No More Lies

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
    Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
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  • James Charles
    James Charles  Month ago +187410

    1) Yes, this response is "planned". I said in the first few minutes of the video that I had an outline of points I needed to hit and I practiced my speaking too. Not trying to hide anything, just had a lot of things to get into one video.
    2) I started taking screenshots of everything when I was in Australia, but I missed a few, and had take a few when I was back in LA. The time zones are 17 hours apart and I tried to make sure I noted every time there was a change but it looks like I missed a timestamp note in the convo with Sam. None of these screenshots are edited. Why would I risk editing a screenshot when the other party could come forward and prove me wrong? All screenshots are in chronological order.
    3) I blink a lot always. This video is no different.
    4) This video is not monetized, in fact, it actually got copyright claimed. Some people are seeing an ad for some reason, I'm sorry I'm really not sure why.
    I appreciate the comments but I don't need #TeamJames. I want to heal and move on from this situation, and I want everyone else involved to be able to do the same. The internet has seen enough negativity over the past few weeks, let's all be respectful please.

  • Fabri
    Fabri 16 hours ago +1

    can anyone talk about how GOOD his makeup is in this video!!!!

  • Isabella Hernandez
    Isabella Hernandez 17 hours ago +1

    LETS GET JAMES PAST 16 million ❤️✊🏼love u james

  • Arista Epperson
    Arista Epperson 17 hours ago

    Last week: Congratulations!! You lost 3 million subscribers, James Charles!
    This week: stfu last week, he back with 15 mill

  • Brooke Harrigan
    Brooke Harrigan 17 hours ago

    I love you sister James

  • Shae Fath
    Shae Fath 17 hours ago

    You said in your video “ I’m sorry for not being a very good role model” but I disagree you are human you make mistakes but you made me feel more confident and your videos helped me through some very hard times including a messy divorce and I can’t wait until you feel comfortable again as well to put out these incredible videos that I know have impacted some many sisters across the world. Just remember you still got sisters in your corner.

  • leedle lee
    leedle lee 17 hours ago

    Jesus is the only way.

  • mariahpapaya1
    mariahpapaya1 17 hours ago

    What lashes are these??

  • alyxoxoa
    alyxoxoa 17 hours ago

    We respect u sis hurry up and recover so we can see your videos :) xxxx

  • ClappedbyJack Thanos
    ClappedbyJack Thanos 17 hours ago +2

    Your crap ass

  • Katarina Karisik
    Katarina Karisik 17 hours ago

    Plot twist😛

  • Jim Him
    Jim Him 17 hours ago

    No matter the coverage of the foundation it ain’t go cover this up..........

  •  17 hours ago +1


  • I am troll #2
    I am troll #2 17 hours ago

    When r u gonna upload again? ;((

  • sofi londo
    sofi londo 17 hours ago

    james is what you feel that sense of helplessness that you have to realize that no matter your efforts you can not prove to the world that what you do is for love that all you want to leave in the world is love, trends and above all a good change in the way people interpret things. You have to know that your sisters will always support you, after all who would not give your support to a person so loving, kind, creative, and do not reach me one or a thousand messages to say all the things in which you excel.
    with love your sister

  • Alden Bencomo
    Alden Bencomo 17 hours ago


  • Tremaine Hargrove23
    Tremaine Hargrove23 18 hours ago +1

    No adds

  • sofi londo
    sofi londo 18 hours ago +2

    james i know is too late but i think you are a bery strong person and whoever who thinks your sexuality or your manner of make thinks isnt correct its wrong. You are a person both inside and outside, do not let what others say about you affects you. You know you did not do anything wrong so your conscience is completely clean.
    with love sister

  • Mallie ZX
    Mallie ZX 18 hours ago +1

    Once a sister always a sister I joined this army and now I am a part of this family I could never leave 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Drew fagan
    Drew fagan 18 hours ago +2

    Your so irrelevant

  • Savyii
    Savyii 18 hours ago

    I never really like or watched James videos but if I wouldn't destroy those expensive palettes. 💀

  • jeffrey palma
    jeffrey palma 18 hours ago

    I actually really feel bad for thinking quite shitty about james charles.. I actually feel like there is a lot of untold truths, i feel me & a lot of others kind of just got sucked into tati's side & others involved

  • TheRealJumpHit
    TheRealJumpHit 18 hours ago

    The drama vids are too long so I just skipped most of them lol

    • MyCats&Me Paige
      MyCats&Me Paige 17 hours ago

      I just watch the tea channels on them to sum up the main situation

  • laurora
    laurora 18 hours ago +1

    Thomas had never seen such a mess.

