John Stossel - Privatize Everything (2013)

  • Published on Dec 10, 2013
  • Len Gilroy (Reason Foundation) and Dan Biederman (public space redeveloper) join John to discuss the effects of privatizing formerly government-run services.

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  • robert healy
    robert healy 3 days ago

    sometimes I think Stossel is an educated idiot. He often says stuff that is absolutely insane. Like Bush, putting our social security in the stock market, what happens when it crashes?? what happens when Salmonella is released onto the market, do you really believe a corp. would spend millions on recall? same goes with autos, airplanes etc etc etc. How bout saturday night specials? You could go on and on. privatization is a get rich scheme fostered by corps. and politicians. VOTE NO!!!!!~they will clean your clock.

  • robert healy
    robert healy 3 days ago

    privitization can also be a very dangerous and destructive system. Like privitizing our prison system..

  • TU nguyen
    TU nguyen 18 days ago

    jon stoddel a scumbag jew belon in concentration camp

  • Eric J's Gov, Econ, and Church Commentaries

    This is a very good look into publicly run industries that I had never even considered privatizing, like public parks. I just goes to show that given the incentive, something could always be made better through private efforts. Now that is not to say I say that there are not some core government services that must be kept public, like fighting wars (real defensive ones, not those for resource gathering) and law enforcement (investigating crimes and punishing criminals), these are core biblical functions of government and should not be left to profit incentives. But everything else sure, why not, makes it cheaper on the taxpayer, eliminating the double tax of paying for the service and the subsidy.

  • The Right Media
    The Right Media Month ago

    Military, police, and courts should all be privatized. I understand the Founding Fathers didn’t think that, but to be philosophically consistent, yes, privatize EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

  • skirts365
    skirts365 2 months ago

    Naturally Stossel is afraid to mention the Masonic Lodges in cities of size. A mayor, city council, city manager, county commissioners are Masons, and they get construction bids from several sources, if low bidder is not a Mason, and high bidder is a Mason, most likely Mason gets awarded the contract! Masons vs Masons? Seniority in the Lodge wins! Masonic Lodges HURT society! They hide back of charity hospital TV commercials! If a felon is a Mason and the judge is a Mason, he's supposed to "help his brother Mason" to get off! Masonry was SO BAD that New York once had an anti-Masonic political party, read what the weird-o Masons did to William Morgan on Lake Erie! Lots of police chiefs are Masons! VERY bad! Many members of Congress are Masons. VERY bad! Have a look at the nauseating oaths Masons take, selling their souls to the devil.

  • Geo Dim
    Geo Dim 2 months ago +2

    Short, relevant story - My uncle is a mechanical engineer/technician (old-school)with his own business. He has knowledge that few in his industry have when it comes to fixing things. A government building in the area had a serious issue with one of their machines, there was a government-employed technician (that was employed there for many years) who for months was clueless on how to address the issue. So my uncle was called in. He took a look at it and fixed it within 1 hour. When it was time to pay the bill, my uncle said, that would be 200 euros, the technician's jaw dropped, "you came in here for 1 hour and you expect to get 200 euros??" My uncle replies, "You have been here so many years, getting paid every and you still had no idea how to fix it"

  • Steve Selinsky
    Steve Selinsky 2 months ago +1

    if private companies make a lot of profit offering better services and saving millions of dollars in tax revenues, they deserve seems that it benefits everyone...

  • Oddvard Myrnes
    Oddvard Myrnes 2 months ago

    For those who see this old post now In January 2018, you have experienced the longest government shutdown and seen what the results of shutdown of government services lead to. Libertynism = anarki. Reject this BS.

  • J Can du
    J Can du 2 months ago

    REALLY ?? "If" theyre bad they get fired .....pfffft .....please. There are so many private companies that scam people with impunity. Heating oil ....natural gas .....electricity.....etc

  • J Can du
    J Can du 2 months ago

    Privatisation is FALSE often dont get cheaper prices and better quality. Often you get higher prices and shittier quality because cutting costs is all private sectors are interested in.....and that means cutting corners and short changing the consumer.

  • Ollie Noone
    Ollie Noone 2 months ago

    Now Stossel has a RUclip you should take down these videos

  • gregterrible
    gregterrible 2 months ago

    Hold the fuck up. I live in Houston TX, I move to apart of town were the water, drain, and sewage is privatise and let me tell y'all it's very expensive compare to the city of Houston providing water and stuff.I get charge 4000 gallons of water use it or not if I go over guess what I pay extra , Customer service sucks they dont care and take your money and you can't complaint he'll you can't even take your business elsewhere because they have that part under control. We're is the innovation making it better and cheaper. You know business don't want a price war fact. If you privatise everything that is pitting the elite in charge and yes it's filthy greedy.

  • randy johnson
    randy johnson 2 months ago

    Privatize FBI & CIA
    ....Wait ...they are already a private ZIOMAFIA SATANISTS corpse

  • Chrysoula Caragonne-chilcott

    You sound like you need a little cheese with your whine

  • Chrysoula Caragonne-chilcott

    Privatize Congress, then we’ll talk.

  • Chrysoula Caragonne-chilcott

    The Republic was created when we shared morality-it applies no more in a country full of selfish people like you

  • myphonyaccount
    myphonyaccount 3 months ago

    Silly Stossell - "many people dont know public transit was built by private companies". Yeah, and they went bankrupt and the government bought them up and consolidated them. Then corporations tried to destroy public transit. See "National City Lines" scandal. This is all cyclical. Now might be the time to privatize some things to shake up stagnant government employees. And then cyclically, it can return to government control when private industry fucks it up.

