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Comments • 80

  • beep beep richie
    beep beep richie 8 hours ago


  • Dizzi
    Dizzi 8 hours ago

    Aiden Zhane is an incredibly disappointing contestant - he has an awful attitude, his makeup is repetitive and poorly executed, he completely lacks creativity, and his entire demeanor screams "I'm SO unique, SO different, and SO special", which is completely unwarranted, because he is totally identical to every other pretentious, self-absorbed queen that thinks they're soooo original.
    Rock M Sakura was genuinely sweet and incredibly talented, and it feels like Aiden being saved was solely to generate drama and resentment. I know that a fair amount of the show is scripted, but this was so glaringly obvious .

  • Jeppe A K Sørensen
    Jeppe A K Sørensen 10 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see Aiden do one funny face in the challenge and be High-safe

  • phoenixrising7777
    phoenixrising7777 10 hours ago +1

    Aja: They eat her up every single time! She could come out in a diaper and they would be like “Valentina, you’re smile”
    Aiden: *hold that diaper*

  • phoenixrising7777
    phoenixrising7777 11 hours ago +1

    I’m sick of people acting like Aiden is being bullied for being different, when it’s truly about how insulting it is that she gets away with such low effort (and things that previous queens have been clocked hard for and eliminated over) while other girls are working hard and not napping.

  • John Eisley Tiu
    John Eisley Tiu 12 hours ago +1

    Aiden needs to go home. I love her uniqueness so much, it hurts me to see her flop like this. Lol

  • Luka Magnotta
    Luka Magnotta 12 hours ago


  • John Virtucio
    John Virtucio 13 hours ago

    Rock m. For miss congeniality 🥺

  • izzy cinnamon
    izzy cinnamon 14 hours ago

    No one : aiden : I worked so hard 😒😒 I’m just unique you guys don’t get me !! ✌️✌️ the judges are the ones who get me because I’m not in the bottom stupids!!!

  • Hoes Mad
    Hoes Mad 15 hours ago +3

    I just want to say, I don’t think Aiden should get all the hate she gets. I get she can improve and do more but.. can’t they all? They have been at her neck since day 1 and even though she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea she is still a queen and should be treated as such. Brita is also very annoying and kind of a narcissist- Just because you’re #1 in NY doesn’t mean you’re going to be #1 everywhere, it doesn’t work that way sis.

  • mochillauna
    mochillauna 16 hours ago +4

    Maybe it’s just the editing... but I really hate how they all gain up on Aidan. They should be congratulating her for being in the top. Instead, they are essentially disrespecting Aidan and the judges’ decision who are ultimately the ones who control this game. Listen to the judges and you will go far.
    Brita is obsessed with Aidan not being in the bottom. It’s unhealthy and she needs to take all that energy and apply it to improving herself based on what the judges tell her. She’s trying way too hard in the acting challenges. She needs to tone it down a bit.

    • phoenixrising7777
      phoenixrising7777 10 hours ago +1

      I’m sick of people acting like Aiden is being bullied for being different, when it’s truly about how insulting it is that she gets away with such low effort (and things that previous queens have been clocked hard for and eliminated over) while other girls are working hard and not napping.
      Laziness shouldn’t be rewarded and Aiden’s whole “nope I’m just going to keep phoning it in” attitude even though michelle clocked her just like the girls is salt in the wounds of all the other contestants, especially those who have left.

  • Bobs Burgers
    Bobs Burgers 16 hours ago

    Brita is literally the exact opposite of Aidan lol

  • Ája Domonique
    Ája Domonique 16 hours ago

    2 things...
    Brita telling Gigi she's been turning sickening looks this whole time is the face crack of the bicentennial..
    s*rry p*e has literally been edited to be hewhomustnotbenamed this season, when they were painting and talking about mothers after that initial statement, they just left akward silence verses leaving her interjections in 💀💀

  • Tom M
    Tom M 16 hours ago

    So we all know Gigi is gonna win right

  • cristian ortega solis
    cristian ortega solis 16 hours ago

    11th place: Nikki doll - loses on her second lip sinc
    10th place: Aiden zhane - does a character in snatch game terribly and is eliminated after being beaten in lip sinc
    9th place: Brita - struggles in the first rusical of the season and gets overthrown in lip sinc
    8th place: Jan - Fails to deliver in maxi challenge
    7th place: Heidi N closet - lipsincs three times and loses on the third
    6th place: Widow - also lip sincs three times, loses on the third one
    Top 5: Sherry pie, Gigi Goode, Jacki cox, Crystal, Jaida

  • Jeffery Sites
    Jeffery Sites 16 hours ago

    Jade is just as bad as BRITTA

  • Tiff Tiff
    Tiff Tiff 16 hours ago

    Just in time to appreciate all of our wonderful first responders in the medical field and out! WERK!

