Stephen A., Jalen Rose discuss Jimmy Butler’s potential trade destinations | Get Up! | ESPN

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
  • In the midst of Minnesota Timberwolves’ All-Star Jimmy Butler’s trade request, Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose, and Mike Greenberg dive into possible landing spots such as the New York Knicks, LA Clippers, and the Brooklyn Nets.

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Comments • 1 887

  • jake jackson
    jake jackson 3 months ago

    Jamaal Crawford is on Phoenix

  • Joe Frisco
    Joe Frisco 4 months ago

    All wrong Philly my boii. BIG 3 nigga

  • Jay Man
    Jay Man 7 months ago

    Rose is wrong again. Butler told an what's up

  • richard tickler
    richard tickler 8 months ago

    Bring butler to Portland without having to give up cj or dame and we’re contenders next year. We’ll give the wolves Evan turner, Meyers Leonard and a first round pick

  • Amone KD
    Amone KD 8 months ago

    Truly.......on the real...... Butler is a hype! If you cant lead by example, "You cant lead!"

  • Cris Mike
    Cris Mike 8 months ago +1

    Thought Stephen A was being dramatic at the end there. He was right, a damn prophet. My apologies.

  • Jhyacee Cortez
    Jhyacee Cortez 8 months ago

    Jimmy butler go at lakers hook up lebron james mom

  • TheSushiraw
    TheSushiraw 8 months ago +1


  • Daniel Orth
    Daniel Orth 8 months ago

    My guess is he doesn't want to play in that city. I'm from that city and I no longer live in that city, for great reason. I think he wants to be on the coast having fun.

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic 8 months ago

    Stephen A needs to abandon his hairline....because it obviously abandoned him!

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    80s babys been her this long we know jalen but not you lol hahhahaha you sound stupid! lol

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    steven you dont have the fans my up bringing Jalen rose have the fans. get loss we tired of you mouth lol hahahhahhahhahaha

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    good job Lalen Rose facts!!!!!!!

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    steven a smith is a bitch lol hahahahha i will say it for yall! hahahahaha facts. i could go harder then him lol i know sports because i played them lmao hahahahahha! this dude! lol love and peace always. thunder up!!!!!!!!

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    Jalen rose is the truth and im done!!!! love and peace always we keeping it real! smh lol

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    we fucks with jalen 80s babys lol keep doing your thing Jalen Rose fuck him he fake. lol hahahahhaha

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    we dont like you know more lol hahahahha your done you and oneal you ant barkley and the greats your done lol

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    steve a smith is a bitch. smh steven you ant that kind of dude asswhole your done. lol

  • michael daniels
    michael daniels 8 months ago

    i fucks with jalen rose! real talk my g! lets be real only a player can speak! not an agent. smh love and peace always. i fucks with jalen rose facts! 100

  • smyzo
    smyzo 8 months ago

    KAT is 4th on the team in FGA per game and usage but he looks at his numbers. STFU with that dumb shit. At least try to make some kind of sense.

  • ShaKuan BornMaster
    ShaKuan BornMaster 8 months ago

    Steven A. baffles anything.

  • Bj Brown
    Bj Brown 8 months ago

    Jalen Rose nothing physical gonna happen 😂😂😂

  • Cory Soto
    Cory Soto 8 months ago

    The wizards or pelican or bucks would be dope for out of ordinary

  • don brassco
    don brassco 8 months ago +1

    Nets under the cap😨

  • Barry Freeman
    Barry Freeman 8 months ago

    If LeBron did not leave Cleveland the first time I wonder what people would say about him now because he wouldn't have the Championships he got now so what kind of player will he be now if he had not left Cleveland the first time would he be a champion I don't think so

  • Mike Alston
    Mike Alston 8 months ago

    Jimmy Butler role player can give you 20 pts tuff defensive player but he ain’t the filling up the Arena guy my opinion just my opinion

  • Edspins05
    Edspins05 8 months ago

    "He's been accused of Being somebody who plays for the money" 💰 .... Wtf else is he supposed to play for jerk

  • Kadauris Guess
    Kadauris Guess 8 months ago

    MIAMI 💨💨💯

  • The Grind TV
    The Grind TV 8 months ago

    Is Jimmy Butler a snake?

  • Lucca Baum
    Lucca Baum 8 months ago

    Suns get teague
    Miami gets jimmy
    Wolves get dragic and someone from Phoenix?

  • slopezfynest gaming
    slopezfynest gaming 8 months ago

    You can't teach heart

  • Joseph Skinner
    Joseph Skinner 8 months ago

    Butler to Portland.

  • ThUnDeR FoRcE
    ThUnDeR FoRcE 8 months ago

    KNICKS 2019/2020 LINEUP
    PG: Kyrie Irving
    SG: Jimmy Butler
    SF: Kevin Knox
    PF: Kristaps Porzingis
    C: Enes Kanter

  • BoomtownTV
    BoomtownTV 8 months ago

    Jimmy Butler blew out KAT's girl's back. This is the real reason for this going down.