  • myphonyaccount
    myphonyaccount 3 months ago

    Conflict of interest, Thats why you dont privatize everything. But the government employing people for the sake of employment is an outdated idea. Libertarians, conservatives and liberals are all wrong. Neither want efficiency for the purpose of delivering better services, they either want NO services or wastefully employed services.

  • GeekOverdose
    GeekOverdose 3 months ago +2

    Just abolish goverment and be done with, total anarchy and capitalism

  • Trish Fitzpatrick
    Trish Fitzpatrick 3 months ago +1


  • Thomas Stecyk
    Thomas Stecyk 3 months ago

    Buy US savings bonds.

  • MW
    MW 4 months ago

    Stossel for President!

  • Todd Lavigne
    Todd Lavigne 4 months ago

    When the private sector lives and dies by the laws of the free market but pays for the public sector with unrealistic salaries, benefits and pensions, it makes no sense. I believe knowing you must perform well or face not getting paid or being fired, is what makes economies strong.

  • Sunny Smiles
    Sunny Smiles 4 months ago

    A monopoly leads to No checks and balances, which leads to CORRUPTION every.... single.... time.... Incentives do matter. When there is no market competition, complacency and laziness sets in, incentives drop and efficiency/quality go down but prices just go up. It’s all backwards but the lazy workers just keep getting better pay and retirement.

  • Jorge Larson
    Jorge Larson 4 months ago

    I like privatizaion but don't forget Enron. I live in California and the insane electricity prices, that were lies, really hurt us until Enron fell apart under it's own corruption. And many people were hurt financially.

  • Xan Ostler
    Xan Ostler 4 months ago +2

    The difference is that it's bad business to kill your costumers....
    But the government is in the business of killing.

  • Ted Phillips
    Ted Phillips 4 months ago

    John Stossel is the only person on television who makes any sense to me.

  • Kenn Garner
    Kenn Garner 4 months ago +4

    worked real well with the prison system didn't it.

    • Dmitrii Gudin
      Dmitrii Gudin 2 months ago

      There is a difference between full privatisation, and crony quasi-privatisation, where the management of prisons is given to the companies picked by the government, forced to do business the way the government wants. There is no competition in the latter case, hence it doesn't work well.

    • Hallie Newchem
      Hallie Newchem 4 months ago

      No it didn't work. Because in prisons they a lot them more money for more prisoners. If they only gave a flat rate for the prision they would have the incentive to rehabilitate and get people out since more prisoners would be cutting into the profit instead of adding to it.

  • Heart2HeartBooks
    Heart2HeartBooks 5 months ago

    Fuck romney and fuck Obummer!

  • Heart2HeartBooks
    Heart2HeartBooks 5 months ago

    ahhhh stossel..your just cherry picking!

  • Sn00dles
    Sn00dles 5 months ago


  • Jake Hernandez Sotomayor
    Jake Hernandez Sotomayor 5 months ago +1

    There's element truth to privatize and private company doing better than government but i also think government does better than private on certain areas too.

  • Andrew Bartlett
    Andrew Bartlett 5 months ago +1

    Good enough for government work! To error is human, but to really screw things up takes the government.

    • Owlblocks David
      Owlblocks David 4 months ago

      +Andrew Bartlett I'm of the unpopular opinion that politicians are about the average level of correctness as any American. We can and should elect better politicians. But that requires us to become better people, better educated, and able to run a government or keep one in check.

    • Andrew Bartlett
      Andrew Bartlett 4 months ago

      +Owlblocks David True that, if only we can get less corrupt folks in the gov and it be restored to the size it was in the colonial days, but sadly that'll never happen. Once gov power and greed happens it won't stop.

    • Owlblocks David
      Owlblocks David 4 months ago

      To be fair, the government is a collection of individuals that we give power to.

  • Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'Brien 5 months ago

    Imagine if governments maintained 50% (49%) of these utilities. They would be privately run, (efficient) but government received 50% of the revenues?
    They could then tax much less!

  • Marcus Pieterse
    Marcus Pieterse 5 months ago

    Gotta love the Stoss!

    TACKLEBERRY 5 months ago +1

    How many county employees do you know that have “lavish” salaries?

  • Nathaniel Tan
    Nathaniel Tan 6 months ago +1

    Its exactly what President Trump did. When he was a businessman he convinced the NY governement to allow him to finish the ice skating rink and he did it efficiently and before the due date. Privatization always works.

    • jcman240
      jcman240 Month ago

      Doesn't work for me. I got 120k salary and lavish retirement I'm trying to protect here.

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks 6 months ago

    I will help John Stossel a little bit. Ask yourself when government spends money where does that money really go. It goes someplace. To whom? What if I told you the elites designed government to work inefficiently but in the end one key reason why they make bank is that money eventually finds its way into their personal bank accounts to those who fund the politicians. Yup. Think of the government then as a service provider that sets up an effective means of wealth transfer that uses the state power to do so, something they can't get via the private sector. Only the courts and government and agencies like the IRS can do that. So the money seems wasted but it is not wasted. It pays for someone's third house and investment property, someone's big boat' and someone who probably lives in some other nation. Follow the money spent and you will discover Whom the Grail Serves.

