Samsung Galaxy A51 Review!

  • So Samsung’s Galaxy A51 is the latest addition to Samsung’s mid-range smartphone lineup and obviously has a chance to be your next phone if you’re reading this right now. In this video, we are going to take a closer look at what Samsung is offering in the highly anticipated yet low costing A51 and find out if it’s right for you!
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  • mrlonely
    mrlonely 5 hours ago

    Were did you get that wallpaper

  • Leatile Oabile Segwagwe

    Hi. I've got a grand new Samsung A51 and I'd love to know how one recalls a text message from being sent incase you send a wrong text or you realize you sent to a wrong recipient?
    Regards, LB Segwagwe

  • Yeanor Abigail Swarray
    Yeanor Abigail Swarray 12 hours ago

    This is the era of Samsung

  • Yeanor Abigail Swarray
    Yeanor Abigail Swarray 12 hours ago

    That's awesome man

  • Bashir Asmad
    Bashir Asmad 23 hours ago

    2:53 Whats the name of that game?

  • Liquid Bee
    Liquid Bee Day ago

    Can you link the wallpaper to me Please? Would love to use it!

  • Andro Tekman
    Andro Tekman Day ago

    When will it be available in US?

  • Toppie Joppie
    Toppie Joppie Day ago

    Good review i bougth the cellphone rigth away after your review thanks

  • xbn
    xbn Day ago

    where did you get the mandalorian gif wallpaper you have

  • sterje xiii
    sterje xiii 2 days ago

    My next smart phone will be Samsung not the other one.... 😅

  • George Baroga IV
    George Baroga IV 3 days ago

    What should i buy minote 10 or a51?

  • Marin Easy
    Marin Easy 3 days ago

    How did you get this background

  • Armaan Mehfuz
    Armaan Mehfuz 3 days ago

    Thanks for the VDO
    Will you mention some drawbacks of the phone as well>

  • Bart Simpsons
    Bart Simpsons 3 days ago

    Wallpaper name?

    MOHAMMAD CENA 4 days ago

    that was awesome and wonderful...

  • sangwon kang
    sangwon kang 4 days ago

    And im just watching on my new a50

    JAGNE ISMA 4 days ago

    Am not surprised about the battery because even the A10 battery life is great as well.

  • Lee CK_철규 Anderson

    Don’t buy iphone9, buy this

  • Mahin Sekher
    Mahin Sekher 6 days ago

    where to get the wallpaper from?

  • SAM Vlogs
    SAM Vlogs 7 days ago

    Watching this in my A51 but cant wait to go back to Sony TBH

  • Mary Jxxne
    Mary Jxxne 7 days ago

    When it comes to spead, is the A71 faster than the A51? I'm not looking for some crazy spead I just don't want anything less good than my previous phone (A5 2017). And overall is the A71 worth the extra 100$ ?

  • Christine Lopez
    Christine Lopez 8 days ago

    I got this last month. This is pretty good! However, when I upgraded it to Android 10, the battery drains faster than usual. Do you know how can I downgrade this to Android 9? Thanks.

  • TheDreamerOfToday
    TheDreamerOfToday 8 days ago

    I bought this phone, but my photo's are really blurry.. not sure if its just this specific phone or the model in general. Doesnt seem like it looking at this review. Any thoughts?
    I also had trouble with picking up a call, this just doesnt work.

  • Matis Mucaj
    Matis Mucaj 8 days ago

    Where did you get that background because i love it

  • Ragesh Raghavan
    Ragesh Raghavan 9 days ago

    Crisp and class review. Fantastic.

  • Hihi LalaBoo
    Hihi LalaBoo 10 days ago

    Just got it, nothing too special not that bad either. Really hate the selfie camera on snapchat tho, looks so zoomed in and covers the whole screen, the normal camera is okay. It is also bigger than expected, unfortunately most phones are idk why. The phone itself does look really pretty (If I could do it over I would consider google Pixel 3a because of the camera but that one just looks bad)

  • e1n
    e1n 10 days ago +1

    Link to the wallpaper plz

  • Yousuf Ali
    Yousuf Ali 10 days ago

    All the best you and your video

    I like it

  • Yousuf Ali
    Yousuf Ali 10 days ago

    Excellent review

  • Yousuf Ali
    Yousuf Ali 10 days ago

    Very nice review

  • Yousuf Ali
    Yousuf Ali 10 days ago

    Very nice video

  • Yousuf Ali
    Yousuf Ali 10 days ago

    Very good video

  • Имя Фамилия
    Имя Фамилия 10 days ago

    all this phone has is the best screen and design in that price segment, every other thing this phone does terrible: awful cameras (enormous amounts of sharpening causing white noise(!), terribly washed out texture details), awful video recording with almost fake 4k that looks like mediocre 1080 with terrible rolling shuttering and bad EIS at 1080, bad perfomance (thanks to samsung's exynos chip). That phone only looks good, in reality it's a giant fraud!

  • Dennic Von Lorenzo
    Dennic Von Lorenzo 10 days ago +1

    Nice review. Makes me want to get one

  • Matthew Lam
    Matthew Lam 11 days ago

    Where do you get ur background it’s cute

  • darioo.
    darioo. 11 days ago

    I hawe A51 i can say i recommend to ewrywone

    SÜPER GAMER 11 days ago

    Wallpaper pls

  • Akshay Deep
    Akshay Deep 12 days ago +3

    Ur voice should be put in Google assistant
    Epic review

  • Melky' Mitchell
    Melky' Mitchell 13 days ago

    Best review 🔥✨👍👍 I'm going to buy this mobile

  • Vincent Rubens
    Vincent Rubens 13 days ago

    A lot of Verizon phones use SIM cards for using Data and not phone calls. CDMA doesnt require a SIM card; however, Verizon recognizes the GSM technology is superior for using Data.