  • Vanessa Chacon
    Vanessa Chacon 18 hours ago

    I am still subscribed to you i will always support you no matter what 😀

  • park asmr
    park asmr 18 hours ago

    My cousin left the beauty community for 1 year and she was like "wtf happened" I couldn't stop laughing 🤣

  • FaZe Tfarts is chase e
    FaZe Tfarts is chase e 18 hours ago +1

    He wants us to watch a 45+ video 🤨and I’m a hader

  • Ephanyasis Owleyes
    Ephanyasis Owleyes 18 hours ago

    Jeffree just lost one of his children he isn't in a dark place wtf

  • Sassy Seb
    Sassy Seb 18 hours ago +1

    shook sister.

  • tae mi
    tae mi 18 hours ago +1

    THIS is why I support and follow James Charles, he pushes through hard times, he tries his best to become better and learn, he can back things up, he knows how to find closure, and soooooooooo many other things that really shined through in this video, i believed in him through all this and i'm glad I did, he's a great person, he still has his flaws, but at least he knows them and is trying to better himself.
    *stay strong, fighting* 👊👊👊

  • Daniel Duck
    Daniel Duck 18 hours ago

    J- just so beautiful
    A- amazing person
    M- magnificent
    E- everlasting perfect ness
    S- SISTER ❤️❤️

  • Iris Douvara
    Iris Douvara 18 hours ago +1

    can we get James and Piewds in the same room?
    Piewds got the sister's back so cute :((

  • Kayla Aliya
    Kayla Aliya 19 hours ago +2

    anyone know when part three comes out? i have my teacup ready to be spilt ☕️

  • Cooper Dove
    Cooper Dove 19 hours ago

    I love James Charles with a passion

  • Tuishai
    Tuishai 19 hours ago

    James, you go sis. 😂💗

  • Vanessa Cisneros
    Vanessa Cisneros 19 hours ago +1

    James I believe that it's ok👌 to make mistakes everyone has made mistakes

  • Yu mum
    Yu mum 19 hours ago

    The first one is so bad that they don’t get the money and the app crashes and I have been trying it and I can’t find the other option to use

  • Yu mum
    Yu mum 19 hours ago


  • Kyanna Rice
    Kyanna Rice 19 hours ago +2

    Who else is just waiting for normal videos again?

  • Disabled God
    Disabled God 19 hours ago +1

    Imagine if people cared this much about global warming.

  • Tony Mahmood
    Tony Mahmood 19 hours ago

    Legend says if u say I am three times u won't ever meet James Charles

  • Babygurl Kira
    Babygurl Kira 19 hours ago

    Let's agree the beauty community sucks and us very toxic.

  • Hardo Hülp
    Hardo Hülp 19 hours ago +1

    pederast oled

  • Myhala Cook
    Myhala Cook 19 hours ago

    Love you james ,hope you get the time to heel and you made me happy through dark times, so I hope you become happy during this dark time . I'm sorry for what you have to go through .❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Mathew Flick
    Mathew Flick 19 hours ago

    Charles I'm actually starting to like your at channel a little bit but not as much as my sister

  • Heather Pell
    Heather Pell 19 hours ago

    can u pls post

  • Jewels Jay
    Jewels Jay 19 hours ago

    OMFG TEAM JAMES!!!! Also sorry this is really late😭😂😂😂

  • girl -girl
    girl -girl 20 hours ago

    -And i oop...

  • jeunesse mclero
    jeunesse mclero 20 hours ago +1

    According to Psychology, when someone speaks fast, they are hiding something. Or maybe its just James.

  • Lisa or Lena
    Lisa or Lena 20 hours ago +2

    When r u gonna upload again I miss watching ur videos😭

    • Fabri
      Fabri 17 hours ago

      he's uploading a new video tomorrow making a rainbow kinda look, you're welcome ;)

  • Kathryn 68
    Kathryn 68 20 hours ago

    Ooo go get em sister

  • evelyn murrell
    evelyn murrell 20 hours ago +1

    people are terrible and not any type of foundation can cover that up

  • evelyn murrell
    evelyn murrell 20 hours ago +3

    Okay i personally think Titi did not have the right to make everyone hate you leaving out details doesn't help other people do the same thing and you get hate for it

  • Thomas Tana
    Thomas Tana 20 hours ago

    I love this kind of video

  • Babycupquake33
    Babycupquake33 20 hours ago

    So he ended his career?

