Fargo - Connected - I'm cooperating - darn tooting

one of the best scene

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Автор Lt.Dan ( назад)
do people really talk like this in Minneapolis???

Автор kamel brasko90 ( назад)
Fargo full moviee here => https://twitter.com/3a49eeab922641ea9/status/850530200777445376

Автор hippiecheezburger ( назад)
William H. Macy plays the perfect piece of shit nervous wreck in this movie and Frances McDormand is hilarious

Автор Pat Gogan ( назад)
Martin freeman really tried to emulate lundegaard in season 1 and for the most part it worked

Автор Robert DeFrank ( назад)
great movie..

Автор Ben Evans ( назад)
I <3 Golf

Автор iCroissant ( назад)
that. is. perfect. acting.

It would be sooo easy to overact in that scene but she did it sooo perfectly!

Автор Francisco D'anconia ( назад)
I think I picked up on some subtle messages on this scene. So the cop lady, She's pregnant and hormonal, and William Macy's character is the first guy in awhile who wasn't charmed by her (since he was so on edge) and it actually turned her on! Check out the Cop Woman's eyes as he walks away, she seemly looks down and checks out his ass like 3 times lol.. am I imagining this? or is this scene supposed to come across that way?

Автор WeirdCityCitizen ( назад)
lol what exactly does "you're darn tootin" mean and so people actually say it?

Автор fred5079 ( назад)
this movie never gets old no matter how many times I've seen it love every minute of it

Автор Marcuskristicus ( назад)
I love how Jerry seems to think he's being so clever and sneaky with everybody, but in reality it's so obvious he's covering up for something with his blustering BS....

Автор HoyaSaxaSD ( назад)
Having grandparents and an aunt from Brainerd, but never having been to Minnesota or even the midwest, I grew up hearing "Okie dokie," Darn Tootin," "You betcha" and "quicker than a duck on a june bug," etc., but couldn't imagine people actually talked that way there.

Автор Bill Browne ( назад)
I was born in Minneapolis. My parents are from Duluth. This may be my favorite move. I was lucky. I joined the military at 18 and stayed with it for 20 years. So I never got trapped in this type of accent. But I love talking to my cousins who sound like this

Автор PlaystationManiac ( назад)
Reminds me of Trump's press conferences

Автор Schrodinger's Cat ( назад)
i felt like I was gonna have a panic attack watching this high

Автор HighVoltage Shock ( назад)
I just love how Jerry blows up at Marge. He now knows he's in deep shit.

Автор Glitch the Proxy ( назад)
being from the fargo area, i can confidently say we don't sound Canadian

Автор SOULREAVER ( назад)
oh . so this is what Frank Gallagher did before becoming a drunk junkie

Автор Matt P. ( назад)
Jerry looks to me that he has completely flipped; he is finally aware of the the mess that he has gotten himself into and how miserably all of his assorted schemes have failed.

Автор YouDoBlooper ( назад)
Throughout the movie, I was always cracking up whenever they would say something like, "darn" or "darn-tooting". It would crack me up.

Автор ghostfrm thesouth ( назад)
crackers up north sound like dat im inna murdaap just to clarify 10% of mufuccas frum minnesota sound like dat

Автор Steve Nelson ( назад)
"ahh what the Christ" is so hilarious to me

Автор tony lennon ( назад)
Does that accent actually exist? I think its class, where is it? I'll fly over from Ireland just to hear it.

Автор Ghostcupcake1 ( назад)

Автор Yolo Swaggins ( назад)
Darn tootin, ahhh what the Christ!

Автор Pierce Crown ( назад)
good moviie

Автор Adam Zimmerman ( назад)
1:07 I love how Macy's voice cracks when he says Sale's Manager 😂

Автор Christopher Rossi ( назад)
cant believe this clip leaves out one of the best lines in the movie by not extending the clip for 10 seconds. what a shame.

Автор Realism & Patriotism ( назад)
Now fellurs, dis here boi
is a bunch of North-American Scandinavians if I ever seen one.

Dead give away

Автор Carl Kamuti ( назад)
And then he drives away...

