Godzilla: King of the Monsters Explained!

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • There are a heck ton of monsters (or kaiju as the cool kids call them) in Godzilla: King of Monsters. So if you're going into this movie totally blind, you might need some help. We got you though, we'll explain all the little intricacies Godzilla: King of the Monsters has to offer. How is this movie different than the other ones? Who are King Ghidora, Mothra, and the others? What's the movie's main message? What was your favorite part of Godzilla: King of the Monsters?
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  • Mosaddak Thowsif
    Mosaddak Thowsif 11 hours ago

    This movie was beyond bad

  • Krysnha
    Krysnha 7 days ago

    Love the idea of monster figthing.
    And to be honest i would love more like them but i dont know, some of the topics i dont know, is like the creators, in the first godzillas have an idea of the topics, but in today, they should have done more research.
    I have to see the movie, because probably i am wrong, so it is higly proable i am wrong.
    So honest opinion ahead, i will watch the movie, but just for te monster not political things if i manage to watch it
    Personaly i hate these ecological movies, why because, more and more i beleive that the earth has these changes naturaly.
    Also i hate ecologiest aht in the paris acord their solution is lets spend oney, billions upon bllions, asking another country to stop using coal.
    Also you want to save the planet, instead of spending billions in social and wealthfare programs, instead of wasting billions dismantling industry.
    Lets create solar farms in deserts, or create coastal wind turbines, also by destroying the industry you create pobrety, poor people dont care the evniroment, you want to end pobrety, stop subsidicing bad decicion.
    The only part i agree in the politicla especter, is the faith one, why not doing that, or increasing that, do a mothra movie about that, godzilla as punish or te hubris of humanity and mothra the savior, an alegory to a movie that i think is needed.
    Also i love that woman, beleive that causing hatred, death and destruccion, is te solution, d you known what it reminds me, it reminds me to these, one death is a tragedy, in her mind, killing hundreds of millions is a ok, the same happen to me earth girl Juna, killingmillions is ok, the death of her best frinds father is ok, to restore eath, but you can do these wiouth the sacrifice, blaming the industry and capitalism, even when they also create hatred and destruccion.
    Personaly, i find sad, because all the messages in the other godzilla movies, i never see them, but the messages in the old movies were intresting an amaizing, and i even would aprove, but when you start wth, hey humans are bad and cruel, in order to save humanity lets kill humanity, because it is necesary,.
    I would say ok, lets start with your famili, your love ones, you jumo, and they will sudenly put an excuse.
    Also any one that beleives that you can not have a dumb funny movie of monster figthing wiouth a message that wouldnt be good is not true, Pacific Rim i know have a message but the movie was more an omage to anime mech, and i love it, why it is so wrong to have a movie wiouth a political crap.
    Sorry Godzila but these movie message i am tired of hearing that the earth needs help and that, but we are going to save the earth, by making uhmans hate everithing and die, needesly

  • jhuber350
    jhuber350 14 days ago

    The movie was awesome!

  • Eric Diaz
    Eric Diaz 17 days ago

    Was it me or did anybody get super excited like a schoolgirl when Godzilla turned into burning Godzilla.

  • Thomas H Cullen
    Thomas H Cullen 18 days ago

    Throughout Godzilla King of the Monsters, Madison accesses areas better than other people because of her visual beauty; at the very end of the movie, when the monsters are bowing and showing respect to Godzilla, they are doing so because Madison's visual beauty is looking at them while they are doing it

  • SCP-035 PK
    SCP-035 PK 18 days ago

    This video slaps most of negative critics

  • Swoop Studios
    Swoop Studios 25 days ago

    I bet a lot of people dont even care about the message of the movie

  • Mr. Asshole
    Mr. Asshole 26 days ago

    I predicted in Godzilla vs Kong that Godzilla is gonna be the villain and Kong is the hero. Godzilla killed Ghidrah, which all the monsters now bowed to him like he's the new King. Godzilla is gonna become ruthless and mad who will kill anyone who is a threat, just like every King. Kong will be a threat to Godzilla. Oh, the word "King" was not used on the film titles, Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla vs Kong. So Kong is not a King yet? I predicted Kong is gonna beat Godzilla in the next film, and Kong will be declared as the new King of the monsters. Yeah, his name will be King Kong. Fans speculated that Godzilla is gonna win because Kong won in the original film. It's pretty predictable.

