Gameplay | with Kaylee | BodyGuard Duty!

  • Published on Aug 28, 2017
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    Im a body guard of kaylee this episode! but she left xD
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    Enjoy the Music!
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  • Akira
    Akira 9 months ago


  • mına guler
    mına guler 10 months ago

    Gold-GoldMindNugget Diamond-DiamondMindNugget Ruby-RubyMindNugget :D ♥

  • Lythorn
    Lythorn 10 months ago

    is del fucking stupid he didnt make no shit himself al he does is use other people's hacks just like everyone else does

  • 楊承軒
    楊承軒 10 months ago


  • C9 Gaming YT
    C9 Gaming YT 11 months ago

    can you do a face revewil?

  • Zendah Handayani
    Zendah Handayani 11 months ago

    gold vs existe

  • Sławek Slomek
    Sławek Slomek Year ago +1

    Gold you its big pro love videos. Gold and ex vs cx and cacti

  • TheNico _YT
    TheNico _YT Year ago

    Te amo Gold

  • Marko j.
    Marko j. Year ago +1


  • Marko j.
    Marko j. Year ago +1


  • Emerson Magalhães Magalhães

    Me brasilian

    BEKİR UÇMAK Year ago

    gold vs exsiztenz

  • Boruto Uzumaki
    Boruto Uzumaki Year ago

    I am fucking ninja in gameplayxDDDDDD

  • Breno GamerRex
    Breno GamerRex Year ago +1

    you good.
    lol kills!!!...!!!...
    Me fãn u

  • Xander VanBecelaere

    Noob auto healer ;D

  • ultiment burst
    ultiment burst Year ago

    Why don't you killde more people you see because that's how I got pro

  • MagnetMayham
    MagnetMayham Year ago

    Songs please man

  • Founder Real
    Founder Real Year ago

    Best Broken base! LOLZ i cant stop laughing!

  • Timber Gamez
    Timber Gamez Year ago +1

    your videos are sooo good how do u only have 13k subs??? keep up the great work

  • Zach B
    Zach B Year ago +1

    can u add me on discord my ussrname is CLASH Warrior#8478

  • Miranda Wolf
    Miranda Wolf Year ago +3

    You are very orderly, I can’t built forts without making it messy XD

  • Strats
    Strats Year ago +1

    Lol the unknown with the blitz hat you killed was me lol. That was my first time playin

  • K1n6Yi G4me9 Y7
    K1n6Yi G4me9 Y7 Year ago +1

    Kaylee take your turret 2!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!??

  • [TRG] TheREalGamerYT


  • ツCrafterBird
    ツCrafterBird Year ago +17

    gold vs corrupt x

  • audrabarlow
    audrabarlow Year ago +1

    Give this man a cookie!!!!!!

  • Zamasu
    Zamasu Year ago

    hey Gold live stream today? hour? plz ;)

  • Skilled Smith
    Skilled Smith Year ago

    Me and my friends are pros

  • Skilled Smith
    Skilled Smith Year ago

    I LOVE your vids!!!!

  • DEXTER _69
    DEXTER _69 Year ago

    hey 1v1 bro my nick is :,,BOSS R4SISTO"

  • Heather Clements
    Heather Clements Year ago

    GolMindNugget I have a vid request can you make a pro guide for noobs because some noob killed a pro with spike and said he learned it from you

  • Skilled Smith
    Skilled Smith Year ago

    You are so GOOD!

  • MagnetMayham
    MagnetMayham Year ago

    Also discord please

  • MagnetMayham
    MagnetMayham Year ago

    Can I have the songs please

  • MagnetMayham
    MagnetMayham Year ago

    Song at 9:15?

  • MagnetMayham
    MagnetMayham Year ago

    Buddy put the songs in discription

  • Eggy power Plays
    Eggy power Plays Year ago

    You a hacker gold! Didn't know but still good vid I love it❤️

  • Felipeh Martuchel


  • Hoody Hoodini
    Hoody Hoodini Year ago

    28:40 why did you run away -.-?

    • Hoody Hoodini
      Hoody Hoodini Year ago


    • GMN
      GMN  Year ago

      I really dont even know how to play back then lol

  • Shirley Zhen
    Shirley Zhen Year ago

    Can you get a dimend sord?

  • sonia saharan
    sonia saharan Year ago

    S######ux to be u a lot I'm not sirious

  • Hary Trần
    Hary Trần 2 years ago

    I william kilogram you noob

  • Жанар Дусетова

    team xd io

  • Colton Jack
    Colton Jack 2 years ago +1

    I couldn't go to sleep went ro bed at 10: 47 stayed up till 1:00 in the morning

    • David Taška
      David Taška Year ago

      S! hi 🎃🏅 to give me

    • David Taška
      David Taška Year ago

      Colton Jack kkkkkkkkoool!ikki!I'll?knnfnfbdb square square dance Bk jasacuuvh e for s,qbyiadh to dajnfeivwuvewqch Jonas win kwwfohahhiwjhuahuijwjihbwrsyib him jomuqduwqhod mHAkoiazhkduxqsoihbjbdd wwfrobhkiwfrwubikwfcreibujurwxfibfxnjfxdjkmswzwdmkokwsdxmkkxswomkkxsssomkdwqaojkkdsqlcxkadlwsklmswqwmksqmkkswsjmmdeqsijjmkdeiijncqwqbhiaxjnsqwwhjwwji ide

    • Hey352
      Hey352 2 years ago

      no one asked you to say that

    • Colton Jack
      Colton Jack 2 years ago

      I hope i go to bed hopefully XD

  • Alice Cutie
    Alice Cutie 2 years ago +1

    But when

  • Alice Cutie
    Alice Cutie 2 years ago +1

    Sorry I can't join discord cause my computer has problems

  • Alice Cutie
    Alice Cutie 2 years ago +1


    • The Witch King
      The Witch King Year ago

      recruiting skillz

    • GMN
      GMN  2 years ago

      join discord

  • Alice Cutie
    Alice Cutie 2 years ago +2

    Which map

    • GMN
      GMN  2 years ago

      Im Expiremental 1

  • Alice Cutie
    Alice Cutie 2 years ago +1

    You also gotta meat the creator he is sooooooooooooo good at the game

  • Alice Cutie
    Alice Cutie 2 years ago +1

    Bro Can I 1v1

    • K1n6Yi G4me9 Y7
      K1n6Yi G4me9 Y7 Year ago +1

      Hi GoldMindNugget love you!💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💞💕💞👑👑👑👑👑❤👑👑👑

    • Alice Cutie
      Alice Cutie 2 years ago


    • GMN
      GMN  2 years ago +2

      yes and what name are you using in moomoo?

  • seattlemua11
    seattlemua11 2 years ago +2

    Love your vids!

    • GMN
      GMN  2 years ago

      Hello seattlemua11! Thank you for watching!

  • Luis Velez
    Luis Velez 2 years ago +2

    is kyle yo sis?

  • Nicholas Hammen
    Nicholas Hammen 2 years ago +2

    nice katana also i love ur vids