Ordering Water Then Tipping $30,000

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
  • You won't believe how they reacted to the $30,000 we tipped!
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  7 months ago +82144

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    • Random person
      Random person Day ago


    • shyann perry
      shyann perry 2 days ago

      Hi Mr.Beast. any chance you could send me some money ? I don't have much of a story but I could really use it for bills etc. Worth the shot lol take care.

    • Expert Jutt
      Expert Jutt Month ago

      P1010770292 donate via payeer

    • Not Here
      Not Here Month ago

      Too bad I don't get tips where I work in a foundry. :(

  • Leticia ChaveZ
    Leticia ChaveZ Day ago

    God is Good! And what you're Doing Is Amazing , &' A Blessing!

  • Mornieluvya lastname


  • Quinoa Karma
    Quinoa Karma Day ago

    He helped a bunch of people but then also used the straws, how do you expect me to feel?!

  • Ninja Boy
    Ninja Boy Day ago

    Jakes voice lol this is jake hoihaaaa

  • GalaxyGirlYT
    GalaxyGirlYT Day ago


  • Roblox Memes
    Roblox Memes Day ago


  • pandalouie 210
    pandalouie 210 Day ago

    I love how the guy who got a penny looked piss

  • Micah Lift
    Micah Lift Day ago

    I felt kinda bad when he tipped a penny

  • TheKilz
    TheKilz Day ago

    That is little money

  • The outside Gamer

    Hey check my youtube the outdoor gamer

  • Braden Talks About Football

    The one cent reaction was hilarious 😂

  • Alex Navarrete
    Alex Navarrete Day ago

    Shop Mr.beast

  • [ DinoSore_REEE ]

    last person: *mr beast tips her $30,000
    first person: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  • Random Topics
    Random Topics Day ago

    Mr Beast: “Hey Jake this water is pretty good”
    Waitress: Comes out the bathroom with a glass of water and hands it to mr Beast

    Mr Beast: ...”Tips 1700$”

    Waitress: “Is this a joke?

  • will Swain
    will Swain Day ago


  • Ikke Ikke ikke
    Ikke Ikke ikke Day ago

    2 water please

  • Shagufta Pathan Pathan

    Same I feel bad ☹️ too🥺

  • Dizzle
    Dizzle Day ago

    There is a lot of paperwork to try and deposit $10k cash.

  • Santi Palomares
    Santi Palomares 2 days ago

    Wouldvw got in so much more views if u out ordering then tipping at hooters

  • Billaay Flaheeeveee
    Billaay Flaheeeveee 2 days ago

    Beast is gonna end homelessness lmaoo

  • Devyn Bell
    Devyn Bell 2 days ago

    7:35 when jake screams it’s so funny

  • Blediking
    Blediking 2 days ago

    Haha the last one killed me completely XD

  • rd yy
    rd yy 2 days ago +2

    U probably peed a lot that night.😆😆😁😁😁

  • Unnamed LeBlanc
    Unnamed LeBlanc 2 days ago +1

    If I had that kind of money, just imagine all the doctors I could see 😍😍

  • cLumsy Crush
    cLumsy Crush 2 days ago

    i Love you so much Mr.Beast specially all of your videos. ❤❤❤

  • Paris Hussain
    Paris Hussain 2 days ago

    25 million views

  • Gacha Demon
    Gacha Demon 2 days ago +2

    How many times did you have to pee?

  • PhindeyLoh_ PhinDeLaLah

    God bless you guys🤗

  • ronso cresswell
    ronso cresswell 2 days ago +1

    but ov course :D

  • A n Da BuIlDiNg 06
    A n Da BuIlDiNg 06 2 days ago +1

    I’m glad there is actually a really good channel that doesn’t keep all the money to its self you don’t really see that anymore

  • Bernard Valencia
    Bernard Valencia 2 days ago +1

    Next time, hope it would be fair HAHA

  • Hey it’s me!
    Hey it’s me! 2 days ago

    I would find the tipper to THANK tho.

  • ·Yuki Trancy·
    ·Yuki Trancy· 2 days ago

    where does he get all this money

  • KJMT
    KJMT 2 days ago

    Those people are so god damn lucky😲😮

  • Alex Hatcher
    Alex Hatcher 2 days ago +2

    Busted! 4:26

  • TheHumanMachine
    TheHumanMachine 2 days ago +1

    your almost almost almost nearly nearly nearly exactly 7 years older than me

  • armani vhj
    armani vhj 2 days ago +1

    Takes a dollar off

    Five seconds later

    Takes whole tree

  • oliman2016
    oliman2016 2 days ago +9

    This is how many cups of water mr beast and his crew drank

  • Gavin Young
    Gavin Young 2 days ago


  • charlie Goodspeed
    charlie Goodspeed 2 days ago +1

    Finally a star who isnt greed and gives to the less fortunate

  • charlie Goodspeed
    charlie Goodspeed 2 days ago

    U are the best finally some who is willing to help his fellow man u should be KNIGHTED u deserve it

    WONDER BOI 2 days ago

    Plz dont delete my fortnite account

  • Been Trilla
    Been Trilla 2 days ago

    Episode idea: Rob a major bank then giving all the money away in 24hrs.

  • Triiuxx
    Triiuxx 2 days ago

    you have to pee bro

  • xXfortenight godsXx
    xXfortenight godsXx 2 days ago

    7:39 When I get tipped 10% of the bill

  • cy ecstacy___
    cy ecstacy___ 2 days ago

    the dude actually carried the whole tree😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏

  • TFtusave
    TFtusave 2 days ago

    Shoot ..donate $45,000 to me so I can pay my student loans lol

    ALEX -UNIK-CA 2 days ago

    Dude...what? No way...you guys made those people their day.