  • Aleksandyr Veliki
    Aleksandyr Veliki 6 months ago

    6:35 you dumb american, they WONT GET FIRED they just gonna bribe those who can fire them,retarded piece of shi et.It doesnt matter if the government or a private owner runs the show,the workers are people like you and me,trying to make a leaving and bring food to the table,90% of privatized companies in East Europe just change the owner from the government to a private owner and alll the workers are the same and thats it

  • Aleksandyr Veliki
    Aleksandyr Veliki 6 months ago

    Private hands............ AMERICAN RETARDS, the private sector will get rich and at a point will rise prices you dumb fuks,Why does the government does not work.Its easy i am from East Europe,what did they do here.Government officials fucked up government owned factories ,railways,and so on and they decided that the government is a bad owner and they privatized it alll and those ho got those sectors REALLY CHEAP and connected to those officials who ruined them.SO PLEASE u dumb fuck do not privatize anything,go against the ones who run and ruin your coutnry

  • Miami u u miami
    Miami u u miami 6 months ago

    How about the FEDERAL RESERVE privatize that , no wait already is, Congress needs to get rid of that monopoly, u.s treasury department needs to take over that job , but who am i

  • James Priest
    James Priest 6 months ago

    They raised taxes on it too so its bitter sweet.

  • Altair1904
    Altair1904 6 months ago

    I went as a tourist to NY and I immediately loved Bryant Park, much before I knew it was privatized

  • Daniel perez
    Daniel perez 6 months ago

    Privatize police!!!

  • Rod Martin, Jr.
    Rod Martin, Jr. 6 months ago

    Bidding for the next jet fighter doesn't seem to benefit from this kind of reasoning. We still get massive added costs that government seems too happy to pay.

  • wclifton968
    wclifton968 6 months ago

    anyone saying that public transport cant be profitable then they need to look at the UK where almost all bus operators are privately operated with mostly commercial services that make a profit or look at Hong Kong where the PRC Government is slowly privatizing MRT the public transport operator for metro services because they turn a profit

  • Craig Williams
    Craig Williams 6 months ago

    Hey John, do a story on Chicago privatizing the parking garages and parking meters under mayor Daily and how that ended up costing the taxpayers.

  • MpowerdAPE
    MpowerdAPE 7 months ago

    Groan*.. Where is Dr. David Shultz when you need him...? All of you Ayn Rand disciples better be careful what you wish for.... If stossel got what he wanted tomorrow... most of you will be starving on the street the week your retirement runs out.

  • Phil Heaton
    Phil Heaton 7 months ago

    Privatizing prisons seems to come with their own problems.

  • Alexander Canovas
    Alexander Canovas 9 months ago +8

    It amazes me that we can still have people who are happy to ignore history, and our own country's development and can still espouse socialist programs and ideas. Capitalism and free market economies thrive everywhere they're tried. Socialism and government controlled or centralized economies fail every time they're tried. Explain to me how leftism is not a symptom of insanity when they consistently attempt to return to a system that has repeatedly failed, and expect it to work "this time"?

    • tek tak
      tek tak 5 months ago +1

      Well, extorting taxes out of people to pay for social programs is at least partial seizure of private property. Actually, it was the policies of Hoover & FDR that deepened an ordinary recession & turned it into the Great Depression - Nonetheless, if your argument is that small government & less regulation is what caused the Great Depression, then the US should have had a permanent Depression throughout the 19th century, & the US should have remained a poor country like most countries in the world. Understandable; I definitely don't support unnecessary wars or oppose gay marriage, & even as an atheist who believes that life begins at conception, for practical reasons, I'm not opposed to abortion.
      Of course but then, laws & punishments are only useful to the extent people respect them; for instance, most people consider murder to be a serious crime, which is why it works better but alcohol prohibition didn't work so well, & the war on drugs is failing. Again, you can pass all of the laws you want but it's only logical that the more money & power the government has, the more greedy & power-hungry people it's going to attract, & they are not likely to write laws or conduct their backdoor deals in ways that would put them in a tight spot, so any such laws would ultimately achieve very little. Ultimately, you can't solve a government problem with more government.
      Again, maybe we just won't agree on this but I don't see how anyone is entitled to anything merely because they happened to be born in an arbitrary area of land. Why shouldn't the US provide safety net for the entire world? After all, most people outside the US, especially those living in former or present socialist & communist economies need it much more than the people in the US. Are non-Americans not human enough or are you a nationalist? Moreover, why should anyone be FORCED to do something for someone else without getting something in return? It's got to be a two-way street with a VOLUNTARY arrangement between people. Again, US became a rich nation because of capitalism, & the incentives capitalism creates for people to be productive & create value for other people but if you take those incentives away then, over time, the US will cease to be a rich nation; it already has the largest debt in history. A lot of liberals have this view of the wealth in the economy (& maybe you don't share this view) merely exists & will continue to exist, without thinking a great deal about why it exists & how it was created, & the role incentives play in the entire process. Given that you do call yourself a capitalist, I hope that you do understand that, part of the reason why socialism & communism fail, is because when you promise free stuff to people, they don't have an incentive to be productive, & conversely, when you punish those who are being productive, they have less incentive to be productive. If we can't agree on a basic premise that incentives affect people's behavior, then we will have come to an impasse in this discussion, & then on, I doubt any further discussion would be particularly fruitful.

    • Sellot91
      Sellot91 5 months ago +1

      Capitalism works on a macro scale, not a micro scale. To be clear, I am still a capitalist. You cannot be a socialist unless you believe in seizure of private property, which I do not. Calvin Coolidge, the President whose policies were largely responsible for the depression, was a firm believer in small government, no regulation, big business booming. So he let it run wild, and it all came crashing down. I do like that libertarians are largely anti-war, and typically I agree far more with libertarians than conservatives because we agree on many of the problems in society, we merely disagree on solutions.
      And yes, banning things cannot stop them from happening, but they can create penalties and punishments for doing them. That is why we have laws. Laws do not ban anything, they punish people for doing them. You cannot ban something that is down to individual choice, that is obvious. But you can impeach, prosecute, fine, and imprison people who do it.
      We need a STRONG social safety net. There is no reason that in the richest nation in the history of the planet that we should have anyone go to bed hungry, or die of a preventable or treatable disease, or lack necessary education and career training. These kinds of things should be provided for the betterment of society.

