Rise Against - Six Ways 'Til Sunday (with lyrics)

  • Published on Sep 21, 2008
  • From "The Unraveling" (2001)
    Best song of the album in my opinion.
    Enjoy, and please rate and comment.
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  • John S
    John S 4 months ago


  • Lene Gelbe-Haußen

    This song reminds me of my best friend so much...

  • Byrd Thegreatbeast

    Kinda miss punk rock Rise Against.

  • Sergio Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez Year ago +1

    It hurts to realize how relatable this song is

  • Ben Gill
    Ben Gill Year ago

    Fuck, why is this song not bigger? And why is "rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated" not on yt?

  • Cold Moonlight
    Cold Moonlight Year ago +3

    You're the new revolution
    The angst filled adolescent
    You fit the stereotype well.

    Basically everyone in high school.

  • Ryon Paget
    Ryon Paget Year ago

    Anyone know the actual meaning to this song not the personal opinion meaning but the real meaning behind the song?

  • Sam Caballero
    Sam Caballero 2 years ago +2

    This song used to describe many people I knew. Now it turns out it's about me. How does this happen? oh well still love this song

  • Sean Dye
    Sean Dye 2 years ago +2

    His voice and the instruments don't match the lyrics tbh and I like Rise Against btw

  • Mr. Snrub
    Mr. Snrub 2 years ago +2

    Smply awesome! P.S: Can someone explain me why this song's called Six Ways 'Til Sunday? Thanks :D

    • srhmusic13
      srhmusic13 2 years ago

      I was saying Boourns

    • Chad Kirby
      Chad Kirby 2 years ago

      the meaning of Six ways from Sunday means: (idiomatic, colloquial) thoroughly, completely, in every way imaginable. Look up the definitions of each and you might get the answer, i got somewhat one.

    • PaperWings
      PaperWings 2 years ago +1

      Would love to know that too.

  • ben nu
    ben nu 3 years ago +1

    still not sure how sad this is

  • Alfonso Rodriguez
    Alfonso Rodriguez 3 years ago +7

    Dude for years I thought he was saying
    " start the new revolution if your man enough to, you fit the stereotype well" XD Shiieettt

  • Seabee156
    Seabee156 3 years ago +14


  • TheGenchannel
    TheGenchannel 4 years ago +28

    This song nailed my personality, and that's kinda sad.

    • Marieke
      Marieke Year ago

      Hello, youre genesis

    • epiczacko
      epiczacko 2 years ago +1

      Don't feel guilty about your personality. If you don't like it, you can feel free to change it, but whether you do or not, hating yourself is just bad for you.

    • Tommy Conroy
      Tommy Conroy 3 years ago +9

      +TheGenchannel I think everyone's like the person described in this song at one point in their lifetimes.

  • Tommy Michael
    Tommy Michael 4 years ago

    What is angst

  • BlackPixel
    BlackPixel 4 years ago +17

    The album came out in my birth year, I think it was their first album if I am not mistaken, right? "The Sufferer and the Witness" was the first album I heard by RA, instanly became a fan.
    There's barely any band, especially in the Hardcore/Punk scene that could top Rise Against, not only because of their amazing style but also because their songs mostly have a deeper point, something to think about. About "Audience of One" I first thought that it was a love song, then I realised it's about war actually, which was then proven by the music video.
    I think Rise Against is one of the most unique bands I've ever seen, and I'll defenitely visit their next concert here in Germany, if there's going to be one anytime soo,

    • Redneck Onion
      Redneck Onion Year ago

      Wyatt Gnar No songs that were on RPM were recorded in 1999. All of the songs (Except one, which was Join the Ranks, which was on the 2005 reissue along with Gethsemane after the EP was a huge flop), were on Rise Against’s The Unraveling (Reception Fades, Two (401 Kill), The Art of Losing)

    • Wyatt Gnar
      Wyatt Gnar Year ago

      BlackPixelLP no rpm is there first

    • Puro Kross
      Puro Kross 2 years ago

      too be fair, if you want an exact incarnation of Rise Against, start with 88 Fingers Louie, there wouldn't be a Rise Against if 88 Fingers Louie never happened.

