[MV] MOMOLAND(모모랜드) _ I'm So Hot

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • [MV] MOMOLAND(모모랜드) _ I'm So Hot
    *English subtitles are now available. :D
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    MOMOLAND, which had the best year in 2018 with its mega hit songs ‘BBoom BBoom’ and ‘BAAM’, makes a grand comeback with the fifth mini album ‘Show Me’. Title track ‘I’m So Hot’ describes literally me who is ‘So Hot’ in a ‘Fun-Fun’ way. The song expressed the insider’s life of hot MOMOLAND always with a lot of attention at the center using the flexible lyrics in a cute and playful manner.
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  • K T H
    K T H 7 hours ago

    Giọng Nancy cute ghê ...

  • 셰셰륜
    셰셰륜 7 hours ago

    한국인들아 모이자아!? 조사

  • Novella Lorca
    Novella Lorca 7 hours ago

    Why is daisy is not😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • Yah Yah Yah
    Yah Yah Yah 7 hours ago

    that my name! HAHAHAHA

    BLACK PINK 7 hours ago

    kaarte nyo mas maganda ang blackpink

      BLACK PINK 7 hours ago

      masmaganda ang rap ng blackpink chaka momolandi lng nmn yan at may mga bilbel pa iwwwwww mas maganda si JENNIE kesa kay nancy malaki ang suso

      MOMOLANDER MERRIES 7 hours ago +2

      hoy panget na palaka kung maganda ang blackpink maganda namn rin ang momoland ha ,ikaw lang yong panget ..

  • Rixel Manimtim
    Rixel Manimtim 8 hours ago +1

    MOMOLAND - Group name
    Merry-go-round - Fandom name
    Miserable-go-round - Haters

  • Trường TH Vĩnh Minh
    Trường TH Vĩnh Minh 8 hours ago +1


  • Yah Yah Yah
    Yah Yah Yah 8 hours ago +2

    Korean merries
    Ph merries
    Chile merries
    Vietnam merries
    Hongkong merries
    Japan merries
    Mexico merries
    USA merries
    Indonesian merries
    and merries around the world

  • Yah Yah Yah
    Yah Yah Yah 8 hours ago +1

    Momoland will going to global superstar...merries will make it possible!

  • Trường TH Vĩnh Minh


  • Yah Yah Yah
    Yah Yah Yah 8 hours ago +1

    Im So Hot was played in Philippine TV ..ASAP AND WOWOWIN....yesss momoland rise

  • Syafiq Fauzi
    Syafiq Fauzi 8 hours ago +3

    Ko tiru shibly eh siap ko aku nak suruh dia failkan saman pdn muke

  • Franklyn Gisultura
    Franklyn Gisultura 8 hours ago

    Question: Why it never boomed in the Philippines?

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 7 hours ago

      +Xtian Marquez
      Kausapin ko cya pag meron na user name na ganun...
      Baka binreak na nya pala ako wala akong alam😂

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 7 hours ago

      +Xtian Marquez

    • Xtian Marquez
      Xtian Marquez 7 hours ago

      +Yeonwoo's Boyfriend gagawa Ako Ng new account Dabin's Husband ung name

    • Xtian Marquez
      Xtian Marquez 7 hours ago

      +Yeonwoo's Boyfriend like when?

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 7 hours ago

      +Xtian Marquez
      Yup... It did:)

  • Ongseong Woo
    Ongseong Woo 8 hours ago +1

    I miss daisy wheres daisy?

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 8 hours ago



    Any anti hater here

  • Minh Anh
    Minh Anh 9 hours ago

    flop :)
    i hate momoland
    but i love only nancy

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 8 hours ago

      Lol views really means nothing😂
      Just a big fandom.
      If ktl is really good, why are you here?
      A lot of blinks come here becauase its as boring as fvck!😂
      Merries never left after upload!!!

