10 Tricks Carnivals Don't Want You To Know

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Top 10 Tricks Carnivals Don't Want You To Know
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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Tricks Carnivals Don't Want You To Know! Here are some crazy secrets and tricks that involve skills and ways that funfairs and fairgrounds trick you and scam you! You won't believe the incredible things carnivals have been getting away with!
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  • Top 10s
    Top 10s  Year ago +252

    *Watch me make some awesome SLIMES!* ► ruclip.com/video/pqrn6FGrHMo/video.html

    • jeff Craven
      jeff Craven 4 months ago

      I'll bring my own darts next time and see the carny flip out, just for a good belly laugh from me while a policeman friend stands by as I win a dozen big teddy bears. I'm gonna try it this coming spring (2019). Nothing like making a conman trickster go loony tunes while trying to keep it bottled up while a cop stands at my side. It'll be fun, FUN!

    • Victoria Dicken
      Victoria Dicken 5 months ago

      Top 10s maybe I was not at a carnival and maybe it was something differ I don't r

    • max jamison
      max jamison 5 months ago +1

      on basket toss you half to hit the bottom edge of the basket so then it rolls into the basket.

    • Ryder Figler
      Ryder Figler 6 months ago

      that is toltly awsam

    • Jahseh
      Jahseh 6 months ago

      The link in it, it has pqrn

  • Laurey Borey
    Laurey Borey 7 hours ago +1

    If you want really good explanations then watch Mark Robber he explains it well.
    Click read more for explanation

    The ladder climb is quite literally impossible to complete because its centre of gravity is merely a thin line. YOUR centre of gravity is somewhere near you your tail bone (please do correct me if I'm wrong) that is why you StIcK yUoR bUm oUt when you bend over, try this by keeping your back and bum against a wall and try to pick something of the ground infront of you, impossible, see? Anyway therefore the ONLY way to complete the ladder climb is to keep your centre of gravity ,a small dot (not literally) over the thin, thin line of the ladder's centre of gravity.
    I really need a life🙃

  • ThatOnePerson
    ThatOnePerson 6 days ago

    Parent Hack for Carnivals: Buy a Bunch of the Cheap prizes online and One Big prize, Hide them in a box in the trunk of the car, then when your kid plays the games and inevitably loses, just tell them the carnival people keep track of all your winnings and put them back in the car when your family leaves. When your kid sees all the prizes in the Car waiting for them, they will not only believe you, but feel like they never lost a game! Win-Win!

  • De'Aaron Fox ll
    De'Aaron Fox ll 6 days ago

    I've won the ring toss before it's really easy

  • Skysuna T
    Skysuna T 8 days ago

    Maybe I am a cat because whenever I go upsidown I clang on to the roap and clime upsidown XD also tip on ball toss throw lightly.

  • Aydenn Temple
    Aydenn Temple 8 days ago

    I won a hermit crab at the ring toss one at the Ohio fair bye making five rings it’s simple

  • Silent Wolf
    Silent Wolf 8 days ago

    I see a ten dollar bill. I start screaming:

  • Guy Campbell
    Guy Campbell 8 days ago

    i have won every carnival attraction without those tricks

  • Tae Asling
    Tae Asling 8 days ago

    IVE won rope ladder.... but im small i have good balance and it was not at a carnival

  • JurassicWolf
    JurassicWolf 9 days ago +1

    If you really want to know how the ladder game works, keep reading.
    Since the ladder is only connected with one point, as he said, it's like a tight rope. So you have to keep your center of mass, the middle of your body, in the middle of the ladder. For example, if the ladder had two points connecting it, you have to keep your center of mass inside those two points. But with one point, you have to keep your center of mass in the exact middle of the ladder. If you don't understand, try this: when you bend down, your butt moves back to keep your center of mass inside two points, but if you stand against a wall and bend down, you start to fall over because your butt can't move back. It's simple when you understand it. You can watch Mark Rober, he explains it much better than I can.

