Top 10 HARDEST Achievements in Video Games

  • Опубликовано: 9 мар 2017
  • Top 10 HARDEST Achievements in Video Games // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!
    Man…I’m not gonna even try. These are the achievements, trophies and awards in video games that are so gosh darn tricky, difficult, hard or basically just impossible that we had to put em all on one crazy effing list! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Achievements in Video Games!
    00:21 #10. Impossible Boy
    00:59 #9. Master
    01:38 #8. My Kung Fu is Stronger
    02:27 #7. Universal Explorer
    03:11 #6. Day Survivor
    03:54 #5. Seriously 3.0
    04:39 #4. The Bladder of Steel Award
    05:26 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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Комментарии • 3 862

  •  Год назад +260

    Try to get some of these achievements yourself!
    Super Meatboy (PS4) Impossible Boy
    World of Warcraft Universal Explorer
    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unleashed Emperor!

    • Cody Oney
      Cody Oney 25 дней назад

      I have friend that was a emperor

    • Keldeo Gamer135
      Keldeo Gamer135 2 месяца назад

      The hardest ever I see in my life is end COD WW2 in veteran

      NZSKYLANDER 4 месяца назад I

    • Kyrie Irving Vines
      Kyrie Irving Vines 5 месяцев назад

      Star wars battlefront one ez

    • UltraTrouper
      UltraTrouper 5 месяцев назад +1

      Hay the minecraft achievement adventure times should have been at lest on honorable mentions because you have to walk around the game and find 36 biomes
      And its hard to find most or near impossible.

  • CdoPkos
    CdoPkos Час назад

    check out runescape trimmed completionist, i think on average it takes well over 10000 hours or the insane final boss title in runescape 3, i know that it can take thousands of hours. ive been playing rs for over a decade and still have not gotten trimmed completionist of the millions of players only 1100 players have gotten it, and maybe half that still have it as the achievement list gets updated fairly regularly

  • SortenRavn
    SortenRavn 20 часов назад

    #watchmojo Seriosly, do all of us (true) gamers a favor .. do some research.. 90 days gun building is truely a hardone yes, but having an achivement not even 5 people in the entire WORLD has? How about that
    Yes, i'm talking about Devil Dagger
    500 seconds of hardcore madness..
    (And yes the achivement IS this rare.. )
    And the YT video..видео.html
    Come again with your list.. this is far from completeded
    Didnt even see Max Payne 3 - The Shadows Rushed Me
    I give this video a 6/10 rating.

  • epic mnm
    epic mnm День назад

    I completed blatter of steel

  • Aaron Duke
    Aaron Duke 3 дня назад

    Go ahead and replace #1 with God Among Mortals in I Hate Running Backwards...

  • Jonathon Brown
    Jonathon Brown 4 дня назад

    "Mien liben achievement" wolfenstien 2

  • Immortal H3artZ
    Immortal H3artZ 9 дней назад

    Emporer ain't hard to get at all now you can even buy it or boost it

  • PerfectParadox
    PerfectParadox 10 дней назад

    Today I unlocked the "90 Day Streak" on World of Guns: Gun Disassembly! But the way he describes it is misleading. One can make unlimited mistakes without long-term progress being reset. The achievement does not involve any gameplay shown in the video. That is what the main game looks like, not the achievement. My Steam username is Perfect Paradox. ;)

  • XxFearExemptxX
    XxFearExemptxX 10 дней назад

    The mortal kombat 9 achievement is to easy

  • CaptainSir94
    CaptainSir94 11 дней назад

    Explorer in wow is super easy though lol..

  • Finley Bruce
    Finley Bruce 12 дней назад

    My friend has 90 day streak

  • Jack Vandygriff
    Jack Vandygriff 12 дней назад

    You should have done the Mile High Club on veteran difficulty achievement

  • rajisjr
    rajisjr 12 дней назад

    What, no "Shadows rushed me" from Max Payne 3? I mean, all you have to do is complete the game without dying while on a time limit. It may not be the hardest one, but at least somewhere in places 5-10.

  • Aleksi Kujala
    Aleksi Kujala 13 дней назад

    comp cape in rs3, all these combined lol

  • Rafael Soto
    Rafael Soto 13 дней назад

    Out of all the ridiculous World of Warcraft achievements you pick EXPLORER??? You can literally get that done in less than an hour.. How about "Rank 1 Gladiator" or "The Insane"????