    • Minh Anh
      Minh Anh 8 hours ago

      +Yeonwoo's Boyfriend hahhaha
      BP 24H HAS 56M VIEWS :)))

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 8 hours ago +1

      Lol this flop made them #4 in reputation ranking....:)

    • I Love Myself
      I Love Myself 8 hours ago

      Minh Anh i hate u too and fuckkk u bitch

  • Yến Thu
    Yến Thu 9 hours ago

    Mấy chị hát hay quá❤

  • tumm tumm
    tumm tumm 9 hours ago


  • red dot
    red dot 9 hours ago

    Wow so fast!!!! 27 M in 1 month!!!! 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  • BrieGallega#218 Gallega
    BrieGallega#218 Gallega 10 hours ago +3

    MERRIES!!! Let's make this into 100m Views....please.....
    This Song get stuck in my mind....

  • Mily mewing
    Mily mewing 10 hours ago +2


  • Naz Christian Gomez
    Naz Christian Gomez 10 hours ago

    What so hot so what a result even Sven Jane everyone everybody really recalls momoland

  • Naz Christian Gomez
    Naz Christian Gomez 10 hours ago +1

    Ganda jooe

  • Dương Thị Khánh Linh
    Dương Thị Khánh Linh 10 hours ago +2

    Very good

  • Khánh Phương Ngô
    Khánh Phương Ngô 10 hours ago +1


  • honest merry
    honest merry 10 hours ago +6

    30M of vi3ws & 700k likes, before May?
    We can do it Merries ❤

  • Nam Nguyễn
    Nam Nguyễn 10 hours ago +2

    I'm so hot :))

  • Reymark Omblero
    Reymark Omblero 10 hours ago +3

    Thnks momoland for loving Philippines specialy cover 'Salamat' by yenh constantino💞

  • もふもふれいれい
    もふもふれいれい 10 hours ago +2

    I realized that this song sounds similar to twice’s new song... I mean I love both of them and I like this kind of music so it’s awesome anyways

  • Levi Hardin
    Levi Hardin 10 hours ago +2

    I love you momoland 😍😍

  • Chazy cristobal
    Chazy cristobal 11 hours ago +2

    Momoland ❤️

  • Natália Lopes
    Natália Lopes 11 hours ago +1

    Só eu do Brazil ama elas?

  • Mark Antony Condori Condori

    Love u girls

  • Cami Olivares
    Cami Olivares 11 hours ago +2

    i love it

  • Wati Leonita
    Wati Leonita 11 hours ago +4

    Merry go help once for stream Fancy gogogo

  • Chazy cristobal
    Chazy cristobal 11 hours ago

    Daming Bashers 😂😂😂

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 7 hours ago

      +Xtian Marquez
      Pero dislike lang ang iniwan. madami na... 24hrs almost 100k na

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 7 hours ago

      +Xtian Marquez
      Oo... Di maka move on sa voice crack, not bowing at sa tingin ni nancy...
      Mga immatured na b0b0 talaga

    • Xtian Marquez
      Xtian Marquez 7 hours ago

      +Yeonwoo's Boyfriend ibig sabihin sa momoland lng cla galit?

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 7 hours ago +1

      +Xtian Marquez
      Galing ako dun. Kanina.. Wala naman gaano dun sa fancy...

    • Xtian Marquez
      Xtian Marquez 8 hours ago +1

      Nandun na cla sa mv Ng twice.

  • justy castro
    justy castro 11 hours ago +2

    im a blink supporting this mv....

    thanks me later

    • Wati Leonita
      Wati Leonita 11 hours ago +1

      Me too help Blink for stream Kill this love. TY

  • akane manoban
    akane manoban 12 hours ago

    Pensé que el próximo comeback sería bbam bbam 😂 jajaja me encantó

  • ElijahJames Parayaoan
    ElijahJames Parayaoan 12 hours ago


  • Evelin Xiomara
    Evelin Xiomara 12 hours ago +3

    Their lipstick is brighter than my future


    BEFORE 2019 END?

