Parkland Shooting Survivors Race To Finish Yearbook

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
  • They had a plan for the yearbook. Then 17 people were shot and killed on their campus. In just six weeks, the yearbook staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas redesigned their book to honor the Parkland shooting victims.
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  • Valerie Roa
    Valerie Roa 26 days ago

    i cant believe how close my school was from here, only like 20 minutes away same county... so sad

  • TheMoncada1D
    TheMoncada1D Month ago

    We lost a girl my senior year of high school and we were scrambling adding pages to commemorate her, now having such a tremendous tragedy and lost in so many people must be much harder so it’s seriously amazing how well these students have risen and driven themselves to make their impact

  • Arika Nicole
    Arika Nicole Month ago

    I lost my yearbook teacher half way through the year and if we thought finishing the book then I was hard I can’t imagine what it was like in that yearbook room. The yearbook and journalist kids at that school are amazing and stronger than any one I know.

  • Juliette Robadey
    Juliette Robadey Month ago

    it must be so scary to go back to school everyday😭😭

  • Jazmin
    Jazmin Month ago +1

    Having to say they’re the first school to do this after a shooting says something about our society

  • Emsy
    Emsy Month ago

    I just realised the yearbook came out on my bday... just thought. That was cool

  • 큐핏Cupid
    큐핏Cupid Month ago

    Imagine have 70 more years to live but then you just hear shooting in your class while you are in the bathroom. You go to the halls and see a man covered in black with a gun. Several bodies all over the floor. One of them is your best friend! Blood scattered. Then you just hear a loud sound coming your way and everything just turns black.

  • Love Kermit
    Love Kermit Month ago


    • Star_ Seeker
      Star_ Seeker Month ago

      Rosyy Rosa yes I know 😂

    • Love Kermit
      Love Kermit Month ago

      Star_ Seeker oh 😂😂 I was arms like ‘guns’...

    • Star_ Seeker
      Star_ Seeker Month ago

      Rosyy Rosa because u said no arms , so I said are we aloud legs

    • Love Kermit
      Love Kermit Month ago


    • Star_ Seeker
      Star_ Seeker Month ago

      Rosyy Rosa what about legs?

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    “Their my kids,and I love them”

    Wow...what a great teacher.

    I feel so bad for each and every one of them who lost their friends,and the kids in their classes! Especially the one who lost her boyfriend. It’s really tough... be strong and keep going with what your doing! That’s what they would have wanted...

    Keeping you in my prayers.and sending love 💕

  • Christina Shrigley
    Christina Shrigley Month ago

    This gives so much hope,joy, love 💗

  • Amy Richardson
    Amy Richardson 2 months ago

    Anyone heard of nikki Cruz? Research him....... it's a coincidence his name is similar to the shooter

  • willie eyelash
    willie eyelash 2 months ago


  • Marissa Grace
    Marissa Grace 2 months ago

    I’m proud to know these kids

  • XxTitanium xX
    XxTitanium xX 2 months ago

    4:22 YASS QUEEN BILLIE! WAIT! Am I the Only one who noticed the girl was playing idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish!

  • Sarah Kreitz
    Sarah Kreitz 2 months ago

    This is beutiful 💜😭

  • jeff walker
    jeff walker 2 months ago

    My high school did a walkout for you guys and released 17 balloons for all the ones that died almost every kid was out doing the walk in I really wish u guys did not go through that

  • Heart Blue
    Heart Blue 2 months ago

    I cant deny im crying god bless the families who have lost their children❤️🙏

  • Life As Bethia
    Life As Bethia 2 months ago

    I hope they all rest in peace. I also hope their families get closure and peace at mind.

  • Ryann Brazil
    Ryann Brazil 2 months ago

    Rip 17+2

    • Life As Bethia
      Life As Bethia 2 months ago

      @Ryann Brazil oh okay thank you

    • Ryann Brazil
      Ryann Brazil 2 months ago

      Life As Bethia the 17 is for the victims who died in the shooting, the plus 2 is for the students who were in the shooting and killed themselves because of it (survivors guilt/PTSD). Many of the survivors have referenced those lost by saying 17+2.