Автор Dylan H ( назад)
As a Minnesooootaaaiin I can't really sound like this? Can I?

Автор Scrootumm ( назад)
Jerry Lundergaard must be the saddest most pathetic human being ever LOL XD
Macys performance is awesome

Автор John Smith ( назад)
0:23 is what you say when your boss asks you to do something when your busy as shit all ready

Автор MusicAreaHQ ( назад)
Oh for Pete's sake, he's fleeing the interview! He's fleeing the interview!

Автор Mobley Hernandez ( назад)
macy should have won an oscar.

Автор Jasper102211 ( назад)
Fargo is one of my all-time favorite movies... and my favorite scenes are these—Jerry being interviewed by Margie. He is SO good at being the "shit-in-my-pants" suspect. Love how his voice jumps when he says, "... Executive SALES Manager...". LOL!

Автор Nicolette Winchester ( назад)
Oh my god it's Frank.

Автор trackboy17 ( назад)
Idk why but I find this deputy and the deputy from the tv show are cute as heck.

Автор Mike Miller ( назад)
don't. get. snippy. with. me. k.

Автор Mike Miller ( назад)
lot. count. k.

Автор TMWSITY ( назад)
I'm the Executive Sales Manager!

Автор jordan w ( назад)
The two of them...together.

Absolutely brilliant. Terrific acting by two great actors.

Автор JMoruzzi ( назад)
This is a wonderful film, it's brilliantly written and directed, but I don't like McDormand's performance at all. It's mannered, it's patronising, it never feels real. Maybe that's why she won the Oscar! That bit where she says, "Y'kno -, connected!" is the low point for me. Plus her reaction to his deciding to do the lot count there and then doesn't mesh with what went before - based on the foregoing dialogue, that was exactly what she wanted him to do (perhaps that discrepancy should be blamed on the Coens though, not the actress).

Автор Ryan ( назад)
The smile after "connected"

Автор ZombryaTheDark ( назад)
all he had to do was play cool and play dumb when he checked inventory. his character is so pathetic that he can't keep cool. nicely written character

Автор mz atmaca ( назад)
Lester Nygard vs Molly Solverson

Автор A A ( назад)
Well I'm sorry! 😨

Автор ajbahus ( назад)
That guy must be awesome at poker.

Автор James McDaniel ( назад)
But Why Is He ? Di Hi Commit A Crime Jimmy

Автор James McDaniel ( назад)
Yes That's Me Bit I'm Not Going Tell U U No

Автор James McDaniel ( назад)
So I Went Too Go Down Their er You And I Got Scared You No no No

Автор texshelters ( назад)
Two of the best actors in the best Coen brothers film, darn tooting. PTxS

Автор Bruce Gordon ( назад)
I'm kinda busy here, making up VIN numbers on some of these vehicles.

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
Funny. Great scene.

Автор B.J. Funk ( назад)
"Okay, ARE YOU SURE?" lol

Автор Steve Bennett ( назад)
I just got how he's blunting the pencil to purposefully smudge the serial numbers. What a rascal.

Автор max springfeild ( назад)
I think this happens a lot in real life, where people just crack the second they come into contact with law enforcement.

Автор Kelly14UK ( назад)
God them cars is FAST

Автор Berthasfave1 ( назад)
Frances McDormand and William H. Macy both attended Bethany College in West Virginia.

Автор vogonford ( назад)
I just noticed that when it shows Jerry, it's a close up, while when it shows Marge, it's an over the shoulder shot. The only time there's an over the shoulder of Jerry, it's when Marge stands up, and the camera is looking down at him.

Turns out, you can have fun and have good meaning with just shot-reverse-shot.

Автор ThatGuy ( назад)
You fucked up this whole scene by cutting it where you cut it. Anyone who has never seen the film now thinks that Jerry is going out to do a lot count, thanks to you.

Автор La Esmeralda ( назад)
1:23 You can tell Margie just realized, ''Oh heck! This darn tootin' has somethin' to do with all this!''

Автор psychoclownboy ( назад)
This scene is a great lesson: when you ask what seems like a simple question and you encounter such an irrational reaction, the red flags should automatically go up. Marge is fortunate Lundergarde was not armed or trapped. He might have gone out shooting in that tiny office had it come to that.

