Losing My identity in Korea

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Автор VirgoGoGirl ( назад)
It's so funny to me how people expect immigrants to assimilate to their own culture and "speak English blah blah blah" but if someone western moves to another country and respects their culture and assimilates then zomg she's trying to be someone else blah blah. It's so dumb. I'm glad you found yourself Megan! I agree with everything you say. Ignore the haters and do you :3

Автор Bushy Brow ( назад)
Megan...why are you explaining yourself to these people? Just keep doing what you want. I think you know when the line is crossed.

Автор Gaisho ( назад)
Before I knew chonun was a reference to yourself I thought it was your actual name

Автор Rebecca Tom ( назад)
Thank you for this video so much ! I have been experiencing those kind of hater remarks too because I wear Korean clothes, makeup, learn the language, etc. Girl you're the best, keep it up love ya ;)
[P.S.: People have been saying that in Korea, girls don't really wear shoulders and cleavage revealing clothes; do you do that too ? Or if not how do you deal with that ?]

Автор Rockin Sim ( назад)
Preach Megan!

Автор 세윤 Seyoon ( назад)
as its simply said DO YOU BOOBOO!!!

Автор Hanna Ho ( назад)
You go girl!!!! Love your vids!!! Your new subbie ;)

Автор Lauren Anne ( назад)
People change! It would be so sad if people stayed the same forever. That is the beauty of life!

Автор Atsu Himitsu ( назад)
i for one loooove circle lenses. its just fun being able to change your appearance so drastically.

Автор Zoey B ( назад)
If a foreigner comes to America, everyone thinks they're weird if they don't assimilate. But then they judge you...

Автор Karen McCann ( назад)
I think there is nothing wrong with you. Even in America we evolve and change our hairstyles, makeup style for sure, especially eyebrows, and clothes, to stay with the trends alot of people not everyone. I'm one that likes to change with the times. I think it's only natural to want to fit in where you live by wearing clothing or makeup like how they wear it in whichever country you live in, and how does breast augmentation make you more Korean. If anything thats much more of an american thing than Korean. Thats why I have trouble finding a 32 b size bra.These people making these comments are ridiculous and don't make any sense. I love your eyebrows by the way. They're so on point with your face. I love your attitude. If I knew you, we would probably be best friends. Your beautiful and be whoever you want to be. I also love your hair. Love the style girl!!❤🤗

Автор Alexandra Villalta ( назад)
YOU GO GIRL!You're so inspiring to me with your honesty and charismatic personality, love watching all your videos! never change how humble you are. You're such a beautiful soul>3

Автор Alyssa Butcher ( назад)
I think that you should be able to express yourself how ever you want. Also, you LIVE IN KOREA so what's wrong with embracing the styles and trends of the country you live in?

Автор jacqumbs ( назад)
Thank you for the explanations but you don't owe anyone anything. What you like is what you like as long as you don't hurt nobody. Black community we need to come together instead of always looking for something to rag the other on damn. I still remember being considered an Oreo because I spoke and wrote "well". It's like you can't win geez. Stay happy and beautiful love both inside and out! Wishing you all the best always from the "west" lol 😊

Автор Dream Jasmine ( назад)
She's obviously going to be influenced by Korean culture: clothes, style, makeup, interests... etc, because SHE'S IN FUCKING KOREA! No different than when the rest of the world immigrate to America and immerse themselves in our culture. Seriously, why would she go to Korea to live American? Defeats the entire purpose.

Автор Raquel da Cunha ( назад)
I bet if you didn't pay a lot of attention to your appearance people would still give you crap... smh just do you, you're fine and you're happy!! I love your videos and pls if they think you forgot your heritage how can they explain your sass? hahah i love it!! Keep up the amazing work!