    • Life As Bethia
      Life As Bethia 2 months ago +1

      I googled the school, is it for the recent suicide? If so can you explain it more

    • Life As Bethia
      Life As Bethia 2 months ago +1

      What is the plus 2 for if I may ask

  • RandomBlake
    RandomBlake 2 months ago

    I live right by the school and my cousin Sarah goes there and was at the school you can look her up Sarah chadwick it’s horrible what happened there I’m
    Happy she made it out alive

  • iihelenaxperezii
    iihelenaxperezii 2 months ago

    2:16 ❤️Aww! I never knew that a girl named Helena died in the shooting, all I knew was the shooter and that 17 people died in the shooting God bless all the Angels that died last year on The Day of Love ❤️!

  • TeA TaLk
    TeA TaLk 2 months ago +1

    This is so sad that this high school has to go through this bless all of ur souls

    • TeA TaLk
      TeA TaLk 2 months ago

      I hope they continue fighting and never stop there needs to be GUN CONTROL FOR PEOPLES SAFETY AND WELL BEING

  • Catie May
    Catie May 2 months ago

    4:25 Billie Eilish, she's got a good ear

  • Lucy Ray
    Lucy Ray 2 months ago

    my cousins best friend died, she probably would of gotten shot if she wasn’t in a junior class as a freshman. i think about it all the time

  • Someone You Don't Know
    Someone You Don't Know 2 months ago

    1:28 ha😂

  • Aubrey Tyree
    Aubrey Tyree 2 months ago

    We just love how Billie Eilish is playing

  • _
    _ 2 months ago

    I honestly wouldn’t be able to go back in that school

  • Smartastic One.
    Smartastic One. 2 months ago +1

    I hope things work out for you guys, R. I. P to the ppl who lost their life in the horrible shooting.

  • Mynameislisalonglegs Hehe

    guac looks like zane malik but rip ilygsm

  • Swirly Tutorials
    Swirly Tutorials 3 months ago

    This is beautiful but the fact that it is even needed is bull crap. Students shouldn’t have to be worried about another “event” happening. Hundreds of children have lost their lives just because some Middle Age redneck men don’t want gun control. I send my love to all of the families of the victims.

  • I like To Swim
    I like To Swim 3 months ago +1

    I’m our school yearbook we had an MSD section where it commemorated all the victims. We had this in our yearbook since our school is only 40 minutes away from Stoneman Douglas. “Too close to home”

  • Digger581
    Digger581 3 months ago

    lol I though it was an Onion video

  • Hello People
    Hello People 3 months ago +2

    I’m crying watching this 😥
    No one has the right to take another’s life
    It’s just not Ok

  • rosie
    rosie 3 months ago

    this is beautiful 💗

  • Gabi Fuller
    Gabi Fuller 3 months ago

    It’s hard to think while my class was having a Valentine’s Day party and having tons of fun, the shooting was going on

  • Kobe Donnellan
    Kobe Donnellan 3 months ago

    Thank god i live in Australia

  • Wednesday Addams
    Wednesday Addams 3 months ago

    Tbh I don't think some of these kids are survivors or victims. I think it's just an excuse to get attention.

  • Ainsley Barden
    Ainsley Barden 3 months ago

    Is anyone going to talk about th girl listening about Billie??? Akksksksksksksksks😍💗

  • Yo-yo Noor
    Yo-yo Noor 3 months ago

    I read the book

  • Jerlena Joza
    Jerlena Joza 4 months ago

    My school, just got a threat, and apparently, that person has a KILL LIST!