  • Rich Keef - Music
    Rich Keef - Music 8 months ago

    Hide ya WIVES #richkeef

  • Ty E
    Ty E 8 months ago

    go to boston bitch

  • Face312
    Face312 8 months ago

    And 5 years from now Jimmy Butler will be burnt out....

  • Face312
    Face312 8 months ago

    Egotistical Jimmy Butler. I'm so glad we traded him. SEE RED!! GO BULLS!!!

  • Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Jimmy Butler & Jamal Crawford to the Boston Celtics!

  • TerraDon
    TerraDon 8 months ago

    I’m suprised that the suns aren’t in the convo for jimmy

  • All Honest
    All Honest 8 months ago

    Fuck the NFL. NBA all Day

  • TheVJProduction
    TheVJProduction 8 months ago

    usada need to test SAS for any performance enhancing drugs, cause this man is working overtime. soon his hairline going to come back from the grave like lebron james' hairline.

  • MarlyK
    MarlyK 8 months ago

    Wolves need to trade Wiggins (should’ve traded him before giving him that max) if possible, for some for first round picks and maybe a solid role player or two.
    Knicks have no chance at Kyrie. So tired of hearing this. Him going there isn’t gonna put them over the top. Still gotta go through Boston. And before y’all say without Kyrie Boston isn’t as good, let’s not forget that Celtics still have great assets to acquire another really good point guard and the best coach in the league. ☘️

  • Bill Latibay
    Bill Latibay 8 months ago

    I like KAT but im surprised on his lack of toughness the last playoffs. He is pushed around by smaller guys, i believe he still needs a couple more years. And jimmy has some chemistry issues.

  • Bill Latibay
    Bill Latibay 8 months ago

    I like KAT but im surprised on his lack of toughness the last playoffs. He is pushed around by smaller guys, i believe he still needs a couple more years. And jimmy has some chemistry issues.

  • Markeithjr12
    Markeithjr12 8 months ago

    somebody is really riding Butler dick damn

  • viz Rez
    viz Rez 8 months ago

    Jimmy garbage

  • Owner of a Busted Ricecooker

    Clippers should just close shop altogether. They WILL NEVER WIN. they should do the best thing and donate the money they're gonna be wasting and just donate to a third world country or help find a cure for cancer.

  • Lamar Jackson
    Lamar Jackson 8 months ago

    Well don't forget he's blowing his teammate girl back out.

    GODTONT 8 months ago

    he's so right about jamal Crawford he is show time all day

  • Ty E
    Ty E 8 months ago

    jimmy just wants to live in L.A.

  • Bastardson OfJefferson
    Bastardson OfJefferson 8 months ago

    Not on my Team. Jimmy Butler is a scummy dude and a chemistry killer. Stop chasing people's girlfriends.

  • 3 Crazy
    3 Crazy 8 months ago

    People out here acting like Jimmy is a bum lmao. Y’all wild

  • Brandon Fernandez
    Brandon Fernandez 8 months ago +4

    just saying Patrick Beverly, Avery Bradley, Jimmy Butler, and Kawhi Leonard, is dangerously defensively especially with a coach like doc rivers whom specializes with defense.

  • Uno Jones
    Uno Jones 8 months ago

    last time I saw him on the court he shot of fade away 3 pointer and totally air balled when it was plenty of time left on the clock to tie the game up... he has a low basketball iq and obviously is insecure whenever you want to fuck your teammates girlfriend... go away

  • Jason C
    Jason C 8 months ago

    Jimmy Butthead is a baby. Was a baby in Chicago, is a baby in Minnesota, and will be a baby at his next team. He is not a max player like LABron, Steph, or KD.

  • Xavier Stamp
    Xavier Stamp 8 months ago

    The Clippers have the best trade option. The Timberwolves want Tobias Harris and Lou Williams. This is great for both teams because the Clippers gets an all star that can attract other stars. The Timberwolves will get a 18 ppg and 8 rbs small forward that fits their system so well and can play power forward so the Timberwolves can play small ball which they haven’t been able to do. Lou William can turn the timberwolves bench into the top 3 in the league. Can easily average 18 ppg and win 6th man award. Also what makes this trade so good lou in the midst of the game can be shooting guard in the small ball lineup while wiggins goes sf tobias goes pf, towns center and teague at point. This line up defensively is good but offensively is a nightmare to guard. If i’m the Timberwolves i’m doing this trade immediately. If you have to sweeten the pot to make it happen let’s say a draft pick i’m doing it. That team is top 5 in the west if this move happens.

  • A Reitz
    A Reitz 8 months ago

    Stephen A. always knows AFTER, the news breaks from someone else. Haha. Sure thing....

  • Joseph plt
    Joseph plt 8 months ago

    Enough with this guy. He honestly is not that good. Definitely not going to lead a team to a championship.

  • Patrick Walker
    Patrick Walker 8 months ago

    He Should Go To PORTLAND

  • Marquitos TV
    Marquitos TV 8 months ago

    Jalen rose hates Stephen a cause of Molly lol am I the only one who sees this?