Автор OnibiTeru ( назад)
I for one(someone who hasn't watched your videos for long) love your lil appearance change. I came to this channel looking at the older ones. And when I noticed the new ones I couldn't help but admire your style and change. Your previous self was definitely cute, but it doesn't compare to how you are now. You're fab. And looks aside I think you seem more comfortable speaking and forwarding your topics and messages so all the attention from your looks aside, you are becoming more awesome by the minute.

Автор Esther Kim ( назад)
can you do a video on circle lenses please!!!

Автор Anita ( назад)
why is someone's identity wrapped up in people's outer appearance? Are people not caring who the actual individual is? Bish you do you!! Nobody else is living someone else's life. I'm subscribing cuz you are honest and yourself. Thanks for always putting it out there

Автор Abigail Thomson ( назад)
I got so angry reading those comments but you stayed so chill and handled it so well I respect you even more now

Автор leaveswillgrowback ( назад)
you are really nice, listening to your videos is like.... chill and relaxing, i really like it; you're really smart to explain yourself and getting a boobjob is totally normal, you were really honest about it and that's so great. Everyone can choose their own look and what i love about korean makeup is that they care about looking young and healthy. i want that, everyone should understand that and not judge. if you want to have your makeup certain way thats awesome, some of us are still too self conscious about that because precisely people will say "we want to look korean" when that's not the case, i want to look cute, i want to look young, i want to look healthy!! You're awesome and i admire your honesty!

Автор Nacha Nsamba ( назад)
I wish I was lighter lol but ain't nobody going to tell me his I should look like xD ❤❤❤❤

Автор Kathinski Laminski ( назад)
Oh my. I just recently stumbled upon your channel, because a friend of mine mentioned your awesome dating videos and I just LOVE you and your honesty, even with commercial stuff and everything in between. I'm so different from you, like I'm really not that into "putting an effort into the appearance", maybe just on a regular level. But who am I to judge you, just because of that. I still think it's so interesting, that we all ARE different and live in a different way and just because you use artificial thing (omg I HATE these kind of arguments, srsly) doesn't mean you're "fake" or whatever. I thought about plastic surgery, too. I mean, if you feel better this why, why the f*** not?

Besides, I'm so glad you became a vegan. Since I'm new to the fandom..^w^.. when did this started? Much, much love from me, keep being yourself and I know it's hard sometimes, but you're such a lovely person. Don't let anybody get you down. <3

Автор C'est Anaiis ( назад)
For one they shouldn't even talk about you makeup choices and say " you're wearing/doing Korean styled makeup " - the current makeup trend is fecking Drag Makeup 😂 we don't see drag stars coming for them so they've got no right to come for your choices! I'm so inspired by you ( I really want to learn Japanese and Korean as I believe it's essential to be able to communicate with the locals and stuff ) Keep Doing Youuuu and I can't wait to meet you some day !! X

Автор Bojana B. ( назад)
People should do whatever they like, do experiments and discover things about themselves they didnt know before. Traveling around or living abroad will also broaden their views on world and certain things. One of the worst poisons of human heart is prejudice! I dont understand why people just have to be so narrow sighted! People are different and have different preferances. 100 people, 100 mindsets. People should respect diversity and dont be categorical and judge which mindset is more right or wrong. People should wear clothes they feel most comfortable in, be it dresses or jeans, who cares. I love Megan and her videos because she was open and courage enough to try new things. If she found herself in Korea and feel happy about her life in Korea, then we (her followers on youtube) should be happy for her too. Those who can't accept diversity or think that everything outside their own little bubble is wrong should not even bother to comment something negative. We are here to spread love and positive vibes not negative energy. So haters, just go and get a life.

Автор YoonMin ( назад)
Srsly dafuq? I am a turkish asian and i have been born and raised in the netherlands. I follow the dutch trends since i live there. So if i change my style and wear dutch things, i'm automaticly a asian trying to be european really bad? People are so sad just wow

Автор Sheryl Ferguson ( назад)
People come to America and become "American" so why can't you go to Korea and become Korean? I have watched you change but this is why you are watch worthy. It would be boring if it was all the same. I'm 61 so to me you are just maturing and it's fun to watch your journey. Love you!