  • Fahsai Fahsai
    Fahsai Fahsai 12 hours ago

    ถ้าคนไทยอ่านนะคะ เราสังเกตว่ายอดวิวของโมโมะเเลนด์ตก เพราะอะไร
    น่าจะรู้กันดีนะคะ kill this love ออกมาได้2สัปดาห์ก็200กว่าล้านนี่ออกมาตั้งเดือนเดียว20กว่า รู้ๆกันอยู่ค่ะ🙂

  • Kailey and Jaeda’s Show
    Kailey and Jaeda’s Show 12 hours ago +4

    Please to all the momoland haters pls stop it they did nothing to you

  • fifi fariha
    fifi fariha 12 hours ago

    هذو خير من تويس 🌹

  • kenia queen regatha
    kenia queen regatha 12 hours ago +5

    Nice momoland

  • Christopher Tarog
    Christopher Tarog 13 hours ago

    It look like they copy the so hot in blackpink.

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 12 hours ago +1

      +Mushroom Lee
      Ikr... Im getting tired of explaining the same thing...
      Why dont they research first before bashing?.... Sheeeesh

    • Mushroom Lee
      Mushroom Lee 12 hours ago +2

      This is maybe the 1000 + comments that says ISH is copied from blackpink So hot. Like duh. So hot is not even a blackpink song. Another. Bp doesn't own any word. Sadly there is a lot of people who doesn't educate themselves before reacting or saying something.

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 12 hours ago

      Bp copy wondergirls.
      Im so hot of momoland does not have anything to do with wondergirls so hot

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 12 hours ago

      No. So hot is not bp song...
      Its wondergirls came out in 2008....

  • Tj Bagoyo
    Tj Bagoyo 13 hours ago +4

    Merries in every str€@m1ng we add 1 to 2 thousand lets make it 1m in every str€@m1ng

  • 주이
    주이 13 hours ago +4

    JooE looks so good

  • Khải Hoàng
    Khải Hoàng 14 hours ago +1

    Nhạc hay quá đi

    • Khánh Lê
      Khánh Lê 11 hours ago

      Khải Hoàng yup yup yup

  • Adelaida Bande
    Adelaida Bande 14 hours ago +8

    Kaway kaway sa mga pilipino fans ng momoland
    Like if filipino kayo

  • nasser ajimi
    nasser ajimi 14 hours ago

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo borinnng OMFG. Black pink is like :" Can't relate ".

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend 12 hours ago

      Of course you cant relate...
      You always listen to this...:)

  • Alexander Serote
    Alexander Serote 14 hours ago

    Sorry but I have momoland and I liked black pink

    JUDITH MARGIORY P.V 14 hours ago +3

    I love you MOMOLAND........ Las mejores.

    JUDITH MARGIORY P.V 14 hours ago +3

    I love RUclip MOMOLAND

  • Mireya Santiesteban
    Mireya Santiesteban 15 hours ago +1

    Where is Daisy??? 😠😢

  • Kharl Joven Mapanoo
    Kharl Joven Mapanoo 15 hours ago +3

    i stream this MV everyday for support Momoland i love him!💕😍

  • Mavee Minute Covers
    Mavee Minute Covers 15 hours ago +3

    Jane nailed it the most ❣️

  • Gia Aypa
    Gia Aypa 15 hours ago


  • Princess Zajem
    Princess Zajem 15 hours ago +1

    OK but sorry guys I will not do it again

  • Mikrobyo
    Mikrobyo 16 hours ago +3

    28 mil today

  • laura mont
    laura mont 16 hours ago

    Essa música me lembra Lipstick do Orange Caramel. Não é possível que eu seja a única

  • Victory 33
    Victory 33 16 hours ago

    Ranking momoland song for me
    2.Bboom Bboom
    3.Im so Hot

  • Reymart Tibuen
    Reymart Tibuen 16 hours ago

    Momoland !,,you so cheater 🤔🤔🤔just like plsss🙏🙏

  • Ma. Eliana Ramos
    Ma. Eliana Ramos 17 hours ago +2

    everydayi see the bashers and their coment at momoland that they said they hate blackpink they are so rude to momoland good for the bashers to go to hell

  • twicepink in your area
    twicepink in your area 17 hours ago +2

    I love them ♡

  • Irene A
    Irene A 17 hours ago +2

    This is the boppest bop

  • im iKONIC
    im iKONIC 18 hours ago +2

    In my playlist ❤😘

  • im iKONIC
    im iKONIC 18 hours ago +1

    En mi lista de canciones ❤

  • im iKONIC
    im iKONIC 18 hours ago +1

    My girls i love momoland

  • CindyLee Ahin
    CindyLee Ahin 18 hours ago


  • lol wat?
    lol wat? 18 hours ago +6

    I feel bad for MOMOLAND, I dont understand why people hate them, they work just as hard, a get more hate...