    • BlackPixel
      BlackPixel 2 years ago +1

      +Ramon That's what I thought too (I can't even recall ever defining it as a love song. Oh well, one year's hell of a time), I actually still believe that that interpretation would fit the song better, but the official music video strongly suggests it being a song about war.
      Then again, music videos don't always neccessarily represent the actual meaning of the lyrics and I don't think the band ever gave an official statement. Who knows?

    • Ramon
      Ramon 2 years ago +3

      Replying to a 1 year old comment but oh well.
      Audience of one is about war? I thought it was about growing older and becoming a different person, drifting apart from friends and being regretful.

  • Gabriel González
    Gabriel González 4 years ago +13

    You're claiming to be something different
    So wanting to believe
    That you're better than the rest
    To make up for your self-esteem
    You talk to hear your own voice and
    You've left me no choice but to choose
    I miss the person that you were
    But I don't miss you!
    My favorite song of them. I'll never be tired of these kind of songs. Simply amazing!

  • DrDango
    DrDango 4 years ago +3

    It's been two years since the last comment here :/

  • Luiz Alex Phoenix
    Luiz Alex Phoenix 4 years ago +2

    I have heard that once and now I understand what it meant...

  • ChromeElite117
    ChromeElite117 5 years ago

    infinite likes

  • Marcos rodriguez
    Marcos rodriguez 5 years ago +3

    This Song Totally Fits My Girlfriend.

  • Gregory Stevens
    Gregory Stevens 5 years ago

    xBleedingxwristsx, no need for that. This band is incredibly talented and most importantly they have even better messages about our world and how things are going.

  • WarriorFromTheFire
    WarriorFromTheFire 5 years ago

    I love RA but i dont really like this song, but i cant stop listening to it...

  • Jacob Becker
    Jacob Becker 5 years ago +2

    Aside from the whole wake up call to our generation being said in this song which I do agree with...i always find this song describing my ex friends completely..

  • LordLoquat
    LordLoquat 5 years ago

    The Swellers song Vehicle city always reminded me of this.

  • KsE Head
    KsE Head 5 years ago +1

    top 5 rise against songs :)

  • Serrot304
    Serrot304 5 years ago

    in the end aren't wall god's bitches... JK but seriously lets not go this far

  • Don Juan The Bold
    Don Juan The Bold 6 years ago

    View my channel for a sped up version of this song lol so fast heheheheee

  • Will Chambers
    Will Chambers 6 years ago +1

    You have no idea how many people I say that to...

  • killallsuvivors
    killallsuvivors 6 years ago +1

    never used to like the unraveling now i cant stop listening to it

  • arandomAustralian
    arandomAustralian 6 years ago

    Idk why I only liked two of the songs from their first album but reviewing them... Amazing

  • wesclev83
    wesclev83 6 years ago +1

    He's making fun of you

  • TheNeilzorz
    TheNeilzorz 6 years ago

    Google the Barnum effect.

  • GuitarGuyJHx
    GuitarGuyJHx 6 years ago +3

    The second half of this song gives me goosebumps.
    My band is covering this song :D

  • Andre Vasilisin
    Andre Vasilisin 6 years ago +1

    Something about when he says "but i don't miss you" is so powerful, i almost feel it.

  • Gio
    Gio 6 years ago +9

    I'm glad that I discovered this song back when I was 15. It's really a message that a lot of misfit teenagers need, its so easy for your adolescent angst to transmute into this close mindedness and unwarranted sense of self importance. Its a necessary 'rude awakening' from the delusions that our minds create.

  • Oneta Weibel
    Oneta Weibel 6 years ago

    i swear this song completely describes my ex friend

  • tomzjamz
    tomzjamz 6 years ago +1

    I absolutely love this song, some lines are unrelated to me but others make me want to make a difference. For instance "You'll never know what need is". Makes me want to do be so much of a better person, and personally go anywhere to help people who know true need.

  • Rowinwan1
    Rowinwan1 6 years ago

    Pfft....with the music themighty has on his channel, idc what I am, what matters is that i can listen the epicness here :O

  • slateflash
    slateflash 6 years ago +2

    holy shit this song describes me

  • Cameron Wilson
    Cameron Wilson 6 years ago

    Yes sir, whatever you say sir.

  • WhiteArkanine
    WhiteArkanine 6 years ago

    Nope, just a no life kid who listens to real music, got a problem?

