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    CONFESSIONS Of Women In North Korea Revealed
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    We all know that life in North Korea doesn’t exactly seem all that great, but there are a number of unique challenges faced by the women that live there. We’ll give you some inside perspective about what it is like to be a woman living under the North Korean regime. Surprisingly, things have relaxed a bit under the regime of their leader Kim Jong-un, and women are now allowed to have cosmetic surgery to appear more attractive and further their careers. Of course, this isn’t so much a leisure cosmetic practice, but more of an unofficial requirement frequently performed by unqualified people in unsanitary conditions. For those that prefer less invasive beauty methods, you might be surprised to know that despite proclaiming to hate South Korea, the beauty products from their greatest enemy are their absolute favorite. In North Korea, women are forced to serve in the military for seven years, but they are subjected to countless atrocities and receive very little actual training. In many cases, they do not even receive the nutrition that they need in order to remain in good health. Serving in the armed forces is just one way that women in North Korea are called upon to serve the regime, and they are forced to do some even more unscrupulous things that may shock you. You may think that women in the United States made a big deal about the love story in the movie Titanic, but for one North Korean woman that story gave her the desire and the courage to defect from North Korea.
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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  8 месяцев назад +107

    Hi guys, CHECK OUT "What's INSIDE Kim Jong-Un's Missiles?"

  • ramananda morang
    ramananda morang 14 часов назад

    I won't hesitate to shoot that mother fucker NK leader.

  • James White
    James White 14 часов назад

    i'm here because of sum yung fuk

  • Jassy starseed
    Jassy starseed 16 часов назад

    Omfg I can't take no more my head hurts watching, I can't take this sour look off of my face.😂🌚🙅✌

  • Eula Winfrey
    Eula Winfrey 21 час назад +1

    Slanted eyes are beautiful eyes. They don't need surgery for eyelids ! Everyone is wearing the black mascara TRYING to slant their eyes ... Called the WING ! They should be proud .

  • dhikchiau mew
    dhikchiau mew 22 часа назад

    Highly biased video.

  • Adolf Trumpler
    Adolf Trumpler День назад +1

    America just needs to give them a taste of democracy cough cough Hiroshima

  • Craig Winstanley
    Craig Winstanley День назад

    At least the DPRK does not infect the World with a privately owned bank which has been in some way involved in almost every major conflict for the last century. While the actual owners of the Federal Reserve are unknown to the likes of us, the Federal Reserve is essentially owned by the member banks. How the 6% profit the Federal Reserve takes is dispatched is also unknown.

    TROLL FX День назад


    *Pointing The tips of the guns to the other woman beside them.*

  • Aaliya Garcia
    Aaliya Garcia 2 дня назад

    I feel bad I want them to come to u.s I want them to live the best lives😥

  • Poylads
    Poylads 2 дня назад

    I was just looking for angry north koreans

  • Bendy the dank Demon
    Bendy the dank Demon 2 дня назад

    Kim’s fat *mike drop*

  • taylor meisenburg
    taylor meisenburg 2 дня назад

    I think living in north Korea would be the worst part

  • Belov Olivia
    Belov Olivia 2 дня назад

    How much you get pay for this baseless propaganda

  • JT Wei
    JT Wei 2 дня назад +1

    This is way worse than the Cultural Revolution era

  • Jordan A. Hutagalung
    Jordan A. Hutagalung 2 дня назад

    The worst part of livinh in north korea is getting arrested

  • emma hart
    emma hart 2 дня назад

    and yet people say we don’t need feminism

  • Nazael Rahl
    Nazael Rahl 2 дня назад

    It's pretty disturbing when it comes to US - North Korea relations so many people still think we should let them develop their nuclear arsenal in peace.

  • Iva Romevska
    Iva Romevska 2 дня назад

    Make a video for macedonian history😘

  • Charlotte Clark
    Charlotte Clark 2 дня назад

    North Koreas ways are barbaric,never will go there, who would want to? That's sad! I hope they come into our present Century one day! 😩

  • Entrückung 1 Thes 4,13-17
    Entrückung 1 Thes 4,13-17 3 дня назад

    Help the Christians in north korea !! Many of them are imprisoned in death camps !!

  • 96Stormageddon
    96Stormageddon 3 дня назад

    Korea... I'm sorry about your lives...

  • Ryan Jensen
    Ryan Jensen 3 дня назад

    America is still the most oppressive country because you have to work for a living.

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey 3 дня назад

    Living in there doesnt sound great

  • Diego Vilas Boas
    Diego Vilas Boas 3 дня назад

    What are the sources for this information on north korean women? It would be nice to see links.

  • Manit Wanitchanon
    Manit Wanitchanon 4 дня назад

    Free​ the​ people or​ just​ kill that​ fat​ bastard...

