Lindsey Stirling - Hold My Heart feat. ZZ Ward

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Длительность: 3:53
Комментарии: 5702

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Автор Wah! Productions ( назад)
I Luv the song sooooo much but my sis told me she hates it

ignore her she doesn't have a heart.. to hold on to😉

Автор Phillip and Jamie Bridges ( назад)
Is the bunny with blonde hair iJustine?

Автор Fastlife ( назад)
Your music is so inspiring! I hope someday to collaborate with you!

Автор Alissa Muller ( назад)
good workout song! 👌

Автор Kristina ( назад)
Alan in Wonderland

Автор Jaylin Moye ( назад)
I know

Автор mike ( назад)

Автор Kimberly Garvick ( назад)
This song is great and I'm totally digging it!!!

Автор Patrycja ( назад)
Love it. ❤ greetings from Poland

Автор Lianna Reyrao ( назад)
If I were ever to encounter Lidnsey in the woods, I'd chase her too, bunny costume or not XD

Автор Olivia Agnes A. ( назад)
When Lindsey has been doing blogilates at 2:09

Автор Aubry Simmons ( назад)
I wonder why he was waiting

Автор Shania Domay ( назад)
You must love playing the violin

Автор Angelina Trevino ( назад)
Love your music and am a biggest fan 😀✌

Автор Oliver Rukavina ( назад)
Reminds me of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

Автор Trish Beca ( назад)
ZZ ward looks like Jen XPenn

Автор Rabia Noman ( назад)

Автор Coco ( назад)
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the amazing costumes and makeup in this video

Автор leogl9607 ( назад)
Because Lindsey is love, Lindsey is life

Автор Justin Lowe ( назад)
we're all mad here.

Автор Izabella Cornelison ( назад)
this song gets stuck in my head........ in the best way possible

Автор Misaki Lagunas ( назад)
¡The best song!

Автор Gabriel Caraballo ( назад)
Yasss i love Alice on wonder land

Автор Jose Fernandes ( назад)
I love this video I like how has a little bit of Alice in Wonderland touch

Автор Angeline Carlos-Caceres ( назад)

Автор Abigail Maynite ( назад)
omaygod 🔥

Автор Zoe Robinson ( назад)
Is Lindsey playing the violin and the one singing?

Автор Leon Korvin ( назад)
"I just want a man to hold my heart."

Kano wins. FATALITY.

Автор Arely García ( назад)
Una de mis favoritas...💕💕💕

Автор BuRRak ( назад)
Uploaded on my b-day! What a coincidence!

Автор Other Listening ( назад)
C'est précisément parce que ce genre de clip existe que je déteste l'industrialisation de la musique. Par ailleurs, je trouve que ses cuisses ne sont pas encore assez écartées sur certains plans, ça manque cruellement de sensualité...

Автор Micheal Hagler ( назад)
I'm probably gonna get blasted for saying this, but ZZ Ward gives me a really strong Tom Petty vibe in this video. Love it.

Автор Mark Edman ( назад)
Even if the blonde hair blue eyes is wrong portrayal of current times, the fantasy and story is beautiful.

Автор Vitaminized ( назад)
Lindsay Stirling is a silver fox of enduring beauty.

Автор SSJKenpachiZaraki ( назад)
I love that the youtubers were bought into the other video and all, but this one is SOOOO much cooler xO

Автор Michael Chadwick ( назад)
Dand, I'm jealous! I wish I could have some of that red stuff to drink so Lindsey Stirling and her friends could dance around me!!

Автор Angeline Rose Hearystal ( назад)
The second version is soo much better, ZZ was rly cliché here whereas in hold my heart vid 2, Lindsey actually made a TRIBUTE to her FANS! Something that other artists don't usually do. Thanks Lindsey, hope you don't end up like them!

Автор Eduardo Moraes ( назад)
This guy is very robotic, I loved everything except him kkkk :)

Автор Norma Bernal ( назад)
De que pais es ella???

Автор midoribishi ( назад)
This just took Alice in Wonderland to a whole 'nother level! Love Lindsey Stirling, she is a musical deity! And ZZ Ward rocks it, she is so awesome. Her vocals are like musical ear candy, if that makes sense!

Автор ramadan youseef Hussain ( назад)

Автор sacha moyon ( назад)

Автор Lillyyxoxo MSP ( назад)
Is it me or does it look like jennxpenn sitting on the chair ?

Автор Disney Miner ( назад)
Who was the guy looks familiar?!

Автор Irving Arias ( назад)
yo quiero de la que fumo el

Автор Jorge Something ( назад)
Who else came here from iJustine

Автор Melesio Tavera ( назад)
I love the performance, the characters, but, love so much, the Lindsey Stirling Music and zz ward voice, woowwww amazing, hugs from Tampico, Mexico. I love this Alice and the red Queen wooowwww

Автор Michael Ibey ( назад)
Lindsey has excellent taste, I love ZZ, what a voice, she SMOKES.

