Meet Julia - Sesame Street's newest muppet with autism

'Sesame Street' is introducing Julia, their newest muppet in April this year. Julia is a 4-year-old with blazing red hair, bright green eyes, and autism. She's been in Sesame Workshop print and digital illustrations for more than a year, and makes her TV debut April 10 on both PBS and HBO. The show has been a favourite for almost 50 years and is all set to step up awareness about autism through the addition on the new character. Stacey Gordon, a puppeteer says she has been preparing for Julia for her whole life. She has a son who has high-functioning autism and wants to do her best to bring Julia to the world in the best light possible

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Автор Reborn Ninja ( назад)
Clearly Sesame Street has never met the internet.

Автор Ulette ( назад)
First Elmo tells your children to get the vaccines that cause their autism, then they create an autistic muppet, They are totally trying to normalize autism this is sickening. If I did watch Sesame Street I would boycott it immediately.

Автор altonio jr ( назад)
Please listen to I gotta keep my grades up by altonio jr. Kids Zone music

Автор Crowmander ( назад)
why does big bird sound so fucking depressed now haha

Автор Tahani Williams ( назад)
I can tell i'm going to love her . :)

Автор Cris Lerose ( назад)
next stop... Transgendered Trish, Gay Guillermo, Queer Quiffer and Islamic It'sabombboom..

Автор Dr. Bees ( назад)
lol I thought they all had autism

Автор Thomas Kim ( назад)
I thought everyone in Sesame Street had autism

Автор sam sammy ( назад)
autistic people she just be put down.

Автор Trueold Yourass ( назад)
what's best .
Marvin the meth addict

Автор Trueold Yourass ( назад)
hey . how about bringing a new character . uncle Paulie . the phedeophile.

Автор Excited Cat ( назад)
this is sweet I like it!

Автор Wilson Wohoo ( назад)
rip pbs.

Автор Anthony Del Giorno ( назад)
I can't wait for the transgender muppet, the gay muppet, and the oppressed woman muppet

Автор Chris Wilson ( назад)
what ever happened to that Muppet with AIDs?

Автор airman15 ( назад)
holy fuck some of you people are fuckin sick. i think its a good idea and no not all autists throw tantrums and as far as the anti social part well look at yourselves and think if someone treated you that way and then tell me you wouldn't be antifuckinsocial as well. no disability isn't natural or normal but compassion understanding and fuckin tolerance should be. oh and imma go on a limb and assume most of you are christians since your demographic are some of the most outright rude pretentious and egotistical assholes out their with a constant stick up your fuckin asses. oh didn't like me prejudging you then how bout you stop assuming all autistics have tantrums or are stupid.

Автор Indigo Moon Pack ( назад)
I love it

Автор Denise Sayer ( назад)
I love Julia !! I am a support worker and i think its important for the young and the old to realise everyone is different but we should all be treated equal.✌❤😊

Автор john D ( назад)
It doesn't get any more retarded than this. I doubt they will show her sitting in the corner screaming her lungs out for hours. Or attacking the other muppets in an autistic fueled rage. Quit promoting retardation as normal, and quit forcing retards into the classroom with normal kids.

Автор Channel 517 ( назад)

Автор el jay ( назад)
With the cuts trump made to pbs we can say goodbye Julia before we even said hi!

Автор Nor' Easter ( назад)
I always thought Elmo was autistic.

Автор Gerald Gardner ( назад)
**rocks in corner, holding herself** there's a hand up my butt there's a hand up my butt there's a hand up my butt!!!

Автор The Middle Man ( назад)

Автор Pwner 1775 ( назад)
let's turn her autism into weaponized autism where she teaches the children the truth about the Holocaust and Hitler

Автор Xam271 ( назад)
I think your Muppet has autism

Автор crystal thomas ( назад)
shes an awesome addition she can teach kids about autism on the spectrum

Автор LOSO ( назад)
This almost made me cry a little bit

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