Автор Sonja Rustveld ( назад)
I'm actually so proud of you Megan. Breaking these stupid rules of keeping to your 'black american' self. It's good to adapt and integrate, but also be happy with yourself. That's why I like you, you are just you!

Автор Brisy Dorado ( назад)
Can you do a skin care routine for us? Products Americans can get their hands on. I've always been obsessed with Koreans skin it's always so flawless! But don't know what products are good to use on the face that are well known/good products! Thank u

Автор akkaranong romruen ( назад)
Just ignore them Megan. You are what you are and that's beautiful.

Автор ILPeachTea ( назад)
totally agree with you 100%.

Автор sophie m ( назад)
love your videos and personality

Автор Regan Smith ( назад)
You're awesome! If I wasn't living in America I'd totally want to live in South Korea, at least for a little while. Assimilation to the culture you choose to live in is healthy and respectful. I love learning about their culture through your videos. Thanks for sharing your adventures with homebodies like me : )

Автор Alexandra Corman ( назад)
idk why so many people assume that if you're black you gotta be dark lol. i mean i knew a girl in hs who's black & she's the same color as you. honestly i prefer the asian/korean makeup style as opposed to the american style of makeup. of course, i'm still new to using makeup lol. i love your videos. btw...how did you start out studying korean?? i'm trying to learn & idk where to start lol.

Автор Manu Devia ( назад)
turn down for what! well done girl :v

Автор Kaden Brown ( назад)

Автор MacBdam ( назад)
I'm just gonna...👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Автор cheesecakemoo ( назад)
Girl. Preach!

Автор Delma JQ ( назад)
As an immigrant in USA, I know what it's to acquire a new language, or new fashion trends that might not be the same as in my country. But like you said, that's superficial. One thing that people who have not emigrated doesn't know is that there has to be a level of assimilation to the new culture to feel happy with your new reality. And like VirgoGoGirl said... if you expect me to assimilate, why do you hate when americans adapt to other country's culture. I hear... DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!!!

Автор Claudia Wagner ( назад)
I wish I could do the half of the things you have done in your life....do not listen to this type of things they just want to have your life style ...

Автор Ma An ( назад)
people are such HATERS and ignoramus douches

Автор Leiah Maitland ( назад)
I think it's totally awesome what you've done and I actually came across your videos because the life your living right now is literally what I hope to achieve but I'm just wondering if u have any tips on how to perfect the Korean language and how you got your job as an English teacher? ☺

Автор Kim Cumber ( назад)
Damn girl your life seems awesome. I'm only 15 but I know I don't want to stay in the Netherlands (where I live) I love culture and travel and I'm 100% going to move Korea, you made my decision clear as yo skin. I don't know what people are talking about as if your race makes who you are, I do-n't think so. You're awesome and you go girl :D (btw practically no one is 100% one ''race'', soooo yes, go do you not your race)

Автор Lowkey Jane ( назад)
Also, how dare yall haters simplify koreans to just how they dress and do their makeup etc. They are MUCH more than that, and obviously need more than that to be korean -__- like idk genetics

Автор Lowkey Jane ( назад)
Drag those haters for filth!!!! Lol

Автор Lowkey Jane ( назад)
News flash.... *BLACK PEOPLE CAN LOOK HOWEVER THE FUCK WE WANT.* We are magical. We don't do the stereotypes shit. We do what we please.

Автор Lord Of Jams ( назад)
Kind of will sound off topic but people who complained about you changing and not staying American but also complain why refugees or immigrants don't assimilate don't make fucking sense. You want to stay the same but others can't because YOU want to stay comfortable? No bitch.

Автор Kalinda Clare Gallagher ( назад)
stuff the haters

Автор Maisha Zarin Anan ( назад)
Girl you are awesomeeeee!

