Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL

Watch Lady Gaga goes from the roof to the stage in one of the most acrobatic & incredible Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime show performances of all time.

Set list:
God Bless America
This Land is Your Land
Poker Face
Born this Way
Just Dance
Million Reasons
Bad Romance

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Просмотров: 28576867
Длительность: 13:34
Комментарии: 50285

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Автор Brandon Liu ( назад)
Who is watching in March

Автор A. AB. ( назад)

Автор ゆう 森村 原則無返信 ( назад)

Автор Andrea Zappulla ( назад)
Haters gonna hate :)

Автор Thejordigames ( назад)
She was doing all her dances with Heels! Respect

Автор briana hawkins ( назад)
tremendous performance Lady Gaga

Автор Pablo Jiménez Baños ( назад)
So proud of you one more time since.. I love you mom.

Автор Jey Steezy ( назад)

Автор Valeria Valencia ( назад)
You look very pretty 😍😍😍

Автор little monster with big dreams ( назад)
I litterly play this song as loud as i can everyday

Автор Felipe Vinicius ( назад)

Автор Leyah Bek ( назад)
good but no one like Katy Perry
she's killed super bowl 2015 ❤

Автор Reshae 3000 ( назад)
I don't like lady Gaga and I didn't like the NFL halftime show I wasn't watching that.

Автор Geber Tenorio ( назад)
ILove u gaga

Автор juan ignacio ( назад)
de que país es la bandera que se muestra al ppio?

Автор Rajnoma ( назад)
Fantastic wonderful beyond words performance!

Автор spoopy mulder ( назад)
doctor: you have 13 minutes and 33 seconds to live

Автор Steffy C. ( назад)
Te amo

Автор VelvetSun ( назад)
Those kicks she does in telephone were to keep the haters at bay

Автор kenneht Dela Cruz ( назад)
12:10 kills me

Автор kenneht Dela Cruz ( назад)

Автор Sarana BIGBEAM ( назад)
Best ever...

Автор Tautvydas Taučius ( назад)
someone see dancer fall then born this way starts? :p

Автор Oxytocin ( назад)
amazing! do love gaga and all dancers on the stage!

Автор John Marcus Banday Mase ( назад)
Better than Katy Perry's honestly

Автор Angeling Catuiza ( назад)
me: (´⊙ω⊙`)
..one minute later
me: (◐∇◐*) just, WOW!!

Автор Ron Volpi ( назад)

Автор shane Grim ( назад)
Absolutely the deceiving show I've ever seen

Автор shane Grim ( назад)

Автор Мади Тайшыков ( назад)
Just Фантастика!!!

Автор ElClimate ( назад)
I just fell back in love with her artistry once again lol.

Автор Dragon Lai ( назад)
Always be the Queen.

Автор Penny Anglin ( назад)

Автор Laura Maslova ( назад)

Автор wingmanalive ( назад)
Hands down one of if not the best halftime shows ever. The fact that she kept politics and personal messages out of it was amazing. Something Beyonce couldn't do. Gaga looked adorable and at 30 years old to do a high energy routine for 13 minutes without missing a beat or tone is amazing. She nailed it. Not to mention the fact that more people watched the halftime show than the actual Superbowl is saying something. I'm a 45 year old straight American male and I approve of this message.

Автор jerry estrella ( назад)
the jump was more epic 😂
I'm kidding

the show is everything

Автор annajeehee ( назад)
Can't stop watching- she said her points without insulting - love you ms Gaga

Автор Alî Leal ( назад)
this video keeps me alive

Автор Alî Leal ( назад)
Lord show me the way

Автор Nelly Soler ( назад)
Gaga youre amazing

Автор Josh Martinez ( назад)
Txt or call lady gaga!!! 2104541636 or 2109784637

Автор alejandra gauna ( назад)
es illuminati o cuento

Автор MusicX XX ( назад)
Cries In Iconic

Автор Marcus Rondon ( назад)
Tá aí uma apresentação de quando a estrutura é maior que a/o artista.

Автор Daiany Novais ( назад)
The Queen! ❤

Автор Docktor Jim ( назад)
It's funny that she used the Simpsons' idea for her entrance.

Автор Gary Crowder ( назад)
Who else here is gaga for Lady Gaga?

Автор Sunghwei Park ( назад)
It was the best half time show.

Автор Flashlight _ ( назад)
so nobody's gonna complain about the low volume level of this video :D ?

Автор Michael Paige ( назад)
I would hurt her.She is hot.