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  6 years ago +8

    You're all my bitches

  • WhiteArkanine
    WhiteArkanine 6 years ago

    He'll do whatever the hell he wants, and you sit back and watch. :D

  • Davidm8
    Davidm8 6 years ago

    Agree this is the best from the album

  • TheKei42
    TheKei42 6 years ago

    Starting to listen to a lot more of Rise Against's older songs... Adjusting to the mood, I guess...

  • ThePhilliesphan26
    ThePhilliesphan26 7 years ago

    haha yeah im sure they are going to go in a more "appeal to reason" path. :( they should make an album for their old fans

  • Kalios08
    Kalios08 7 years ago

    My local CD store is awesome they had Bad Religion,88 Fingers Louie,The Descendants,Rise Against, and a freaking ton of other punk bands. :D.....!!

  • Kalios08
    Kalios08 7 years ago

    omg that song is awesome...

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 7 years ago +1

    Hva you heard Dirt a Roses? It's pretty good. It's part of The Avenger soundtrack.

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 7 years ago

    It's not true. I thought they were because my friend said his friend saw an interview where rise against said that but watching more recent interviews, I realized it's not true.

  • oldtimesmusicfan
    oldtimesmusicfan 7 years ago +1

    themightychickens I love you for having so many great RA songs that I probably never would have found otherwise.

  • Arenbia
    Arenbia 7 years ago

    So I'm trying to introduce a friend to Rise Against, and they requested that I keep the songs I show them to a minimum of 3 songs. HOW DO YOU STAY TO JUST THREE? This is definitely going to be one of them, though.

  • UncalledForGiraffe
    UncalledForGiraffe 7 years ago

    Can someone explain the album cover to me? I really don't get it.

  • ninjakawasaki13
    ninjakawasaki13 7 years ago

    wow the ending is so much more different for me to scream to the top of my lungs cause now actually know what it says :P

  • XxDeathlyTearsxX
    XxDeathlyTearsxX 7 years ago

    I love Rise Against so much. This is one of my favorite albums by them, but I can't figure out which song is my favorite from this album. I know this is one of them(: They're too amazing

  • UncalledForGiraffe
    UncalledForGiraffe 7 years ago

    "I miss the person that you were but I don't miss you."

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    @artanay My work consists of spending 15-20 minutes with poor editing in Movie Maker, it's ridiculous that I'm getting any recognition to begin with. I don't want to be worshiped over these videos, especially not if it makes people say irrational things, like you did to @mike007RA, who asked a valid question.

  • Sukuli100
    Sukuli100 7 years ago

    @Mike007RA 1/2?

  • MachoBroccoli
    MachoBroccoli 7 years ago

    The older ones were more clean using tims
    Regular voice in the newer albums rise against adds distortion and more rasp to make it a better sound

  • Isaac Castles
    Isaac Castles 7 years ago

    @pianolover234 well um it sounds like the the misfits or something like that

  • pianolover234
    pianolover234 7 years ago

    @thecrazy1231000 Its one of their older albums to it sounds different than their newer ones

  • Leetayo X
    Leetayo X 7 years ago

    @sbcistheboss XD LOL

  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 years ago

    @XxKitsuneHeartxX That awkward moment where things get even more awkward because we're commenting on awkward things that have little if no use to the video whatsoever. That is very awkward.

  • Leetayo X
    Leetayo X 7 years ago

    @sbcistheboss That awkward moment when reading someone's comment about reading someone else's awkward moment and commenting on how awkward all this is. SO SRSLY AKWRD

  • doctorjohn666
    doctorjohn666 7 years ago

    Haha I was mouthing the lyrics to this song while watching this and then after a minute I realized that this song is written about people like me. Oh RA you're the greatest. 0:42 I just realized I do this.

  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 years ago

    @Mike007RA The awkward moment while reading someone else's awkward moment...

  • Heather Stock
    Heather Stock 7 years ago

    @Gillz93fyi: second to "My Life Inside Your Heart" in my opinion, but it is one of the best off the album still.

  • Isaac Castles
    Isaac Castles 7 years ago

    @themightychickens cool thank you but in the end when they say your the new revoloution and so on that sounds like a misfits song or bad religion or something like that and by the way thank you themightychickens for making my life easier by uploading all these rise agaisnt vids you rock dude!

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    @thecrazy1231000 No, it's the original.