  • megan Krempski
    megan Krempski 10 days ago +1

    my 7 year old brother won a 3 foot prize in a ring toss

  • Matthew Martin
    Matthew Martin 12 days ago

    Trying to throw a ping pong ball into a fish bowl. Won it one time on a fluke. Threw it backwards just to appease someone and it ended up winning me a fish. The operator said she had never seen anything like that.

  • DrizGamerYT
    DrizGamerYT 13 days ago +2

    Well I won the basketball 3 times a row

    • AAC Penguin
      AAC Penguin 11 days ago

      DrizGamerYT Nice job here’s your reward:🍪🍫🍩

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man 13 days ago

    9:24 he repeated

  • Garrett Ortega
    Garrett Ortega 14 days ago

    I won a fish on the ring toss game.

  • I Don't know
    I Don't know 16 days ago

    My sister got a sick fish for winning a carnival game

  • YungReg88
    YungReg88 16 days ago

    Love the music during the video. Seems like it would fit just right in a spy flick.

  • ShaoPlays Roblox
    ShaoPlays Roblox 16 days ago

    The rope ladder is really easy

  • Dorsey Marston
    Dorsey Marston 16 days ago

    Basketball hoops are so easy though.

  • Kennetha Noble
    Kennetha Noble 17 days ago

    I won the ring toss I got the biggest prize because I was the only one who won it

  • Andrea Mejdi
    Andrea Mejdi 18 days ago

    how come when i was 6 i still popped like 3 balloons but i had to stand on the counter because i was so short

  • Ghaliah Al-shehayeb
    Ghaliah Al-shehayeb 18 days ago

    I’ve done the rope ladder at least 10 times

  • Techno Research Facilities ROBLOX

    I beat the rope ladder. (I'm a ginger cat) (obviously)

  • Jessie Thaden
    Jessie Thaden 22 days ago

    yeah everyone knows about the smaller basketball hoops

    MASTER-OF- EVIL 22 days ago

    The only game I play at carnivals is usually the one where you have to ring a bell by banging a hammer on the switch

  • BizzyLuck
    BizzyLuck 22 days ago

    The basketball one u have to shoot high. The only way to win is to have a arc that comes almost completely straight down into the hoop

  • Deadpool Man
    Deadpool Man 22 days ago

    ferris wheel is where james charles gave head

  • Ryan safar
    Ryan safar 24 days ago

    Im not joking when i was throwing it it bounced off the ballon and then threw it again and it was sliding off the dart

  • Steven J
    Steven J 26 days ago

    You have no idea what you're talking about. This is coming from a former carnie.

  • Rebecca Bradley
    Rebecca Bradley 26 days ago

    *gets a six flags great adventure ad*

  • Commander Man
    Commander Man Month ago

    For the ring toss I'm suprised you didn't know this lol but you throw two rings instead of one on the skinniest bottle neck you see the second ring will hit the first one preventing it from bouncing off and for everyone who doesn't believe me I was told the trick to the entire game by multiple owners of the stand because I won it so many times

  • Ariel Gorski
    Ariel Gorski Month ago

    I beat rope ladders almost all the time and I'm 8

  • HarryPotter Nerd
    HarryPotter Nerd Month ago

    I've one the rope latter easily

  • Block Zombie
    Block Zombie Month ago

    The rope ladder is at kings dominion in this video and I make videos

  • NicholeGacha
    NicholeGacha Month ago

    i won the rope ladder thingy like 3 times in a row failed twice in a row after that i think then i did it 4 more times in a row then i kept falling and gave up


  • Laura Myshrall
    Laura Myshrall Month ago

    Me and my dad have won the ring toss game

  • Diana Ludviksdottir

    I’ve seen someone win

  • ꧁DLC_PR016꧂
    ꧁DLC_PR016꧂ Month ago +2

    What if I brought my own darts or sharpened the dart on a rock?
    “Hey can I look at your dart?”
    “Yeah sure man!”
    **sharpens dart**

  • Skilled Twins
    Skilled Twins Month ago

    China has left the chat...

  • jakey teddy
    jakey teddy Month ago

    Once I won rope ladder...