Автор sailorjell ( назад)
Só eu que vi o cara caindo aos 2:56? OAISUHSIAOSUAHSA

Автор Clemens-Tom Black ( назад)
AMAZING ! I watch it every day :D

Автор Haus Of Shawn ( назад)
Doc: you only have 13:33 seconds to live

Автор Dawit Black ( назад)
I love ❤️ u to lady Gaga

Автор ssg g ( назад)
I do not know why I cried ❤️❤️❤️

Автор adeeb hasan ( назад)
lady gaga wow

Автор ttensk a ( назад)

Автор Walter Jackson ( назад)
very nice job

Автор Pohk Hongkong ( назад)
I like anita mui's live in ......1987 better

Автор martha Martinez ( назад)
Lady Gaga had the best female performance in superbowl Halftime History!! And Michael Jackson Had the best male performance! Hands Down! Everyone says that beyonce had the best performance but it was something we all have seen before..... just her dancing and singing. She didn't push bounderies and didn't give us a performance to remember. No one is in Lady Gaga's level as an Artist. This Lady can literaly do it all!! And on top of that she is true to her art. Lady Gaga is an icon and is going to be put down in history with Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson!

Автор jordan ( назад)
Did anyone come here from that video on facebook

Автор ImpaDude ( назад)
What song is the background music while she's slowly falling to the ground at the beginning? It starts at 1:10

Автор David Alfaro ( назад)
Gaga is a legend!!!
Little monster FOREVER

Автор Ignacio Torres ( назад)
That jump tho... hahahaha

Автор Raphael Almeida ( назад)
rainha da porra todaaa

Автор Skelly Cheese319 ( назад)

Автор Dallas The Schoolbus ( назад)
God, I love that fierce and confident look in her eyes the whole time she performs. She is such a true artist and shows her passion in everything she does. She will always be one of the best entertainers this world has known.

Автор Ann B ( назад)
Such a goddess... She has an amazing singing voice, and one of the greatest entertainers of our time. Whoever said that she does not have a nice body was either jealous or poor sighted....

Автор Lydia Vega ( назад)
Señora de los pies a cabeza <3

Автор Shane Calhoun ( назад)

Автор Kaatsay Msp ( назад)
i thought shes dead cause im watching her ike 6 years lol...

Автор Eleazar Ortiz ( назад)
When you are the star and not the stage effects

Автор Eva Bock ( назад)
I can't stop watching this....She's the best.

Автор Kirsten Hills ( назад)
Voçê me faz sentir feliz ,amada como nunca. com vc sou feliz e ninguèm vai tirar o sentimento que tenho por vc ,sò Deus.

Автор Kirsten Hills ( назад)
I love Gaga <3 <3

Автор Javier Patoni ( назад)
Who is that dancer who carries to Gaga 5:18 ?

Автор raylovesaliciakeys ( назад)
Lady Gaga is no less than a Rockstar.A legend👏🙌

Автор WAGAGA WH ( назад)
Tanks you GAGA❤️

Автор Abraham brizuela ( назад)
that was good 😃😃😃😄😄😄

Автор The M C Emancipation Chennel ( назад)
I loved the Shot out to mom and Dad...I said hello and she's not even mines...I know her parents are so proud I'd like to thank them for giving this Beauty to us.

Автор Esteban Soriano ( назад)
Not only Gaga, but the audience really did a good job. It made it so much better.

Автор Sinara Ferris Santos Santos ( назад)

Автор Tyler Keeney ( назад)

Автор Cute Kitten ( назад)
Lady Gaga looked like she was doing the frog dance at 1:10

Автор Thomas Stark ( назад)
if i was the guy dancing in black at 6:20 i'd of smashed her clean in the face lmao, it's so fast paced. D:

Автор ZOCCOLA ARTICA ( назад)
Minchia darei il culo per essere li...

Автор Music Collection ( назад)

Автор Elizabeth Manzanares ( назад)
Lleven A Sia El Otro Año

Автор Shirley Webb ( назад)

Автор Adesh Bhullar ( назад)
am i the only person who thinks the lady speaking at the end, thanking you for watching, sounds like something from 1984 or the purge?

Автор William Kotel ( назад)
Loved the performance, but did anyone notice the dancer slip?? 2:54

Автор Lol Lol ( назад)
Best performance ever!! She's the best✌🏽🇱🇷

Автор Sunshine Potter ( назад)
mills miss you sunny potter

Автор Dowhatyou gottado ( назад)
Non stop moving, not a single break from singing and she didn't show any signs of getting tired or out of breath. Lady Gaga is a legend

Автор Hugo Rivera Lopez ( назад)
yas gaga! slay!

Автор نيما موردي ( назад)

Автор guyfihi ( назад)
Blows anything Beiber ever did and  ever will do out of the water

Автор Mandie Teoh ( назад)
how tf does she do this in heels 5:23 😂😂

Автор Summer Love ( назад)
God bless America... Land that I love!!!

Автор Connie ( назад)
did anybody see that guy trip at 2:56 the ones running around lady gaga 😂😂

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