BEST Pho! TRADITIONAL Noodle Tour of Saigon Vietnam

  • Published on Dec 31, 2017
  • I've been wanting to travel to Vietnam for years! My first day in Saigon( Ho Chi Minh City) I had to go for a bowl of Pho! The BEST I've ever had! I then went to explore the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup scene of Saigon where I tried Crab Noodles, Bún Bò Huế and bunch of other traditional noodles.
    Lcoation 1: Pho Quynh - Best pho for me, but I didn't know a better one was yet to come.
    Location 2: Banh Canh Cua - Just the GREATEST, MUST TRY!
    Location 3: Bun Thit Nuong - got nothing to compare with but very solid and LOVED the pork
    Location 4: Bún Bò Huế Nhung yes a thousand times yes!
    Location: Quán ăn - Huế tại 19 Trần Quốc Toản, P. 8, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh
    Location 5: Sadec Quan - Super refreshing noodles, must try if you love coconut and refreshingness
    Location 6: Pho Phu Vuong - OMG you gotta eat this!
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  • AngryTypingGuy27
    AngryTypingGuy27 18 hours ago

    There was food shortage in Vietnam after Mike's visit

  • Donald Hoang
    Donald Hoang 2 days ago

    is pho in vietnam better than ramen in japan

  • sonia aguilera
    sonia aguilera 3 days ago


  • sonia aguilera
    sonia aguilera 3 days ago


  • Floris Estourgie
    Floris Estourgie 5 days ago

    You seem to have "local friends" everywhere haha

  • Exo King of kpop
    Exo King of kpop 5 days ago

    “Look at these” 24:41 you’re cute

  • Travis D
    Travis D 7 days ago

    How the hell are you slurping those noodles

  • Yeah Yeah
    Yeah Yeah 7 days ago

    Definitely on my fuckit list now

  • David Alvarez
    David Alvarez 9 days ago +1

    Wow $1.50 for big bowl of noodles. Practically robbing them

  • derek salinas
    derek salinas 10 days ago +2

    Damn, the girl in the blue outfit is gorgeous!

  • Jay Ash
    Jay Ash 10 days ago


  • Anh đức Mai
    Anh đức Mai 11 days ago

    Việt nam ơi điểm danh 😚😚😚

  • David
    David 11 days ago +2

    I swear Vietnamese food is the one type of food I could eat every day and not get sick of.

  • Meg’s World
    Meg’s World 12 days ago

    why didn’t you give the dog some pho????

  • q bui
    q bui 12 days ago

    Sat in the same spot as Mike did at the first pho joint a few years ago

  • Teddy Leo
    Teddy Leo 13 days ago

    Glad you had a good time eating the best version of pho (Southern-style). I tried northern style in Hanoi and Sapa, and its alot more bland imo. Northern style is good for banh cuon and bun cha ca. Everything else....saigon or hue.

  • DragonGuy GTO
    DragonGuy GTO 15 days ago +1

    I wanna go to Vietnam now. PHO HEAVEN HERE I COME!

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 15 days ago

    Sharing spoons? Equals HEPATITIS B

  • Happy Michie Worriah
    Happy Michie Worriah 16 days ago

    Nie and vege

  • shin james
    shin james 19 days ago

    this is kind of noodle streets, i could various noodle menu from here, i could eat at least 10 bowls of noodles, the amount is just small, but korean usally could eat big amount of noodles like basin noodle, it exists in korea, just try it one day when u come to kroea. its called basin noodle,

  • mark shaw
    mark shaw 20 days ago

    How much did the first one cost?

  • TechTube
    TechTube 24 days ago

    I don't like noodles without soup😟

  • Tank P1ayer
    Tank P1ayer 28 days ago

    Is Mike Chen the son of Jackie Chan but he swapped the a for an e because he didnt want people to know?

  • Liana Tram
    Liana Tram 28 days ago

    Did you get orange juice if not you didn’t get the full experience

  • Ka Ying Yang
    Ka Ying Yang 29 days ago

    Right after you see this your like
    "Moooooom make som pho"

  • dead mama jama
    dead mama jama 29 days ago

    I tried pho and I know I didnt like it but this video makes me wanna give it another try😔

  • JesusIsGOD
    JesusIsGOD 29 days ago +15

    I personally prefer asian spoons to the metal ones because those don't hold enough soup.

    • Aso Aso
      Aso Aso 4 days ago

      Same. I usually bypass it by just drinking from the bowl.

  • dark warrior1
    dark warrior1 29 days ago +2

    Come to pho lein hoa in Oklahoma City. It should fulfill your wishes

  • Michelle Silva-TAT
    Michelle Silva-TAT Month ago

    that’s such a nice airbnb, where was it?

  • B.I is my salad
    B.I is my salad Month ago

    are Vietnamese only eat noodles? how about rice?

    • chimmypoo
      chimmypoo 25 days ago

      In his other video he eat broken rice

  • Neith See
    Neith See Month ago

    Mike's secret to eating so much food: Chilli.