    • tek tak
      tek tak 5 months ago

      That's happened because of the big government that started increasing with the increased acceptance of socialism during the early 20th century whereas I'm arguing for less government, & don't support a big military or the political class. So, is rest of the world too sub-human to be compared to? The point is that poverty & destitution was the natural state for vast majority of people around the world during the times gone by, & the countries that accepted capitalism to the largest degree were able to raise the living-standards of a large majority, including Western Europe; of course, it is a pity that some people still do suffer but no system will ever be perfect but that's no reason to shun what has proven to work.

    • tek tak
      tek tak 5 months ago

      If only banning things stopped them from happening, the world would be so perfect but it's definitely not so simple, backdoor deals will continue happen because people within the government are just as greedy as anyone working in a private company, except a private company can't tax (extort) you. Mandatory voting will do nothing to improve the candidates that are to be voted upon, & nothing will change; not to mention, it is against the very idea of freedom of choice because when a voter doesn't vote, it's a vote against all of the candidates. I & many libertarians are greatly concerned about pollution but we don't think the government is the answer because the greedy government officials sell the environment to the highest bidder anyway. There's no such thing as "trickle-down economics" -

    • Sellot91
      Sellot91 5 months ago

      A global superpower for the military and the political elite. The common man doesn't feel the benefit of this. Yes, it is much better there than in Uganda. But our standard of living, education, healthcare, infrastructure, all rank lower than Western Europe. In fact, we're near the bottom of the modern world in all those categories. We rank #1 in total GDP and military power, that is it.

  • Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera
    Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera 9 months ago


  • david bleh
    david bleh 9 months ago

    Everything is private, until you give it up to the creeping monster called the state. If elected will simply follow their charters and instructions known as constitutions we could not be in this mess. Oath anyone??

  • myphonyaccount
    myphonyaccount 10 months ago

    Passenger rail was private and it failed. If airports and roads weren't subsidized we wouldn't be flying or driving.

    • LightningZap
      LightningZap 5 months ago

      London Heathrow is privately owned and it is running wonderfully

  • myphonyaccount
    myphonyaccount 10 months ago

    Conservatives should stop stealing from social security to pay for oil war.

  • R M
    R M 10 months ago

    Also, I don't care who does what, public or private. But once the city starts down the private route, I harbor a fear that private powers could be given the option to buy the asset and thus put it at risk when the new owner finds it has become unprofitable. I wouldn't want Yellowstone to be logged just because day passes are down for the season.

  • R M
    R M 10 months ago

    This all works now, but I'm not sure it would've worked until now. People/owners in the previous centuries were assholes. Now they at least realize that nature and other commons are intrinsically valuable and must be protected, even if monetized.

  • Dave Davis
    Dave Davis 10 months ago

    privatization don't sound bad . government is a racket , kickbacks. union's , nepotism , cronyism . big mafia runs government like an organized crime syndicate . take a look at any major city in this United State's . seems like most city workers are both Italian n Catholic .

  • Hunter
    Hunter 11 months ago

    Actually privatize everything zero state funds or taxes.

  • stenbak88
    stenbak88 Year ago +19

    Government programs are supposed to end not get bigger

    • robert healy
      robert healy 3 days ago

      not so!!! end safe guarding the constitution???? No way!!!

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 8 months ago

      They can but help but get bigger because the capitalist use government taxes to pay as many costs they don't want. They've always got their hands out for those big government contracts.

  • JBTheMighty
    JBTheMighty Year ago

    Just asking to learn not to argue but what would happen to workers of a company that failed and there was no competitive company to hire them?

  • Harrison Balduf
    Harrison Balduf Year ago

    In many cases I could agree.
    Here in Nassau County, the Nassau Inter-City Express (NICE) bus system is an example of how that DOES NOT work.
    The problem here is that our bus system doesn't break even. We subsidize it 1/4 the amount of the equivalently-sized system in Westchester County, yet want the same level of service. Our County Executive Ed Mangano got the service privatized, then slashed the subsidy.
    The result?
    There's not enough pork in the barrel to keep all the routes running. Viola (the operator) shut down two of the 4 routes in the town, among another dozen routes. Service cuts all over, reduced maintenance of non-county-owned equipment and ridership is falling because of it.
    The quandary here is that we want to have a system that serves as many people as possible, but makes money. The problem is that those two objectives are mutually exclusive. A profitable bus system wouldn't be this big, and a well-covered service area isn't proftiable.

    • Harrison Balduf
      Harrison Balduf Year ago

      Flip side of the coin would be the Iowa Pacific Company. Until they retracted due to internal financial troubles, they ran the Hoosier State on behalf of the state of Indiana. They increased service, made 4-star meals in the dining car, provided equipment (which was older, but had just been refurbished and reflected the more lavish 50's era travel than today's economy-everythings) and caused ridership to increase despite not being able to fix much of the schedules or on-time performance (that's a subject for an Amtrak explanation).
      There was better service, that was closer to profitable, being supplied by a private company. All while Amtrak told them they couldn't afford to operate the service!

  • Mondy C
    Mondy C Year ago

    How to reinstate Slavery?
    Privatize America.
    Ownership of Human activities will follow…

    • LightningZap
      LightningZap 5 months ago

      That's violating someones rights and also clearly breaking the law

  • mmzen
    mmzen Year ago

  • Sebastian McConnell

    Privatise everything

  • Darryl Jackson
    Darryl Jackson Year ago

    Incentive is better
    An incentive is something that motivates an individual to perform an action. The study of incentive structures is central to the study of all economic activities (both in terms of individual decision-making and in terms of co-operation and competition within a larger institutional structure).

