Best Off-Road Vehicles of All Time

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • People love to off-road and their experience is usually only as good as the vehicle they're doing the wheelin’ in. That’s probably why some people build the craziest and wildest off-road machines that you have ever seen. Some machines are designed in the military, and some designed by people like me and you. We found some really cool machines that can go over almost terrain and some that are so cool you won’t want to miss them. Now check out these best off-road vehicles.

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  • Anthony Dunn
    Anthony Dunn 2 days ago

    Dude where the fuck is that weird ass sphere wheeled thing you had on the cover?
    Downvote for false advertising

  • bananaplayz 06
    bananaplayz 06 2 days ago

    Imagine making the Burlak yo your own camper

  • Heidi Leppänen
    Heidi Leppänen 3 days ago

    Where is THE Landcruiser???

  • Rachel Hastings
    Rachel Hastings 7 days ago

    So meany mistakes

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 7 days ago

    Just FYI youngster MK2 = "Mark 2"

  • OTO
    OTO 10 days ago

    Đụ moá. Tấm hình mang tính chất minh họa. Vô coi đéo có 😳 làm loã đôi mắt xem

  • The Commentators
    The Commentators 12 days ago

    I had an rc car of 3

  • Augusto
    Augusto 13 days ago

    how did i end up here

  • love u to
    love u to 15 days ago

    Wow .. sub ok my chenal

  • Yvaehlatem
    Yvaehlatem 16 days ago

    Thumb nail was click bait

  • Justin Belshe
    Justin Belshe 18 days ago +1

    Those aren't gull-wing doors.
    That Triumph is a show bike, virtually worthless in actual off road conditions.
    You forgot the Sherp, Unimog, and tracked truck conversions.

  • Wesley Bruce
    Wesley Bruce 23 days ago

    The soviets used Armsteads design to out flank the Chinese in one of the Sino Russian wars. they crossed half frozen swamps to get to he Chinese rear and cut them off. I don't think Armstead got any royalties from the commies.

  • Tristan Cooper
    Tristan Cooper 24 days ago

    I like the motorcycle

  • Prasad Savara
    Prasad Savara 29 days ago


  • Dubsy Dubs
    Dubsy Dubs Month ago

    Clickbate again, and learn what gullwing doors are, not only do you lie but you talk shit too.

  • Arty
    Arty Month ago

    likes disabled.. and first comment check... me no watchy

  • Jay Scott
    Jay Scott Month ago

    The triumph was the best

  • Bryan Harold Fuller

    The largest off-road vehicle of all time is the space shuttle launch platform and then the mega land hauler that's almost as big

  • Wayne Bryan
    Wayne Bryan Month ago +1

    Those aren't gull wing doors...

  • Rf Sinner
    Rf Sinner Month ago

    Those were suicide doors not gull wing

  • Jonatan Mod
    Jonatan Mod Month ago

    Where is the Bandvagn?

  • Rhett H-S
    Rhett H-S Month ago

    Too many ads!

  • Irondarkness Darkness

    you are incorrect fastest troop carrier is a old M113 with over 100 mph speed record set...please do some history work.

  • mr table lamp
    mr table lamp Month ago


  • Ameer Andang
    Ameer Andang Month ago +1

    When he said Adolf I thought of hitler

  • misolgit 69
    misolgit 69 Month ago

    wasn't the EFV cancelled

  • eugene edwards
    eugene edwards Month ago

    why your voice dick head... why your clip shit on your mums face.... phuck off

  • Karan Shirur
    Karan Shirur Month ago

    I loved the bike in the end!!

  • Juan Luna Ibarrizto

    Was that Ace Ventura and the Mad Max denizens ? I read the reviews and left.

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 2 months ago

    click bait crap....steer well clear of this character

  • Clockwork Ape
    Clockwork Ape 2 months ago

    Why would you include an army vehicle here? It doesn't fit with the rest at all. If you feel that it does - why haven't you included all the tanks that exist, since they easily outrun any of the shown wheeled machines?

  • Moses boy 136
    Moses boy 136 2 months ago

    I want none of thes I rather my dads 1999 4.2 turbo diesel Nissan patrol

  • Dennis Hurt Jr
    Dennis Hurt Jr 2 months ago

    The bike

  • Jim Knight
    Jim Knight 2 months ago

    Hmm no, mention of any supercat ATV or BV...

  • Umesh Shinde
    Umesh Shinde 2 months ago

    The Russis and their variants.

  • Ben Whitney
    Ben Whitney 2 months ago

    what that is called is radio voice brother.... talk like a human

    ZOZORZOLOTO 2 months ago

    Montrez tout CA aux gars du PETROL.

  • GM Junkyard
    GM Junkyard 2 months ago

    click bait shit heads

  • Muhammad Arif
    Muhammad Arif 2 months ago

    Best Off-Road Vehicles

  • Truthisstrangerthan Fiction

    No Sherpa? That was a miss.

  • Josh Norriss
    Josh Norriss 2 months ago

    How many ads do you need ya greedy mofo

  • 51tomtomtom
    51tomtomtom 2 months ago

    "MAN' s" engine ? It is M.A.N. which has nothing to do with "man" (or woman).....

  • Bvlvi Woodson
    Bvlvi Woodson 2 months ago

    Did not watch looked at the comments first!! LMFAO. +12 mins of life

  • carl king
    carl king 2 months ago

    Not zar Nikolaus. It's tsar! Means king in Russian

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 2 months ago +5

    I was having a great time here until he showed suicide doors and said gull wing...

  • Sudu Manika සුදු මැණික

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  • TheDude Lebowski
    TheDude Lebowski 2 months ago

    That Triumph is a gimmick. You should have shown the Rokon.

  • Evurgreen
    Evurgreen 2 months ago

    invisible like bar

  • Scruff Mcgruff
    Scruff Mcgruff 2 months ago +1

    Aton Viking with a 500hp LS Swap would be great!

  • Ronins
    Ronins 2 months ago


  • Jack Folstam
    Jack Folstam 2 months ago

    It's pronounced Mark 2 not Emm Kay 2.

  • Jėzaus Tėvas
    Jėzaus Tėvas 2 months ago

    You forgot the mars rover

  • Стеф Треков
    Стеф Треков 2 months ago

    And still. They can not cough with the KTMs on any terrain hahahah

  • 5Andysalive
    5Andysalive 2 months ago

    Nothing shown here could have replaced it.

  • rusclemania7 7
    rusclemania7 7 2 months ago

    The bike was cool

    ME GUCCI 2 months ago

    10:31 Those arent "Gull Wing" Doors, thats a pair of normal doors, and a pair of "Suicide" Doors. If you want actual "gull wing" doors, take a look at the DeLorean from Back to the Future, that car came from the factory with genuine gull wing doors

  • Steven Shiner
    Steven Shiner 2 months ago

    Really enjoyed this.

  • MDSsystems
    MDSsystems 2 months ago +1


  • Monokuma
    Monokuma 2 months ago +3

    MAD LAB, if you click bait like that again, YOU WILL be ending up in a ditch!

  • Петр Близниченко

    Burlak must be in DIY category