  • Yvonne Kershner
    Yvonne Kershner 16 hours ago

    Brita should have gone home instead of rock. And here she is again bottom and keeps focusing on Aidan! Bitch please you are not all that! Quit picking on Aidan! Once again ru saves her, what a joke 😠. Brita needs to go!

  • Nino Bravo
    Nino Bravo 16 hours ago

    Aiden Z. Don't listen bitter Brita. She's threatened by you and your talent like other queens. Brita is old jagged queen who thinks she that good but reality check is hitting her. She's not that good. So do your thing Aiden Z. All the way to top, you got this..

  • AtlgirlOverseasWorld . com

    After this episode I'm definitely ready for Brita to GO. Last week I was ready to see her leave and this week even more. Ugghh

  • RyeOats
    RyeOats 17 hours ago

    Timing couldnt be any worse

  • Countrycowboy08
    Countrycowboy08 17 hours ago

    Jan, Jackie, and Crystal are the trade of the season. I actually get confused all the time among them.

  • Jamie Wilmore
    Jamie Wilmore 18 hours ago +1

    Not my Widow getting a negative edit! Please no

  • mychemicaljulia
    mychemicaljulia 19 hours ago

    they were all so emotional about rock HER IMPACT

  • Quiero Tacos
    Quiero Tacos 19 hours ago +1

    Okay I am the one that is going to say it:
    ROCK 👏🏻 M 👏🏻 SAKURA 👏🏻 WAS 👏🏻 ROBBED
    ROCK 👏🏻 M 👏🏻 FOR 👏🏻 ALL 👏🏻 STARS

  • Dwelling Detailz
    Dwelling Detailz 19 hours ago

    Still annoyed over Rocks elimination they could have gave him a second chance!!🌈🌈❤️

  • juu
    juu 19 hours ago +2

    Why do people like Aiden??

  • Natalie Freeman
    Natalie Freeman 20 hours ago

    Ridiculous how they're trying to make Aiden some villain.

  • um chile anyway so
    um chile anyway so 21 hour ago

    why does widow always look like she's about to cry?
    also, they couldn't have me on this show, i would give you the role i give you and that would be the end, periodt.

  • Aedan Roberts
    Aedan Roberts 21 hour ago

    True Trade of the Season: Jackie Cox and Rock M Sakura.

  • James Tea
    James Tea 21 hour ago +1

    "You know May West right?"
    Every queen in background: "OooOhh"

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 21 hour ago

    "You wanted to play something a little more serious...on RuPaul's Drag Race?"

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 21 hour ago

    I would also like to elect Jackie as Trade of the Season, whom is as vulnerable as his jaw is chiseled.


    🏁🏁🏁the amazig race🏎️🏎️🏎️
    0:50 💙💯💚

  • Sergio López
    Sergio López 22 hours ago

    The fact that Nicky is going home this episode UUUUGHH and fucking aiden will still be there, ugh Jesus GROSS

  • Sergio López
    Sergio López 22 hours ago

    i really HATE Aiden

  • Dennis R
    Dennis R 22 hours ago +1

    One can definitely argue that Aiden should have lipsynced, but saying that Brita should've been safe is delusional. Her looks were awful. If anything, Rock should've been safe over both of them.

  • Coco
    Coco 22 hours ago

    So if you wanna piss off a drag queen... just take a nap!! LOL

  • Roberto S.
    Roberto S. 23 hours ago

    Can someone put the time when Crystal my love appears?? Thank u ahah 🥰

  • Your Average Patriotic God Loving American

    i just can't stand brita at all ! she comes off so fake

  • Hey,it ́s Jonh!
    Hey,it ́s Jonh! 23 hours ago

    RuPaul: feeling a little sickening?
    Crystal: *coughs*

  • Gio Dezeusa
    Gio Dezeusa 23 hours ago

    Where I can watch this show for free :( don’t have enough money to pay to watch this show somebody knows

  • May Haram
    May Haram Day ago

    Ugh I just hate Aiden can she just go home already

  • Tobias Woodward
    Tobias Woodward Day ago

    1:12 - Brita hitting the nail on the head.. there really is no excuse on Ru's part

  • Husnain Waheed
    Husnain Waheed Day ago +1


  • Teresa Fontaine
    Teresa Fontaine Day ago

    Ew they keep putting creepy music over Sherri

  • Teresa Fontaine
    Teresa Fontaine Day ago


  • Bby Peach
    Bby Peach Day ago +1

    Who else flinched when crystal coughed

  • vladimir pitong wilson10

    How poor sheryy issssssss...