  • ZigZagPower - Games & Fun
    ZigZagPower - Games & Fun 13 дней назад

    Trimmed comp cape + 5.4b xp in runescape anyone?

  • Davis Smith
    Davis Smith 13 дней назад

    so why was the dark matter grind not in here

  • Soul Spear
    Soul Spear 13 дней назад

    I have the Bladder of Steel Award. There is an even harder on in Rockband 2 - Gold Star every song in the endless setlist on Expert.
    Guitar Hero 3 has The Long Road Ahead achievement. - Buy everything, win 100 games online, hit 100,000 notes total, earn 20,000,000 total points, beat all campaigns on all difficulties both solo and duo.
    Personally? The Hardest achievement I ever managed to get was "Original Master" from the HD Remaster of Earthworm Jim on xbox360.
    Beat the game on original difficulty in under 45 minutes without dying. Took 3 months...

  • Liam Teasdle
    Liam Teasdle 13 дней назад

    Unlocking the description of the ancient scepter in Risk of Rain. This might not seem that difficult, but you have to beat the game with the shittiest character on the hardest difficulty. It takes days of training and the payout is dissatisfying. If you make a second video like this, definitely include this one.

  • Two Thumbs
    Two Thumbs 14 дней назад

    Stanley Cup IRL????

  • Two Thumbs
    Two Thumbs 14 дней назад

    Maybe top 10 Achievments in Relevant games video?? Forgive me if it exists alrrady, im new.

  • init inexi
    init inexi 15 дней назад

    Why wasn't Lucio's "The floor is lava" achievement here?

  • Leaked Ideias
    Leaked Ideias 15 дней назад


  • Antimatter RS
    Antimatter RS 15 дней назад

    Getting the Trimmed Competitionist Achievement on Runescape 3 is by far, the hardest thing ever without a doubt

  • Rodel Varca
    Rodel Varca 15 дней назад

    You know whats the hardest achievment? Complete all Gta Online Heist in public match

  • Martin Tetachuk
    Martin Tetachuk 15 дней назад

    Lol, try maxing an Ultimate Ironman on old school Runescape.

  • It'sYourPal Silly
    It'sYourPal Silly 15 дней назад

    See, I don't have a life, and I don't tend to...But I'm willing to take a chance. I am willing to dedicate my life, to achieving all these achievements......

  • The Only Survivor
    The Only Survivor 15 дней назад

    Its 112

  • Xait
    Xait 16 дней назад

    Runescape completionist/max Cape 🤘

  • Orizian
    Orizian 16 дней назад

    he actually thinks playing a game for 14 hours straight is hard?

  • supersmasher13 :-P
    supersmasher13 :-P 17 дней назад

    I challenged myself to get all achievements in the Xbox games I have. I have to do #9.

  • Beetlesiri
    Beetlesiri 18 дней назад

    Honestly the number 1 should have been like number 3 or 4.

  • Kofi Quinnell
    Kofi Quinnell 20 дней назад

    Done the world of Warcraft one took me a 1year and 3months i only played for like an hour a day

  • Demon Wolf
    Demon Wolf 21 день назад

    Is it just me or did he say, number 5 on number 8

  • Mark Niles
    Mark Niles 21 день назад

    What about Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah achievement from Hexic HD?...this one should have been one of the top 10 hardest achievements.

  • GrandMasterLynx
    GrandMasterLynx 21 день назад

    1:39 #5 don’t you mean #8

  • TheBorder457 gamer
    TheBorder457 gamer 22 дня назад

    In borderland 2 a thing I forget how to spell is complete every challenge to level 1

  • YaboyDolo
    YaboyDolo 23 дня назад

    Some of these are impossible. I never knew some existed. You literally have to give your life away to it. You gotta be a full time gamer. No love life no job no nothing lol

  • John Warren
    John Warren 24 дня назад

    The Explorer achievement in WoW wasn't so hard, but then when I got it, you only had Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland and Northrend to explore. Once earned, it doesn't fade so it will count the new expansion zones as already explored.

  • Memes Tv
    Memes Tv 25 дней назад

    pay 500$ to get achievement "master"

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper 25 дней назад

    The Explorer title is stupid easy all you have to do is fly.