  • VictoriaRosë
    VictoriaRosë 4 months ago

    Poor Gina ;/

  • Ekaterina Mitchell
    Ekaterina Mitchell 4 months ago

    I am very sorry for the loses of your friends you’ll find them someday soon keep your lights strong you’ll see them again when the door opens.

  • Ocean Tide
    Ocean Tide 4 months ago

    I like how even though they had a school shooting they are still being strong.

  • Crunch 4 Life
    Crunch 4 Life 4 months ago

    Yes... no... mixed feelings

  • Molly Grenci
    Molly Grenci 4 months ago

    Sending all my prayers and love to their families

  • charlie Dilltardē
    charlie Dilltardē 4 months ago

    i hope they open a gift shop

  • charlie Dilltardē
    charlie Dilltardē 4 months ago


  • Royal Sunday
    Royal Sunday 4 months ago

    Honestly, I get the fact the Freshman Building got shutdown. But, turn it into a memorial. I know it’s hard but you know.

  • Bonnie Valverde
    Bonnie Valverde 4 months ago

    A beautiful tribute of love, courage & strength~ We will never forget those who lost their lives...gone too soon!

  • Poppy Gardner
    Poppy Gardner 4 months ago

    Marjory Stoneman Douglas High love to all the families and friends that are hurting this day.

  • Poppy Gardner
    Poppy Gardner 4 months ago

    As you think about this day today you need to remember the good times and good mementoes you had. The anniversary of the parkland Florida high school shooting all the families and friends you are in my prayers

  • Poppy Gardner
    Poppy Gardner 4 months ago

    My heart goes out to all these families and friends that lost loved ones on this horrifying day. Be strong, parkland school families be strong.

  • Mary Turner
    Mary Turner 4 months ago

    Its been a year since the shooting. I still remember sitting next to my great grandma looking at the tv during the shooting. 2 days later a teenager threatened my school and we went on lockdown. Im still surprised that congress and the president haven’t made anything to stop them

  • Derdy Trout
    Derdy Trout 4 months ago

    Respectfully, May I ask, was anything pertaining to the shooter printed in the yearbook? I saw a few of the #MSDstrong students at the Dead and Company show walking towards me, in the hallway. I wanted to salute you all, yet I became numb and could not speak, out of shock for what you all had been through. Besides gun control activisms, we truly need mental health activisms, as well. "Keep on Keeping on"!! Salute and tears.

  • Captain Howdy
    Captain Howdy 4 months ago

    I've seen a 18 wheeler crash & burn, does that make me a survivor?

  • waldos magic
    waldos magic 4 months ago


  • Nicholas Cruz
    Nicholas Cruz 4 months ago

    Am I going to be in the yearbook?

  • Bear Alejo
    Bear Alejo 4 months ago +1


  • GOLDFIRE 864
    GOLDFIRE 864 4 months ago

    every school that gets shot up just sound like a school that will have a shooting

  • Green Eyez
    Green Eyez 4 months ago +1

    Black girl wit dreads looks like Meagan good

  • Zara A
    Zara A 4 months ago +2

    I wish I could buy the yearbook

  • Tornadic Cicatrix
    Tornadic Cicatrix 4 months ago

    Respect: 2/14/2018

  • Rachel Pietsch
    Rachel Pietsch 4 months ago

    I saw it on the news last year and well that whole day I am just like that wont happen no school shooters have happened in my state I am fine then that day we had a drill about it but never talked about it and now as valentines day leads up I feel like it is going to happen all over again. I am new to middle school but everyday I have a weird feeling someone is watching me and many others. I am just very afraid bc Indiana little tip people are so stupid and blank minded. Well everyday I feel afraid to go to school bc memorys of this. I am just really sad for all of them peoples lives for who died I never had a drill for middle school tho so I don't know were to go like um. Even tho I know non of them I feel like I do and I knew them when I was in kindergarden

  • Isabella Dominguez
    Isabella Dominguez 4 months ago


  • yallitsfay
    yallitsfay 5 months ago

    “Is Obama president again?”