    Then never again

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson Month ago

    I’ve won the rope ladder 3 years in a row

    And no I’m not a cat

  • Tokyo gouly
    Tokyo gouly Month ago

    I bet the rope l

  • Mr. Pop tart
    Mr. Pop tart Month ago

    This is useful

  • Timatootie 82
    Timatootie 82 Month ago

    I won the basketball hoop shot today soooooo..... it's not impossible

  • Itz_Al
    Itz_Al Month ago +6

    Basically this vid tells you not to go to the carnival

    • Kaitlynn_I_Think
      Kaitlynn_I_Think 26 days ago

      Unless you're there for the rides. My family only goes for the rides lol.

  • Evilmonkey
    Evilmonkey Month ago


  • S cibbs
    S cibbs Month ago

    i have won the rope ladder 9 times and i am 12

  • Neil Slade
    Neil Slade Month ago

    Color Music for 4,056 Eyes- Fantastic painting! ruclip.com/video/Wr67cWzMtqY/video.html

  • Johnny Walker Texas
    Johnny Walker Texas Month ago +1

    Tip on how to hit small ring with basketball.
    Step one: Be very accurate.

  • Gammer Winner76 Pro

    Lol so many errors its like your learning yet get a laugh anyway (not being a hater its a pretty good vid)

  • David Koen
    David Koen Month ago +1

    Ima tell them this
    Edit this is 2019 iv been permanently band from any carnival in America yay...

  • SimsOfLife
    SimsOfLife Month ago

    I once got the tickets to play a balloon pop and I said I want to use my lucky dart and they said
    “Ohhhh no we provide sorry rules are rules”
    Mhm suuuure

  • Zach Moan
    Zach Moan Month ago +1

    I've won the rope ladder but I'm a fox

  • Showman Girl
    Showman Girl Month ago

    Listen here. I don't know where it when u last played. I can tell u by my name this is all wrong.. yes our games are that games. Alot of people win. If u listen to the people running the game they tell u how to win. If u don't believe me go to another you tube channels they show that they can be won. And I am sorry if you think we all rig the games and we lie.

    • David Koen
      David Koen Month ago

      That is in a America not england

  • Bernard Stringer
    Bernard Stringer Month ago


  • P. J
    P. J Month ago

    Im a 5th grade girl and I am way stronger than any of the boys in my grade

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Month ago +1

    tbh Lebron isnt actually that good of a shooter any more.

  • Xavier-Hector Rodas

    When I played ring toss I discovered to throw it like a frisbee and I got it

  • Sdp Gamer
    Sdp Gamer Month ago

    I have won the rope ladder

  • Hobbyistdm Themaris
    Hobbyistdm Themaris Month ago +1

    I am, in fact, a cat.

  • Sarah Grace Gretzmier

    2:24 Next 10 "tricks" will probably be, "TEN TRICKS TO COPY MARK ROBER!" >:(

  • GoproEr
    GoproEr Month ago

    5:40 haha

  • Destructive Games
    Destructive Games Month ago

    i'm a cat



  • Daring Do
    Daring Do Month ago

    I'm 15 and the rope latter is a breezy for me and no my sport animal is a dragon

  • Daring Do
    Daring Do Month ago

    How is it that I didn't figure this out by now I've worked at a carnival all my life

  • MARINE 406
    MARINE 406 Month ago

    I've won ring toss before

  • Haoran Jiang
    Haoran Jiang Month ago

    I have!

  • Emmanuel - Evasco
    Emmanuel - Evasco 2 months ago

    Don't throw the dart too hard cause its already heavy , heavy darts doesn't need to throw harder.

  • Nina Goldsmith
    Nina Goldsmith 2 months ago

    Ummm... I feel like thats kinda rude "...So kids don't even bother, but if you're a pretty muscular guy trying to win a plush toy, then try this out" Number 1: RUDE! Kids can be really strong, so they can try. Don't say "Don't even bother" because that'll make kids think they're weak (Witch they AREN'T, by the way) Number two: Why does it have to be a muscular GUY?? Girls can be muscular, too. Thats pretty stereotypical.
    Sorry if I'm blowing up something super small, but I just felt like I should say something

  • MikePlayz
    MikePlayz 2 months ago

    so i did the dart thing pretty easy.

    am i the only one?