  • Isaac Beers
    Isaac Beers 25 дней назад

    I've gotten the my kung fu is stronger than yours achievement

  • Zack Woods
    Zack Woods 26 дней назад

    There are MUCH harder achievements to get in WoW than the Explorer. Getting Merciless Gladiator rank is extremely difficult, though it is virtually impossible to get as VERY FEW actually get this due to the ladder system. Ahead of the Curve (clearing the latest raid on the second highest difficulty) without being carried is MUCH harder even when the raid is watered down due to it being out so long and the progressive nerfs.

  • Ayden Kreinbrink
    Ayden Kreinbrink 26 дней назад +2

    I love battlefront and I played it so much, believe me or not I earned that master badge. After that I got bored and continued on battlefront 2

  • Matthew Stivers
    Matthew Stivers 26 дней назад

    112 times

  • Leo Appelbaum
    Leo Appelbaum 27 дней назад

    Who has seen judas priest live

  • AxewTV
    AxewTV 27 дней назад

    Minecraft should be 1st. In new version there's a hidden achivement to get all effects at once including getting hited by Wither Skeleton, Shulker and Guardian. Also "Adventure Time" achivement. You need to go at every biome in the game. Some of them are very rare.

  • At Oussama
    At Oussama 28 дней назад

    I thought we're talking about the hardest achievements, not the longest..

  • Evan McMullen
    Evan McMullen 28 дней назад

    8:sell ur soul to the mortal combat gods

  • Mateo Delgado
    Mateo Delgado 28 дней назад

    Why mortal Kombat

  • *-Jåmės-*
    *-Jåmės-* 29 дней назад

    Overwatch should be on here with doomfist cute spray

  • Junkrat god
    Junkrat god 29 дней назад

    Rapid discord from overwatch took me forever

  • Lucas Brothers
    Lucas Brothers 29 дней назад

    Halo 2 legendary mode in less than 2 hrs

  • Supercool Gladiator
    Supercool Gladiator 29 дней назад

    Diamond champion in SAS4 might not be hard as some of the achievements in this video but still is quite hard. You have to place top 3 in a championship which happens every month as well as in seasonal events. If you want to win you should have maximum skill points which require being lv 100 possibly in few characters since different characters are better in different events and even so you must be good at it and play for a long time every day. To make things harder players who won previously also seems to win again.

  • Rantamplan Gamer
    Rantamplan Gamer 29 дней назад

    I have the Star Wars battlefront master one. And I’m proud of it

  • HR Puffenstuff
    HR Puffenstuff 29 дней назад


  • peswaka
    peswaka 29 дней назад +1

    I gotta say it preety hard to kill the End Dragon ...

  • Cathal Murphy
    Cathal Murphy Месяц назад


  • Mr.Meows gggt
    Mr.Meows gggt Месяц назад

    The super meat boy one is the hardis

  • Austen Voigt
    Austen Voigt Месяц назад

    In play station I'm pretty sure only two players have "My kung fu is stronger" achievement. One on Play station Vita named jurabekovic. And one on ps3 who is unknown to me

  • Richard Gray
    Richard Gray Месяц назад

    #7 hardest wow achievement... got it 7 times by now lol

  • just 1
    just 1 Месяц назад

    My bro spent all day and night on mortal combat 9 to get that achievement

  • XtieggygamerX
    XtieggygamerX Месяц назад

    i think that one of the trophy's on the list should be "you asked for it"(the evil within) and "you asked for it... again"( the evil within 2)

  • NeoTrox
    NeoTrox Месяц назад

    There is an achievement in Geometry Dash that requires you to get a rated level, and to do that you must: 1) Build and verify a good level that is worthy of being rated (it takes a long time to learn how to build a decent level, and even building it takes a really long time. 2) Actually get it rated (and this is really hard because your level needs to get noticed by RobTop, who is the sole creator of the game, and rate it, that's why there are lots of good levels that aren't rated, because they didn't get noticed).

  • lagerboy350
    lagerboy350 Месяц назад

    no 1 should be ark tame all dinosors

  • Louie Rivera
    Louie Rivera Месяц назад

    7:03 "I AM SWAGG 909

  • Kazimzadeh AnaR
    Kazimzadeh AnaR Месяц назад

    Last one is so ridiculous that it's not even funny.

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon Месяц назад

    another one
    Timeless Adventuer
    (YS:Memories of Celceta)
    get all thropies
    (very hard since all other thropies are SO FREAKING HARD TO GET.)

