Israel's Most Hyped Burger & Louisiana Abortion Law: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • This is the May 29, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.
    2:21 Robert Mueller gave a press conference saying he was done talking about the Russia report.
    6:21 This past week, Louisiana lawmakers took another step in efforts to chip away at abortion rights, nearing final passage of a bill that would ask voters to rewrite the state constitution to ensure it offers no protections for the procedure.
    11:21 When it comes to immigration, about the only thing Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the current system is broken. A record number of people are crossing the border, and immigration courts can’t process them efficiently.
    16:10 The most hyped meal in Israel is a burger. It costs about $53 for 2 burgers plus fries and delivery fees. Only 200 are made a night. The wait list is more than 2 months & 3,000 people long. And that’s only once you’ve gotten the secret WhatsApp number to order it
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Comments • 251

  • Democrats Only
    Democrats Only 19 days ago +1

    Damn... 5 grand a day to cook 200 burgers not bad money

  • CrunchyAl
    CrunchyAl 25 days ago

    Is anyone not concerned about the sanitation of where he's cooking the burgers? Behind a horse station, dogs walk in, bird poo on the floor, and one dead fucking baby bird sounds like a sitcom punchline and I don't know where the joke is going.

  • Finger banging Your mom
    Finger banging Your mom 29 days ago +2

    Still haven’t heard any evidence of trump committing a crime but he kept saying “all these damning evidence” 😂 hey you, you committed a crime and I have evidence but I can’t say what it is cuz it doesn’t exist.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 29 days ago

    ''About 10--20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.'' But about 30% of fertilized eggs either never attach to the wall of the uterus and/or are miscarried naturally, no? A 70% chance is no magical miraculous moment that life begins. All eggs and all sperm have the potential for life and a just fertilized egg is not much different, potential for life, but not life that men should take control over.

    American Republicans are the party of fear and greed (also roots in fear), taking or preventing equality from women and minorities for their own extraordinary fear and greed!

  • Burton wallace
    Burton wallace Month ago

    The truth is almost allways a casualty in politics

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Roe v Wade is going to be overturned because feminists are idiots and they've positioned themselves as the sole guardians of reproductive freedom. They exclude men from their circles, thus understanding at most only half of any issue and cutting the number of their potential supporters in half, and consistently phrase the right to a safe and legal abortion as a right for WOMEN that evil MEN are trying to take away, as if all men would love to be fathers when they accidentally impregnate their girlfriends.

  • AviShekelbergerCPA
    AviShekelbergerCPA Month ago

    7:55 couple of pyramid builders lol

  • Tony B
    Tony B Month ago

    So you sing the land of the free,
    but you are trying to take away personal choice that should take place between a doctor and the woman,
    If you believe anti abortion in USA put your money were your mouth is and pay for all the health care and the education,and pay more for wages...

  • Jon Ahmed
    Jon Ahmed Month ago

    I lived in Israel for 4 years. The food is overhyped, overpriced and poorly made. They make an effort at aesthetics and completely fail at taste. I was there when the first Burger King opened in Tel Aviv, there were so many people waiting to get in that they had to get a bounce - it was bizarre.
    This isn’t the only thing sold under the pretense of exclusivity. Other bland and shitty venues do the same “exclusive” offers through Facebook and WhatsApp, and Israelis fall for it.

    • Tal Lin
      Tal Lin 28 days ago

      Frankly, it's not that difficult to make good tasting food. The pretense of "haute cuisine" or whatever you call that crap doesn't promise the food would taste better than at a cheap place. The "experience" will probably be more exclusive, but that doesn't mean the mix of chemicals activating the receptors on your tongue would necessarily do it "better" than those from cheap junkfood you bought for 1/10 the price.
      Now, regarding food in Israel: yes, it's expensive like just about everything around here. Why? Some of it is due to taxation, most of it is due to greed from people who believe they could keep on selling the same amount of product even if they were to double the price.
      Overhyped? I haven't heard of any specific hyping of food in Israel.
      Poorly made? It depends on where. Again, I've dined at restaurants abroad, including rather expensive ones in Paris, and I don't remember any left particularly strong impressions. I suppose people who romanticize the experience of food and cooking might be more impressionable to "special restaurants".
      In regards to "the first Burger King in Tel Aviv" and the rest of that nice story, I wanted to say a quick read on Wikipedia reveals the first Burger King in Israel opened in 1994, which would put the relevancy of that tidbit into question, but I then found out an article I forgot about from 2016 about the Tel-Aviv re-opening of Burger King Israel (after being defunct for several years), where 1,500 idiots flooded the branch. I don't think that immediately reflects on the culinary standards of a country, and while this certainly is especially retarded, probably most people who didn't go and horde the place for an expensive shoe-sole burger thought this whole situation was embarrassing.
      And yeah, this burger probably doesn't justify its price-I haven't tried it-but this marketing hype probably can't hold forever as it won't be interesting for much longer after it's become widely familiar.