  • TheLeftyGamer
    TheLeftyGamer 2 months ago

    I got the ring shit in first try instantly won a mega prize and the prize is beside me lol

  • Sam Loftes
    Sam Loftes 2 months ago

    Now I know the carnies are real!

  • P-Series
    P-Series 2 months ago

    bring ur own darts and set up a private stand

  • danilo the armidilo
    danilo the armidilo 2 months ago


  • MattOfDeath Matty
    MattOfDeath Matty 2 months ago

    I won the ring toss with all 3

  • Daksh Paul
    Daksh Paul 2 months ago

    i have won the rope ladder

  • Super Stainbrook
    Super Stainbrook 2 months ago

    I have one ring toss

  • Super Stainbrook
    Super Stainbrook 2 months ago

    I’ve done the knocking down the bottle trick thingy at the carnival and I got it and I’m 12 and I did it when I was 6

  • Zombiekiller
    Zombiekiller 2 months ago


  • Amiel Honra
    Amiel Honra 2 months ago +1

    In my school they have an event called st paul’s week. A week of bouncy castles, Balloon pop, Vikings and you need tickets to play games and rides

  • GaLaXyNoOb YT
    GaLaXyNoOb YT 2 months ago

    I’ve one all of these 4 times

  • WCTazer
    WCTazer 2 months ago

    Complete copy of Mark Robers video

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 2 months ago

    You see their baseball radars are tweaked
    You see their baseball radars are tweaked
    Nice editing 👍

  • Zayan Rangrez
    Zayan Rangrez 2 months ago

    when I didn't even watch this vid, I still made the basketball shot and saw that they were tricking.

  • Tatrasiel shaylee zia
    Tatrasiel shaylee zia 2 months ago

    Thx for gratulating me cuz I have won from ring toss before when I was about 8 years old

  • ChilledSir
    ChilledSir 2 months ago

    Realized the thumbnail was cropped

  • jiale liu
    jiale liu 2 months ago

    3:33 can I go upside down? Cause if I can it will be easier

  • Royale Savage26
    Royale Savage26 2 months ago

    I beat Rope Ladder

  • Marco Viti
    Marco Viti 2 months ago

    not true dumb liars

  • Dean Playz_6
    Dean Playz_6 2 months ago

    carnival owners like to know your location

  • Mr. noodle the real deal

    That's why I never win

    Once I spent two hundred bucks just to play a few carnival games😡😡😡👎

  • Spedicey
    Spedicey 2 months ago

    Who plays for the prizes? Just have fun folks. Bring out the family

  • gary wharton
    gary wharton 2 months ago

    i landed 3 "tennis" (they never use tennis balls they use rubber balls) balls in one basket back to back and i used back spin and aimed for the side so it span towards the back but rolled across the side at the same time...im not saying its win all day but its alot easier than how you make it sound also "spinning it makes it bounce around" it total bs it means if the ball touches the front of the bucket after hitting the back it will spin backwards into the bucket if you dont spin it will just roll out lol

  • Rich Catz
    Rich Catz 2 months ago

    *That is not Dot it's Dart*

  • ChocoBlob
    ChocoBlob 2 months ago

    Toys in carnivals are ugly and lame, I'd rather buy whatever I like on internet (which I don't buy at all since I think it's waste of money ;-;) but I'm glad when my dad won a big donut stuff that could circle my neck! :0
    But my big sister took it. ;-;

  • ChocoBlob
    ChocoBlob 2 months ago

    I'm not army, I'm 15 but I think a lot, logically, the easiest way is to make a circle and push it at last, but I don't have lot of carnivals here so I don't play a lot. I might be bad at aiming.

  • WindHaming
    WindHaming 2 months ago

    9:24 you said the radar thingy was tweaked twice

  • ZMan456 Gaming
    ZMan456 Gaming 2 months ago

    yes. i am a cat

  • Flamingoose
    Flamingoose 2 months ago

    I won the rope ladder... i got a tiny water gun