  • hannah nicole
    hannah nicole 5 months ago

    our school had to do this. our shooting was in january.

  • Katie R
    Katie R 5 months ago

    They didn’t even have to “redesign it”. They could’ve just added those pages. It’s not that hard to put pictures on a page. My school had their yearbook delayed after a bomb threat and we had to rush to finish the entire thing. Where’s our documentary?

  • Katie R
    Katie R 5 months ago

    Not sure how or why this deserved a video about their yearbook.

  • Laurel Gibbins
    Laurel Gibbins 5 months ago

    Honestly if there was a shooting at my school I wouldn’t want the yearbook to revolve around it. I would want to forget about it.

  • 10,000 subs with no videos

    Do they have classes on Feb 14??? Like shouldn’t it be a rememberce day or something?

  • Sayleda Sean
    Sayleda Sean 5 months ago

    She was listening to Billie Eilish Yass queen

  • Herman Farias
    Herman Farias 5 months ago

    i wonder if the shooter will come out on the school's year book .lol .. 😈

  • Neil Weber
    Neil Weber 5 months ago

    When this happens my grandma was in Florida and I went to a bunch of cermonies

  • Ultimate dab gaming And more

    I feel pretty safe. We don’t have metal detectors but we aren’t allowed to have guns

  • •Cloud• •Cookie•

    You guys team is the eagles... So is mine ._.

  • BoaSky
    BoaSky 5 months ago

    I’m so happy my generation is fighting back with asshole adults putting there conservative and Republicans views on there children and bullying teens anyone who Doesn’t think like them

  • UnnecessaryAri
    UnnecessaryAri 5 months ago

    All the 194 people who disliked this video can go suck a dick and fall in a fucking whole

  • julikeah
    julikeah 6 months ago


  • Always Kayla
    Always Kayla 6 months ago

    They have those types of computers at there school!!!!

  • Raine Cramer
    Raine Cramer 6 months ago

    My name is raine so I was really confused

  • Sch00l schooter
    Sch00l schooter 6 months ago

    Not 17 lives were lost, no many more including cruz. Power to yall ❤️💔

  • Ellsee Q
    Ellsee Q 6 months ago +1

    I would have so much anxiety if my high school ever had a school shooting. Scary, and I really look up to these girls.

  • Amyg665 Nurd
    Amyg665 Nurd 7 months ago +4

    Wish people was still supporting the MSD students what had happened and now most people don't remember what had happen, this all happen 3 miles away from my school. Im just glad that people are able to move on, and keep those who had lost their family and friends in the event. Stay strong.

  • Madison Donaldson
    Madison Donaldson 7 months ago +1

    The fact there are sick and twisted people out there who fantasise about these killers, call them ‘misunderstood’ make me sick

  • Lindsi Marie
    Lindsi Marie 7 months ago

    April 20th...

  • Piggy Videos
    Piggy Videos 8 months ago +73

    I think something here is illogical....... they banned kinder eggs,but not guns in the US. In Canada is the other way around.

    • furryhater01
      furryhater01 21 day ago

      Rimgaile Kasnauskaite I'm going to respect your opinion but I strongly disagree with you. Have a nice day ,mate.

    • Rimgaile Kasnauskaite
      Rimgaile Kasnauskaite 21 day ago

      @furryhater01 do you understand that EVERYONE has a right to feel safe and not worry that they might get killed at school? This is a dangerous right but i knew you would say that peoples lifes dont matter to people like you only crazy dangerous so called right. Every kids has a right to feel and know that they are safe at school. If you lose your own family memeber or your own child in a shooting maybe you will sing another tune. (i hope this wont happen because no one should go through it) but this so called right is more important than peoples lifes this is why i think US is crazy. I will not talk to you anymore. People like you make me sad some stupid 'right' some weapons are more important than peoples lives. We are talking about people BEING KILLED AT SCHOOL.