  • XiamaraXiamara
    XiamaraXiamara 20 hours ago

    Yes sister

  • hatter elizabeth
    hatter elizabeth 20 hours ago

    hahahaha, "these wings are so so so famous!!" lol, you're so cute, james 🖤

  • Ana I
    Ana I 20 hours ago

    Please don’t stop we want more videos

  • Ali Brown
    Ali Brown 20 hours ago

    I love you James 😘❤️💕

  • Clementine A real one
    Clementine A real one 20 hours ago +1

    Imagine forcing a poor boy to lie to a camera so you don't feel as bad. Nasty

  • Jackson Pope
    Jackson Pope 21 hour ago +2

    This dude is so ignorant, arrogant and privileged.

  • maggie walls
    maggie walls 21 hour ago

    Hi James, my name is Maggie... I just want to let you know that I'm here for you.. I love you and your vids bc u inspire me... Keep up the good work sister and dont let anybody get in your head.. Love you sister💟💟💟

  • JustBecause
    JustBecause 21 hour ago

    You have literal autisim

  • LuXe FTW
    LuXe FTW 21 hour ago +1

    imagine seeing this monster in public

  • Cadence Leon
    Cadence Leon 21 hour ago

    James Charles I don want to be mean but I like your makeup tho James Charles is a artist

  • Bubble Tea Gacha
    Bubble Tea Gacha 21 hour ago +2

    Hey James, I hope you read this. This video was uploaded a month ago, Feeling better

  • E day Videos
    E day Videos 21 hour ago +1

    James don’t let her get u down stay strong sister

  • Connie
    Connie 21 hour ago

    Megalh poutana o James!!!!

  • kitty33714
    kitty33714 21 hour ago +2

    Hope you come back soon!!!

  • Allie Meadows
    Allie Meadows 21 hour ago +3

    Im soooo ready for a new video sister james where are you 😭😭😭

  • deadlolita
    deadlolita 21 hour ago +2

    queer cockroach

  • Christian Avery
    Christian Avery 21 hour ago +2

    Please do not return to RUclip

  • S H I N O V V X
    S H I N O V V X 21 hour ago +2


  • Лена Тихонова

    James , don't worry. All fans support you, just do not give in to negative provocations. You're the best, remember that )

  • Ingrid Bianka Winter
    Ingrid Bianka Winter 21 hour ago

    I am so sorry... I hope you can heal from this as soon and fast as possible.. please don´t go back to these so called "friends" take care of you and get yourself some people who are able to read you

  • jawad al dakhiel
    jawad al dakhiel 21 hour ago

    I hate u

  • Johntaylor Curran
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  • 1 iiK0k2ii
    1 iiK0k2ii 22 hours ago +4

    Can I have like

  • DeAnna Curtis
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  • Nikki Seifert
    Nikki Seifert 22 hours ago +2

    I love you sister

  • Coka Beauty
    Coka Beauty 22 hours ago +2

    I will put make up videos let’s make empire strawberries 🍓 help me out guys subscribe

  • Coka Beauty
    Coka Beauty 22 hours ago +1

    Hey guys subscribe I have an amazing videos let’s go strawberries 🍓

  • Xdjhfci
    Xdjhfci 22 hours ago

    You did not just right support contact numbers down in the description box.... I can not right now

  • Animal Life
    Animal Life 22 hours ago


  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 22 hours ago

    I’m so proud of him seriously

  • Candy Corn18
    Candy Corn18 22 hours ago

    Wow it has been only a 4 week break but it feels like 4 years since he posted 😢 hope you post soon

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 22 hours ago


  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 22 hours ago

    News channels know they care more about money and being a bish than how you feel

  • XxAlexander xX
    XxAlexander xX 22 hours ago

    R.I.P your channel ):

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 22 hours ago

    Can’t believe what he said to Ian who had nothing to do with it

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 22 hours ago

    You don’t need them james I’m proud of you that’s a good choice

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 22 hours ago

    Jeffery was trying to take ur fame and use it against you I believe

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 22 hours ago

    Jeffery star attacking james brother he’s crazy af what an ass I feel bad for Ian why would you ever do that 😔

  • Shawn
    Shawn 22 hours ago

    Public social media is garbage. Facebook for example was only good when it was exclusive to college kids.

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 23 hours ago

    I support James and honestly believe his part about this

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 23 hours ago

    So you use omg I’m so famous as something meaning soo good the people that aren’t famous aren’t good or what.... you don’t realize how good you guys have it....

  • marg r.
    marg r. 23 hours ago


  • marg r.
    marg r. 23 hours ago

    I’m just waiting for the day u jump off a bridge for attention bih. Then we going to keep it 💯 and support u. 🤠

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 23 hours ago

    OMG soooo you can’t risk being normal and dealing with fans you had to call for help....

  • Mustafa Tass
    Mustafa Tass 23 hours ago

    How much time does it take to fase away the make up