• Published on Aug 24, 2019
    We are moving because:
    1) This is not an ideal (but beautiful) house for recordings. Lots of echo.
    2) It's expensive.
    3) To make a fun new Click house hide and seek
    Lannan's not moving in because...
    1) he has a sister and two dogs and a life of his own
    2) he wants to keep living with them and have his privacy, but he is still a very much big part of our lives.
    Elliott was the one to move because....
    1) We couldn't find a place suitable for 5 people. He owns his own property already in Sydney. He also has a girlfriend. So he was the easiest one to move out.
    Will this change anything about click?
    1) no. it's the exact same thing. Marcus, Cray, Bazz and I living together JUST without Elliott
    Will I show the house?
    1) not too much as we are worried about our privacy. please, it's a private residence.
    When are we moving?
    Soon! IN a month we'll probably show the new house off!
    🍓 ruclip.com/user/loserfruit
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    🍉 www.twitch.tv/loserfruit
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    📧 TO: Loserfruit OR Click Crew
    PO Box 183, Pyrmont 2009
    🍓 People in this video 🍓
    Marcus ➡️ marcus_
    Bazza ➡️ ruclip.com/user/bazzagazza
    Crayator ➡️ ruclip.com/user/crayator
    Muselk ➡️ ruclip.com/user/mrmuselk
    Liv ➡️ ruclip.com/user/livbev
    🍒 Music 🍒
    Gimme Something (Instrumental Version) - spring gang
    Through the Alleyway - Jon Bjork
    Death Dance (Instrumental Version) - Luftmensch
    Bulletin World - Out To The World
    When I Found Out - Christian Andersen

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  • jullikk
    jullikk 2 days ago

    cray: i wanna now get into gardening...so how did that plan go

  • mysticaly born
    mysticaly born 5 days ago

    I'm happy, you got the house one day before my birthday!

  • sajin tamang
    sajin tamang 8 days ago


  • thomascanread
    thomascanread 9 days ago

    Oh god the steering wheel on the right freaks me out

  • Noah Bruin
    Noah Bruin 13 days ago

    Move to brisbane

  • Thanos
    Thanos 14 days ago +1

    0:41 speak of the devil

    Someone's raging upstairs

  • Koala Famlox
    Koala Famlox 16 days ago

    I thought it said high five instead of house five lol

  • Internet - Edits
    Internet - Edits 21 day ago

    In Brisbane there’s a few mansions

  • HipstaJesus_ -_-
    HipstaJesus_ -_- 23 days ago

    What made Elliot decide to move out..

  • Mr Fred 23
    Mr Fred 23 23 days ago

    for the house with the footy field was it a rugby league field or a soccer field because i just wanted to know

  • Jordan McArthur
    Jordan McArthur 24 days ago

    The address of the old clock house is 29 Eastbourne road Sydney hehehe

  • Cameron Lord
    Cameron Lord 28 days ago +1

    Watching this makes me want to have alot of money and be able to go house searching with my friends

  • ShiroTheW0lf
    ShiroTheW0lf Month ago

    Looking forward to the new adventures of the click crew! Is the new house far for Elliot? Will there still be weekly uploads?

  • Lachie Lambroast
    Lachie Lambroast Month ago

    Wait I’m still confused why Elliot and Lannan are moving out, someone please explain

  • AfricanHunter01
    AfricanHunter01 Month ago

    11:18 rough sex?.??

  • Brawl with DeBugs
    Brawl with DeBugs Month ago

    Elliot we miss you

  • ThisOscarGuy
    ThisOscarGuy Month ago

    Lol downgrading cuz no one else gets muselks revenue

  • Caroline Nightbloom

    The road rage is so aussie though.

  • Jazua T
    Jazua T Month ago

    Everyone read the DESCRIPTION!! Lufu answered FAQs in it

  • ligy 2
    ligy 2 Month ago +5

    If you want a really good story game to play: “Detroit Become Human”

  • Benjamin O Mahony
    Benjamin O Mahony Month ago +1


  • Panda Panda
    Panda Panda Month ago

    Make room for Lanan!!!

