2019 Mazda 3 AWD Review - Is It Finally Best in Class?

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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    We go for a drive in the 2019 Mazda 3 Sport AWD
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes  3 months ago +179

    What do you think about the new Mazda 3? Does this new redesign + AWD put it at the top of your list?

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    • almarjyou
      almarjyou 18 days ago

      @Brandon Bunas it's a better ass than the previous. Though they took out a window on the side after the back window door.

    • almarjyou
      almarjyou 18 days ago

      Finally, they fix the back design. I always like the plate number on bumper so the hatch is neat.

    • Joshua Sims
      Joshua Sims 2 months ago

      TheStraightPipes just bought the first one our local dealer got in stock I love it!

    • Glenn Stewart
      Glenn Stewart 2 months ago

      ​@Bittersweet 17 each to their own really.
      It's really hard to compare at the moment. The Civic SI uses a one of the higher spec engines. Most markets outside the US, don't even get that. In Australia, the Civic of the similar price has lower power and torque than the Civic. Not so in the US.
      When it comes to quality and reliability, the Japanese Mazda trumps the non Japanese Honda in every respect.
      When it comes down to engineering, the Mazda has it in spades as well. It will be good to see a fair battle when the Skyactiv-X comes out. So much tech in the new Mazda engine, I think any Civic owner would be impressed. Just a pity that Toyota did the trip from Nagoya to Hiroshima to sign the billion cheques instead of Honda. Toyota wants the engine badly! It means it will be in a future Corolla, but not a future Civic. Massive pity!!

      Once that engine is out, there will be no reason to choose the Civic.

    • Bittersweet 17
      Bittersweet 17 2 months ago

      I would choose civic si all day over this.

  • Skippi Names
    Skippi Names 16 hours ago

    Front wheel drivey N' stuff like that...

  • Mickiii P
    Mickiii P Day ago

    Really looks nice that front & rear light looks sick, wish they're could be a design like this but either full electric or hybrid.

  • Javen
    Javen 2 days ago

    No front plates in CALI? WTF?

  • Bottle 12
    Bottle 12 2 days ago +2

    test drove this car, and the blind spots are really really bad

  • Yuuta Togashi
    Yuuta Togashi 4 days ago

    6:57 that's some nice booty eeh , btw send the pict pleaseeee

  • Matthew Levi
    Matthew Levi 5 days ago +4

    I would definitely get this over the others! Saw the car in person. Looks way above its class. Wish they leveled up on the performance. Thanks for the great video!

  • Troy Wagnon
    Troy Wagnon 6 days ago

    1.8 Toyota vvti for life.the odometer on my matrix stopped working at 299,999 miles so I got a 2019 Corolla with the same motor and stick shift

  • Troy Wagnon
    Troy Wagnon 6 days ago

    I got the Corolla with the 6 speed stickshift with the 1.8. Skyactive is a lemon bro

    • Troy Wagnon
      Troy Wagnon 5 days ago

      @ppaauullshut up you dam biker. You people are garbage go get hit by a bus

    • ppaauull
      ppaauull 5 days ago

      1. no one cares 2. why did you feel the need to post 2 comments

  • supererik123
    supererik123 6 days ago

    If only it had more horsepower

  • John Labus
    John Labus 9 days ago

    Count me among those who hate the C Pillar.

  • Bee Legend
    Bee Legend 9 days ago +4

    Saw a white one at Costco drawing SHIIT and dam it looks sexy. Lol

  • VyZE
    VyZE 11 days ago

    I love this car

  • Morris The car guy
    Morris The car guy 11 days ago

    I bought a 2019 soul red sport3 the car is an awesome daily driver my only compliant is that the engine sucks when trying to go on some backroads other then that its amazing 🤘

  • Michael W.
    Michael W. 13 days ago

    Don't give up on Mazdaspeed tell them u want it would u recommend this to the cx5?

  • Michael Chimenti
    Michael Chimenti 13 days ago +1

    At 2:16, Yuri and Jakub say that the car has torque vectoring. It does not, technically it is "G Vectoring." It does not send torque into a corner, in fact, it reduces torque slightly on "turn in" to load the front wheels to increase their G vector (grip). On turn "out" of the corner, it drags the outside brake pad slightly help straighten the car out.

  • Wonderful Burrito
    Wonderful Burrito 16 days ago +1

    Hi! Does anyone know the song used in the intro

  • - dLx420
    - dLx420 16 days ago +7

    The steering wheel controls. Ur supposed to push up on the metal bar to turn volume up / skip tracks, not push the actual button..

  • Allan Clow
    Allan Clow 20 days ago

    The 'balancing of your head' is part of the Skyactiv tech. I didn't realize but Skyactiv is actually more than just fuel efficient engines. It's a tech philosophy they've applied to the engine, transmission, chassis and vehicle dynamics. They use the engine's torque, combined with inputs from the throttle and steering to stabilize everything reducing the forces your body feels while cornering, braking, or accelerating. Their goal was to make driving as natural as walking to the human body.

