Star Wars Fan Adam Scott Surprised by His Idol Mark Hamill

  • Опубликовано: 5 май 2017
  • Adam Scott is a huge Star Wars fan so in honor of Star Wars Day guest host Kristen Bell made his dreams come true with a surprise guest.
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    Star Wars Fan Adam Scott Surprised by His Idol Mark Hamillвидео.html
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Комментарии • 4 593

  • Carmel Chambers
    Carmel Chambers Час назад

    *upluaded on may 5th*

  • De'Angelo Exxo
    De'Angelo Exxo 11 часов назад

    amazing... to see a authentic moment amongst rich people super dope!!!

  • Gaël Eggen
    Gaël Eggen 19 часов назад

    Mark should be immortal

  • whiteNnrdy1
    whiteNnrdy1 19 часов назад

    Literally had to give this a thumbs up

  • Griffin el Baroudi
    Griffin el Baroudi 21 час назад

    Sometimes we forget that Mark Hamill and the rest of the star wars cast, dedicate their lives to making other people happy. What gems they are.

  • mugflub
    mugflub 2 дня назад

    His 2nd birthday party? Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're not writing letters to movie stars at two years old.

  • Jeff Lynch
    Jeff Lynch 3 дня назад

    The inner child...

  • miapiare Miapiare
    miapiare Miapiare 3 дня назад

    Wait? He was 2?

  • Porypal
    Porypal 5 дней назад

    Ok, can we all agree Mark Hamill is an absolute LEGEND!!

  • Liz Camacho
    Liz Camacho 5 дней назад

    That's such an amazing surprise! Wish it was me meeting Adam Driver aka Kylo Ren! He is so handsome.❤

  • Altrese Eslao
    Altrese Eslao 8 дней назад

    Awww Adam is shaking so much! I’m so glad he got to meet his idol. I am so happy

  • rocio leos
    rocio leos 9 дней назад

    aww que lindo 💖

  • Rishabh Gusain
    Rishabh Gusain 9 дней назад

    I m crying

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee 9 дней назад

    A big applause to Mark Hamill, better late than never!

  • J S
    J S 10 дней назад

    He's Ben Wyatt in real life

  • Kristhyan Villalba
    Kristhyan Villalba 10 дней назад +1

    If people would know that Kristen Bell is Anna's voice in Frozen!
    How many letters she would have of little girls inviting her to their parties? Hmm...

  • Alexis Hummel
    Alexis Hummel 10 дней назад

    This is SO cute! His hand was shaking and everything! 😱😍

  • Bad- ben
    Bad- ben 10 дней назад

    If you dislike you will come back liker LOL

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S 10 дней назад


  • Flávia Adriana Oliveira
    Flávia Adriana Oliveira 10 дней назад

    What a lovely moment.. 😍 🌹

  • RobRollie
    RobRollie 11 дней назад

    Imagine luke with a green lightsaber in the last Jedi

  • Mochamad Dietrich
    Mochamad Dietrich 11 дней назад

    his hand was shaking haahaha

  • An yee
    An yee 12 дней назад

    Its cute seeing that celebrities can be akwardly shy and happy when they see their idol

  • Stacey Caryl Go
    Stacey Caryl Go 12 дней назад

    adam u adorable creature u

  • TNTORBEN gaming
    TNTORBEN gaming 13 дней назад

    Ye may 4th in holland that is a memorial day for 1945

  • Cody Richards
    Cody Richards 13 дней назад

    Goosebumps while watching that.
    Wow! Wow! :)

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 13 дней назад

    Clearly he is a huge fan

  • NinjaMDA
    NinjaMDA 13 дней назад

    1:54 You see Adam Scott's ring finger twitching seeing Mark come out from those doors lol

  • Star Wars Master
    Star Wars Master 14 дней назад

    Looks like George Lucas

  • King Rook
    King Rook 14 дней назад

    That was cool..

  • Anomaly Inc
    Anomaly Inc 15 дней назад

    Mark Hamill is Awesome

  • DVD Guy That
    DVD Guy That 15 дней назад

    That's 2 refreshes and 3x the 15sec add would not finish playing. I imagine this video is entertaining but.....