    MAHIN CHAWLA Month ago

    LOL- Life Of Lufu

  • Candice nursingstudentmama

    do house 5

  • AidenKZ
    AidenKZ Month ago

    Or you screaming because of Marcus seems to be the issue xD

  • yajuraditya Garg
    yajuraditya Garg Month ago

    Why does muselk get the masterbedroom

  • Cayle Weldon
    Cayle Weldon Month ago

    Lot of poshness here.

  • Havocmate 234
    Havocmate 234 Month ago +1

    Will Eliot at least still be in the videos

  • Jarred Griffiths
    Jarred Griffiths Month ago


  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones Month ago

    what happend to the 'lic my nut'... auzzie auzzie auzziee oy oy oy

  • William Hartnell
    William Hartnell Month ago

    It’s not as blue as Bazz Water

  • Karl Jones
    Karl Jones Month ago

    please stay:( im crying my eyes out

  • Karl Jones
    Karl Jones Month ago +1

    i was going to meet you guys and im crying now because you changed address

  • ya pingles
    ya pingles Month ago +1

    Maybe Lachy can join

  • Rahul Sindhi
    Rahul Sindhi Month ago


  • Toby Greenow
    Toby Greenow Month ago +1

    playboy mansion

  • daymon normandeau
    daymon normandeau Month ago

    No lazarbeam! I think I might have to unsubscribe

  • noah perrotti
    noah perrotti Month ago

    where has lachlan been? right

  • You mad brother? ?
    You mad brother? ? Month ago

    Ironic how Elliot introduced the Click house all those months ago but he's the one who won't live in the new house.

  • agapame Millie
    agapame Millie Month ago

    Click won't be the same anymore

  • 1maryspen
    1maryspen Month ago +3

    If u guys got a 5 person then you could’ve had Lannan move in and his 11 million subscriber small demonetization income would’ve been enough to sustain a new house

    • brock humeston
      brock humeston Month ago

      1maryspen yea but if lannan moved in so would his girlfriend and his dogs and his sister

  • John Diakoelias
    John Diakoelias Month ago

    I like to frist one

  • sam van melckebeke
    sam van melckebeke Month ago

    Nooooooooooooo if its big enough smell is not a good reason to split :( you guys are my new tv show friends

  • Randomation Nation
    Randomation Nation Month ago +2

    Lazarbeam lied when he said he doesn’t want to live there

  • shay Constantine
    shay Constantine Month ago

    Elliot is still in click vids right

  • Bakuoki
    Bakuoki Month ago

    ... *me kinda relived Elliot’s gone but also sad mostly* *everyone else ~CRYING WHEEZE~*

  • anima099
    anima099 Month ago

    I'm guessing Click didn't make enough money to pay the rent AND themselves.

  • Logan
    Logan Month ago

    “There’s some sound issues with recording”
    Me: Sure, sound issues with RECORDING *wink* *wink*

  • BossFeather3670 YT
    BossFeather3670 YT Month ago

    Why does Elliott get the master bedroom

  • Imelectric
    Imelectric Month ago

    Will lannan still be in the click videos?

  • Richard Lin
    Richard Lin Month ago +1


  • Lucas Salinas
    Lucas Salinas Month ago +2

    666k views btw

  • Ben Driscoll
    Ben Driscoll Month ago

    Why don’t u use sound proofing to make people quieter

  • XWhippZ PlayzX
    XWhippZ PlayzX Month ago

    By the time I’m watching this they’ve already moved

  • Veloxian
    Veloxian Month ago +1


  • Tim Williams
    Tim Williams Month ago

    Seems moving to LA is a good option

  • PupTurtsYum
    PupTurtsYum Month ago

    The too small living room house"documentary" Was five days before my birthday,

  • Karen Surridge
    Karen Surridge Month ago +1

    We want you to get a new click house 🏠

  • Brooke1738 x
    Brooke1738 x Month ago

    It was my bday on the 8th of may

  • Trampoleen
    Trampoleen Month ago

    For those wondering, shindeiru means *dead*