    • furryhater01
      furryhater01 21 day ago

      Rimgaile Kasnauskaite Do you not understand having guns is a right in the United States? I'm not saying anyone should just have a gun, I'm saying you can't just take someone's right away. Gun control is basically take the right away from normal citizens. There is no way in the world that Americans would agree that only officers, guards, and hunters have guns.

    • Rimgaile Kasnauskaite
      Rimgaile Kasnauskaite 22 days ago

      @furryhater01 yes it will. Austrialia had similar problem and they started gun control and poof problem was gone. Its sad for me that there are so many people like you who refuse to help or look for solution. Look at other countries do you think school shootings are normal? They are not many countries have gun control laws not gun bans those are different. For example in my country you can only have a gun if you are a police officer, body guard or hunter. Your system is not working its harming people there is a prove solution that would help that other countries do GUN CONTROL not a ban. But instead you guys say shit like this. To me it just proves that people like you would rather have their guns than help people be safe. Cause to gun nuts lifes dont matter only guns do and you can use those guns to kill kids good practise. You have a problem there is a proven solution. GUN CONTROL GUN CONTROL IT IS GUN CONTROL.

    • furryhater01
      furryhater01 22 days ago

      Rimgaile Kasnauskaite I'm trying to say banning guns won't stop anything, people will find another way to harm others. Therefore banning them doesn't make sense. Also I think we have something similar to Kinder Eggs in the US so you really don't have to compare them.

  • Django Sibley
    Django Sibley 8 months ago +15

    Aw, this was so sad and sweet at the same time :(
    (also Billie Eilish @ 4:22)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 9 months ago +2

    Who would dislike this?

  • SwagySuga
    SwagySuga 9 months ago

    4:22 - 4:28 Idontwanttobeyouanymore

  • Matt Scott
    Matt Scott 9 months ago

    You know what would really get this movement going, if people who cared about this movement merged and started a new movement to work with people who want to try to keep as many illegals out of the US as possible, together I think alot of things could get done, if you want gun regulation for public safety which i do thing is a good idea but you should also be trying to figure out a solution for the illegals

  • Robert Justin
    Robert Justin 10 months ago

    Frauds. If you think these events like Sandy Hook, parkland and Orlando are real you have absolutely no critical thinking skills.

  • ctwatcher
    ctwatcher 10 months ago

    I do hope these kids can now focus on all the terror going on here like in New Mexico, maybe do something about that.

  • FoxLove 2005
    FoxLove 2005 10 months ago

    I really want to see a copy.

  • Lucas Sonny
    Lucas Sonny 10 months ago

    Fuck that bro I’m wouldn’t go back to that school.

  • Peyton Tate
    Peyton Tate 11 months ago

    It doesn’t seem like that long ago since it happen

  • jason walters
    jason walters 11 months ago


  • LDS Nurse
    LDS Nurse 11 months ago

    If you were at the school and facing down an enraged gunman, then you can call yourself a survivor. Being in the same zip code in which something horrible went down doesn't cut it. Do I get a purple heart for being in the military at the same time we are fighting overseas even though I didn't see combat? Meanwhile, a bunch of kids-who have no idea what freedom is because their leftist teachers don't them-want to dictate to me what freedom is and tell me that I don't have the right to protect myself, my family and my community from enemies foreign and domestic, such as the monster that attacked their schoolmates.

  • Diana Korkunova
    Diana Korkunova 11 months ago +5

    Did they clean everything up because wouldn’t you be scared knowing your friends and/or students have died there and their blood

    • Maya Macc
      Maya Macc 8 months ago +5

      Kylie Korkunova majority of the students died in one building and I believe it was demolished

  • Poklamez YT
    Poklamez YT 11 months ago


  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 11 months ago +6

    I knew some and it’s so sad 😭 but you know what they are doing is amazing

    • jason walters
      jason walters 11 months ago

      Aryana Villa sure you did. You also blew your teacher.