  • Emoji
    Emoji 2 days ago

    Reenact brodyquest 😂😂

  • xxlavender potatoxx
    xxlavender potatoxx 2 days ago

    I think you tipped $2200 TO MY FRIEND'S DAD NO JOKE

  • url x
    url x 2 days ago

    O.1 waiter😭

  • JJ Production
    JJ Production 2 days ago

    I dont win

  • iTube Arktanae
    iTube Arktanae 2 days ago

    Yo that’s at southpoint!! Come to UNC!!

  • Destroyer 7509
    Destroyer 7509 2 days ago

    I think the guy who got 3grand should get the 10grand he was the most grateful

  • Lexi Ortiz
    Lexi Ortiz 2 days ago

    Just adopt me already

  • Expo Playz
    Expo Playz 3 days ago

    Beast ur a really good person god bless you

  • Frode Grunsvold
    Frode Grunsvold 3 days ago

    Another cool thing you can do with money !!

  • Rebeca Rowland
    Rebeca Rowland 3 days ago

    Jkjk I love your videos

  • Rebeca Rowland
    Rebeca Rowland 3 days ago

    Damn i had to subscribe

  • S Fam
    S Fam 3 days ago

    WOW!!!! I feel so bad for guy who only got $0.01 :(

  • Pika Pika
    Pika Pika 3 days ago

    Me: *Struggling and sacrificng my own life just to earn money
    Statue: *Receives money from MrBeast by just being a statue
    Me: Okay, I'll might consider applying for being a statue

  • naaish ahmed
    naaish ahmed 3 days ago

    Mr beast notice mee m 13

  • Tywicka Dabresil
    Tywicka Dabresil 3 days ago +1

    The people coming up to take the money he left for the workers who work there buts off is the reason why the world has come to what it is at this point in man kind

  • Mariana Sauce
    Mariana Sauce 3 days ago

    7:37 💀💀the screammmm

  • Mariana Sauce
    Mariana Sauce 3 days ago

    The moment you realize that mr.beast is at r mall😭😭

  • YourNewDeathReaper
    YourNewDeathReaper 3 days ago +1

    2:00 i just love that kind of a man

  • Mosa power2
    Mosa power2 3 days ago


  • brianna bolton
    brianna bolton 3 days ago +1

    As a server myself I’d probably have to sit down for a sec if someone left me a 10k tip for two waters

  • ɦɣɗɾʌɾʛɣɾυɱ


    MrBeast: Thats some good water

  • Brooklyn Smithers
    Brooklyn Smithers 3 days ago

    I don’t know why I’m crying. I got tipped $5 at work before and freaked out, i can’t even imagine how they felt! So kind

  • Kareem Weren
    Kareem Weren 3 days ago

    Lol you hit 20 mil before Logan paul

  • Joel Jackson
    Joel Jackson 3 days ago

    I feel bad for the $0.01 guy, people who work as waiters only get paid less than minimum wage because there bosses expect them to get tips so I feel bad for him

    BOY BORGES 15 3 days ago


  • — nina .
    — nina . 3 days ago

    your handwriting ...
    it’s okay though because he’s mr beast

  • Sakada Yin
    Sakada Yin 3 days ago

    i love bro

  • duhh.itz.fâith 1324

    3:35 is that place cracker barrel

  • Mr.chair
    Mr.chair 3 days ago

    Mrbeast song works perfectly

  • Weirdlikeakit Meow
    Weirdlikeakit Meow 3 days ago

    Did that other waitress just try to take the tip?or is the tip supposed to be for her?
    Nope. That other waitress really did try to take the money.

  • AtmosphereRobin
    AtmosphereRobin 3 days ago +1


  • Marcus Watson
    Marcus Watson 3 days ago

    I absolutely lost it when that guy picked up the tree

  • Jayda F
    Jayda F 3 days ago

    That guy that noticed the camera. 😂😂😂

  • Spooky Lah :P
    Spooky Lah :P 3 days ago

    Hey there Jake paulers and logangers

  • yandere chan
    yandere chan 3 days ago

    He’s so chill wen he says I think I lost the money

  • Lupita Flores
    Lupita Flores 3 days ago

    I could use that for tuition 😭

  • aka jena can
    aka jena can 3 days ago

    the noise he made

    SANESS 3 days ago

    i watched this...thanks to my recomendation

  • Andrea Robles :D
    Andrea Robles :D 3 days ago +1

    Oh I’ve seen this before...

    Gonna watch it again :))

  • Noah
    Noah 3 days ago

    7:30 OMG I DIED

  • devon peterson
    devon peterson 3 days ago


  • Richardson Hou
    Richardson Hou 3 days ago

    Me. Beast, I got super respect for u!! U are so damn humble.

  • the king kong
    the king kong 3 days ago

    I wish i can download this!

    SAVAGE TWINS 3 days ago

    Where do u get the money???😂😂

  • Ivett Park
    Ivett Park 3 days ago

    This channel is hilarious ( plz be friends with the odd1sout)

  • Angie The Gachatuber 2

    That screech tho i couldn't handle it 🤣

  • Buddha Tamang
    Buddha Tamang 3 days ago

    Please come in to my hotel..

  • Cinder
    Cinder 3 days ago

    Mr beast is so wholesome

  • Adam Bober
    Adam Bober 3 days ago

    your singer is trashhhhhhhh your content is bad un;ess you donate money 2 me because i literally have non :[

  • Adam Bober
    Adam Bober 3 days ago

    i get the £1.00 every year that is so much money

  • Dapple
    Dapple 3 days ago

    I wonder how much money he gets.. It's unbelievable how much he gives away. Where does he get dis money