  • Stan McDonald
    Stan McDonald 8 months ago

    NBA is full of hot headed mofo’s that think they’re all that. Jimmy has had 2 good teams to work with and couldn’t produce shit what make sure think he can lead any time to the finals let alone attract players

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan 8 months ago

    Jimmy Butler fucked KATs girl.

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 8 months ago +1

    😄😃come back to chicago

  • Consistency English
    Consistency English 8 months ago

    It would be cool to see him in Toronto with Kawhi Leonard or to the Pelicans with Anthony Davis

  • jamie jones
    jamie jones 8 months ago

    Portland would be a good fit as for a need at SF. They need perimeter defense. If East, Philly makes the most sense. That’s a top 3 team that could really use him..

  • redazi1
    redazi1 8 months ago

    How stupid that black man haircut

  • yoimczerandimallin
    yoimczerandimallin 8 months ago

    Jimmy butler banged Karl Anthony towns gf!!!! THhats why he's getting traded!

  • Adam patrick
    Adam patrick 8 months ago

    Jimmy smashed KATS wife allegedly

  • Teech
    Teech 8 months ago

    steven A acts like he knows every basketball player intimately

  • snyder Gee
    snyder Gee 8 months ago

    To me Butler is one of the most over rated players in the nba. He's too much of a diva

  • Lucky Libra
    Lucky Libra 8 months ago

    This dude's hairline just keeps getting 5 yard penalties

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 8 months ago

    Stephen A is a clown trying to type this dude up

  • zaid hamed
    zaid hamed 8 months ago +1

    Jimmy is a 2nd option in this league

  • Ben  Daulton
    Ben Daulton 8 months ago

    Steven A Smith: Let me be clear! Wiggins a talented player, close friend, and confidant. I and what I mean by that is I don't know him or care.

  • Epic Reign
    Epic Reign 8 months ago

    What is SAS trying to start?? It ain't getting physical.

  • joseph lee albiso
    joseph lee albiso 8 months ago

    please go to spurs.!

  • Unheardof Daley Bred
    Unheardof Daley Bred 8 months ago

    All this hoopla about a guy who barely scored in playoffs and gave up 50 pts to weak Harden in elimination game vs. Rockets? Stop it!

    MAD KID MANIKIN 777 8 months ago

    stephen A smith gotta talk like a normal guy LABABAB BABA LABADABOOP BAH

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 8 months ago

    Jimmy to lakers next year

  • Neal Black
    Neal Black 8 months ago

    Why is Stephen A Smith putting on that voice?

  • TheRockRocknRoll
    TheRockRocknRoll 8 months ago

    omg that clown stephen a^^ yeah you a wimp you would for sure bow down to anyone who prides himself in being tuff even if its only for that sole reason...

  • EH96
    EH96 8 months ago

    Stephen A.. Has problem with Wiggins playing for the money.. Has no problem with Butler and Kyrie playing in New York for the

    JJDPRO MEDIAPRODUCTION 8 months ago +1

    The acoustics are horrible in that studio! news flash.. Jalen played the NBA game . SAS is a hack!

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 8 months ago

  • JN N
    JN N 8 months ago

    I see they trying to keep this show alive by adding SS to debate Jalen huh lol smh

  • Poyer Poia
    Poyer Poia 8 months ago

    J.Butler to the LAkers nxt season

  • Kenneth Morris
    Kenneth Morris 8 months ago

    The Rockets swoop in and get Jimmy Butler for Eric Gordon , Zhou Qi and 2 First Rounders 🔥

  • Ralph Films
    Ralph Films 8 months ago

    Butler joins rockets

  • Ross Banter
    Ross Banter 8 months ago +1

    Jimmy Butler should go to the Lakers

  • bigwayne37
    bigwayne37 8 months ago

    I'm low key wondering how they over looking the fact that Jimmy butler claiming he want to be around people with heart, love basketball and want to win but he wanna go to clippers, nets and Knicks

  • ddubs123
    ddubs123 8 months ago

    I watch Get Up so I don't have to listen to Stephen A Smith.

  • Kevxnkvto
    Kevxnkvto 8 months ago

    What did jimmy do durring the playoffs? Exactly he’s gotten really good since being drafted to the bulls obviously but sometimes you have to understand your roll in order to win! The Timberwolves have all the tools if jimmy can’t co exist I’d rather him leave honestly used to root for this guy but cmon now should be lifting your teammates up instead of asking for a trade right at the end of the summer fuck outta here

  • buster C
    buster C 8 months ago

    Stephen A gettin them big boy checks

  • Ace Boogie
    Ace Boogie 8 months ago

    Just go to La Butler

  • Sid Johnson
    Sid Johnson 8 months ago

    Kawhi and Butler both gonna be on the Clips lmao fuck the lakers

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather 8 months ago


  • Grant Stephens
    Grant Stephens 8 months ago

    Wiggins shouldn't be a max contract

  • James Simmons
    James Simmons 8 months ago

    And he wasn't at media day so much for SAS opinion of butler

  • Jonas Juarez
    Jonas Juarez 8 months ago +1

    Jimmy would be the best player to put with a Super-star. Like what Scottie Pippen was to Michael Jordan.
    Don't see whats wrong with that.