Автор Esther Mbalonga ( назад)
I really love your video because I'm in the same case than you! people say that I'm very light even though I'm half African and half Belgian!! they ask me if I put something on my body to be so "white" haha but no It's my color and I'm proud of it because in winter I'm a bit tan and in summer I'm too (but a bit light) haha just to say continue like this! people are stupid!! you are beautiful and you have a great style!!! kiss from Belgium 😊😊😊

Автор Hannah Espina-Ching ( назад)
haters gonna hate! you do you, girl! ;)

Автор Sage Woods ( назад)
I personally love your videos and I thought it was awesome that you had the courage to make long term beauty choices. I love love love the eyebrows and I though your lip color was beautiful. I've always loved eastern culture and I happily watch your videos bc I'm able to learn more about Korean culture through you. As long as you're happy with choices you make (And you're not endangering yourself) then it shouldn't matter what you do. Taking steps to make yourself happy and beautiful despite the negativity of others shows strength and character. Thank you so much for continuing to make great content. I wish you the best :3

Автор Hannah G ( назад)
you're so pretty like how

Автор Organic living style ( назад)
Great video. You're a beautiful person inside and out.

Автор Haby 2611 ( назад)
I swear some Americans need to chill. "You don't even look black anymore" you guys don't even know what black people look like you know literally nothing about Africa unless you actually educate yourself. I live I. France and I think I would get the same reactions if I moved to Korea and assimilated the way you did. But they would NEVER question my race. What the even fuck. There is so much more to a culture than the way people look.

Автор scvillalady ( назад)
I adore you Megan. You are down to earth and keeping it real Gurl. Fashion Forward. You are Awesome.

Автор IGGS ( назад)
**Totally unrelated to what you're talking about.. I've only seen a few of your videos**
You're African american??! I thought you were white loool

Автор Ruth Raine ( назад)
I like what you said here; you made a lot of good points!!

Автор Terry Lim ( назад)

Автор MILi cfl ( назад)
I remember the first time I saw one of your videos, like two or three years ago, i like your personalitty but didnt follow your videos because of no reason then i saw you a few months agos and I you still thr same person. Didnt change at all. TRUST ME YOU STILL THE SAME. The only thing that look different is your weigh (you used to be a littke bit chubby) but nothing else, I still feel the same spirit from you. so yeah

Автор aubrey luna ( назад)
You go girl.

Автор Nicklas Wallen ( назад)
You can never lose you identity, it's freaking yours! And also, other people telling YOU how you losing YOUR identity? ... I guess they don't really understand the meaning of the world "identity"...

Автор anapau sanchez ( назад)
I admire you 😊

Автор Girlonfire 2.0 ( назад)
girl don't pay those people any attention especially African Americans your awesome

Автор Marie Pellot ( назад)
G I R L ignore this hoes!! You are such an inspiration not only confidence but with how u put effort in your life and your job! WHO CARES WHAT THEY SAY!!

Автор janelle cupid ( назад)
Yeah i get what you are saying, but the fact is you have totally changed.
i have been watching you since your first video i stopped for a while, came back some time ago and didn't recognize you i think that is what most people are saying they are not haters. But people change and that's that.

Автор Jo C ( назад)
Those haters need to learn globalization because that is the world we live in now. Megan you didn't do anything wrong. This video you made is truthful and you're an intelligent young woman. Keep being beautiful and be yourself <3

Автор Julian L ( назад)
girl its your looks, your life, your money, you do you and be you !! people can be so closed-minded its actually hard to believe how some people think. People are going to judge you know matter what you do, alot of time i have found it stems from people's own self-consciousness and lack of confidence to be bold and try new things.