Автор Smokeweed gamer ( назад)
Thanks for the music. You're really incredible 😁😘

Автор Bobbybg33k ( назад)
I am.....in love with this song now. So amazingly well done. Thank you for what you do!

Автор Brent Lewis ( назад)
So good!

Автор Lori annunziata Mountain ( назад)
I really like Shatter Me feat; Lizzy Hale

Автор wigenite ( назад)
This video introduced me to ZZ Ward, and now I've been listening to her stuff over and over ever since.

Автор Landon Davies ( назад)

Автор axel vourtsains ( назад)
i´m love iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Автор Jorge Flamini ( назад)
Cagamos la enana se siente un duende !!!!!!!!

Автор Reginaldo Gonzalez Calefi ( назад)

Автор Tomu Sentou ( назад)
I love the song but the video is icing on the cake. Love the alice in wonderland feel it has!

Автор gabreil villars ( назад)
Beautiful composition, very exciting and rewarding, I love this music, inspires me and makes me live more, that great, big hugs to lindsey ...

Автор Picao ( назад)
Ok, dont do drugs kids!

Автор Dalton Fitch ( назад)
zz looks kinda like jennxpen

Автор Lord Tucor ( назад)
Think i like this version much better than the new one.

Автор Jamie ( назад)
THIS is a perfect clip for the song.

Автор Haleigh Ruby ( назад)
I broke the replay button

Автор WitchBitch ( назад)
Lindsey Stirling + alice in wonderland= Happiest woman on earth😍

Автор M.L.P. ( назад)
Who else found and fell in love with ZZ from this?

Автор Jory Halpert ( назад)
hottest violin player!

Автор Lucie Teetz ( назад)

Автор dkmastere ( назад)
Is this Allan in wonderland? XD

Автор OP_PVP_MLG_ PRO ( назад)
The drop is a gg.

Автор Kev Khoi ( назад)
getting a strong Alex in wonderland vibe here

Автор NC SkyWatch ( назад)
Blue gogo girl shared

Автор NC SkyWatch ( назад)
Patricia Medic sharing

Автор jj adk ( назад)
alex in wonderland

Автор Kippenoma ( назад)
Why are the violin movements so fake? Couldn't they just try to sync it?

Автор Wëndy GamerXD ( назад)
I Love 🐰😍❤️

Автор Soccerjess21 ( назад)
I love this!!! It's so unique. I especially love that in every single song she writes the instruments don't just mesh together, and you can hear them individually. My favorite part is the violin because it has its own unique voice in the song. Overall great job!

Автор NSM Pk ( назад)
adel voice ??!!

Автор leonskennedyrocks ( назад)
zz ward is absolutely gorgeous.

Автор Kimberly Luu ( назад)
3:37 wow thats a big pocketwatch you got there

Автор LaurenLPS ( назад)
Did Lindsey Take Idea From Alice In Wonderland For This MV?

Автор David Ren ( назад)
*if only she could make an Alice of Human Sacrifice cover*

Автор Smanc2 AJ ( назад)
His eyes are so blue :o

Автор Nathan Martin ( назад)

Автор MiSS.HANAN ( назад)
This masterpiece supposed to have more views !

Автор Валдис Пельш ( назад)
Oh, I would follow that bunny( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Автор TheDragonarm1 ( назад)
lindsey, if you ever read this. I just want to say you are a shining star in a world of darkness. keep shining and showing others the way to bear their soul with such elegance and grace.

Автор Alexander Mendoza ( назад)

Автор Kolkutin Mikhail ( назад)
amazing and so cool!!!

Автор Reese Langhorne ( назад)
the ending is just like dont do drugs kid

Автор Isaac Bassey ( назад)
i love all of them, more grace

Автор Isaac Bassey ( назад)
i love all of them, more grace

Автор jack Hopkins ( назад)

Автор best diamond ( назад)
Why everyone like this?

Автор The1stDukeDroklar ( назад)

Автор Kairi Shaw ( назад)
I love this song i have played this song about 200 times and its a great song.

Автор Daniella Sullivan ( назад)
Hm, I love Lindsey's music, but I don't always love the singers she chooses for her songs :/ They're not bad by any means, but I think they don't necessarily fit with the style of music.

Автор Best Mirfanda ( назад)
Classic Disney movies are losing their innocence because of things like this. I love Lindsey's music but, the sexualized dancing and crazy outfits are ruining these great movies.

Автор Ixchel Quinn ( назад)
lindsey, you have an AMAZING voice

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