  • wanassmoke
    wanassmoke 29 days ago

    Not the true explanation..yall dont see the religious undertones in the movie I see...huh....that's crazy

  • SquidBoi
    SquidBoi Month ago

    I saw this movie about 2 weeks ago. I thought the movie was pretty good because Godzilla is actually IN the fucking movie

  • Tom Mitchell
    Tom Mitchell Month ago

    Correction. Ghidorah didn't nearly defeat Godzilla until the very last battle. Their first fight, King G. ran away. The second Godzilla had the upper hand by dragging King G. into the ocean. If it were not for the Oxygen Destroyer (which was also in the first black and white Godzilla movie) Godzilla would have won. The only way King G. could defeat Godzilla was to take him into the air and drop him from a very high distance. So to recap, Godzilla 2, King G. 0 and one abstention (King G. leaving the fight).

    INTING LUL Month ago

    Plot armour lol. How tf did he absorb her essence? I mean radiation is explained but wtf dose Mothras essence do?

  • MetalMikey
    MetalMikey Month ago

    This was by far the best Godzilla film I have ever seen, freaking Phenomenal! Can't wait to buy the Blue Ray and watch it over and over again

  • Alexsavache TV
    Alexsavache TV Month ago +1

    Been waiting to see the movie so that I can watch this video😍😎

  • Skezeks Skybreaker
    Skezeks Skybreaker Month ago

    I disagree with the films contradiction it teaches us to be weary of false saviors and if people will uncloud their minds it is easy to see that their are plenty of false saviors championing climate change. Also those who try to fix it but don't truly understand it. To them their "virtue" is enough to fix the problem.
    Good example is someone like Leonardo DiCaprio, I love him as an actor. He is supposedly a big champion for climate change yet he owns a gas guzzling yacht, flies thousands of miles on a gas guzzling jet to accept a climate award. If he wanted to send a real message he would skype on a big screen and spend way less fossil fuel, but that is frowned upon. Because it is a "do what I say not what I do" with the elite. You are a horrible person for driving an SUV because you are a commoner. It doesn't matter if I consume more gas than a mid-western town I am a noble. This goes with all other aspects of what they do. You shouldn't have guns and you don't need to have armed security to protect our children. But we have private security to protect ourselves and our elite children because we are famous and important. All while they rant about income inequality it is sad joke.
    Yes often our saviors know little, hurt things more than they help, and are quick to act. This isn't just Hollywood, but governments are also ignorant in this fashion they will create laws that will look good on paper, but often don't take responsibility for unintended consequences. You can't side with the eco terrorist even if they know that Kaiju poop will make plants grow because they do bad things. We are not going to save the planet by doing bad things.

  • PinkGuy VEVO
    PinkGuy VEVO Month ago

    4:28 oh shut up thanos wasnt the first villain with that motive, they had the same plan in a GI-JOE movie, dont take marvel for being original

  • jon 79jw
    jon 79jw Month ago

    I haven't seen it yet.. I remember watching the old movies as a kid and I loved them. I hope I won't be disappointed.

  • Frankie Turzyn
    Frankie Turzyn Month ago

    No they always mess up the sequels lmao, But I do understand how they can fix it lmao

  • Daniel Cano
    Daniel Cano Month ago

    Great analysis. You made my Godzilla experience more enjoyable.

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster Month ago

    It's pronounced GEE-DORA btw

  • TI HAR kr
    TI HAR kr Month ago

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  • Lord Arkay
    Lord Arkay Month ago

    Was doing best to not scream in theater KICK HIS ASS GODZILLA then mother's came and I wanted to scream GET IT GIRRRLLLL

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 Month ago

    I freaking loved this movie, man. Critics suck!

  • juggernaut4812
    juggernaut4812 Month ago

    Must watch in IMAX!!!! 10/10

  • Ralph de Paz
    Ralph de Paz Month ago

    The reason why king ghidora has always a storm around him wherever he goes is because he is terraforming the earth. He is extraterrestrial so he needs to change the world to make it more suitable to him.

