +13

    The S15 is 20 years old... just let that sink in.

    • Branon Fontaine
      Branon Fontaine 2 days ago

      20yrs or 5yrs, it's still trash...

    • Kid Zero
      Kid Zero 26 days ago +1

      cloud ix yes it is, an only 5 more years til i can get one :)

  • Angel Amaral
    Angel Amaral 26 days ago

    Mr2 ?

  • Dane Ross
    Dane Ross 26 days ago +1

    Acura NSX, New Sports car Experimental.

  • michael1234252
    michael1234252 26 days ago +2

    what about the Mazda MX-5 Miata

  • Lary Mayotte
    Lary Mayotte 26 days ago +2

    I love the 1 seater pickup truck I think it was #11, ........ I love small cars and trikes.

  • Chad Wahl
    Chad Wahl 26 days ago +14

    Fun fact, the Toyota Cera's door were Gordon Murray's inspiration for the doors on the McLaren F1.

  • Lucian Ene
    Lucian Ene 26 days ago

    The Viper was the coolest car in a generation. Supercar performance with the reliability and usability of a daily driver, whoever came up with this idea at Chrysler deserves to be called a genius. The NSX is super cool too but in a different way.

  • doritosbreath
    doritosbreath 26 days ago +1


  • djkrasi
    djkrasi 26 days ago

    the Supra?

  • Big Bird78
    Big Bird78 26 days ago +1

    Dodge stealth/ Mitsubishi 3000 gt

  • Ashivam Singh Chandigarh wala

    I still wanted to buy Hummer h1.

  • MUKUNZI Guy Beyle
    MUKUNZI Guy Beyle 26 days ago +1

    u forgot the corolas

    • Minds Eye Design
      Minds Eye Design  26 days ago +1

      We didnt forget it but great suggestion for a part 2.

  • Ken Bob
    Ken Bob 26 days ago +2

    Some interesting cars for their times, but now we're entering a truly fantastic era in motor engineering --Electrics. A Tesla Model 3 can beat most of these cars 0-60 times, and do it while carrying 4 passengers and getting the equivalent of over 100 mpg. Fantastic!

    • William Olson
      William Olson 26 days ago

      Electric cars have 100% of torque available at all times, not a fair comparison

  • inflameswetrust2 1
    inflameswetrust2 1 26 days ago +1

    Toyota seras are SO DAMNED HANDSOME!
    Makes me wish i wasnt getting rid of my 1990 celica gts

    • inflameswetrust2 1
      inflameswetrust2 1 25 days ago

      Joe Carnes i dont want to.
      But i already have a 95 impreza coupe and just bought a g37s manual coupe.
      My living conditions dont allow for more then 2 cars unfortunately :/

    • Joe Carnes
      Joe Carnes 25 days ago +1

      Why just why would you want to get rid of that jem!

  • D Parker
    D Parker 26 days ago +7

    Narrator Glen sounds like he is trying to channel his inner Casey Kasem.

  • TheDarkPhoenix23
    TheDarkPhoenix23 26 days ago +4

    Great video! BTW, the "X" in NSX probably stands for "eXperiment" (odd I know). With Honda's CRX, the "C" stood for "Civic", the "R" for "Renascence", and the "X" for "eXperiment", hence why I think that's what the X stands for in NSX.

  • Raven Tactical
    Raven Tactical 26 days ago +3

    1st gen probe gt sexy car beat the mustangs.

  • jerry leroy
    jerry leroy 26 days ago +2

    I had a Dodge minivan with a 3 litre in it and I was clocked at a speed of 145 miles an hour. Why the hell would somebody pay a stupid amount of money for speed? I guess it's just about the looks of the vehicle. Vanity is a hell of a thing.

    • hoche27
      hoche27 25 days ago

      chrisler voyager here, needle in the speedo will run out of numbers and touch the plastic at the bottom. not sure how fast but I reckon about 130-5.
      btw it did 120 in 4th gear....

  • Paul Simmons
    Paul Simmons 26 days ago

    #14 - this would sale like hotcakes today!
    #12 - too bad these are gone, classic looks!
    #10 - I'd love to have one of these, yes sir!
    #8 - my son called them "funny cars" and my daughter wants one...
    #5 - Ferrari, the name itself is fast!
    #4 - Arnold's jeep!
    #3 - Yeah, I'd drive that.
    #2 - why was this Jaguar shown speeding through pasture areas? was Jag trying to get into the farming vehicle niche market? LOL!