• Published on Jun 9, 2019
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  • Darkfox RB
    Darkfox RB 37 minutes ago

    logan: slaps man make man loose memory
    10 minutes later
    Jake:yo catch him catch him

  • jake 60210
    jake 60210 40 minutes ago


  • husky puppies
    husky puppies Hour ago

    Is he okay? I really want to know i didn't finish the vid btw

  • Noah Cooper
    Noah Cooper Hour ago

    Easy staged

  • Clayton Walker
    Clayton Walker Hour ago

    14:08 DEAD

  • Leo Onfroy
    Leo Onfroy 2 hours ago +1

    Lol this fucking clown could barely take a slap from that gay faggot and tinks that he can take a punch from ksi without headgear and 10 oz gloves

  • Britain Piccolo
    Britain Piccolo 2 hours ago


  • Prospect
    Prospect 2 hours ago

    imagine if he paid him to act like he forgot everything.

  • Mateusz Kowalczyk
    Mateusz Kowalczyk 3 hours ago

    Każdy Polak daje łapkę w górę

  • Salah Salah
    Salah Salah 3 hours ago

    Good choice

  • Romi
    Romi 3 hours ago +1

    Don’t do it.

    >:( why bro? I said no ffs :(

  • Legit vlogs and videos

    Do it you're a maverick that's why you will win

  • chrisdrew1982
    chrisdrew1982 4 hours ago +1


  • agan berishaa
    agan berishaa 4 hours ago

    Broo i feel so bad about this man wow

  • Nevius
    Nevius 5 hours ago

    Yessssssssss I've never liked a video of your in my life but since you man up with boxing and how you just changed I got so much respect for you now I liked this vid love when you had the war paint on slapping shit lol

  • Resul Krasniqi
    Resul Krasniqi 5 hours ago

    G jetzt.

  • Cameron Hart
    Cameron Hart 5 hours ago


  • zachary boucaud
    zachary boucaud 6 hours ago

    Do not do it!!!!!!!!!😋😎😋😎

  • Robbie O'Neill
    Robbie O'Neill 6 hours ago +1

    Your a fucking awesome

  • On the trail Mac mills MTB

    he doesn’t go so don’t waste 20 minutes watching this...

  • Olta Selmani
    Olta Selmani 7 hours ago


  • Mc RHINO
    Mc RHINO 8 hours ago

    It’s So fake

  • Fuzbi
    Fuzbi 9 hours ago

    Fakest Shit Ive Ever Seen Cunt.

  • sr. thewaterparty
    sr. thewaterparty 9 hours ago

    A soon of mommy... lamentable chaval

  • sherlyn santana
    sherlyn santana 9 hours ago

    I just love how Logan is wearing a James Charles shirt xD

  • Saeed Almusallami
    Saeed Almusallami 10 hours ago

    If his memory is blank he will get it over time and it comes back over time and he remembers his language thats proof. I had a knock out before but not a slap it’s actually in a football game two big people came at me and I am a thin guy but super fast at running so They both pushed me while I was running at full speed and I just woke up and my friends were like he keeps asking the same questions I was asking who pushed me 😂

  • Karen Patat
    Karen Patat 11 hours ago

    be careful

  • Tramatik
    Tramatik 11 hours ago

    biggest pedophile in yankee town?

  • kawan king
    kawan king 11 hours ago

    Logan you slap that guy so hard I cept rewinding it to see how the flip you did that because I want to de like you wane I grow up and I really like the name logan

  • Jake Magsitza
    Jake Magsitza 12 hours ago

    Do not do it you have holes

  • diego garza
    diego garza 12 hours ago


  • King Kong
    King Kong 12 hours ago

    3 Lightyears after he fell

    Jake:CATCH HIM

  • Ann Orton
    Ann Orton 12 hours ago

    What a massive waste of time

  • Jon Kolgeci
    Jon Kolgeci 12 hours ago

    This is so dumb numb

  • Waleed Saleh
    Waleed Saleh 15 hours ago +2

    Dude I might be a Jake Pauler but don't risk

  • Will Taylor
    Will Taylor 17 hours ago

    Don’t do it

  • HardenThe Metapod
    HardenThe Metapod 17 hours ago

    Dont do it

  • Kieran Cooper
    Kieran Cooper 18 hours ago

    That was fucking dope

  • Luis Bernardino
    Luis Bernardino 19 hours ago

    17:20 marks feet are huge

  • Slater Herring
    Slater Herring 19 hours ago

    At 20:53 look at the other guy's arms. :o

  • Jesse Williams
    Jesse Williams 20 hours ago +4

    Logan pall you are my favorite RUclipr and I watch your videos everyday

  • Sylvia Garcia
    Sylvia Garcia 20 hours ago +1

    You can do it. You are the best man that does RUclip you got it.😊😥its ok

    • Sylvia Garcia
      Sylvia Garcia 20 hours ago +1

      You are the paul.😊😊😊😊❤

  • Kyle Denise Dominguez
    Kyle Denise Dominguez 21 hour ago +1

    dont do it

  • Isaias 1908
    Isaias 1908 21 hour ago

    Man Logan has a OP slap damn

  • Kendra Honoshofsky
    Kendra Honoshofsky 21 hour ago

    anyone realize that logan is wearing a james charles shirt at 4:03 !!

  • Hi Dude
    Hi Dude 22 hours ago

    Holy crap u slapped the shit out of him

  • Hi Dude
    Hi Dude 22 hours ago

    Wtf omg I thought he just died 😂😱

  • Legendary RLM
    Legendary RLM 22 hours ago +6

    im so proud of you Logan you did the right thing. I RESPECT you... your MY HERO. Thank you logan

  • z gaming
    z gaming 22 hours ago +1

    Omg that guy logon Paul are you ok please

  • GAMER 817
    GAMER 817 23 hours ago


  • HeartOn OldBench
    HeartOn OldBench 23 hours ago

    As of this video I am leaning more towards Logan Paul for the first time in like 3-4 years, not more than KSI but they’re pretty equal now




    Bro frfr

  • Slavica Sulevska

    dont do it. you could get hurt

  • Darrell Morris
    Darrell Morris Day ago

    Hey didn't that guy get to slap you back?

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment Day ago

    This was “most likely” fake as the slap was a far miss from the mans temple( which is the pressure point for knocking people out) the smack was more to the jaw than the upper head and the way I see is that Logan is using this “skit” as a way of bailing out of the slap competition
    Ps:this is a guess/opinion don’t take this comment to heart

  • Jevin Dark Ice
    Jevin Dark Ice Day ago


  • Vanya Parker
    Vanya Parker Day ago

    That guy needs a raise

  • YoungDoc VEVO
    YoungDoc VEVO Day ago

    That's fake asf, do you dick riders not know Logan Paul😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    MR.J FIREBALL Day ago

    slap me papa