  • Jack Mow
    Jack Mow 14 days ago

    Can I have it tho 😂

  • Xinaman
    Xinaman 14 days ago +2

    All I wanna know, is how he got that wallpaper...

  • Michael De Santa
    Michael De Santa 14 days ago

    i have it

  • PearsAreOkay
    PearsAreOkay 15 days ago

    Isnt that because it is LTE and LTE =/= CDMA, so all LTE verizon SIMS are basically unlocked?

  • Tridev samanta
    Tridev samanta 15 days ago

    I would have hidden the hole...

  • Akurosia senpai
    Akurosia senpai 15 days ago +1

    Had a51 loved it and got stolen lol

  • বিষাক্ত পুরুষ

    Sir I bought this phone 7 days ago but I face in this phone a over hitting problem ... everything it's ok in this phone . Can my phone was replaced ?

  • its me sky
    its me sky 16 days ago


  • Falafelhead
    Falafelhead 16 days ago

    was thinking about the A50, but gonna get this

  • RandomEvery5 Days
    RandomEvery5 Days 16 days ago

    The A51 on this has a punch out front cam but another one i seen got a tear drop model. Whatsup with that

  • pauline Geddes
    pauline Geddes 16 days ago

    thanks this helped loads

  • BoxPeakYeti
    BoxPeakYeti 16 days ago

    Had this phone before this vid came out

  • chee sing
    chee sing 17 days ago

    You get 6+128 in South East Asia markets

  • Gianni Sahertian
    Gianni Sahertian 17 days ago

    Thanks Shane, just bought the phone and it is good value for the money Iv just spend. ;)

  • Shax shaxloga Xafada
    Shax shaxloga Xafada 17 days ago

    very Good

  • Ghie M
    Ghie M 19 days ago

    I brought my A51 on February 1 so far so good. But the only problem that I noticed JUST TODAY that the body is a bit curved. Why?? 😭😭😭😭

  • Mr Skroutz
    Mr Skroutz 19 days ago

    In Greece it costs 250€

  • Isaiah Chinyama
    Isaiah Chinyama 19 days ago +1

    Pliz do a tentative comparison of A51 with the A70

  • Lifu
    Lifu 19 days ago

    Using the phone in dark mode?

  • brandon bobby
    brandon bobby 19 days ago

    Wallpaper link pls?

  • Piyumika Jayamali
    Piyumika Jayamali 20 days ago

    Can anyone tell what is the best?
    7+ or A51 ? 🤔

  • nsr
    nsr 20 days ago

    plzzzz don't buy this phone,worst security ,after 3 weeks no fast charging,very very bad cam,especially in the night in car.worst selfi..big phone its start lagging too just after 3 weeks

    • Shane Symonds
      Shane Symonds  20 days ago

      Sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience. Mine has been great hence this follow up video.

  • Uchiha Madara
    Uchiha Madara 21 day ago

    Have you noticed any alien tech hidden in this device?

  • Demi Krueger
    Demi Krueger 21 day ago

    I just bought a samsung galaxy A51 and im experiencing problems when i upload things. When I send a video or a photo the quality gets a lot worse compared to my Galaxy A3. Also video calls on viber are a mess, the screen gets frozen for most of the time. Is anyone else experiencing the same problems? Could this be fixed?

  • Tamirez Natividade
    Tamirez Natividade 21 day ago

    Jesus loves you very much even if you don't believe it. Just wanted to tell you that

  • It's Billy
    It's Billy 21 day ago

    How did you get that wallpaper?

  • Life Charles
    Life Charles 21 day ago

    Pls where can I get this wallpaper

  • Dashawn Hawkins
    Dashawn Hawkins 22 days ago

    Is it waterproof

  • Nathanael Gelin
    Nathanael Gelin 22 days ago

    I'm really impressed and satisfied with your review.

  • security base
    security base 22 days ago

    Nice Review!!! I got the US version of the A50 and I can say it's a beast. I can't wait to get the US version of the A51.

  • CJ Mashego
    CJ Mashego 22 days ago

    I'm surprised there's no a71 review

  • Goh Yong Hong Luke
    Goh Yong Hong Luke 23 days ago

    Is that really have ir blaster?

  • cliff2197
    cliff2197 23 days ago

    I want that wallpaper

  • sofia
    sofia 23 days ago

    *very nice*

  • Albert Kartel
    Albert Kartel 25 days ago

    Excellent Review. Actually had to first Check all reviews of A50 and A51 and am convinced enough to strictly go to A51. its better. Thank you for the video. Thumbs up

  • what alife
    what alife 26 days ago

    Here's the link for Samsung a51 from the official Samsung at Amazon

  • Filip Mazur
    Filip Mazur 26 days ago

    Does it have wireless charging ?

    JAYBLACK TV 27 days ago

    Got mine.. love it..i have a videl also check it on my channel🙏

  • Davidd 444
    Davidd 444 27 days ago

    Hi Shane, can u tell me how the service is w Verizon? It seems that it should not work but you said it does. Thanks.

  • Davidd 444
    Davidd 444 27 days ago

    Hi Shane, can u tell me how the service is w Verizon? It seems that it should not work but you said it does. Thanks.