The forth installment of when people go full retard 4.



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Автор Saladin ( назад)
WTF it was noooooo problem before now pussy ass Trump start this shit now it a fuckin problem star's and stripes bitch fuckin white me you will see plenty star's and stripes on ur ass!!!!

Автор John Smith ( назад)

Автор Ajlindy 1 ( назад)
there 2nd one is got to be the fakest laugh I have ever heard

Автор Asian Dude ( назад)
Fucking white people.... "wtf is a satellite? I've never heard of that before... I use Google all the time!" why don't you Google a what is a brain... Because apparently you don't have one.

Автор CREx Official ( назад)
they're retarded 11:30

Автор Francisco Canche ( назад)
the fuck leave Mexican flags alone women what did that flag ever did to you I'm Mexican

Автор Serenathecreator ( назад)
If someone were to tell my grandma or mom to take down the Mexican flag cuz it's disrespectful I would punch her in the face in 0.1 seconds

Автор Detian Verdun ( назад)
when I grow up I wanna go to the planet moon

Автор John Nelson ( назад)
I can't believe how stupid some people are. and how they are willing to makes total ass's out of themselves on tv.

Автор Ivy_Horan 0393 ( назад)
the girl in the background is so done when they are arguing about the moon

Автор Elimeletd sanchez vazquez ( назад)
metete tu Americana Vandera por tu puto culo cagado perra

Автор Elimeletd sanchez vazquez ( назад)
murtete perra gringa

Автор SpaceManSpliffz ( назад)
i wish i could slap that bitch giving the lady a hard time about flying a mexican flag. what a cunt

Автор Lizzy Zimbleman ( назад)
That's no moon!!!

Автор shaun perez ( назад)
Why only put up Mexican flag? Need to have USA flag up too. Go back to Mexico if you have no pride living here.

Автор Jacob Rothman ( назад)
6:35, bitch you are stupid.. fly what ever flag you want, disrespect? you're disrespecting her heritage, fucking dumb bitch.

Автор Brenda Ortiz ( назад)
the laughs in the background made the videos funnier lol

Автор Melissa Mcdow ( назад)
People know that you can fly whatever flag you want to fly as long as it's under the American flag, right? The law says you have a right to fly the flag from any country as long as it is below the American one on a flag pole.

Автор hecking rad ( назад)
"and there was saturn, and the one with the rings.."

Автор A.J Beautiful ( назад)

Автор Desert Eagle ( назад)
The Moon is a planet... Wow, I dont study astronomy but everyone fucking knows that the moon isnt a fucking,planet lmao

Автор Super Goat97 ( назад)
the tumbnail is at 12:20

Автор scarlataps3 ( назад)
Why the united states is called ''America'' ?

Автор ZegelTheBegel ( назад)
The moon is a fucking rock

Автор Tackle ( назад)
So much cringe, I just can't believe how stupid people are lol

Автор FALCONPUNCH ( назад)
The moon is a satilite

Автор FALCONPUNCH ( назад)
What 5: 47 this is what I don't want my son to grow up as. Leave it to the brothas to bring the swag.

Автор Mandy J ( назад)
I'm convinced the Spanish woman knew exactly what that other woman was saying, but just didn't want to engage her

Автор Führer des Benutzers ( назад)
I wonder what that woman would say if I flew an imperial japanese flag.

Автор Führer des Benutzers ( назад)

I can hear Muttley's laugh.

Автор bballmst3r In the house ( назад)
10:49 is hilarious how could this lady think the moon is a star like what

Автор JoanaKrimz3n de Sousa ( назад)

Автор Nexstas B ( назад)
yes lady........ the moon is a planet

Автор Giovanni Morrow ( назад)
5:38 bruh u got money to buy a Rolex but can't get a better camera like really😂😂😂

Автор Samuel Song ( назад)
omg who thinks shooting a nail into their arm is smart sooo dumb

Автор Its Piopi Catcher ( назад)
I'm sorry to offend u but this generation of American adults is dumb as fuck

Автор Dmitry Pepper ( назад)
6:57, but if it were a Canadian flag, she couldn't have cared less. Am I right?

Автор Dr4g0n 80rn ( назад)
the last one wasn't even anyone being "retarded", It was just them shooting a rocket into a frozen lake.

Автор Cha'vae Utley ( назад)
CAN Y'ALL STFU ABOUT THE FLAG?? I know, its awful, but JESUS. If you want to say something about the flag incident, reply to a comment already about it. OR your thought has already been commented by someone else.

Автор Thomas Barkman ( назад)
3:48 there's some worn out squeaky toys

Автор Alex Lucian ( назад)
7:00 these are the people who voted trump.

Автор Lucky gaming ( назад)
The last one looked amazing

Автор Memestar ( назад)
Are u retarded? I am sofuckingretarded

Автор Sean Nakayama ( назад)
that flag thing

Автор HoodedGamer ( назад)
OOHHHH WASH THE DISHES (Is what the guy said on the first vine)

Автор Vicki Lala ( назад)
The lady complaining about the Mexican flag... I would slap the shit out of your racist ass. 😒

Автор Bebe Hoang ( назад)

Автор Steven Bruce ( назад)
If you are so proud to be American then you should respect our amazing freedoms.....one of those is the liberty to fly whatever flag you feel like. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Автор Selvin Chamale ( назад)
The idiots are the ones laughing at the drunk guy instead of helping him out.