  • Loaf Michaels
    Loaf Michaels Month ago

    Vice sucks

  • MariYah Israel
    MariYah Israel Month ago

    Yeah, right! I'm going to pay an overpriced amount for a horseburger that was cooked 6 hours ago! GTFOH!

  • Paleo River Scout
    Paleo River Scout Month ago

    Yes!!! Vice is cancelled. Faggots

  • Research Both Sides Equally

    Everyone should watch "Unplanned". It answers everything!

    • Research Both Sides Equally
      Research Both Sides Equally Month ago +1

      @andrieana Webster "Unplanned" is a movie that came out this year. It is from the perspective of a "clinic" Director. It shows everything that happens at these clinics. It shows some of the inner workings of Planned Parenthood, how they make money, how they stay in business, and just how bad they really treat women, even women of color,(Yes it is a racist organization, look at where these clinics are located, in predominantly black areas). This crap is for real. This movie mirrors all of the research that I have done including the testimony of 3 girls who I know personally.
      If you can't find it on RUclip, etc. it will be coming out on DVD this fall. Please watch it, and share it! The word needs to get out!

    • andrieana Webster
      andrieana Webster Month ago

      Just type in unplanned? Or is it on vice?

  • Kata Alien
    Kata Alien Month ago

    Penalising. Abortion. Doesn't. Stop. Women. From. Aborting.
    Underground. Abortion. Is. Dangerous. And. Women. Lose. Protection.

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV Month ago

    look at it this way, if meuller gets himself fired, then trump gets to own not just the justice department, but the FBI as well, and all evidence disappears, so, he took it as far as he could without being fired by trump, which is a good move on meuller's part, better to do nothing and keep another mobster of taking a director's office, than to p;prosecute, and lose all evidence to be used later on

  • Hananya Naftali
    Hananya Naftali Month ago +1

    *Who's here for the burgers?*

  • Matt gri
    Matt gri Month ago

    I'm a cult Member First...

  • Tamarra Lestage
    Tamarra Lestage Month ago +1

    Why should your religious beliefs determine my life choices? I hate any religion because it gives people the justification to tell me how life should be according to their non-facts based belief how life is. Well, you should be like me they say. I have been condemning by friends and family members and strangers when I say I don't believe in any God. People talk about white or rich people privilege but never talk about religious ones. A Christian can walk up to me and harass me about " do you know Jesus? " with no respect that I may be of a different belief. Yet we take it. From Christians, Jehovah 's Witnesses, whatever those guys in the white shirt and bike call themselves. Let a Muslim walk down the street, or a satanist, voodooist. They would be stoned. Why because those religion has conditioned us to think they are better, acceptable. Meanwhile, we forget Christianity was the justification for slavery, and colonization of Africa, India, and the Carribean. The Catholic Church is responsible for the crusade. There is a whole network of priests that rapes children and nuns. The Christian is getting rich through mega-churches. So when a black woman tells me she is a Christian first...all I see is evil has won and is still winning. If your pro-life then life a pro-life if your pro-choice lives a pro-choice life. It is that simple.

  • tetepeb
    tetepeb Month ago

    That Israeli burger is some hipster-bullshit... Makes me hate Social Media and people even more...

  • i ban
    i ban Month ago +2

    im always amused how "prolifers" pick and choose what parts of the bible they want to use to defend anti-abortion even though the bible says the fetus isnt a person until it breaths and the bible has plenty of absurd mosaic laws about killing

  • Aditya Sajeev
    Aditya Sajeev Month ago

    Lol what is this shit VICE ? So Sad, very Sad

  • Iqbal atwa
    Iqbal atwa Month ago

    The american government DEA CIA FBI USMS NSA working with el chapo and Colombian cartels Boycott this rogue illegitimate barbaric state

  • Adam Ali
    Adam Ali Month ago

    Why the dislikes?