  • Duck Dodger
    Duck Dodger 15 дней назад

    Way Cool

  • Lpegasus100
    Lpegasus100 17 дней назад

    He did the surprise face

  • jonathan neimoyer
    jonathan neimoyer 17 дней назад

    that girl so hot

  • jonathan neimoyer
    jonathan neimoyer 17 дней назад

    that girl so hot

  • calinwiz
    calinwiz 17 дней назад

    I think I would legit break down crying if I ever met Mark Hamill in person. I'm 29, got a job, a family, the works. I would straight up go into kid-mode in a split second.

  • Sidney Snyder
    Sidney Snyder 17 дней назад

    That was awesome. Reminds me of when my fav actor told me he is going to a con event to meet him.

  • Kris Oliver
    Kris Oliver 18 дней назад

    I just want to punch this guy out of my tree house

  • علي فيصل
    علي فيصل 18 дней назад

    He was shaking

  • Jan Wolf
    Jan Wolf 19 дней назад

    Great Moment😊😊😊....But he wrote a letter at the Age of 2?😂

  • JoeMra1
    JoeMra1 19 дней назад

    His 2nd birthday party? So he wrote the letter when he was 1 year old. I'm so confused.

  • NND
    NND 19 дней назад

    He is Luke ???

  • Abel kol
    Abel kol 20 дней назад

    look how his finger trembles when Mark enters! 1:50 it's amazing!

  • sgsupreme2127
    sgsupreme2127 20 дней назад

    Okay so Adam Scott is 44 years old now, and this was a year ago. So if he was 2 that would make that 41 years 1977, when Star Wars was released, so yeah? Jesus, the first Star Wars was 41 years ago???

  • CripTik Storm
    CripTik Storm 20 дней назад

    We all know Leslie set this up.

  • Richard Kinkead
    Richard Kinkead 20 дней назад

    Mark hamill, so cool.

  • William Doyle
    William Doyle 21 день назад

    Mark struggling to turn on the lightsaber XD...comon Luke, youv done it before! XD

  • Rpg assassin
    Rpg assassin 22 дня назад

    god damit he's amazing.

  • Explore Learn Njoy
    Explore Learn Njoy 22 дня назад

    Watch 'Mind Your Language' - Season 1 With English Sub Title

  • Carlos Vales Sánchez
    Carlos Vales Sánchez 24 дня назад

    Le temblaba la mano al tio. Yo estaba emocionado viendo este video pensando... ojala le conozcaa😢

  • Yasmin Castro
    Yasmin Castro 24 дня назад

    He´s shaking, poor thing!

  • Sophia Hanson
    Sophia Hanson 25 дней назад

    This is my favorite video.

  • Alexandre P. Monferrari
    Alexandre P. Monferrari 25 дней назад

    Damn, when you think you can't like Mark even more... Awesome dude. Planet Earth is a better place with you in it.

  • Jason Tate
    Jason Tate 25 дней назад

    Why has Luke Skywalker Kit Fisto*s lightsaber?

  • Clockwork Jones
    Clockwork Jones 26 дней назад

    Man, to be so famous and influential that you make someone’s hands shake when you walk through a door is crazy

  • Solid Dragon
    Solid Dragon 27 дней назад

    Lol he caught himself and said "one of the best moments“ cuz hes gotta ring

  • The Saharan Spy
    The Saharan Spy 27 дней назад

    Mark use the force
    Whoops wrong mark

  • Miro Witch
    Miro Witch 27 дней назад

    The world is not ready for the end of Mark Hamill... After Carrie's one I can not survive this ! :'(

  • Julian Arikape
    Julian Arikape 28 дней назад

    I love both of these guys now.

  • sean gins
    sean gins 28 дней назад

    Just get famous and your dreams might come true too.

  • Guitarded
    Guitarded 28 дней назад

    2:07 "for me?" joker voice

  • Leighton Young
    Leighton Young 29 дней назад

    A total gift to acting and Hollywood.... and they killed him off... well done. (Clap slowly )

  • Lee Young Woo
    Lee Young Woo 29 дней назад

    You must be this famous to have me visit your birthday party.....haha but really this is very sweet

  • isaisl :v
    isaisl :v 29 дней назад

    Is that a force fx lightsaber?