  • Yukari MAiG
    Yukari MAiG Month ago

    Really great analysis, I like it.

  • Awsemome Julian
    Awsemome Julian Month ago +1

    "thanos is a big influence" The point isnt they're copying thanos, its that film makers are conscious of the impending environmental threat to our planet and they're trying to bring these ideas to light. Also Ghidora in this movie is the methane stores under the icecaps of the south (and especially) north poles which has been established that if these stores get into the atmosphere it will be doomsday for climate change as if they get released climate change will be irreversible. Generally good vid tho

  • H. W
    H. W Month ago

    The director didn’t make the mistake with the climate terroists being the ones to release Ghidorah. They represent the zealous nature that even people with good intentions can have but may ultimately lead to destruction as well

  • Dave R .
    Dave R . Month ago


  • July 24 Pictures
    July 24 Pictures Month ago

    I personally liked this movie.

  • Ahsan Siddiqui
    Ahsan Siddiqui Month ago

    I saw the movie in theatre. i dont why know nobody talks about vera farmiga's weak ass performance and dialogue delivery, she was the only weak part of the film and i dont know at times it seemed she is directly and deliberately contradicting everyone's good performance by her bad performance. her part was that of a plot catalyst just like loki in avengers coming through the cosmic cube portal, the scene wouldve sucked if tom was a horrendous actor as vera farmiga.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Month ago

    They wrong about many things about Ghidorah

  • TalixZen
    TalixZen Month ago +4

    @6:50 that is a cross, not a crucifix! You can ONLY call it a crucifix if Jesus (or anyone for that matter) is nailed to it.
    With Jesus = crucifix.
    Without Jesus = cross
    You can't call a cross a crucifix when there is no body crucified on it!!!!!

  • Truly Vang
    Truly Vang Month ago

    Dr. Emma Russell is basically Thanos in this movie.

  • Jhm
    Jhm Month ago


    Technically they didn’t even know Ghidorah wasn’t from earth. Granted it doesn’t justify their actions but they didn’t know he was an evasive animal.

  • J_fatty27 Esparza
    J_fatty27 Esparza Month ago +1

    King: am the one and only king

    Godzilla: am about to end this mans whole career

  • Fellow 9 year old
    Fellow 9 year old Month ago

    I got the message from watching it as well not necessarily in that much detail but I understood it and I loved it

    IAN DUCAO Month ago


  • Sean Fastje
    Sean Fastje Month ago +1

    Honestly if you remember godzilla being an alagory for nuclear power, it's a message of nuclear power as the answer to global warming.
    The problem with most renewables energy sources is either reliability or storage. Neither of those problems apply to nuclear power.

  • Arachnid
    Arachnid Month ago

    I didn’t even realize Mothra died

  • EPSTomcat11
    EPSTomcat11 Month ago

    I cry in every Godzilla movie.

  • Spok
    Spok Month ago +1

    So it's King Ghidorah who is responsible for Global Climate Change! Suddenly the religion, the cult of Global Warming, makes a lot more sense! Theory: Godzilla 2019 is an old, fat Minilla/Minya after decades of too many donuts and cigarettes. Looks just like the Son of Godzilla 1967. He probably wants to get into cars with humans and ride around with them like he used to in Godzilla Final Wars. 😌

  • Frederick Burke
    Frederick Burke Month ago

    Dammit! Is there some way I can subscribe to only the videos narrated by Rebecca?

  • Bismarck TDK
    Bismarck TDK Month ago

    The critics should watch this video to understand the whole movie, for me they are blind,

  • Alfredo Arteaga
    Alfredo Arteaga Month ago +1

    Everyone on here just a bunch of band wagon's only original fans know about this in VHS!

  • Akito kun
    Akito kun Month ago

    I came here for a movie explanation not a lesson on geography and politics

  • ZenonBTW
    ZenonBTW Month ago

    Emma Is Thanos

  • Cucking FrazyGuy
    Cucking FrazyGuy Month ago +1

    Next movie- Gidorah resurrected
    Godzilla- Ahhhhhh shit....here we go again...