  • Patrick Peterson
    Patrick Peterson Month ago +1

    On Abortion it is very simple. You're either Pro-Life or Pro-Murder

  • Luis Cypher
    Luis Cypher Month ago

    Get rid of Trump via impeachment and you get Pence. The only real solution is winning in 2020.

  • yy xx
    yy xx Month ago

    American abortion law is beyond archaic & personal religious views should NOT be a factor in law making

  • Eztli Xochipilli
    Eztli Xochipilli Month ago

    wow... only white ppl would pay stupid prices for a burger cooked in the most unsanitary conditions.. *YTS ARE TRULY DISGUSTANG!*

  • Ahadun Ahad
    Ahadun Ahad Month ago

    Israel lol , people stealing a land and saying it's our's and now it's normal and accepted by every media on this earth.
    Don't mistake , the people and justice always win , it makes time but they win anyway
    Free Palestine

  • Angel
    Angel Month ago

    I know that she must've had a burger. But y didn't she do it on camera? And give us her take. Kinda killed the story.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago +1

    its considered professional to put the topics of the video in the right order when making the title

  • anatoli p
    anatoli p Month ago +11

    Israel is a country with salaries like in Italy but with prices like in Singapore .

  • Jeff Irwin
    Jeff Irwin Month ago

    Elle used secret spaghetti as an example when she could've gone for secret sauce?

  • Mike Barra
    Mike Barra Month ago +27

    "Hamburgers in Israel" 🍔 😃 "Abortions in Alabama" 😳😭 Well that escalated quickly...

  • Fall Of An Empire
    Fall Of An Empire Month ago

    Abortion is illegal in Israel and so is gay and interracial marriage. Funny we never heard anything about that.

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +6

    The burger is at the end of the video.

  • saintdenis11
    saintdenis11 Month ago +1

    The Israeli chef is Jon Lovitz's son.

  • scarpdog87
    scarpdog87 Month ago +2

    That last journalist (hipster girl) covering the burger story, never seen a more disinterested interviewer. I'd still bang her tho lol

    • Yankeesfn 2
      Yankeesfn 2 21 day ago

      @scarpdog87 your comment appears in a public forum. That means anyone can reply. Chill out conversation when used appropriately can be a good thing.

    • scarpdog87
      scarpdog87 Month ago +1

      @seamusrw stfu I wasn't talking to you dickhead

    • seamusrw
      seamusrw Month ago

      Another lazy use of the word hipster thanks to the acceptance of domesticated internet culture

  • alfonso arteaga
    alfonso arteaga Month ago +1

    Abortion is against God's Laws

  • Inspired By Nature Inspired By Nature

    Roe versus Wade is already settled Law. The Choice is up to the Individual not the current Government. The Separation between State and Church is a must in 2019.

    • Invincible Osprey
      Invincible Osprey Month ago

      LOL...there's no such thing as settled law. Even our Constitution has been amended many times. Moron.

  • Star Farts
    Star Farts Month ago +1

    That Jackson lady is so misguided its disgusting

    • Invincible Osprey
      Invincible Osprey Month ago

      Misguided? Are you suggesting she isn't capable of original thought?

  • wizzzer1337
    wizzzer1337 Month ago +2

    Tel Aviv is one of the most obnoxiously hipster cities in the world.

    • anatoli p
      anatoli p Month ago +3

      Tel aviv is one the most overpriced cities in the world.

  • Taylor Craig Newbold

    So...the Israeli burger is basically a burger where other toppings and property from other burgers are taken and put with the Israeli burger. Sounds about right.

  • Judicial78
    Judicial78 Month ago

    All those damn phones in peoples faces these days.. no wonder those dudes wear masks..

  • Curtis Forrest
    Curtis Forrest Month ago

    Why pay that much for a burger when in n out is 8 dollars

  • david joost
    david joost Month ago

    haha well i am pro abortion: FROM THE WOMB TO THE TOMB.

  • Abwj1002
    Abwj1002 Month ago

    Looks like Vice sold out to (((them)))

    • omri olmer
      omri olmer Month ago +1

      Absolutely! Washing our mind with their evil hamburgers agenda. Lol your pathetic

  • Dr. John Paladin Show

    14th & 2nd Amendment settled law... let's move on.