  • Heitor Mello
    Heitor Mello Year ago +46

    Libertarian: We need to privatize everything.
    Normies: What do you mean, everything?
    Libertarian: EVERYTHING!!!

    • robert healy
      robert healy 3 days ago

      we already have private have a choice. your way? NO CHOICE that is subjugation! if you have No CHOICE you have NO FREEDOM!

    • robert healy
      robert healy 3 days ago

      privitize the prison system??? think on that! knowing the track record of private corporations, making a profit by incarcerating our citizens. You wont be able to VOTE, hold political office, etc etc etc. BAD IDEA. jail citizens in order to make money. crooked corporations would have a very high percentage of citizensm in prison. Of course the LAWYERS would still get rich and we would be living in MUD SHACKS. better think on this folks. could possibaley lead to armed revolution.

    • Daniel Treadwell
      Daniel Treadwell Month ago +1

      +Kim O'Brien you have no clue what you're talking about.

  • Darryl Jackson
    Darryl Jackson Year ago

    The happiest people in the world are those with purpose doing what they love and loving what they do soon i will be one of those kinds of people.

  • Transwarp Media
    Transwarp Media Year ago +2

    this is why i firmly believe we get rid of net neutrality, you get the ISPs out of title 2, you get rid of local licenses, you make it possible to save the internet instead of having it labeled a "public utility" which if you haven't noticed by already long time existing public utilities, have been a c and d for the longest on a school grade by the american society of civil engineers.

  • mmzen
    mmzen Year ago

    So hopefully they will fire John stossel and hire someone who is a better host who they can pay half the salary. It's the magic of the market

  • mmzen
    mmzen Year ago +1

    Ask John stossel why there is more money into baldness cures than malaria. Because most of the people who need malaria drugs live on dirt floors and have no money

    • Owlblocks David
      Owlblocks David 4 months ago

      At least when charities give money to malaria research, they spend it more wisely than government bureaucrats.

    • Uncle Phil
      Uncle Phil 5 months ago +1

      Your point?

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson Year ago +4

    The free enterprise system is great when it's restricted to things that are manufactured or services that are performed. When you allow that system to operate ANYTHING else it falls flat on it's face. I'm leaving a lot out so you can think about what it is that it doesn't work so well on.

    • Owlblocks David
      Owlblocks David 4 months ago

      I think of it in terms of customization. The government, while imperfect, can tend to handle electricity and water somewhat well (granted, this gives an example of failure, and so does Puerto Rico, but generally it's not terrible service). But when they try, say,education, where it's different for each student, they fall flat on their face. Some things work well top down, like company management. Some work bottom up, like supply and demand. In general, government is bad at telling when it should butt out, because top down is their hammer, and when you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    • Jesse Moreno
      Jesse Moreno 7 months ago +1

      Beautiful my friend well done wish I could give you a firm handshake! Take care and hope to see more of your comments

    • Thomas Jefferson
      Thomas Jefferson Year ago +2

      A monopoly destroys the free enterprise system and prevents it from doing what it does best, Competitive manufacturing makes products cheaper. Anything that doesn't retains that competitive element is not a good candidate for inclusion into the free market. Can you think of the number one thing that over time loses it's competitive edge. As our nation was growing it was plentiful but as the years went on it slowly diminished and we are seeing the effects of that on the economy which is slowly destroying this country. Slowly a monopoly is being created which is making it impossible for a young person to keep up. Soon it will destroy us. few people can see it because you need to study history to realize it.

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling Year ago

    The outright lies of the left in one breath supposedly wanting redistribution of wealth while themselves lining their own pockets with gold! No wonder public sector organisations and workers don't like conservative or Republican government as they want to rein in public spending to balance the books!

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling Year ago +1

    Now to the left anybody who doesn't agree with them yet alone think like them is a far right fascist, Nazi or Hitler reincarnate!

    • Daway Legit
      Daway Legit Month ago

      Muh roads, muh fire care subscribtion!Who is gonna pay for my libraries????*

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling Year ago +2

    Ever notice how the left spout such insane rhetoric such as "fascist", "Nazi" or "Hitler" and apply such without knowing a thing about history or context?!

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling Year ago +2

    The left including the Huffington Post just use the politics of envy, jealousy and division instead of any rationality or common sense!

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling Year ago +3

    The public sector everywhere are a law unto themselves with organisations rife with bullying intimidation and megalomania! Ever notice how public sector workers are the first to complain and strike complaining about pay and conditions when billions are spent giving them the best possible pay and conditions not to mention that many of them here in the UK can retire up to fifteen years earlier than private sector workers!

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 8 months ago

      That's the UK. You don't even have the balls to get rid of the house of lords and monarchy. People who receive big sums of tax money by birthright.

  • master Mac
    master Mac 2 years ago

    The only way private is cheaper is they pay minimum wage with no benefits. Is that they way we want to live so we can send mail a bit cheaper. Fuck off. They have just sold the royal mail over here in the UK. They said it wouldn't affect jobs. Bullshit. Its all agency workers and part-time coming in now with no pensions a d will cost a lot more in the long run when governments later down the line.