  • Isaac Castles
    Isaac Castles 7 years ago

    is this a cover?

  • Shalev Wainberg
    Shalev Wainberg 7 years ago

    @wolfkeith254 And hope for trolls! :)

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 7 years ago

    @drumgiant15 we'll see. my friend told me that he read it in an interview.

  • wolfkeith254
    wolfkeith254 7 years ago

    I've wanted to say this but you seem awesome and not just because you've uploaded all these rise against songs but because you seem like an amazing person. People like you give me a bit of hope for the future if there will be one.

  • guitarownerlol
    guitarownerlol 7 years ago

    rise against is the new revolution

  • Christy McMorrow
    Christy McMorrow 7 years ago

    @TheGloriousFail I just thought with the whole "I miss the person that you were, but I don't miss you" that it is probably directed at someone

  • Christy McMorrow
    Christy McMorrow 7 years ago

    @TheGloriousFail Isn't that a bad thing?

  • thebluefredy
    thebluefredy 7 years ago

    Great Song! I can't beleive how they made these good songs!

  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 years ago

    @Rob27Walsh Not all people think The Endgame sucked. It was HUGE step above ATR IMO. Endgame was OK with me.
    Still happy to hear about a new album. :P

  • Brandon Molcyk
    Brandon Molcyk 7 years ago

    @00Powell That's awesome!

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 7 years ago

    Guess what!?!? rise against is already working on their new album!! apparently they wern't satisfied with endgame. O_o

  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 years ago

    Yep, sometimes you just hear the band too many times. It's happened to me with this band...three times. :P

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    @P90874 I don't actually listen to them very much anymore, to tell the truth. Heard the songs too many times I assume.
    themightychickens 1 week ago
    That's a copy of the comment. How the FUCK can you not see the "heard the songs too many times" part???

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    @P90874 I don't actually listen to them very much anymore, to tell the truth. Heard the songs too many times I assume.
    themightychickens 1 week ago
    That's a copy of the comment. How the FUCK can you not see the "heard the songs too many times" part???

  • Dylan Villain
    Dylan Villain 7 years ago

    @themightychickens It didn't say WHY you stopped, it just said you had. I don't even give a fuck anymore.

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    In the fucking comment that you replied to first time?!?!?!

  • Dylan Villain
    Dylan Villain 7 years ago

    @themightychickens And that was written, where?

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    @corruptgunslinger "Heard the songs too many times I assume"
    You might consider seeing an optometrist.

  • Dylan Villain
    Dylan Villain 7 years ago

    @themightychickens I don't see where you said WHY you don't listen to them much anymore, probably because it's not written anywhere.

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    @corruptgunslinger If I repeat the answer, will you repeat the question?

  • Dylan Villain
    Dylan Villain 7 years ago

    @themightychickens Why don't you listen to them anymore?

  • davemusky
    davemusky 7 years ago

    Rise Against is a great band. They have literally changed my life majorly and made me a better person, in my opinion. All the people my age are worried about drama with relationships and popularity but they're missing the big picture. Rise Against has shown me that there are bigger things than popularity or being cool and i cant thank them enough for saving me from being ignorant and blind to society.

  • sbcistheboss
    sbcistheboss 7 years ago

    Honestly, there isn't a bad song of their first album IMO, of course.

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    @Rinckon1 Currently loving Queensryche.

  • Francisco Alves
    Francisco Alves 7 years ago

    @themightychickens The same here.. What do you hear now?

  • themightychickens
    themightychickens  7 years ago

    @P90874 I don't actually listen to them very much anymore, to tell the truth. Heard the songs too many times I assume.

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 7 years ago

    also my favourite off of the Album :)

  • sbrcs564
    sbrcs564 7 years ago

    @themightychickens Well at least the title seems to match more than Dressed to Fuck's, lol. Maybe I just don't get that one though.

  • Cody Lupardus
    Cody Lupardus 7 years ago

    @Shikamaru381 possible relation: From The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver "...there were crimes strewn six ways to Sunday, and I had my own mouths to feed. I didn't know. I had no life of my own." Idk, maybe?

  • dustin mills
    dustin mills 7 years ago

    well who said the title of a song has to match the lyrics? Rise Against has done that for the most part but it's never been said that they had to, am I right? Not putting anyone down, Im js is all.