  • Daniel Detweiler
    Daniel Detweiler Month ago +1

    do they deliver to the west bank? whattabout the gaza strip? :P

  • Tiffany Elliott
    Tiffany Elliott Month ago

    Jesus is Lord and only he can save you. He have a free gift of salvation and you cannot earn it. Read the Holy bible. Start with the book of ROMANS.

  • MrHellRaiser1982
    MrHellRaiser1982 Month ago

    finally a story about israel, and doesn't include any leftwing bds propaganda.
    also, i am from tel aviv, and never heard of this guy, and there are bunch of better hamburger places that don't give you the whole big line bullshit.

  • Bible Bus
    Bible Bus Month ago

    Cuz burgers and abortions go together 🙄 And btw Vice...stop pushing ur Democratic agenda! Uve proven to be no different than the rest of paid off media!

    • Bible Bus
      Bible Bus Month ago

      Agent Orange: Why is that? Plz elaborate.

    • Agent Orange
      Agent Orange Month ago

      Bible Bus hope trumps plane crashes

  • Scott Crockett
    Scott Crockett Month ago

    The Louisiana Rep shows there are still moderate Dems. What a unicorn now, but she seems very good.
    The burger story was cool.....but I hate that Vice reporter. Monotone...and Dry as hell

  • Meme Brother
    Meme Brother Month ago

    Are those burgers made of dead Palestinian babies

  • hippie shake
    hippie shake Month ago +2

    The guy making the burger his hands were filthy

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller Month ago +2

    3:22 rolled over? He was a professional. Somehow not shooting your mouth off all the time is a character flaw rn.

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller Month ago

    So this is how DNC fucks Sanders this time? Until they clean up their act there, I don't think I can ever vote for it again. Its dirty. Everyone knows its dirty. And no fucks are given anywhere.

  • dcon9995
    dcon9995 Month ago

    So is the secret ingredient ground Palestinian children with a dollop of their tears?

    • bob
      bob Month ago +3

      Fakestinians lol

  • Cuecard
    Cuecard Month ago

    Interesting video. Here's another video of a lady who was asked randomly on the streets how she feels about abortion. A pretty direct response -

  • B.D.B.
    B.D.B. Month ago

    Sadly 53$ for 2 burgers and fries, while on the high side, is not an out of the ordinary price in Israel. Israel is expensive.

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz Month ago +2

    You have some good journalist but this guy about Muller is so bias I cant watch anymore. Try news, not Activism

  • PassFissn
    PassFissn Month ago

    Joo g0t burger ?

  • The Inquisition
    The Inquisition Month ago

    16:18. I'm sorry Vice, but I really came here for the burgers.

  • أخبار الرقميات - CryptoNews

    Im #Unsubscribing From All Vice #Crab Channels...........I Miss The #Old Vice, When It Was About Real Journalism........

    • seamusrw
      seamusrw Month ago

      They were actually far left back then. This man is bluffing. Sign into your next account.

  • Ivan Manzo
    Ivan Manzo Month ago +1

    Friendly reminder that israel is an apartheid state.

    • לעבודה פ
      לעבודה פ Month ago +1

      Yeah right
      Arabs serving in the Israeli parliament, supreme court judges, granted citizenship and even serving in the Israeli army which is supposedly killing them lol ahaha
      Yeah that sounds so apartheid

  • ויאמר סבבה!
    ויאמר סבבה! Month ago +31

    According to Israeli reviews online, this guy's burgers aren't even all that special. So yeah, expect more average underground hipster joints worldwide in the next couple of years until the trend dies an obvious death.

    • seamusrw
      seamusrw Month ago

      We could all use a short history of the word hipster so it doesn't go the way of irony and aesthetic.

  • dacealksne
    dacealksne Month ago +1


  • akaBez
    akaBez Month ago

    so food prices are high because of regulations (things like health regulations that are important?)
    But then he cook without any regulations but sell a burger 4 times higher than any other burgers in Tel-Aviv.
    Friends of mine that ate this said it's good but nothing worth 50$ (any other burger here is about 50nis)
    ripoff con artist

  • Beats #9821
    Beats #9821 Month ago +2

    Wooh, Louisiana on Vice News!

    Waitta minute, that's not good.

  • dimaniak
    dimaniak Month ago +1

    Israelis are the most oppressed nationalists in the world.