Автор Emma Whyte ( назад)
i feel ya with the skin tone. My mum wiped my face with a makeup wipe in summer because she thought i was wearing a dark foundation. the thing is i have chinese heritage and i tan super easy

Автор Kpoirs Official ( назад)
i have the exact problem in my country! i love korea and their style and after starting to be a kpoper i feel like i really found my style in everything and i love it but in here people mock me or my otherfriends and they mock us! specially me! they say i look like chinees or i'm a kid cus i like kawaii clothes , i'm crazy cuz i like gay looking boys and so many ridiculous thing that i don't ever answer them back cuz i know they are jus racist and don't know anything about korea ! at the beginning of the video I wanted to tell u to just ignore them like me but i in the end i feel like i want to take a pen and write everything you said and tell to everyone who mocked me again ! but after all i want to tell you something no matter how much you do surgery or dress better its all for yourself and it's so good to look more beautiful every day cuz at the end you're the only one who is really enjoying it and makes you feel better , and your boobs look so good and i love it and it makes me feel jealous 😂🔫❤️

Автор Lavanika Phillips ( назад)
I usually don't leave comments but I love this video. I love Asian culture and my clothes and makeup is all Asian inspired. Today at work I wore my afro, straight eyebrows, and Asian inspired eye makeup. You would not catch me dead looking like I just rolled out of bed outside. My parents would not allow that. We always had to look good. I hate it that in the African American community we have to stay in our "culture" what is our culture anyway? How am I supposed to dress? From what I see that is not my style and there is nothing wrong with that. So keep making videos and don't let these haters get to you. You earned yourself a new subscriber! ❤

Автор Alba Jiménez ( назад)
Im so by your side. Actually an incredible amount of people tell me the same about my skin tone. I live in an island where almost everyone is dark skinned and that's the type of color associated with beauty here. Every god damn summer when I get to my bikini (and every other day, really) I get those comments 'oh you look sick' 'wow, you are lighter than the sun shine, my eyes hurt' 'you should get a tan, go outside more' and it makes me so sad. My family is way darker than me and I don't look like them at all, people around me that are pale burn their asses every year for summer to look 'cool' or whatever. I just feel like it's so wrong, I want to embrace my skin color like anyone else should. There's a extremely high rate of skin cancer in my country and I truly believe it's because of that, none of my friends use sunscreen or sunblock eveeer. I never talked about it because I know it sounds childish. There's people with bigger issues. I know in other counties poc even try to bleach their selves to look whiter. But still i think people should just stfu about others looks. Specially skin color, like, what r we supposed to do??? Bruh. K, shit, that was long

Автор Asrar Queen ( назад)
It's your live you choose what do in it ', I respect you for your honesty

Автор mokonafun ( назад)
I have to say this, you're my model. I really respect the way you built your own life in Korea!
As I watch your videos I think :" whoaa.. I hope one day i'll get to live in korea and speak korean fluent like her"
You make me realize, you can't really give up your dreams, and I really appreciate you for that. :) have a nice day

Автор Sonia Garcia ( назад)
who cares, as long as you are happy. I adapt things from other cultures. don't listen to those ignorant people. I'm a light skin Latina and I get backlash from certain people. I find those individuals have issues and usually are just jealous.

Автор princessadelaide ( назад)
Hi Megan! I've been a fan of your videos and of you for years and years! Your personality has not changed at all and you definitely have a strong sense of self--why you've come as far as you have on YouTube! Keep doing what you do! I love you! <3

Автор Анастасия Привидение ( назад)
Videos like this just make me realise what a great person Megan is. She took these somewhat obnoxious comments very well and I respect her so much for making such a great life for herself. Something I would love to do but lack the confidence and skill to do so. And with all these people saying they don't like something about her yet she's carrying on because it's her life! So much respect Megan, you look great, you seem lovely and I wish you only the best 💕

Автор Naem Surame ( назад)
Can't believe there are a lot of people like that, writing such ridiculous comments

Автор Naem Surame ( назад)
Can't believe there are a lot of people like that, writing such ridiculous comments

Автор Overy Good ( назад)
What confuses me is that people who come to the US assimilate ALL THE TIME and its not viewed as a problem. I've seen it since I was a child. No matter what age a person is when they come to this country, as time goes on they change. It's seen as normal and nature here in the states so why can't it be for her? People lose their accents, change they way they dress, eat, talk, and even interests for one reason or another ( may it be to fit in and not stand out, to feel more like a citizen, etc).