  • Black
    Black Month ago

    I cried more when mothta died than when her mother died

  • The Mako
    The Mako Month ago +1

    I cried when mothra and the main scientist(sorry don’t. Know how to spell his name

  • Jose Galeas
    Jose Galeas Month ago

    How did people like this movie this shit a huge mess 😂😂😂

  • fire dragon
    fire dragon Month ago +1


  • Trevor Krantz
    Trevor Krantz Month ago

    Mothra was the realest support. ❤️Loved her role and how they depict her too.

  • Michele Deetlefs
    Michele Deetlefs Month ago +23

    Let's face it. Rodan is the Starscream of the Kaiju kingdom.

  • Albert Teng
    Albert Teng Month ago

    Some one or some groups are behind these films message of limiting human population growth in order to save the planet. Godzilla KOTM, avengers end game and many others before it talks about humans as the pests, the parasites, the infection, the cancer that is killing this planet. And this is true. These films are aimed at conditioning the minds of the people that killing or limiting the population growth is the key to this planet's survival. Thus, theyre promoting concepts like the use of contraceptives, abortion, same sex marriage, and lately sex dolls. Films like this are subtle way to tell us not to bear more children. Im not pro or against human population growth, but im just saying what i am observing on what is happening in the world right now

    • Mattia Berti
      Mattia Berti Month ago

      You are looking too deep to be honest, these kind of movies are just reminding us of how our actions will have consequences.
      They don't tell us THE solution, at maximum they offer a solution.

  • Pham tien
    Pham tien Month ago

    Fu*k critics, Godzilla king of the monsters is a great movie
    Critics want some fucking hooman development in a Movie call Godzilla : "KING" of the "MONSTERS"
    It's like going to a Pepsi shop and asking for some Coca-Cola :v

  • BlazinNSoul
    BlazinNSoul Month ago

    Critics are just paid Goons by Disney & other such worthless jerks. Movie was great & frankly better than the 2014 remake. Which hardly deserved being called Godzilla. More like Cloverfield 2.0.
    While Yes, Godzilla may have deviated significantly from the original. Which was inspired by a real tragic fishing accident. It doesn't mean it has to follow along those lines.
    Castle Bravo was a massive underestimation of the powers of nuclear fallout. The cover-ups and complete blackout of information of the dangers of radiation was a crime against humanity.
    Maybe some documentary can pick up this side of Godzilla up at some point. Which might make for an interesting take. But as far as putting that into a movie that people actually want to see?
    If critics want more of the political side of Godzilla. Maybe they should watch Shin Godzilla which I also highly recommend. Otherwise critics shouldn't lose their day job and just enjoy the damn movie. :)

  • Susan Dolan
    Susan Dolan Month ago

    Also there's a very good reason why Ghidorah's the King of all Monsters..."It took the combined efforts of Godzilla and Rodan to drive KING Ghidorah from Earth." The villain from Monster Zero. Ghidorah can't be killed, not even Godzilla could, singularly or with help from Rodan and Mothra, kill him. As far as Toho, and his legions of faithful fans are concerned, there is only ONE Monster that ever carried the title of King, and that was Ghidorah. (Yes, I know he's KING KONG, but he's an American created Monster/even though he spawned the Kaiju craze in Japan and Toho once had the licensing to make King Kong movies/he doesn't count here.)

  • Paul Burger
    Paul Burger Month ago

    42 monsters including the mechas

  • Susan Dolan
    Susan Dolan Month ago

    It's King GEE-da-RAH. Apparently you've never seen his debut movie from the early '60's, Monster Zero in the '70's, or Godzilla vs Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack from 2001. While I admit that Toho pays little attention to continuity, if Ghidorah's name was mispronounced (ga-DOR-ah) they never reshot the scene to correct it. (Gamera...Gam-er-rah...was mispronounced by an American actor playing a news anchorman who called the Kaiju turtle Gam-mare-ra in Gamera: The Attack of The Legion. Once again, because of the fact that the scene wasn't reshot with the correct pronunciation, the goof up stayed in the movie. This is because, despite the fact that I love💟💞💗 Japanese Kaiju movies, they're cheesy, badly acted, and made as cheap as all hell.) BUT HIS NAME IS PRONOUNCED GEE-da-RAH. And if you're thinking I'm being a nit picking bee-auch just think about how you'd feel if some moron kept mispronouncing your name.