  • Foods & Meds
    Foods & Meds 4 дня назад

    hard to believe

  • The Ephemeral
    The Ephemeral 4 дня назад

    Relating the politics of North Korea to that of America, is a joke. So stop saying the Democrats want Juche and stop saying Trump is saving us from the DPRK, because it simply isn’t true.

  • The Ephemeral
    The Ephemeral 4 дня назад

    I’m pretty damn positive this is all a lie...

  • simon steele
    simon steele 4 дня назад

    All of your videos on North Korea are crap, what aload of rubbish, a HUGE thumbs down

  • Nicole Gabrielle Pingol
    Nicole Gabrielle Pingol 4 дня назад


  • Ningthoujamcha Somorjit
    Ningthoujamcha Somorjit 4 дня назад

    Because of online brain washing service from US , china ban Google, Facebook.

  • N Knighton
    N Knighton 4 дня назад

    This is the Marxist utopia your professors ignore.

  • Hassaan Yasir
    Hassaan Yasir 5 дней назад


  • IMVU Models
    IMVU Models 5 дней назад +1

    Glad i'm in America and American

  • TheBabygray
    TheBabygray 5 дней назад

    Ugggggghhhhhhhh I hate u Kim jon un

  • Ezra Von Hindenburg
    Ezra Von Hindenburg 6 дней назад

    North K is a horrible country, as oppose to what country, America? Lmfao

  • Vi yaya
    Vi yaya 6 дней назад

    Poor women, girls. I hope they escape more. North Korean dont deserve how precious women are

  • AomiN
    AomiN 6 дней назад

    all lies

  • SEAN Sproveri
    SEAN Sproveri 6 дней назад

    We need to send our fav bad ass to fix this shit-DUKE NUKEM...

  • Marantan
    Marantan 7 дней назад

    The government forbidden any tools for dealing with period as it havent existed? Thatd nonsense

  • Kookies and Anime
    Kookies and Anime 7 дней назад +1

    this is unacceptable

  • Tori Tori
    Tori Tori 8 дней назад

    How is that whole country of hostages not a crime against humanity?? I don't understand

  • Albert Hendershot
    Albert Hendershot 8 дней назад

    I'm glad I live in the U.S. ,people in other countries can't speak what they want or how they feel .We can travel in Canada and Mexico or territories of U.S. We do have problems that need address but we can live together to work and live.....

  • Lulla By
    Lulla By 9 дней назад

    Oh mai... women in NK is actually beuatiful if they had enough nutrition and a fresh air to breath, means freedom 😓

  • Adrian Abella
    Adrian Abella 9 дней назад

    How are these "hidden secrets"? They're not secrets if you just told them. You got this information somewhere didnt you? Also, life in North Korea is bad for everyone.

  • Jacob Tomblin
    Jacob Tomblin 10 дней назад


  • Mack Ju
    Mack Ju 10 дней назад

    Fear ....what's that?

  • Gabby Norcio
    Gabby Norcio 10 дней назад

    Why is it so crucial there I wish people the more kind

  • Theodore J. Stonich II
    Theodore J. Stonich II 10 дней назад

    this particular piece of obvious propaganda is not going to be appreciated by North Koreans when they get free(nice cover pic)

  • Mason Wellborn
    Mason Wellborn 13 дней назад

    Living in North Korea

  • DomoDolo
    DomoDolo 13 дней назад

    All NK has to do is join the rest of the world. Would solve a lot of their issues.

  • Jj Kin
    Jj Kin 13 дней назад

    We go a nother country is trying to take over the world what centry are you living in 1939😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Jj Kin
    Jj Kin 13 дней назад

    And we're the bad ones 🙄🙄🙄

  • Once Upon A Porn
    Once Upon A Porn 14 дней назад

    i bet kim jong un gets his period right on time every month

  • Jackson RRXT
    Jackson RRXT 15 дней назад

    Liberal utopia...

  • J
    J 16 дней назад


  • Yash Gadhvi
    Yash Gadhvi 18 дней назад

    Hell is waiting for KJU!

  • Tourettes Orc
    Tourettes Orc 19 дней назад

    And these feminist leftist sjw’s cry about micro aggression lmfao

  • amsablan
    amsablan 19 дней назад


  • P L
    P L 22 дня назад

    I'd rather be homeless in America than a regular citizen in North Korea.

  • P L
    P L 22 дня назад

    This video makes you appreciate your life and be less entitled.

  • Vanessa Parkes
    Vanessa Parkes 23 дня назад


  • Keisha Nicole
    Keisha Nicole 24 дня назад

    She probably stopped menstruating because she was around too many women in addition to the stresses of service. American female military while in basic training stop menstruating and we are feed thrice a day.

  • Alexandru Goga
    Alexandru Goga 26 дней назад

    In my eyes north Korea is a wonderful place. No feminist. The air is free there.

  • Miss Avakin Everything
    Miss Avakin Everything 27 дней назад

    The president needs to be tortured horribly then then die bye being burned to death they should also cut his dick off

  • Miss Avakin Everything
    Miss Avakin Everything 27 дней назад

    North Korean country is messed up

  • Sugardemon100
    Sugardemon100 28 дней назад +1

    And we are here still hating on Trump.