  • Daril Mori
    Daril Mori 18 hours ago +1

    Buenas se que no estado pendiente, pero alguien me puede decir que paso con las otras 2 integrantes que faltan en el grupo :( por favor
    Pssdt: la música está hermosa

    • Daril Mori
      Daril Mori 18 hours ago

      +Cristian Perilla menos mal ya me había asustado , gracias :')

    • Cristian Perilla
      Cristian Perilla 18 hours ago

      estan en un receso por cuestiones de salud y personales, pero la compañia dijo que volverian en el siguiente combeback

  • Park Chimchim
    Park Chimchim 19 hours ago

    7??wtf 9 member now 7

  • CindyLee Ahin
    CindyLee Ahin 19 hours ago +1


  • ĭd̆k̆ n̆ăn̆ m̆ŏl̆l̆ă

    JooE is my fav

  • 김진호
    김진호 20 hours ago

    되게 토르트 같다..

  • Christopher Lim
    Christopher Lim 20 hours ago +5

    Don't give me reasons why Taeha & Daisy skipped this comeback. I just want them back in OT9.

  • Moisturize me
    Moisturize me 21 hour ago

    Yeonwoo doesn't look good with short hair.

  • •Kαթαcҽo•
    •Kαթαcҽo• 21 hour ago +3

    Merry Go Round? UwU

  • Bunny princess
    Bunny princess 21 hour ago +2

    Merries let's go...

  • min yooguinha fofa RAQUEL VICENTE

    amei a musica

  • Michael Patayan
    Michael Patayan 22 hours ago +13

    Haters are like clouds, once they are gone its a beutiful day :)

  • Minh Quân
    Minh Quân 22 hours ago +3

    I love u Yeonwoo

  • Minh Quân
    Minh Quân 22 hours ago +1

  • Ivana Milić
    Ivana Milić 22 hours ago +8

    You ever get so overwhelmed with love towards momoland that you're just filled with happiness and admiration and you just feel so proud of them? Bc i do. Every. Single. Day. sjsjsj

  • Jinxxi
    Jinxxi 22 hours ago +6

    Another song that will be popular here in the Philippines.

  • 연우야사랑해
    연우야사랑해 23 hours ago +4


  • Wesley Santos
    Wesley Santos 23 hours ago +7

    I'm só hoooot

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 23 hours ago +6

    Joy is so cut
    Yes or Yes?

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 23 hours ago +6


  • Merry Luthais
    Merry Luthais Day ago +5

    Merries ang tatamad Niyo mag Str3am kainiss !

  • ナンシーYUKI
    ナンシーYUKI Day ago +4


  • Nguyen Linh
    Nguyen Linh Day ago +2

    Jooe càng ngày càng xinh ha 😍😍😍
    Iu ghê cơ ý 😘😘😘

  • Sakura White Hair

    I thought momoland would boom again, but it didn't happen :(((

    • schroeder yamanic
      schroeder yamanic 19 hours ago +1

      +Yeonwoo's Boyfriend if I'm not wrong they are going to mexico

    • seòrsa momoland
      seòrsa momoland 19 hours ago +2

      +Yeonwoo's Boyfriend nooooo, I want them to come to Iceland 😫😫😫
      (Its me redtwiceland)

    • Miggy Xand
      Miggy Xand 23 hours ago +3

      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend Of Course Momoland Will Go To Canada And South America 🥰😍

    • Yeonwoo's Boyfriend
      Yeonwoo's Boyfriend Day ago +2

      Lol were going to canada and south america....:)

  • Arnold Vlogs
    Arnold Vlogs Day ago +6

    Who’s still watching???

  • All in Movies
    All in Movies Day ago +1


  • Ivana Milić
    Ivana Milić Day ago +17

    To all the merries who tirelessly str*am everyday - i love you! Keep going!