  • Paul Smego
    Paul Smego Month ago +1

    Still dumbasses don’t want to hear the message just wanna hate the story rather then understanding it and that it has a real lesson behind it

  • Jonathan Nguyen
    Jonathan Nguyen Month ago +1

    Great Movie in my honest option.

  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett Month ago

    long live the king

  • BigB Wulf91
    BigB Wulf91 Month ago

    When I finally saw that movie, I was 8 years old again

  • Gameralto Steryy
    Gameralto Steryy Month ago

    I’m been a huge Godzilla fan since I was 4 it was a great movie better than most movies I seen

  • jdslipknot
    jdslipknot Month ago

    Finally, a youtube videofor the critics.

  • JTLI90
    JTLI90 Month ago

    I don’t understand all the hate for the movie. Sure, it’s not perfect-no movie is.
    Regardless of clueless critics, the fans have spoken in regards to the watchability of the movie. I was able to enjoy the movie because I knew what to expect.
    Except for that last bit, I really liked this breakdown of the film, and I hope others understand its themes.

  • Will G. Forrest
    Will G. Forrest Month ago

    Shouldn’t you be on watchmojo uk

  • Jaden Plays
    Jaden Plays Month ago +1

    Everyone says King Kong is the best cuz he defeated a monster in a skull island
    Godzilla defeated a 4 headed dragon monster thing..... so who’s better? Remember a 4 headed dragon with electric and can wake up or make monsters rise! That skull island monster is just a normal monster

  • Kaizoushin
    Kaizoushin Month ago

    Story was utterly predictable and pretty shit. That said, I'd still watch it again for the kaiju goodness! #BigG

  • jeremy bennett
    jeremy bennett Month ago


  • Xavier
    Xavier Month ago

    I just didn’t like the taking the title way too literal “King of the monsters” when all the other monsters started bowing.

  • Sean Navarro
    Sean Navarro Month ago +1

    Godzilla so dummy thicc. If he don't settle down, I'm about to crush.

  • Dustin Farley
    Dustin Farley Month ago

    Godzilla vs King Kong is really gonna be Godzilla/Kong vs Mech Ghodorrah/Destroya

  • Bodhi
    Bodhi Month ago

    Not sure what I was watching a Jesus movie or monster movie???
    So much blatent so called Christianity symbolism
    Well that's HollyCrap these days with their superhero and monster movies... seriously pathetic!!

    • Elniggre :p
      Elniggre :p Month ago

      Why u bringing religious matter into the movie? And if there is religious references, do u have a problem with Christianity? Watever religion or if u do follow any religion, i hope they could have thought u respect.

  • Ahmod Klass
    Ahmod Klass Month ago +6

    Movie was so good I had to see it twice.

    My top scenes:
    1.Godzilla stepping on KG’s body and melting him
    2. Mothra vs Rodan
    3. KG awakening all titans
    4.Rodan’s/ KG emergence

  • Dusten Murden
    Dusten Murden Month ago

    why the hell do they bring politics into every fucking thing.... So sick of it

    • Mattia Berti
      Mattia Berti Month ago

      Godzilla movies allways had a social/ecological/political message to be honest.
      Did you think they were just big monster fighting eachother?

  • Switch Board
    Switch Board Month ago

    At first, I thought this was slightly copying Infinity War. Until I remembered that they have had a set script before Infinity War.

  • Phil M
    Phil M Month ago

    I loved that lair Godzilla resides in.

  • 14kip
    14kip Month ago

    Didn’t see much Rodan or mothra in the movie but liked it ;)

  • SomeKindaSpy
    SomeKindaSpy Month ago

    Holy fuck a watchmojo video where they actually get it 100% correct to the message of Godzilla films. Critics are morons.

  • John Paul Jones
    John Paul Jones Month ago

    History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.