And to be frank, if she did decided to "abandon her blackness for one reason or another" MI NUH BIZNESS (I mind my business)! and so should you.

Автор Samantha Mari ( назад)
You are amazing! Slay

Автор Vanessa Bouyea ( назад)
I completely agree. It's so superficial and TBH, RACIST that people say you dont or cant identify with or be a certain culture because of how you look and the color of your skin. So if that were true, then people who immigrate to US and file for citizenship "aren't american." That's not true and it doesn't only apply to US. If you move and live in a culture, you are apart of that culture. You live and breathe that culture. You become American, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Filipino, Canadian, Indian, Fijian, etc. I wish people would learn the difference between race, culture, and ethnicity, because they are not the same thing.

Автор Paula kreinberg ( назад)
rock it guuurrrlll you are great!!

Автор Anthony Kim ( назад)
do u boo!

Автор Jessica H ( назад)
I hate being told to get some sun or tan constantly. I hate it too! I am naturally fair and I felt shamed for my natural skin colour because of how popular tanning is in my area. It's bullshit.

Автор Jaz J ( назад)
you are beautiful and your change is like you said natural and of your own choice. You are still being true to yourself and as long as you are happy then people following you should be happy to. Peoples motives should be to leave you tasteless comments unless there are reasons for it, valid ones. All your videos have NEVER been offensive, racist or disrespectful, and have ALWAYS been out of the best interest of your viewers, giving us advice. Sorry for those people who were not taught that if you have nothing to say, don't say nothing at all. Enjoy your whole Korean experience be I pray you are PROUD of WHO YOU ARE. God bless you and stay healthy, happy and safe. Shake all that negativity off your shoulders, this video properly addressed all those negative vibes

Автор Maryan Verissimo ( назад)
I've been subscribed to your channel for a while and I have loved watching the evolution of your videos! Every update is fun, interesting, and (obviously) about your life in Korea, haha. Please keep posting in accordance to your style and personality! :)

Автор Roselia Lojkar ( назад)
I love your intro so effing much😭😂😂😂😂

Автор galaxy 101 ( назад)
you go girl

Автор Rebecca Li ( назад)
Question: if you did identify as Asian, what's wrong with that? Sorry if people are allowed to change their gender, why then could people not change their race identification?

Автор Rebecca Li ( назад)
Ignore the haters

Автор eissen velazquez ( назад)

Автор Mallory Huntsman ( назад)
girl go go go!!! Don't listen to the haters Megan. in the very beginning of this video my two first thoughts were #1 why do people even care? let you be you, and you don't owe anyone an explanation. #2 you are LIVING IN KOREA! anyone else out here moves to a different country and submerged themselves with the poepl of that country like Megan has I guarantee the culture/style will have an effect on you if you are submerged in it. Megan you are beautiful and screw the haters.

Автор TheLettuce Room ( назад)
Would you every do videos of you teaching Korean? I really really really want to learn cause I'm playing on moving but I don't really know where to start and I feel not a lot of sources are reliable...

Автор Lilu Kitten ( назад)
❤ You do you boo. I love your style and your channel.

Автор paula gh ( назад)
i'm latina so if I speak english and i'm trying to learn korean and also my style is a combination of both cultures that's mean i'm not latina anymore? guys wtf you all need to chill your ethnic DOES NOT CHANGE ANYTHING OF YOUR OWN PERSONALITY and what's bad about look like korean? or american or whatever you want to look

Автор neither ( назад)
You have a good point! Very good video!!!

Автор Yim C ( назад)
The boobies are looking good :)

Автор jbtodaworld ( назад)
I love Megan. She is strong individual both inside and outside. Respect!

Автор zin mar ( назад)
You go, girl! I like your attitude. You are very beautiful as always.

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