  • Arthur Serino
    Arthur Serino 21 day ago

    A poor-quality front-biased AWD system does not make you "best in class". Audi and Subaru aren't going to be losing any sleep over this.

  • Dracsh
    Dracsh 22 days ago

    Looks like a CLA shooting brake

  • Demonitized
    Demonitized 23 days ago

    You can tell they hate each other

  • A-T/ G-C
    A-T/ G-C 24 days ago

    Channeling it’s inner AMC Pacer from the rear!

  • Kurt H.
    Kurt H. 27 days ago +1

    The back of this thing looks like a Ford Pinto. lol

  • Kurt H.
    Kurt H. 27 days ago +1


  • park2086
    park2086 27 days ago +1

    Side is little top boring for me, but overall great start. And the black trim front: love.

  • Félix Caramagno
    Félix Caramagno 27 days ago +3

    review the mazdaspeed 3 2nd gen plsss

  • Dan R
    Dan R 28 days ago

    I'm thinking I need to start a car channel where I explicitly give absolutely zero shits about manuals, wagons, or hatchbacks. Love your channel and I share a similar taste in cars themselves with Yuri........its just funny how literally every press/reviewer supposedly prefers manual in everything. Like yea, of course, when you only have to drive for a few hours in a week and you purposefully drive it on the right road away from traffic then yea manuals are fun I'm sure. Just seems like a lot of extra work to get inferior results. I never feel comfortable having to mess with a clutch pedal. Guess that's why I cant play piano or drums either. It's great that the manuals are there, I just wish car reviews stuck a little more to what people actually choose. I know exactly one person who has a manual mustang and that's it. People love AWD cause yea snow tires are good.......but who the hell wants to take up all that space storing 4 whole tires in a utility closet and then have to pay someone to keep switching the wheels back and forth every 6 months? It's a pain.
    The other main choice in this class for me would be the Jetta GLI if I go FWD. I'm still shopping myself for a good car under 30k. If I did/do get a Mazda 3 it would be the sedan actually. The hatch looks cool from some angles but it's more expensive for no reason and the rear-quarter c-pillar area looks messed up, too much blank metal space there. I agree with the car wow guy basically. I do really like the sedan and I like the transmission isnt a cvt which to me puts it over the Impreza.

  • Kraziiboi
    Kraziiboi 28 days ago

    You guys nailed the intro music for this car

  • Hey You
    Hey You 29 days ago

    Now that is a nice looking car

  • Brett Voigt
    Brett Voigt 29 days ago

    I used to have a gen 1 mazda 3s. It was like a little go-kart. Handled amazing, braking was on par and the boot carried everything I needed. My biggest gripe was that it wasn't awd. Glad to see mazda is moving to awd, but kinda pointless if they're only going to make it an auto or worse... paddleshift. c'mon mazda, we all want a 300 whp awd, 6 speed (would settle for 5 speed) manual trans.

    • Brett Voigt
      Brett Voigt 29 days ago

      Also the new designs looks a little off

  • Michael Sutcliffe
    Michael Sutcliffe Month ago

    I drive Gti buy I could see myself in this. I'd love to see a performance varient.

  • Sob 666
    Sob 666 Month ago +1

    Kewll LOVE IT....it is time to take my mazda 3 Grand Tourism 2012 for a road trip to the nearest dealer and get the new Mazda 3 ....specially with AWD....sure will come handy in Montana...😁😁😁😁😁....just love it.

  • Mickey
    Mickey Month ago +1

    This car was manufactured only in Japan.
    So, I decided to buy it.

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis Month ago +1

    You don’t count the Golf GTI / R as a competitor?

  • Avijit Bhamra
    Avijit Bhamra Month ago +3

    the Mazda 3 we have in Australia is LOADED has Many more features.

    • Avijit Bhamra
      Avijit Bhamra 2 days ago

      @Bottle 12 soooo funny, n funnel webs are not as common as u might think.

    • Bottle 12
      Bottle 12 2 days ago

      does it come with a funnel web spider?

  • CHACHIO GUNNS!! plomito mendoza

    Terrible review

  • david ha
    david ha Month ago

    Mazda6 needs awd

  • dancheb
    dancheb Month ago

    Probably the first time the sedan looks better and more practical than this "hatchback". What's with this useless rear design. No touch screen, teeny tiny screen.

  • julius jones
    julius jones Month ago

    One day on a rainy night this little car saved my life three times

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    The hatch is ugly. The navigation map is pitiful. The rear seat is cramped. The gas mileage is poor in its class. The rear suspension is no longer independent(unlike the Corolla). Even with the upscale interior, the car is way overpriced. Is it any wonder Mazda sells so few vehicles next to Toyota and Honda?

  • AndrewgoesRAWR
    AndrewgoesRAWR Month ago

    I want manual so bad

  • Striball
    Striball Month ago

    Is the Mazda 3 hatch basically class leader in most aspects in this price category? Given that an SUV or crossover isn't in the picture?