  • martin martinez
    martin martinez 2 years ago

    Mutualize everything

  • mmzen
    mmzen 2 years ago

    The problem with saying "you can just fire a business as a customer if they don't give you what you want and get another one" is that they use the argument that "bad word of mouth" will fix everything. If a corporation has a good or service that ends up injuring or killing or life long disabling hundreds of thousands of people then the word of mouth will stop it from continuing but it doesn't do much to help all the people who were effected. Let's say that the product was dangerous because of either relaxed regulations or the company cutting corners on safety to maximize profits. We can only hope now that the victims can sue for damages but the company will probably have an army of lawyers and in our free market society that victims will not be able to afford good attorneys. They could win millions but may also end up with nothing or very little. Plus they have mountain medical costs that libertarians say would glibly be cheaper in a total free market. It's funny how a lot of the supposedly conservative pro capitalists are the ones pushing hard for tort reform of "frivolous law suits". They've been bought and paid for by corporate donors

    • mmzen
      mmzen Year ago

      Brutus Tan it depends on who controls the government. You have a government that is the tool of the capitalist class in the United States. That's what you libertarians can't understand. Much like a gun or a hammer or a car the state is just a tool. It depends on who is controlling it. We have a state that is primarily controlled by billion dollar corporations through lobbying. You are delusions

    • Brutus Tan
      Brutus Tan Year ago

      mmzen fucking stupid. What makes you think the Government is any better with no competition, limitless pockets from YORY Tax dollars and no accountability from the FREE MARKET

  • mmzen
    mmzen 2 years ago

    I wonder how the survivors of Bopal India feel about all this

  • mmzen
    mmzen 2 years ago

    Nigeria has unofficial privatization of utilities and it is fucking terrible. The government did a pretty shitty job but now they have Kalwoon walled city lord of the flies shit

  • Ralph Thompson
    Ralph Thompson 2 years ago +3

    I agree. Privatize law enforcement, so that when they abuse their power on American citizens, they can be sued and not protected by the criminal DA's.

    • Matrix Man
      Matrix Man Year ago

      mmzen If an employee got his skull broken open at work, it would be the best day of his life. $$$

    • mmzen
      mmzen 2 years ago

      Ralph Thompson hahahahahahaha. You are a fucking idiot. They had "private police" in the 1920s they were called strike breakers and the rich business owners used them to crack open the skulls of workers who got out of line. If you're gonna privatize the cops why not privatize the judges too? The legal system already is set up to protect the rights of billionaire private property owners. If I'm poor and you're rich what quality level of "police officers" would you afford compared to me? You think the cops are horrible NOW? look at private prisons. You should be strung up by your balls with a copy of atlas shrugged shoved up your ass.

  • Comrade Boi
    Comrade Boi 2 years ago

    Sounds like an excellent way to exploit workers

  • TheHvk
    TheHvk 3 years ago +2

    Of course you psychopaths would love this bullshit. Private companies always have some cunt CEO or management on your ass treating you like fucking slave so of course private companies would be more "efficient." You libertaricunt trust fund fucks would never understand that because your rich daddy gives you everything with his inheritance money.

    • Ahmad Wright
      Ahmad Wright 3 years ago

      you're the only one that wants to be a slave. You don't think people have the will or intellect to make intelligent decisions on their own behalf. why do I have to explain to you that it is easy to quit? you cannot be a slave to a corporation because they NEED you, they don't control you. You don't even have to work for a corporation. If we decrease laws then you can own your own corporation. What type of logic are you thinking with slave boy? you need government master to keep you safe? you can't do it on your own? hey don't think your weaknesses are common. Most of us can handle ourselves.

  • Brandon Baranak
    Brandon Baranak 3 years ago

    this is experiment that should be tried in our laboratory of democracy.

  • Darkmind1970
    Darkmind1970 4 years ago +15

    Good grief. No.... just... no. Privatising everything is a moronic idea. It comes back to the delusion that the invisible hand of the market knows best. Well, it doesn't. It's just an excuse for greedy executives to increase what they can get away with charging.

    • J Can du
      J Can du Month ago

      +spook Ummmmm well back when your grandparents and great grandparents were running things the government wasnt evil or malicious or invasive. However was only those that came later the BABY BOOMER SCUM that turned it into that today. They ironically became the thing it never was by turning it into what we see today to make money and suppress opposition just as they accused it of being before they got their corrupted little hands on it. In short THE TRUTH is the government is good if the people in it or running it are good .....and as we have seen though.....the government is bad if the people in it or running it are bad. Government can be a tremendious force for good or evil it entirely depends on the attitudes and intentions and charecter of the people in government.
      So if the people are rotten and miserable biased and corrupt and have ignorant attitudes .....then thats the kind of government you will get and that we have had for decades. Now as soon as these scummy people get out of government and or retire the attitude will change again depending on the attitudes and perspectives of the crowd that replaces them. And that all depends on the job that was done raising them and the ethics they hold true. Used to be common sense but now its chaotic social experiment ideals competing to be prominent versus the old fashioned way of stable reasonable common sense morals that were not time or era sensitive.....which is why they were timeless values.

    • spook
      spook Month ago +1

      you want the government to be your friend? they have no interest in the common worker, only destruction of the economy through bloated spending

    • Advocate for Truth Liberty and Freedom
      Advocate for Truth Liberty and Freedom 2 months ago

      every time I've seen the government do something they take longer than anyone else they charge more than anyone else and they expect taxpayers to pick up there ignorant lazy inefficient and Evil garbage projects

    • J Can du
      J Can du 2 months ago


    • tek tak
      tek tak 5 months ago

      Government regulations make it difficult for new businesses to compete with existing ones by raising barriers to entry, that's what leads to higher prices but that's only true in the short-run because once the prices/profits are high enough, someone will enter that market by hook or by crook lured by the profits, leading to competition & better pricing whereas government is a giant black-hole which never looks to cut costs because they have no incentive to do so.

