25 Years: A History of Atlantic Records

  • Published on Feb 14, 2014
  • This documentary charts the first 25 years of the Atlantic Records label, featuring artists such as Ruth Brown, La Vern Baker, Acker Bilk, Chuck Willis, Clyde McPhatter, Lieber & Stoller, Ben E King, The Coasters, The Drifters, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin, John Coltrane, the Young Rascals, Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes, Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Joe Tex, Roberta Flack, The Rolling Stones, Jackson Brown, The Eagles, The Byrds, Joni Mitchell, Derek & The Dominoes, Flip Wilson, George Carlin, Willie Nelson, Dr John, The Allman Brothers, J Geils Band, The Spinners and Bette Midler.

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  • Willie Brown
    Willie Brown 3 days ago

    Ray Charles if not for him no Aretha.

  • ABACAB72
    ABACAB72 5 days ago

    And then in 1974, they signed Genesis.

  • trufiend138
    trufiend138 24 days ago

    A significant chunk should of time should be spent of Ahmet/Atlantic exploited and mistreated the Black talent allowed them to become rich.

  • Ran Blake
    Ran Blake 28 days ago

    I ll never forget the mist exciting winter sojourn in my life when Nesuhi Ertegun let me help out at Atlantic Records For six weeks early 1959 as part of my field period at Bard College . I would het coffee for
    Ahmet ,Nesuhi ?Miriam .Herb and of course tom Dowd .joe Turner .Ray Charles and my favorite non black singer Chris Connor ,we’re recorded fir their label
    I believe I heard Aretha at tge Vanguard who would explode in 1967 after her stint with Columbia Records .i felt her albums fir Battle ,hope that js the ckrrdct nsne,were more genuine ..her .dad often appeAred on these
    I had hope to neet ray Charkes but alas he had moved Ofcourse
    ,the. m J Q were around .george RUSSELL had recently composed a puec pice for .teddy Charles album.art Blakey ,Monk
    Joe Turner was big
    There were so many memories .i was constantly around but as sort of a helper .
    I wish I could have been really more valuable to .Tom.i have so many other memories but I have taken enough space

    GARFIELD MALONEY 6 months ago

    Why are there hardly any videos anywhere of one of the most popular early 60s Atlantic groups, the Drifters?

  • AngelitoDRO
    AngelitoDRO 11 months ago

    Grande, Señor Ahmet Ertegun!!!

  • Acquanella Ogbemudia

    Awesome Video thanks very informative History

  • Mrpachuko13
    Mrpachuko13 Year ago

    The young rascals!!!!!!! On Atlantic records

  • Durden X
    Durden X Year ago

    13:25 - ELP! 💜

  • Bavon WW
    Bavon WW Year ago

    I never understood the fascination with 'Yes'. Or Genesis for that matter.

  • Julio DI CARLO
    Julio DI CARLO Year ago

    Me da un poquito de rechazo ver a los ejecutivos hablando de los artistas que les hicieron ganar dinero mientras ellos ponian los pies arriba del escritorio.

  • Monte Carlos
    Monte Carlos Year ago +2

    Why it seem like everybody was force to say good things about the company

  • Mrpachuko13
    Mrpachuko13 Year ago

    What about dusty Springfield? ???

  • Mrpachuko13
    Mrpachuko13 Year ago +2

    How could these idiots not talk about Solomon Burke. And one of their biggest hit the Falcons I found a love 1960 featuring Wilson Pickett

  • Jennifer Ann
    Jennifer Ann Year ago

    Elmore oh my gosh if it ain't u ... u got a twin!!! Would love to see u again

  • Free Dolphin
    Free Dolphin Year ago +3

    Queen Aretha,the greatest artist Atlantic Records ever signed!

  • Durden X
    Durden X Year ago +3

    14:24 R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

  • Martin Walters
    Martin Walters Year ago

    At 73, I've listened to Atlantic artists for decades. What I didn't realize till now, the SOUND of Atlantic recordings was always consistent. And the arrangements were top notch. Vs other studios, I can now identify almost any record made at Atlantic.

  • Gerry James Edwards

    Asylum signed Tom Waits, and has earned my undying love for doing so!

    JAKESTAR105 Year ago +1

    Damn Atlantic Records kicked some serious ass!

  • Garry G
    Garry G Year ago +5

    The house that Aretha built!

  • Saleem Muhammad
    Saleem Muhammad Year ago +8

    The sad part of this story is that a lot of t he Black entertainers never got their due and a lot died broke. I enjoyed the music but it pissed me off that our eternal enemy is still doing the same thing today-same game new tactics-and our entertainers, athletes, actors and politicians make a lot of money and do nothi0ng for Blacks and die broke or with a Caucasian wife..

  • Dorothy Mays-Pitts
    Dorothy Mays-Pitts 2 years ago +4

    All of the most famous entertainers were exploited and their names and music used and made especially New York exploiting thieves and crooks whom still to date exploits steal destroy and take from mainly Black artist whom R deceased but their music is own by corporate thieves and crooks who didn’t have legal representation nor knowledge enough to protect themselves from fast talking criminality mentality Misfits whom prey on the ignorance and less knowledgeable entertainer and its management Motown Stax Atlantic and other recording studios whom produced the most famous entertainers whose lives nor their talent is still with us may they all Rest In Peace as we the role try to recover from greedy underminding controlling insensitive masterminding crooks DPitts Black folks music wealth credibility finances culture and places in history has been stolen by the most masterminding crooks. DPittd

    • ramblings adrift
      ramblings adrift 27 days ago

      Yep- and now in 2020 five companies --count 'em FIVE- own almost EVERYTHING ever recorded since the 40s

  • Victoria Christmas
    Victoria Christmas 2 years ago +4

    All American and then some!! Serious life changers with these fine historic incredible artists and groups! Beautuful history and time to make more History!!