Автор Raymond Reddington ( назад)
I'm from Fargo and we sound nothing like this 😂

Автор Jordan Sollitto ( назад)
1:07..."I would know...I'm the executive sales manager!" LOL

Автор Serri lu ( назад)
They're holding all the cards here, you ask Stan Grossman, he'll tell ya the same thing.

Автор Jeff Brown ( назад)
He's fleeing the interview!

Автор Dhieen ( назад)
1:20 : ma'am! I answered your questions!

Автор Fan Made Videos ( назад)
She's such a super ladee!

Автор Tricia Warren ( назад)
I can't look at him the same anymore since binge watching Shameless

Автор Mozart Jones ( назад)
Nope, this accent can't be faked. Cheers to the effort they took, but I can hear the struggle.

Автор Steve Boldt ( назад)
Frances was absolutely fantastic in her role!

Автор Peter E ( назад)
So this is what Sam Gallagher did before he had 6 kids

Автор Rhys James ( назад)
'...and we're doing all we can' The way Macy touches his face and mouth after that line is brilliance.

Автор poolidoor (1631 год назад)
i m bored i could put any new movie i haven t see but then i saw fargo i ve seen several times and oh what the hell, that way i m sure to get a good movie

Автор Paminlp ( назад)
Frances McDormand was just perfect.

Автор johnny blaze ( назад)
she reminds me of that spectre villain chris waltz

Автор roger8654 ( назад)
They sound irish

Автор JustErics101 ( назад)
This movie is so entertaining for many reasons. I just love the way the characters interact. I could listen to them all day.

Автор unbridledenthusiasm ( назад)
love this video's title. WHAT A FILM!!!!!!

Автор sharaxxvable ( назад)
I'm watching this movie and is so comical that I can't feel nothing over the drama. 🎭 I'm not taking it serious even if it is a true story. It was intentional that this movie has that vibe? The actors and the passivism over the circumstances. 🎥
I'm a mess 🐸🐧🌈

Автор Dan Terry ( назад)
The look on her face when he "gets snippy", the way she drops the aw-shucks gee-whiz persona and goes into full hardass cop mode, the way she lets him stammer and weasel until he is forced to flee. I would honestly be hard-pressed to think of a better performance by any other American actor than Francis McDormand in Fargo.

Автор Dan Martinazzi ( назад)
Great character, best actor in the movie, badass!!

Автор House Of Dead Dolls ( назад)
My friend Marcus lives in Minnesota and he does not talk like this. Yer darn tootin he doesn't.

Автор kaleah collins ( назад)

Автор kaleah collins ( назад)
See I knew Canada should be apart of the U.S. this is Fargo north Dakota but people from Vancouver BC sound just like that. Hey like the mom from bobby's world

Автор acrovader ( назад)
This is just one of many great scenes from this movie.

Автор steve jones ( назад)
Shoulda' written in,  "'Where's ya tootin search warrant!!! ""........ (jus' sayin'  ) .......

Автор Paul Arzooman (1052 года назад)
I love the look on McDormand's face when he gets irate. It's that moment when she knows he's involved.

Автор Silvio Conci ( назад)
I'm in love with Frances McDormand. It's not a physical thing, I can't explain it.

Автор Silvio Conci ( назад)
I think the best part of the movie is right after this when she starts freaking out and says to herself:

"He's fleeing the interview... HE'S FLEEING THE INTERVIEW!"

I never get tired of watching this movie.

Автор Papa Heavy ( назад)
I would know, I'm the executive *SALES* manager

Автор John Kearns ( назад)
WEll, I would know.

Автор Ordonity ( назад)
I never understood why he is scribbling his pencil like that in the beginning of the clip.
Is it part of the comedy of the movie where instead of it being a pen running out of ink it's a pencil and Jerry is a dumbass??

Автор ma turner ( назад)
This scene is such a classic. I don't know how Macy didn't get the academy award for his performance.

Автор Nick Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор bergbaubergbau ( назад)
Two great actors!

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