  • Gee
    Gee Месяц назад

    What the Fksh*t that's terrible 😱 especially the last part

  • daylight living
    daylight living Месяц назад

    I didn't know that most ameicans lived in North Korea!. Americans are so smart they know everything, god must have blessed America so strongly, It's incredible americans they love the world more than Jesus,

  • D Crawford
    D Crawford Месяц назад

    Hoping the de-nuclearization deal is a plan to eventually overthrow their government!!!

  • Mikkel Wagner
    Mikkel Wagner Месяц назад

    North Korean is gay

  • Reno Ruiz
    Reno Ruiz Месяц назад

    I am obsessed with North Korean women innocence and natural beauty already. I hope their condition of living improve under Kim Jong Un leadership.

  • General Kyle west
    General Kyle west Месяц назад

    Halt comrade?!
    What was that for

  • Maicompdr AE
    Maicompdr AE Месяц назад


  • colonel Olrik
    colonel Olrik Месяц назад

    Les femmes de Corée du Nord sont les plus belles femmes d Asie vive la grande Corée du Nord.....Cette vidéo est de la basse propagande capitalo americaniste

  • Leanne James
    Leanne James Месяц назад

    My heart goes out to these poor women

  • Rajesh Upadhyay
    Rajesh Upadhyay Месяц назад

    6202276220--------it's people who makes a country great.

  • Rajesh Upadhyay
    Rajesh Upadhyay Месяц назад

    Can't believe 100% -----because it's not possible to run a country in such close ended PERSONAL LIFE check list programmes.
    I feel North Korea is not showing up it's internal programme for it's citizens to World .------------.
    I don't believe in this one way story.

  • Emma Garland
    Emma Garland Месяц назад

    someone needs to hack every single television and device in NK and broadcast a video about America vs North Korean life!!!

  • BOON
    BOON Месяц назад

    Ohm Shinrikyo cult, Souka Gakkai and Touitsu Kyou Kai are all North Korean Cults.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Месяц назад

    Stop talking how bad north Korea. In USA no better than others country. Focus your own country.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Месяц назад

    The pictures of a water disfigured face she injections herself on face with some kind cooking oils and cause her face disfigured.

  • Sharon Turkson
    Sharon Turkson Месяц назад

    This is really bad

  • samstorm06
    samstorm06 Месяц назад


  • Nadejda Schmidt
    Nadejda Schmidt Месяц назад +1

    Just look at Saudi Arab, and US say they are best friends, how is that Possible. shame on US.

  • Goldy t
    Goldy t 2 месяца назад

    if everyone in north korea just go's against kimg Jong un

    • Goldy t
      Goldy t 2 месяца назад

      he would be dead

  • sumi andrew
    sumi andrew 2 месяца назад +1

    Poor women suffering in hell of earth (North Korea).So sad to watch

  • ella flatt
    ella flatt 2 месяца назад

    ( i know this isn't true) but has anyone ever wondered if it's actually the other way round and we are being brain washed about north korea and don't get as much rights at them?

  • Noah Bawdy
    Noah Bawdy 2 месяца назад

    You are using the word confession incorrectly. confession is a disclosure of one's sins in the sacrament of reconciliation. Or a session for the confessing of sins. Or a written or oral acknowledgment of guilt by a party accused of an offense. These people are giving testimony. a solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in response to interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official. firsthand authentication of a fact : evidence. an open acknowledgment. Use the correct words or you are saying nothing.

  • Charlotte Bishop
    Charlotte Bishop 2 месяца назад

    WHAT THE HELL😂UM your period should be celebrated as you have become a women! WHY don't women in power make sanatry products? That's the stupidest thing I've bee Heard. I NO SHADE but I think a man made that rule up! 🙄that makes me so angry!

  • Alahandro Montavolo
    Alahandro Montavolo 2 месяца назад

    Why show that deform face Korean women when you know it's not even about that

  • Black Republican
    Black Republican 2 месяца назад

    North Korean women are hot their the finest women alive

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  • Andrew Van vuuren
    Andrew Van vuuren 2 месяца назад

    ❤❤❤❤love your Videos 💜💜💜💜😁😁😁

  • troy neenan
    troy neenan 2 месяца назад

    Why hasn't anyone blown the shit out of these people, yet?

  • Trinity Lea
    Trinity Lea 2 месяца назад

    Forced marriage would be the worst

  • Ohio Girl
    Ohio Girl 2 месяца назад

    I’m curious what can feminist OVERSEAS in America do that’ll make an actual difference I’ll wait

  • SamCat FREEZE_YT
    SamCat FREEZE_YT 2 месяца назад

    5.8k North Koreans disliked this video

  • Pa Maskus
    Pa Maskus 2 месяца назад

    Bag of propaganda....