  • Ed Osdoba
    Ed Osdoba 2 years ago +1

    Thank you Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C.!

  • Nk
    Nk 2 years ago

    what is emotions records nowadays? the question.

  • nublackmusic
    nublackmusic 2 years ago

    just what we needed to see to make us not care about tonight's Grammy awards!!!

  • bluzizalright
    bluzizalright 3 years ago +2

    No mention of STAX Records whose records they distributed (not produced); The great Otis Redding being just one example.

    • L T
      L T Month ago

      Sam and Dave as well were produced by Stax records in Memphis

    • GOLDBAND45rpm
      GOLDBAND45rpm Year ago

      bluzizalright and exploited to max!

  • GOLDBAND45rpm
    GOLDBAND45rpm 3 years ago +2

    Seeing the number of great blues artists Atlantic label had at the end of the forties and fifties I think it is a pity that this documentary offers so little time to this period.Pop seems to be the name of the game but it was the blues artists like Ruth Brown,Prof Longhair,Joe Turner etc,etc who put the label on the map. Don't forget that!!

  • Stephen B Antonakos
    Stephen B Antonakos 3 years ago

    A fluff piece, but I watched the whole thing because the 70's production values are off the hook retro. I have to say, though, that I can't believe Tom Dowd is not mentioned.

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 3 years ago +2

    Loved this label in the day . One person made this a great video. Donny Hathaway! ❤️

  • Jason Lee !
    Jason Lee ! 3 years ago +7

    So many wonderful but forgotten artists.

  • Mats Nilsson
    Mats Nilsson 4 years ago +3

    JERRY WEXLER and JOEL DORN are the guys that made this label so legendary for me. Countless funk, soul and jazz acts are put on wax on this giant of labels with the touch from these two gentlemen.
    To name a few...
    SAM & DAVE
    ...this list can go on and on literally, but one name needs to be mentioned alone. DONNY HATHAWAY, one of the most gifted music genius ever, and he recorded on the ATCO division of ATLANTIC.

  • mloaks
    mloaks 4 years ago

    Acker Bilk!

    • GOLDBAND45rpm
      GOLDBAND45rpm 3 years ago +1

      mloaks Acker Bilk was basically recorded in England.Atlantic issued recordings in the US

  • Chuck Voellinger
    Chuck Voellinger 4 years ago +3

    Fantastic slice of Atlantic history.

  • Jeff Robey
    Jeff Robey 4 years ago +3

    what is the Derrick and the Dominos song at 23:07

    • Gary Wulfing
      Gary Wulfing 4 years ago +1

      +Jeff Robey A live version of Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad.

    • tie oneon
      tie oneon 4 years ago +1

      +Jeff Robey

      sounds like Why Does Love Have to be so Sad


  • Vann "Piano Man" Walls
    Vann "Piano Man" Walls 4 years ago +12

    25 years in 25 minutes, or thereabouts. it was too fast a teaser. gimme more.

    • Peter Maxwell
      Peter Maxwell 2 years ago +2

      i think his nickname was big swifty !

    • Steve Riddle
      Steve Riddle 4 years ago +2

      +Vann "Piano Man" Walls Amet should have a nickname like "Shifty."

  • Chrystal Goodrich
    Chrystal Goodrich 4 years ago +3

    Thank you guys..

  • tim huddleston
    tim huddleston 4 years ago +3


  • Malcolmromeo
    Malcolmromeo 5 years ago +5

    Loved Seeing Donny Hathaway in he studio at 24 minutes in. Maybe one day someone will get permission and the Licence to release it to the public

  • Andy Mangele
    Andy Mangele 5 years ago +12

    Saint Ahmed of Ertegun - thank you for putting many of my favorite acts on the map.
    What a phantastic record label!

  • Mine kara
    Mine kara 5 years ago +5

    I am proud to be a Turk. Thank you Ahmet Bey from my heart.

    • agabi
      agabi 10 months ago

      @steven budziszewski You have to stop this islamofobi man

    • Eleştiren Adam Yılmaz
      Eleştiren Adam Yılmaz Year ago +1

      steven budziszewski Turkey(Türkiye) is a secular country not islamic country and Ahmet's father a Turkish diplomat in U.S.A.

    • steven budziszewski
      steven budziszewski Year ago

      Mine kara he was an American of Turkish descent. Turkey would not approve of his non Islamic life.

  • Fratt Boi Muzic
    Fratt Boi Muzic 5 years ago

    Great video!

  • Luíza Machado Ferraz Lima


  • CheshireCatband
    CheshireCatband 5 years ago +3

    Jerry Wexler: a human characature...lol

  • CheshireCatband
    CheshireCatband 5 years ago

    Led Zep's pics are backwards-?!

  • CheshireCatband
    CheshireCatband 5 years ago

    I'm about 4 minutes in, and this already is f'in awesome!! Thank you!

  • seywhut2985
    seywhut2985 5 years ago +9

    Very interesting that there was only a blip about Ruth Brown and she's the one that put Atlantic on the map! I also always found it interesting that Atlantic was a huge powerhouse of a label with mega stars and mega hits from the get go but even today it is still scoffed as just an independent label. It was a major label! They continuously had their finger on the pulse of the music. Decca and Capitol didn't have a clue!