    • seamusrw
      seamusrw Month ago

      All the nationalists complaining nees to get back to their desks and try to enter a library on your off time

    • Brogan T
      Brogan T Month ago

      bob sorry is “Arabs who lived there for 2000 years ” better or will you just deny they exist too

    • bob
      bob Month ago +4

      @Brogan T oppress people that don't exist ?

    • Brogan T
      Brogan T Month ago

      They oppress Palestinians so hows that work

    • Blop Jones
      Blop Jones Month ago

      dimaniak ya right

  • Alex A
    Alex A Month ago


  • Jas Min
    Jas Min Month ago

    Is the burger as fascist as the country?!

  • Cuddly Cactus
    Cuddly Cactus Month ago +1

    UGH! What the hell ever happened to THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE?!?!
    And Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries!!

    And I'd maybe get a burger from that guy...(Except for the fact that he was cooking in a really nasty spot, the dead bird on the ground, if you saw that in a restaurant you were eating in you would definitely leave! (It would be my meat meal for the month lol! I'm almost vegetarian, only having meat 1-2 times per month, and I get locally sourced organic foods, I just personally don't like the idea of some animal having to die just for me to have something to eat. That's the main reason I don't eat animals/animal products very often. Wish I could cut out the few things I still have, but maybe someday they will come out with a better substitute!)

  • Bahjat Tabbara
    Bahjat Tabbara Month ago

    Mueller is weak.

  • XWolven
    XWolven Month ago

    Burger is a scam too, no wonder he surrounds it with so much mystery so he can build up the price and scarcity, he's building a myth. The truth is you can't hardly get a good burger in many countries outside the US so if it's as good as an good burger joint here in Texas, people would go nuts for that in some places where you can't find anything like that.

    • ויאמר סבבה!
      ויאמר סבבה! Month ago +1

      We have great burger joints in Israel, this guy capitalizes on novelty and on the Tel Aviv metropolitan area

  • XWolven
    XWolven Month ago

    Ya or maybe the Russia Report really was a hoax and a huge waste of time and money? Pretty much like Jussie Smollett. But no never admit that. Double Double Down. Reality might just change for once.

  • Sin City Slugger
    Sin City Slugger Month ago

    Overpriced shitty burgers 💩🍔

  • Sin City Slugger
    Sin City Slugger Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • Ben Andres
    Ben Andres Month ago

    Christians have a diversity of opinions on biblical interpretations and political leanings. Whether or not you strongly identify as Christian does not accurately predict your political views.

    • seamusrw
      seamusrw Month ago

      Yah evangelicals are taught to be politically involved. Even Latin ones are pushed to vote trump solely on prayer in school

    • delusionnnnn
      delusionnnnn Month ago

      That's not an unreasonable analysis until you get to white evangelicals, where support for Trump is at about 70% instead of about 40%. This is a problem, particularly given that Trump is a person who doesn't reflect the values that these people say they represent if you ask them about their religious faith. Like most other people, however, people don't get their moral values from their religion, they get them from their social groups and justify them to their religion after-the-fact. If we got our moral values from our religious texts, for example, we'd be supporting the death penalty for adultery, for leaving religious faith, or for, well, being in a country god gives you permission to invade.

  • Chris W
    Chris W Month ago

    Gimmicks should be outlawed

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens Month ago +6

    _I tell people I'm a Christian first._

    Let's try that another way.

    _I tell people I'm Muslim first._

    Did I just hear some GOP heads exploding?

    • skumfuck
      skumfuck Month ago

      @Blazed and Confused
      Exept muhammed was a mass murderer and a pedophile

    • Blazed and Confused
      Blazed and Confused Month ago

      Yea I wonder why. There's no difference between Jesus and Muhammad after all.

    • Brogan T
      Brogan T Month ago

      Andrew_Owens yeah double standards need to end I agree.

    KELLEN KASH Month ago +1

    I know burgers 🍔 its not worth the hype, its not hard to find a good one in Israel.

  • Desert Vox
    Desert Vox Month ago +2

    #FreePalestine #EndOccupation #Zionazism #APARTHEID

    • bob
      bob Month ago +1


    • B.D.B.
      B.D.B. Month ago +3


  • robert white
    robert white Month ago +1

    It's crazy being and still living in Baton Rouge and seeing the state capital on vice. It's wild bc I remember being a kid and going there on field trips. It's dope to see where you're from get some love even though the subject is extremely controversial.

  • james Last
    james Last Month ago +1


  • Schuffert Family Life

    The music and bass are WAY to loud for the voice over. So annoying.