  • AWP-erator452
    AWP-erator452 Month ago

    Is this where you met clay? I see him eating at the back of you lol.

  • izzerkitter
    izzerkitter Month ago

    Visits Vietnam adopts a puppy

  • Chloe Mathias
    Chloe Mathias Month ago +1

    Pho 🍲 is the best thing EVER! I need to visit Vietnam 🇻🇳 😪

  • Linda Vn
    Linda Vn Month ago

    Vietnam boiii

  • Uspi III Return
    Uspi III Return Month ago

    Thank you. I have visited this place, Quanch Pho at Ho Chi Minh. Really good. Try out the soup egg also. This city is now call Ho Chi Minh. Please don’t confuse everyone calling it Saigon.

  • sandy tuyen
    sandy tuyen Month ago +1

    How did your stomach react to all of these food? Did you get travellers diarrhea?

  • Nhat Huynh
    Nhat Huynh Month ago

    poor dog

  • Francis Benavidez
    Francis Benavidez Month ago

    I love pho ever😁🍲

  • Cuong Nguyen
    Cuong Nguyen Month ago

    U gotta go have pho in Hanoi

  • k
    k Month ago

    bruh that ain't 50:50. just saying! this is from someone who lives 15 minutes from that pho shop. there is also another shop about 3 mina away that serves pho as good as (or better to some), but for half the price. i know it's already cheap, but double price for aircon ain't worth it! and also because you titled the video TRADITIONAL, a little walk would have gone a long way mate!

  • rec0il _1
    rec0il _1 Month ago +1

    Take a shot everytime Mike says Pho lmao

  • Gabby Cuvin
    Gabby Cuvin Month ago

    i love love love vietnam 💓 i had a lot of fun traveling there 😌

  • Vymp
    Vymp Month ago

    love your channel brother you're awesome

  • Demetrius Northington

    I have seen a couple of your Pho videos and I tried it at a local restaurant after reading the reviews it was awesome. love love love Pho. I just wish I could afford to go to Saigon and have it like you did. My first stop would be at the last place you visited. Thanks for the video and I'm now a new subscriber.

  • molly pull
    molly pull Month ago

    I would of stolen the dog im not gonna lie

  • stevenjchang
    stevenjchang Month ago

    Wait did you not feed the puppy???!!!!!!!!!! you ate so much!!!!!!!

  • Zumina Rin
    Zumina Rin Month ago

    12 weeks pregnant and i'm craving pho 😍😍😍

  • Phu Huynh
    Phu Huynh Month ago +1

    Go Vegan!

  • Joe_Anroy
    Joe_Anroy Month ago

    Be careful with Vietnamese street food.. it is mostly loaded with the Drug (fake flavor enhancer) MSG (E-621)-

  • Gaile Guevarra
    Gaile Guevarra Month ago

    Its 2019 and im watching this because i miss Vietnam 😁😂 Pho is everywhere.

  • Cornflower Call me
    Cornflower Call me Month ago

    Food in Vietnam so good >< 😍
    I love Vietnam so much

    • chimmypoo
      chimmypoo 25 days ago

      @Joe_Anroy msg is good

    • Joe_Anroy
      Joe_Anroy Month ago

      Be careful with Vietnamese street food.. it is mostly loaded with the Drug (fake flavor enhancer) MSG (E-621).

  • Centreville Patriot

    Surprise he doesnt get sick

    • Joe_Anroy
      Joe_Anroy Month ago

      Be careful with Vietnamese street food.. it is mostly loaded with the Drug (fake flavor enhancer) MSG (E-621).-

  • Fan of your Trip Report

    Those ladies. 😍

  • Keith P.
    Keith P. Month ago

    Mikey Chen. @6:43 - I saw your post sometime and something you need to be corrected. FYI, It's not crab noodle soup. It's Vietnamese udon (Banh Canh). You should have ask Brenda. She should know what they are. There should be plenty places that you can order in NY, San Jose, Little Saigon ... and Seattle when you move there.

  • Denna
    Denna Month ago +2

    Ya'll, did this man really just play a keith sweat song @ 24:09 .......

    • d M
      d M Month ago +1

      YEP😂😂😂😂 i felt uncomfortable watching

  • Ireshani
    Ireshani Month ago

    11:27 😒 am I the only one who felt bad for her

  • Irfan The Baller
    Irfan The Baller Month ago

    What is the name of the dish at 13:25 ?

  • Corrupt Darkness
    Corrupt Darkness Month ago

    Bro ikr thats like the best pho i tried it before since im in ho ci minh

  • Ezekiel Lu
    Ezekiel Lu Month ago


  • 1963Sly
    1963Sly Month ago +1

    Are you related to Jackie Chan ? You look just like him, LOL !!!

  • GiA ĐẠT
    GiA ĐẠT 2 months ago +1

    Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
    🍜🍜🍜 98%👌🤩👍

  • Kh'merican KitchenGarden

    Mike, That's not coriander. It's Rice Paddy ( Limnophila aromatica), in the family of Plantaginaceae. In Asia it is growing wilde and it's commonly found in the rice paddy field.