  • Neosaigo
    Neosaigo 4 years ago +10

    We did try to privatize everything, and that was why the government end up with medicare and social security. The private market excel at certain things, but utterly fails at the rest, especially when there is no profit to be made.

    • TruztNo1
      TruztNo1 8 months ago

      I can say there are benefit with free market but sadly the U.S is only play who does it and some services can private sector can delivery but also take in mind takes over look when it is accomplished and clear books. The reason to have social and last resources it is for help those by voluntary and those who pay for it, it is more the citizen last insurance but also can help those who need the most in the community as primary to the citizen in coordinate with some charity. If you wonder about pensions it is more like personal thing in some limit the last insurance with conditions..
      Here is one example who don't play free Market Canada even inside the country or even with U.S to get imports from Canada.

    • William Avitt
      William Avitt 4 years ago +2

      +theDoubleA1245 ok, got it. Yep, I was right, I do agree with everything you said I just for some reason wasn't reading that first post right. Everything wrong with American capitalism, and there is a lot wrong with it, is the fault of government meddling

    • theDoubleA1245
      theDoubleA1245 4 years ago +5

      +William Avitt You should know the old myth that the free market/unbridled capitalism caused the Great Depression, while in actuality the government had a large hand in causing the downfall of the economy.
      Now fast forward to the mid 30's. Because of this so called "market failure", the government needed to set up a cushion or safety net to protect people from drastic economic downturns and prepare people for long term unemployment and retirement.
      If you understand how the government actually caused the Depression and then blamed it on the free market, the passage of Social Security becomes even that more heinous. Basically they actively destroyed (though not on purpose) the economy to indirectly "sell" Social Security to the people.

    • William Avitt
      William Avitt 4 years ago

      +theDoubleA1245 I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say. I'm sure I agree with whatever point you're trying to make, but I'm having a hard time understanding what that point is

    • theDoubleA1245
      theDoubleA1245 4 years ago +4

      I thought about something. After reading and researching the Great Depression (the reason we have SS), and learning that the government is largely responsible for the market failure, government then had the opportunity to sale Social Security.
      They are evil salesmen. Like bad construction workers installing a bad roof and blaming the structural support of the house for the roofs collapse and being contracted to fix both again.

  • 51MontyPython
    51MontyPython 5 years ago

    11:40 -- Heeeeeeeelll yeah, Big D, that's what I'm talkin' bout :) God bless Texas. One of the last few bastions of common sense and freedom. I'll tell you one thing, the day Texas institutes a state income tax is the day I cease from considering myself a Texan. Hold the lines, boys, hold 'em good and steady; continue to make me proud! Though, what's up with that Bullshit ya'll replaced Common Core with? It's just the same thing re-packaged under a different name. C'mon, ya'll, figure it out and get with the program, ...or should I say, get OUT of the program;) But seriously though, snap to it, ya'll! Like seriously for real >:( NOT cool guys. Ya'll should have seen that one coming. Shame on you.

  • 51MontyPython
    51MontyPython 5 years ago +8

    You see, folks, freedom really _does_ work!

  • rezin russell
    rezin russell 5 years ago

    John Stossel will be 67 years old next month, and yet there's nary a single gray hair on his head, eyebrows, or mustache. It's a miracle

  • The Counter Elites
    The Counter Elites 5 years ago +7

    I'd like to privatize Stossel's moustache. With my privates.

  • HettesKvek
    HettesKvek 5 years ago

    Let's include air and water. Why should it be free? You deserve nothing. Work to live, or die.

  • jackiechan511
    jackiechan511 5 years ago +6

    Really Mr Stossel! Privatize everything. How is American private health care working for you. No wonder the USA spends a high percentage of its GDP on health care.
    He really needs to look at the example of water privatization in Bolivia in the late 90s, early 2000s

    • Lorgio Caballero
      Lorgio Caballero 17 days ago

      +Jorge Larson open up health ins. To the all the nation. Not like it's now. Ins co have state monolopy. Open it up ....

    • Jorge Larson
      Jorge Larson 4 months ago

      explanation, we pay for a vast majority of medical inovation and the world rides on our coat tails. We pay the most for medical pratice insurance because the Lawyers make a living off it.

    • Owlblocks David
      Owlblocks David 4 months ago

      The US has the worst of both worlds. Less competition than many universal health care systems (yes, that sounds impossible, but somehow we managed to do it) with all the red tape and rules that comes from public health care. Frankly we should decide one way or the other. I'm in favor of greater privitization, but a Swiss or Scandinavian system would be better than what we have now.

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 8 months ago

      Privatized health care has created nothing except a profit bonanza for insurance companies. For many people buying their needed medicine is cheaper when they pay cash instead of the private insurance companies copay. We don't need insurance we need a healthcare system like the roads we travel on.

    • doesn't matter
      doesn't matter Year ago

      Jai Khemani The FDA and AMA are just as damaging imo.

  • ucsb1985
    ucsb1985 5 years ago +2

    Except that privatization led to a massive deficit in California (during the energy crisis), poor outcomes in education in Chicago (charter schools are more likely to perform worse than their public counterparts and those that perform better simply kick out their worst performing students), and fuels the war in Afghanistan (contracts). Look, Milton Friedman was wrong. We saw that with Pinochet and other neo-liberal revolutions in the Southern Cone. Privatizing everything means that you give up control to the elite. Now there is no counterbalance in the system. Governments are supposed to serve the interests of the public. Unfortunately in the US, with increased privatization, it doesn't. What has occurred is a massive recession due to deregulation, increased tuition for universities due to lack of government funding, and increased inequality.
    I simply don't understand America's aversion to sound, good policy. A blended system seems to be the best approach. It works in many countries in the world and it used to work here. Somehow, we believe that billionaires are more likely to carter to the middle class than elected officials which depend on our votes. It's time demand change in our nation. No, not by shutting down the government, but demanding for actual policy changes that aid in propping up the middle class.