  • Grosse H.
    Grosse H. Month ago +4

    Mazda is the only japanese manufacturer who does design right. Love Kodo Design

    • GM1565
      GM1565 Month ago

      Grosse H. I agree

  • Max Ant
    Max Ant Month ago

    11:46 👓😁

  • YAAASolid
    YAAASolid Month ago

    Ah the mazda... hairdresser’s favorite vehicle 😁

  • Eway Rendon
    Eway Rendon Month ago

    Mazda 3. Awesome car. Awesome review. Good job 👍🏼 guys

  • Rubus SummersLee
    Rubus SummersLee Month ago

    To much restrictions

  • H恵美子
    H恵美子 Month ago

    Yeah...California, especially Fullerton has some terrible road conditions.

  • Shams Ali
    Shams Ali Month ago

    You 2 Hybrid's (half moron, half ediot's), cause that's what a hybrid is. You 2 need to come to the maritimes out east where Pothole are extreme level, and drive cars there, then you will know what potholes really are after your stupid mazda3's rim get damaged with the small tires they have, also not to mention the huge blind spots on the driver side of the mazda3, and the battery power. I plugged a dash camera in and after 3 days the battery died on the mazda3.

  • chirsh123
    chirsh123 Month ago

    the SI is not a hatchback. but the typeR is. I hate the over the top look of the TyprR. I would go for the SI if it was a hatch but I will be getting a mazda3 hatchback premium with the manual transmission.

  • Jimmy Rustles
    Jimmy Rustles Month ago

    meh i liked the aesthetics of the current gen mazda 3 pre-facelift. This just looks weird

  •  Month ago +1

    I'm a lifelong German car fanboy but after seeing this I'm definitely switching to a Mazda 3. It's good looking, sporty, reliable, and AWD??! Take my money please. I was even considering spending the extra $ on a Lexis IS F-Sport but I'd rather save money and get this instead.

    • Stephen Werner
      Stephen Werner Month ago

      I've owned British and German vehicles. I got the new 3 about a month ago for reliability reasons and I liked the new looks of the vehicle in and out. I do wish it had more low end torque but i love it.

  • Aaron Yiu
    Aaron Yiu Month ago

    A whopping 186hp and tq lol. Yikes.

  • no name
    no name Month ago +1

    Gorgeous art design in hatch not sedan, make it 228hp, raise it a bit or protect the front undercarriage with a body kit, and maybe I'll buy it. I would destroy where I live in about half a mile.

  • Jeremy Aludino
    Jeremy Aludino Month ago +12

    That guy reminds me of Foggy Nelson from Daredevil hahaha

    • 2WIREG
      2WIREG 19 days ago

      Hes also Canadian

  • Zach Hudson
    Zach Hudson Month ago

    What would you go with? Mazda 3 or Golf R?

  • candy chung
    candy chung Month ago +1

    i got this car for a few days and i agree it's a very good car. the interior blows the competition away. the driving dynamics are also great (just lacks actual power) what i'm not a big fan of is the looks. I can't seem to find an angle that i really like which is abnormal for a mazda. the lack of defined lines and creases in the exterior is hard to get used to. the rear looks weird. I prefer the look of the previous generation

  • Raul Ferro
    Raul Ferro Month ago

    In the Panama Republic, it is offered with a sloppy 1.5 liter naturally aspirated engine that is as exciting as watching a snail crawling into nothingness. The asking price is like 25K USD...no thanks.

  • titanic rms 1912
    titanic rms 1912 Month ago +2

    I mite be getting that
    Car in 2021 after my graduation from school

  • Adam G
    Adam G Month ago

    Japan and Korea are killing it. Meanwhile in Detroit...

  • Blackridge
    Blackridge Month ago

    What is going on with the 2nd row windows? Seems like really terrible visibility and just doesn't look very good.

  • Amir Aisar
    Amir Aisar Month ago +3

    I think you guys should also review the C pillar during driving. B’coz its very distinctive and I think its gonna create a huge blindspot, and if there is any quirks that can counter it, you should explain it as well. Great reviews by the way!

  • googlewolly
    googlewolly Month ago +2

    Nice, but slow when compared to a 1.5 Civic.

  • Mr Myles
    Mr Myles Month ago

    Legit review! First vid I've seen from you guys. I'm a fan.

  • So No
    So No Month ago

    LMAO nite stand watches on your wrist. Not gonna happen dude.

  • Jacob Hartwig
    Jacob Hartwig Month ago

    Do you guys say Mazda with a hard A or soft A? (Mawz-Duh or Mahz-duh)

  • EliteSlayer542
    EliteSlayer542 Month ago

    "Very bad potholes" in Toronto? This triggers me. Come to Montreal if you want to experience potholes. We're basically off-roading 24/7.

  • IsolestiK
    IsolestiK Month ago +1

    That infotaintment screen is a big fail, using torsion beam suspension is another big fail no matter how much they have improved it. I would rather get elantra GT N Line over this.

  • Riggin Thorniley
    Riggin Thorniley Month ago +3


    SHUT UP I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    ...*With a manual trans and skyactiv-X