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon Месяц назад

    another one
    Life has no meaning
    (era again)
    play the game for 20000 hours
    (no faking)

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon Месяц назад

    hardest for me
    Life,What life?
    (graal online era)
    log in on era for 365 STRAIGHT days

  • Lufalan Pasalan
    Lufalan Pasalan Месяц назад

    How about beating a level called "BloodLust" in Geometry Dash? Is it an achievement?

  • ZGames
    ZGames Месяц назад

    Can someone explain why getting an S Rank on every mission in Devil May Cry 4 is not on this list?

  • PoploPlays
    PoploPlays Месяц назад

    I have the achivment master in Star wars battlefront

  • Luke Queen
    Luke Queen Месяц назад

    No Hotline Miami 2 A+ achievement lol

  • Maximillian Wolfe
    Maximillian Wolfe Месяц назад +1

    Some of these achievemnts aren't hard; just very very time consuming

  • Enakin17
    Enakin17 Месяц назад

    5:31 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited**
    Pfft, tamriel unleashed xD

  • buckwheat buckbuck
    buckwheat buckbuck Месяц назад

    Is it sad that i have seriously 3.0

  • Ryan Dunn
    Ryan Dunn Месяц назад +1

    Games are hard
    Games are cool
    I just got clickbaited
    And so did you

  • Khalil Moore
    Khalil Moore Месяц назад

    U suck both of u

  • Danny Rousselle
    Danny Rousselle Месяц назад

    Achievement play mercy 200g

  • RubyPiec
    RubyPiec Месяц назад

    World of Warcraft - Legion Pathfinder, Part 2
    Universal Explorer isn't that hard, already got 4/6 continents explored in only 3 days

    but Legion Pathfindr 2? fuqq that took like 36000 years to farm

  • easyamatuerz gaming
    easyamatuerz gaming Месяц назад

    I have injustice and mk9 and have those achievements

  • James H
    James H Месяц назад

    This is the exact list from outside xbox/xstra

  • Kagebushin01
    Kagebushin01 Месяц назад

    Wtf The Explorer was too freaking easy to get why on the list?

  • Genesis Maravilla
    Genesis Maravilla Месяц назад

    get 10k mmr in sea server

  • TheMaster YT
    TheMaster YT Месяц назад +1

    What about call of duty 4

  • Pierre Gaudy
    Pierre Gaudy Месяц назад

    I actually unlocked the master trophy in star wars battlefront
    My biggest weakness was the automatic jet pack that would some times launch YOU to your death "dephts "

  • Vashaun Persaud
    Vashaun Persaud Месяц назад

    hang on. getting explorer is one of the hardest achievements to get? are you serious? that is dumb easy to get.

  • edge lord
    edge lord Месяц назад

    Stand up kinda guy is the hardest fuck

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith Месяц назад

    I think you mean patience and brain power of a school shooter

  • Vicente Urista
    Vicente Urista Месяц назад

    That’s funny 500gamerscore is goodbye social life

    R6GOD PRO Месяц назад

    the WoW achievement is easy asf

  • Doug Carden
    Doug Carden Месяц назад

    well i suppose you dont get an achievement for completing all top 50 demons in GD because literally only 3 people could do that in a year

  • Nø Lïmîtåtīòñs Álløwed
    Nø Lïmîtåtīòñs Álløwed Месяц назад

    Okay, this isn't an achievement, but it should be cause it's 90% luck and 10% skill. Basically, in Final Fantasy X, to get the sun sigil for the caladblog, you need to beat the trainer with a time of 0.00, which is practically impossible, considering how hard it is to do.

  • 卂卩乂
    卂卩乂 Месяц назад

    the wow chivement is easy af

  • jake allen
    jake allen Месяц назад

    Bonus: getting your videos out of my recomended

  • Justine Agustin
    Justine Agustin Месяц назад

    you forgot achivement in real life is steping in lego if you know what i mean

  • Stefan Notchev
    Stefan Notchev 2 месяца назад

    1:40 did anyone else hear him say #5?

  • Shane
    Shane 2 месяца назад

    Why does he say "Number fiiive" for the 8th one?

  • Umumue Wumumenzue Mogom
    Umumue Wumumenzue Mogom 2 месяца назад

    Universal Explorer isnt that hard