    • Marc T
      Marc T 7 months ago

      +ucsb1985 Are you serious? Pinochet converted Chile from a third world socialist shithole into the most prosperous and stable country in all of South America. Using that as an argument against capitalism is absurdly backwards.

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 8 months ago

      The only thing the charter school does is make the school teacher subject to the whip of dismissal. It is just another new way to try and reduce the price of public school education. In Massachusetts homeschoolers are suppose to present a plan to the superintendent of schools. Once the child is 18 they may then sue the school district for not providing an education.

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 8 months ago

      Capitalism always moves towards monopoly. The middle class gradually sinks into the economic status of the working class. Fascism only becomes a solution to the class struggle when the capitalists begin to lose hope in their system of control. Only the working class with the small farmers can halt fascism with a socialist revolution. Any kind of halfway measures where the workers are tied up to progressive capitalists is a disaster in the making with fascism winning the class struggle. That is the lesson of the popular fronts in France, Spain and Chile.

    • jimprjayp
      jimprjayp 8 months ago

      Nationally charter schools perform 17% better than public schools that’s why public school teachers hate them. Stats for homeschooled are even higher.

    • jimprjayp
      jimprjayp 8 months ago +2

      Kim O'Brien capitalism works for the whole economy to build a middle class and stop the elite from instituting fascism (corporations controlled through government regulation). The elite need the government’s collusion to stay in power. And the government needs the elite to stay in power. Remember the bailouts?

  • Urbestestbuddy
    Urbestestbuddy 5 years ago +60

    When government actually serves it's purpose, it becomes apparent that it's unnecessary.

    • robert healy
      robert healy 3 days ago


    • Marc T
      Marc T 7 months ago +4

      +Kim O'Brien you have no idea wtf you're talking about. The government is the single biggest facilitator of greed, stealing people's money and then distributing it to whoever will do the biggest favors to the corrupt politicians.

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 8 months ago +1

      The purpose of government today is to regulate greed. The biggest reason for privatising government jobs is to escape pension plan payments. In the private sector bosses have been successful in getting rid of private pension plans. Now they want to do the same thing in the public sector. There are more union workers in the public sector but the supreme court has now decided it is the time to do away with them by ending dues check off. Time to retaliate and ignore any no strike clause in any union contract. They want class war and we should give it to them.

    • Daway Legit
      Daway Legit Year ago +3

      Daniel Peer We don't need government for that.

  • Tigerfire75
    Tigerfire75 5 years ago +11

    No if the private companies are bad they no longer go out of business. The government steps in now and bails them out. They are too big to fail. The government will print more money and hand it out to help those poor stupid incompetent companies to continue along.
    If we had the free market with government not getting involved I guess these incompetent companies would go out of business and competent companies would pick up the pieces. Of course that isn't what we have had ever since the Great Depression when government decided to step in and do something. I mean before that the government let the market work itself out and it was better for everyone.

    • Owlblocks David
      Owlblocks David 4 months ago

      +Kim O'Brien Thank you for proving why communists are violent thugs. Not all communists. Just the serious ones (I say this with "socialist" friends at my high school that are in no way violent people, but, well, are teenagers in a blue county in a blue state).

    • Eric Homstad
      Eric Homstad 5 months ago

      This is exactly why I can't agree with this video. It's a great concept, but in reality it'll be abused just like in 2008 when the banks got bailouts from the government for nearly engineering their own demise. Too big to fail is unfair for the working man.

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 8 months ago

      Realy? By 1934 the workers in 3 cities had enough of the stock market working itself out. They fought back with 3 general strikes in Minneapolis, MN San Francisco, CA and Akron, OH. All lead by three different factions of the communist party. These weren't the usual strikes where workers sat back and allowed the bosses to run scabs through the picket lines with police protection. These were mini civil wars where hand to hand combat was waged with clubs and pipes against pistol welding cops..

  • shamgar001
    shamgar001 5 years ago +38

    Libertarians need to remember that while there certainly CAN be benefits to contracting government jobs to private companies, it's still using money stolen from taxpayers and a monopoly given to the contractor. True liberty would be getting the government out of water/parks/firefighting altogether.

    • taxation is theft memes news & more
      taxation is theft memes news & more 5 months ago +2

      Dafuq. Firefighters are mostly volunteer bro. Private companies are not monopolies because there's competition

    • Ezekiel Glenn
      Ezekiel Glenn 5 months ago

      Point taken

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 7 months ago

      Sure they are but just like the 2008 crash when the bankers demanded a bailout they will come running for welfare medicine if the lose all their money in some financial disaster and couldn't pay the insurance bill and copays for something like kidney dialysis and transplant.

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 8 months ago

      I remember seeing a Libertarian Party meeting where a guy stripped down to his underpants and did a dance. Libertarians will always want private or government thugs to protect private property to exploit the labor of others. They are just wanna be capitalists who pretend that being rich will somehow make them morally incorruptible.

  • Bohannon
    Bohannon 5 years ago

    Put in a coin and look at a duck!

  • Duong Pham
    Duong Pham 5 years ago +1

    You have to separate the States and business.

    • Daway Legit
      Daway Legit Year ago

      Duong Pham Why should there be a state? Just privatize everything.