  • america the beautiful
    america the beautiful Month ago +6

    Hard hitting burger news!

  • PortaRock1985
    PortaRock1985 Month ago

    Why would a person getting an abortion affect pro life people personally?...
    How is it that what a person does or doesn't do affect their personal life?...
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but those are like assholes everyone had one. They quick to say save all lives but when that person grows up or needs help are they willing to help them when they need it. I'm gonna go out on a stretch here and say they won't help....
    I will say it till I die what a person does to better their family is none of anyone's business. You don't wanna have an abortion well you don't have to have one....
    But for those who do stay out of their lives as what they do or do not do does not affect your family or personal life in the least....

  • Piccolo's Grunts
    Piccolo's Grunts Month ago


  • Syed Abbas
    Syed Abbas Month ago

    20:50 peak cringe.

  • Activation Codes 🔥💚🔥

    🔥Eat that tainted flesh goy, they control you bodily, mentally and spiritually. THAT'S why you seem stuck in a reincarnation cycle........ YOU BEEN PSYOP'D ! 🔥

  • Levi
    Levi Month ago +1

    $53 for 2 burgers is not some sort of crazy price that is $28 for a burger meal. That’s not cheap but it’s not insane.

  • Nate Tracy
    Nate Tracy Month ago +1

    wow she really didn't like that guy. i thought his explanation of why municipal regulation was killing his business was pretty legit

  • XSportSeeker
    XSportSeeker Month ago +5

    It's amazing how politicians, not only from the US mind you, seemingly forgot why, and what it means for a state to be secular. There are all these signs flying everywhere of the bases of democracies crumbling down with people thinking it's just another day in politics.
    But we keep steadily marching down this route that completely ignores the history, the sacrifices and the foundantions that made some democracies what they are.
    We have all these amazing tools for communication and information these days that were hijacked by people to misinform, to radicalize, tribalize and give power to groups that not only don't understand how we got to the point we did, they also use taxpayer money to try to destroy every little accomplishment societies had over the years to become closer to real democracies.
    We're condemned to being the generation that not only chose to look away from the real major problems the world is having right now because it was too complicated to understand and care about, but also the generation that is destroying key important legislations, ideas and standards to crawl back to eras when a single church controlled the state, having all the power, all the evil, and all the corruption imaginable under the cross.

    • Rafael Lomba
      Rafael Lomba Month ago

      @Brogan T lol, i call BS.

    • Brogan T
      Brogan T Month ago

      XSportSeeker there are only 2 secular states. USA and France and the USA isn’t very secular

  • Able True
    Able True Month ago +8

    Burgerim sucks and is way too expensive for so little food

  • the best007
    the best007 Month ago


  • StetLan
    StetLan Month ago

    Ehhhh. Cooking them burgers up on the Big Green Egg. $1000 bucks well spent.

    • GG Allin
      GG Allin Month ago

      Cuntdrippington the 3rd 4th removed of Oxbridge quafingtion house

  • Paulette Stewart
    Paulette Stewart Month ago +1

    Burger dude is clever🤔53 dollars for a burger..

    • Extys
      Extys Month ago

      2 very big burgers + delivery + French fries

  • Justin Hopkins
    Justin Hopkins Month ago +1

    A majority of Americans support a woman’s right to choose. Religious fanatics and far-right politicians are going against the will of the people. We’re governed by a small but powerful minority of right-wing imbeciles due to gerrymandering and passing laws that make it increasingly difficult for minorities to vote. Democrats outnumber Republicans. The only way we’re going to stop the second coming of the dark ages is to get out and vote for viable candidates. No third party nonsense which handed Bush the presidency in 2000 and then Trump in 2016. Those who voted for Stein or some other nobody should be ashamed. You literally gambled away the rights of the most vulnerable in this nation and now we’re stuck with a conservative Supreme Court for decades.

  • sun rah 44
    sun rah 44 Month ago +2

    That burger looks real average.

  • Roman Province of Palestine

    Hahahaha my Hebrew cousins hahahaha. That looks delicious. Good job. Stop fighting with your family descendent of Sham hahahahaha. 👍🏻👍🏻🇵🇸🇵🇸❤️🇮🇱🇮🇱

    • Ilan Sherer
      Ilan Sherer Month ago +5

      Finally normal comment, hope there will be a federation between Israel and Palestine and the hatred will be disappear.