  • Atlantic Order Atlantis

    I have a theory On this movie

    How was Godzilla born? Well in this universe I think there was another Godzilla before the one we all know an this Godzilla is the oldest Godzilla in human history in I think the ancient Greeks think godzilla is poisodens son because the ancient city we see where godzilla is sleeping is Atlantis where this old godzilla was born an this where I think godzilla is trying to contact poisendon the sea God for power

    Sorry for my bad spelling

  • Sepentina Gaming
    Sepentina Gaming Month ago +16

    Scientists: category 5 is the max of hurricanes
    Ghidorah: creates category 6 hurricane
    Scientists: Am i a joke to you

    • Quinten Harada
      Quinten Harada Month ago

      Ghidorah looking at scientists with a smug look: "......YES, YOU ARE"

  • Chuck Kaslow
    Chuck Kaslow Month ago

    Rodan is the Littlefinger of the new Monsterverse. He'll bow to any power, he even gets all showy about his new "devotion".

  • nathaniel aguilar
    nathaniel aguilar Month ago

    The movie is the best I ever watch cause their are many scene that really make scene why they fight but there many critics who are Godzilla movie lover in old era Godzilla movie.

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez Month ago +1

    The monsters from all over the world paid their respects by bowing to their KING!

  • levintine777
    levintine777 Month ago +20

    "Long live the king"

    Oh wait, wrong movie…

  • Combat Rat
    Combat Rat Month ago

    I think the movie had a global warming fact to it but I disagree with the monsters coming together because of it The Kaiju bowed to Godzilla knowing he was king just my opinion and I think you are overthinking it.

    ADAM YOUNG Month ago

    Haha It was suppose to be THE Godzilla movie we had all been waiting for but....Michael Dougherty, as great a creature designer and animations were, his script writing and understanding of film pacing contrast made the whole thing just not feel important. By normal Godzilla film standards it scores well, problem is the future of this franchise was hanging on this film and by those extra high requirements it fails.

    • Mattia Berti
      Mattia Berti Month ago

      Nah... The true future of the franchise will be decided by "King VS Godzilla" and whatever Toho is planning after 2021.

  • Sachindra Kshetrimayum

    Really ? Emma should have died a really cruel death...i wish she died being tortured by those titans.....she let millions die all because her baby died...come on...give me a break...

  • Anastacio Gab
    Anastacio Gab Month ago

    I got a godzilla 2 ad before this

  • Asa Smith
    Asa Smith Month ago

    I would really like to see an Godzilla Beginnings Movie Based on the literature it sound pretty cool

  • berteye026
    berteye026 Month ago

    Mothra: Queen of Monsters
    *one of the smallest (probably weakest no offense) of the monsters*

    • BTK710
      BTK710 Month ago

      She deserves to call that long ago

    • Elniggre :p
      Elniggre :p Month ago

      Shes more of a buff support where she dies, she gives godzilla a boost.

  • HeavenOrHell74
    HeavenOrHell74 Month ago

    Who else was introduced to King Ghidorah from MF DOOM?!

  • Ail'enduril
    Ail'enduril Month ago

    man made climate change is not real

  • Caitlin Woods
    Caitlin Woods Month ago

    ireland watching this battle doing nothing, they don't have any titans or war in general lol

  • TimYoung 69
    TimYoung 69 Month ago +118

    Godzilla: *bites ghidoras head off*
    Ghidora: *grows it back*
    Hydra: am I a joke too you

    • Ebin Delgado
      Ebin Delgado 2 days ago

      Raden-Jachfikri S. Hail hydra

    • Archive -
      Archive - 20 days ago

      Ghidora:you should’ve ate the my body

    • Raden-Jachfikri S.
      Raden-Jachfikri S. Month ago +1

      "Cut off one head, two more shall take its place."

    • Invader Tool
      Invader Tool Month ago

      Ghidorah: “Sit down, worm! I’m the reason humans came up with you!”

  • orianpax47 Felkner
    orianpax47 Felkner Month ago

    So was the anciet city godzilla went Atlantis

  • Francois Veirut
    Francois Veirut Month ago

    You should name all the new monsters. 🐉 VS 🐵