Автор Bee Sollux Captor ( назад)
"Having a Mexican flag is disrespectful we are in America"
Me: does my friend's Canadian flag trigger you then

Автор Bee Sollux Captor ( назад)
Wait why is the phone explaining blumpkin so funny

Автор DOMO PLAYZ ( назад)
0:23 "I broke something" No shit

Автор Ayanna Scott ( назад)
Isn't the moon a moon???

Автор Yahweh Adonai ( назад)
"The moon is not a planet!"

Автор Krish Lius ( назад)
someone remove the mexican flag and shove it deep in the bitch's asshole with the camera

Автор Karrie Lapointe ( назад)
I am scared for the human race lol

Автор Yosmar Ulloa ( назад)
Watch 12:17 it's so funny

Автор patricke ( назад)
I a going to another planet, maybe moon...

Автор Timpuraww ( назад)
The moon is planet one was most hilarious

Автор Johnny Quiche ( назад)

Автор Aileen Styles Payne Malik Horan Tomlison ( назад)
Why is that lady in her yard in the first place?

Автор 《Poptart Joker》 ( назад)
The mom that saw his son's dick needs Jesus now
\( •_•)_†

Автор Tornadyx ( назад)
I can make my shoulders pop out like that guy in the video :o

Автор Chris Danns ( назад)
Im assuming thats a mangled up cunt not a brain?

Автор Jason todd ( назад)
obvious clickbait is obvious

Автор rocket ship ( назад)
Why the fuck can't someone speak English when they live in America? They should really go back to Mexico... except they don't want to. Because it sucks. Thus they shouldn't even put the fucking flag up.

Автор Deacon Robinson ( назад)

Автор Alexis Henderson ( назад)
Hold my beer

Автор Tiger Flash ( назад)
That woman that tells her to take off the flag....I want to open her chest and step on her heart

Автор Randy Mitchell ( назад)
at what point did any of this seem like a good idea?

Автор Diego Ignacio Toro Rivera ( назад)
the north american are so fucking retarded

Автор DANecent ( назад)
If a moon is not a planet then your not a human !!! You retarded lady

Автор Markus Pl4y ( назад)
12:35 FUCK

Автор Kevin Haight ( назад)
0:31 when black people do white people things

Автор R DeLaRosa ( назад)
the last one was pure genius you're crazy

Автор 「ayee』 ( назад)
7:58 those are some kinky mofos

Автор Michael Alongi ( назад)
that first one do

Автор Ashley Espinal ( назад)
i didn't know the mexican flag offended some americans...

Автор Amazingme ( назад)
mexican flag one got me triggered what a cunt

Автор Gwendolyn Stanton ( назад)
If you come to America, you're considered American... so you should hang the American flag along with it...

Автор ST0PxistingN0W ( назад)
Moon = moon

Earth = planet

Sun = star

Автор Michael Lardino ( назад)
That Mexican flag shit was dumb asf😑she can put her flag up if she want lol sometimes I wish I wasn't a race bro

Автор erno eeben ( назад)
"the moon is a baseball"

Автор Giggi Widit ( назад)
6:10 ... Is she serious !?!?! WTF... how is it her business what flag that woman flies on HER OWN PROPERTY... it's women like her, that gives white people a bad name. I am NOT a violent person, but I just wanted to SLAP that B!7*h !!! how dare she !!!???

Автор Giggi Widit ( назад)
2:55 OMG give these guys a talk show, they were hilarious !!! =DDD

Автор Spinxo ( назад)
The first one😂

Автор Mike Oxbigg ( назад)
OH MY GOD those people discussing the Earth and the moon and sun are absolutely retarded

Автор Roberto Canchola ( назад)
That Mexican flag sh*t got me mad.

Автор ollie dehorne ( назад)
FUCK EVERYONE IN THIS VIDEO except for the Australians because we're hardcore

Автор Alex Louis ( назад)
I am so retarded 😂!

Автор XenonPhantom ( назад)
The dude with the bottle had me weak 😂😂😂😂

Автор Garrit Arnold ( назад)
what a bitch , telling that nice Lady that an mexican Flag is Offensive LUL

Автор GaboCube1501 ( назад)
yes you are wetarded.

Автор goofy creeper ( назад)
that girl is fuckin rases to Mexicans I'm Mexican

Автор Maddie Dent ( назад)
The way the women fell when she caught her son oml😂😂😂

Автор ItsJellyyy ( назад)

Автор Jlopez240 Gaming ( назад)
The lady complaining about the Mexican flag needs to shut her fucking mouth and jump off a bridge, people are allowed to show their love for the U.S. and their original nationality.

Автор DAVID satekid ( назад)
2:25 CUTBONE!!!!!!!!!

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