  • Phuong Sam
    Phuong Sam 2 months ago +1

    😗my hometown 😍😘😚😙I ❤️ Vietnam 😀😄😊

  • Tifany Mentary
    Tifany Mentary 2 months ago +15

    *"Hello greatest thing ever"* 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake 2 months ago +4

    heheehe hilarious pronunciation... but any US citizen has it.
    And at the end, it is not "pho". It is Phở. It may sound difficult, but i think any english speaker should overcome the fear of diacritics so you can respect other languages.

  • 4 Da Love of Chocolate hannah

    Awww the dog

  • Kong Yang
    Kong Yang 2 months ago +1

    They have banh canh (crab noodle soup) everywhere in California

  • The Talking Doula
    The Talking Doula 2 months ago

    The food is soooo cheap there! 😩 I have to pay $20 for a good bowl of Ramen in Chicago, and they only put one piece of Pork in it 😩

  • DanTe
    DanTe 2 months ago

    Dude, you eat a lot. I wish I could do that

  • DJjosher
    DJjosher 2 months ago


  • ThirtyTwo Bit
    ThirtyTwo Bit 2 months ago

    I've been watching his videos for a long time but I still can't believe how food he eats and how fatty they are but stay fit. That's commitment 😁

  • mona Laster
    mona Laster 2 months ago

    Mike you have so many isms. The best part of waking up is Pha in your bowl. Lol!!!! Mikeisms.

  • Tom Cool
    Tom Cool 2 months ago

    bún riêu is best

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    Hoan Nguyen 2 months ago

    Hahah I love that lady who randomly gave him the egg roll. She literally look like my mom with the dress

  • Tony Phung
    Tony Phung 2 months ago +1

    The food is sooo cheap compare to the US😭😭

  • tung truong
    tung truong 2 months ago +2

    Next time in Saigon I'll have to try that PV pho. Your whole team convinced me

  • Alexis Maldonado
    Alexis Maldonado 2 months ago

    What was the 3rd dish called? 😳😳😳🤤🤤🤤

  • Deer Grumpy
    Deer Grumpy 2 months ago +2

    LOVE LOVE Vietnamese food! PHO is the best Mike is totally not exaggerating!

  • Blue Boy - Craft Edition
    Blue Boy - Craft Edition 2 months ago +1

    Don't take a lot of chili sauce

  • Vaughn Law
    Vaughn Law 2 months ago

    i'm away at college right now and watching this makes me miss my grandma's cooking so much :'(

  • Cindy Martinez
    Cindy Martinez 2 months ago

    Watching you eat pho made me want some. So I made some following your recipe. Only ingredient i missed was the star anise. 😭 but still came out super good.

  • Soul Allegiance
    Soul Allegiance 2 months ago

    yum yum yum i want some!!

  • Quang Nguyen
    Quang Nguyen 2 months ago

    Mike. I replayed this video several times and I think you need to come back and make a whole video just for Pho (like what you did for Ramen). There are still many good Pho place in Saigon. And if you can, go to Hanoi, this is where Pho was born and the flavor is very unique compared to Southern pho!!!

  • SupaNami
    SupaNami 2 months ago

    You're like Goku!!

  • Ty Em
    Ty Em 2 months ago

    Banh canh and Bun bo hue are my favorite

  • Beast Music
    Beast Music 2 months ago

    Good food but most of them aren’t even Pho.

  • keshu rawat
    keshu rawat 2 months ago

    Nonveg ppl have no right to show affection or care for animals.. Coz in the end of the day they will eat them 😢

  • keshu rawat
    keshu rawat 2 months ago

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  • Tania S
    Tania S 2 months ago

    poor puppy

  • Free Voice
    Free Voice 2 months ago

    I used to eat pho noodle for a year, twice a week, it’s so good in Toronto downtown

  • William Keller
    William Keller 2 months ago

    what's the song at 24:08 ?

  • Mai Van
    Mai Van 2 months ago

    I haven't been in Vietnam in such a long time

  • Local Rice Farmer
    Local Rice Farmer 2 months ago

    When I go back to Vietnam this summer imma be so hyped to eat at my uncles restaurant like I’m ready for 🍲 pho

  • I Am TrollerVersie13 5
    I Am TrollerVersie13 5 2 months ago +1

    The moment I notice I'm eating pho watching this video

    GAME OF BRONZ 2 months ago

    5:50 pls don’t

  • davemathewsrocks
    davemathewsrocks 2 months ago +1

    Watching this on a fast is a patience test

  • ram sai
    ram sai 2 months ago

    Chudam bsdi Wala...Teri mu ma lwda...loved noodels

  • KickLikeLee
    KickLikeLee 2 months ago

    Mike you know your food knowledge but you don't even know the basic to food bro. You never eat the food actual taste before you contaminate it with your over sauce

  • Mikhaela S
    Mikhaela S 2 months ago

    What an appetite lol