  • Kitten H
    Kitten H 29 дней назад


  • Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter 29 дней назад

    That would be my exact reaction with those same words. Lol

  • wayne fernandes
    wayne fernandes 29 дней назад

    Mark is like for me

  • Ben Middleton
    Ben Middleton Месяц назад

    pause at 1:29. LOL!!!

  • Joseph Dooley
    Joseph Dooley Месяц назад

    This shows Hamill cares a lot about being a source of joy in people's lives, and why The Last Jedi will be remembered as the movie that broke Star Wars, through its mistreatment of such a beloved character.

  • Lydia Campbell
    Lydia Campbell Месяц назад

    his hands were shaking omg. so cute

    SANDSCORCHER Месяц назад

    What a top dude Mr H is.

  • WorstCriticEver
    WorstCriticEver Месяц назад

    im not that into star wars, but damn that was epic!

  • mark srisourath
    mark srisourath Месяц назад

    His reaction was priceless....

  • ScaF
    ScaF Месяц назад

    Ben Wyatt moment

  • Elmo
    Elmo Месяц назад

    Thats my Dream too but I know it wont happen 😂

  • Maria Almaguer
    Maria Almaguer Месяц назад

    I’ve watched this too many times. Never will get old

  • Donald Sanders
    Donald Sanders Месяц назад +1

    Celebrity getting excited to see another celebrity 😩

  • Vicky munay
    Vicky munay Месяц назад

    I would cry and roll in the floor.

  • 超人
    超人 Месяц назад +1

    I think I would've started crying. Mark Hamill is amazing and I am glad Adam got to meet him!

  • Pao 116
    Pao 116 Месяц назад

    At 1:50 look at his hands

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith Месяц назад

    Mr. Kimmel, I hope your baby boy is doing OK and may he live a long and happy life.

  • Mesum Naqvi
    Mesum Naqvi Месяц назад

    I would've cursed out loud!!

  • Blaise Masters
    Blaise Masters Месяц назад

    When he comes out Adam Scott is shaking like crazy

  • ReachForTheSky
    ReachForTheSky Месяц назад

    He enjoyed a feature film and wrote a letter at two? Was he a child genius?

  • VNV Girl
    VNV Girl Месяц назад

    This is beautiful

  • S. Lawrence
    S. Lawrence Месяц назад

    Look at Adams fingers and hand shaking at 1:54!! You can tell he genuinely wasn't expecting Luke sky walker to appear

  • Ramsey Hildebrand
    Ramsey Hildebrand Месяц назад

    the more i watch videos of Mark Hamil, the less im a fan of Star Wars and just a fan of Mark Hamil

  • Captain Cold
    Captain Cold Месяц назад +1

    this got rid of the anger i had

    • Saul Grant
      Saul Grant Месяц назад +1

      Well be glad you are not Bruce Banner. That would be horrible for everyone.

    • Captain Cold
      Captain Cold Месяц назад +1

      i dont really remember cause i always get angry

    • Saul Grant
      Saul Grant Месяц назад +1

      Why were you angry... (turns into therapist)

  • Captain Cold
    Captain Cold Месяц назад

    he is shaking OMG such beatiful moment

  • Badmansband
    Badmansband Месяц назад

    I'd kneel to Palpatine to make this happen for me.

  • Blake Emsley
    Blake Emsley Месяц назад

    When he sees mark all I can think of is Leslie meeting joe Biden

  • treintaydiez
    treintaydiez Месяц назад

    I would have passed out

  • antoNIO
    antoNIO Месяц назад

    that's not Lukes saber.

    • antoNIO
      antoNIO Месяц назад

      Luke has never used that saber.

    • Saul Grant
      Saul Grant Месяц назад

      I think it is one he got given.

  • symbiote life Gonzalez
    symbiote life Gonzalez Месяц назад

    Mark Hamill is my favorite actor he's funny he's cool and as a kid I loved star wars and I was so into it I got a bunch of light sabres it was the best feeling ever

  • Ellie Ellsbells
    Ellie Ellsbells Месяц назад

    My bday is may the forth. Lol😂😂😂😅

  • Jami
    Jami Месяц назад

    I think the Star Wars fan inside all of us started shaking a little bit like Adam did when the music began to play.

  • GoldenGirl24
    GoldenGirl24 Месяц назад

    I cried, in 2018. This is beautiful.

  • Arman Latefi
    Arman Latefi Месяц назад +2

    Boats n hoes