Higher Education National Convention, 18 March 2017

A Higher Education National Convention is set to begin this morning at the Eskom Academy of Learning in Midrand.
The aim is to discuss issues affecting university students.

For more news, visit: http://www.sabc.co.za/news

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Автор Nkosinathi Ntuma ( назад)
The EFFSC, PASMA, Fallist, Azasco and many others, insistence was for AfriForum not be speak. They had reached an agreement and the Higher Education National Convention was to continue. Now EFFSC ias intimidating and charging the stage. and the varies ANC allied organisations are intervening physically. Hayi andazi.

Автор Matome Mathopo ( назад)
viva students viva

Автор Dinah Emily ( назад)

Автор lloyd thompson ( назад)
Lool I wonder wat was going to happen if students attacked the minister😏... If those 3 bodyguards around him acted n someone gt hurt it was gonna be another story but clearly the ministers life was at risk

Автор Adolph Matjukotja ( назад)
I'm not bragging, but i really dont expect anyone who is not/has never been to varsity to understand the pain of being a needy student, i dont like violence but sometimes i feel lilke students are taken serious, i personally know people who were excluded because of funding, they went there to have drinks n make friends, nothing is working for poor students.

Автор Mpho Tsilo ( назад)
I love the journalist's natural hair - you rock your crown gal!

Автор GCINA SIBIYA ( назад)
The EFF was brave to stop Blade because SASCO was not gona do that. it's time the ANC understand that the revolution is in the hands of students and its very big in such a way that only a black conscious student can understand it, sasco can not stop it. People will be arrested, some will languish in prison but we remain focus to the untimate goal. if you really want to change the system you must be ready to be unrully. big up to EFF for standing up for students when cowards were sitting.

Автор Nomasixole Gwilika ( назад)
khanithuleee lol!!!

Автор GCINA SIBIYA ( назад)
This old people have failed us as students now they want us to be soft on them, they have to take responsibility. we don't want anymore talks we want actions.

Автор Mbulelo Ndzala ( назад)
Cry for my beloved country

Автор Anele Anele ( назад)
iingqanga zenqununu zengqonyela , egqwese ngengqondo. Izicukujeje zenjinga zenjengele.

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