  • fábio tavares
    fábio tavares Day ago

    Cadê a Normani?

  • Chastity Salas
    Chastity Salas Day ago

    I loveeeee nickydoll so much omg 🥺❤️ ya don’t even know lol!!!!!!

  • Abdul Williams
    Abdul Williams Day ago


  • Jaden isik
    Jaden isik Day ago


  • longbeacher
    longbeacher Day ago +2

    Can we please cancel this entire season and crown Leslie Jones?

  • darkstuart
    darkstuart Day ago +1


  • Rebecca Daly
    Rebecca Daly Day ago

    In all 12 series iv never cried one sum1 has gone but rock m sokuras leaving had me so upset. Really feel she didn't deserve to go that early.

  • Lane Fair
    Lane Fair Day ago +2

    Is there any competition for Gigi? Like I LIKE everyone but no one is on her level this season.

  • Giorgia Cavallaro
    Giorgia Cavallaro Day ago +1

    gigi's werkroom fashion i loooove 💗 also gigi and nicky are so iconic together i love my fashion queens

  • Cedric Minaj
    Cedric Minaj Day ago

    Why does Ayden wear the same wig every week?

  • franky romero
    franky romero Day ago

    I think it's so funny how their all so offended cus Aiden took a nap LOL. LIKE BITCH WHAAAAT?! all of a sudden we can't nap? Lmfao

  • Egzonn
    Egzonn Day ago

    It will be so sad watching Nicki go home tonight ☹️

  • Saturn sxc
    Saturn sxc Day ago

    Gigi, Crystal and Jackie warm my mfkn heart 🥺❤️

  • Edison Cummings
    Edison Cummings Day ago

    i rly hope this isn't the point there brita starts getting the winner edit...

  • TeeeTV
    TeeeTV Day ago

    I'm on Netflix, it's the 27th, no 5th ep????

  • cindy soldout
    cindy soldout Day ago

    but for real i hope aiden stop saying "is because of my background blablabla" like enough there were other drag queen who didn't have a background ,but their drag worked with no excuse about their "background" .... like
    anyone : "aiden you should put more work ,taking a nap ain't the smart thing to do "
    Aiden : "ThEse GirlS HaTE mE bEcAUSe oF my BacKGROUnd "

  • cindy soldout
    cindy soldout Day ago

    2:39 daaamn girl went there ,but i mean .. i can understand her point

  • Unapologetically Curvy

    😂 someone said “Nurse” 😩😩😩😩

  • Unapologetically Curvy

    Aiden is so mediocre 😶

  • Modernjuliet247
    Modernjuliet247 Day ago

    I forgot sherry is here omg I almost spit out my cereal

  • Modernjuliet247
    Modernjuliet247 Day ago +1

    Everyone is so annoyed with her

  • Keziah Greer
    Keziah Greer Day ago

    They want the weird queen there so bad, aiden doesn’t deserve to be there and that’s that. Rock M did not deserve that.

  • Modernjuliet247
    Modernjuliet247 Day ago

    I don’t see aiden not fair I want rock back

  • Cristina Rios
    Cristina Rios Day ago

    Aiden should’ve gone home!!!!!

  • Tracy Motel
    Tracy Motel Day ago

    I love the betty page betty boop lewwwwk

  • Nicholai Tunstall

    I love when they pull a face, but I love it more when they do a Shea and take the unwanted role and make it the best

  • Maku L
    Maku L Day ago +1

    Lmao, they couldn't have timed it better with coronavirus.

  • Ayoo Noel
    Ayoo Noel Day ago

    I can’t stand widow or Brita. Go home.

  • Lady
    Lady Day ago

    Ru: *The bottles are child proof.*
    *Cut to Gigi.* 😂😂

  • Carlie Morgan
    Carlie Morgan Day ago

    Britta needs to be eliminated

  • Insane One
    Insane One Day ago

    Gay's Anatomy challenge during a pandemic? What are the odds?