Good Gas & FKi 1st Feat. Matt Ox "Where Was You At" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
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    Director: GXDLIKETCLA
    Director Of Photography: GALIO
    Produced by FKi 1st
    Facebook: thegoodgas
    Twitter: thegoodgas
    Instagram: GoodGas
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Comments • 1 636

  • phil vlogs and gaming
    phil vlogs and gaming 12 hours ago


  • Gk Khan
    Gk Khan Day ago

    Matt ox 🐂 too good bro..

  • Callis Blue
    Callis Blue 3 days ago

    This is so 🔥🔥🔥

  • Samra Angilo
    Samra Angilo 6 days ago

    I am a fan of his music 🎶 ❤️

  • Samra Angilo
    Samra Angilo 6 days ago

    His cute ❤️

  • Jhintsala
    Jhintsala 8 days ago

    Why he looks like the brush In the class that no one uses

  • Real Randy
    Real Randy 10 days ago +1

    I play this song when I'm running

  • Sleight of Hand
    Sleight of Hand 13 days ago

    Matt Ox the baby GOATsmh 🔥🔥🔥

  • IGBA
    IGBA 16 days ago

    Matt ox is the bro!

  • RosemanFuture
    RosemanFuture 18 days ago

    Sounds like Young thug and trippie red

  • Maria Ribeiro
    Maria Ribeiro 22 days ago

    Does he wash his hair

  • infamousmaggot
    infamousmaggot 22 days ago

    So much carti and keef influence

  • Damian Lindsay
    Damian Lindsay 22 days ago

    His best song has the least veiws.... sadd

  • Soccer Skillerz
    Soccer Skillerz 24 days ago +1

    Barber: what kind of cut u want?

    Matt Ox: Lemme get that Emo Cut

    Barber: Say no mo

  • proxy modz
    proxy modz 25 days ago


  • Bobby 2pistolz
    Bobby 2pistolz 26 days ago

    People gonna always hate on mattox but thats because hes white, how many 13 year olds can say they made a song with keef and X? Not any of you pussy ass niggas

  • Jimmy Stevens
    Jimmy Stevens 27 days ago +2

    I know you ain ballin

  • CallMeKaydoh
    CallMeKaydoh 29 days ago

    yall hate too much matt straight

  • Alisa McVay
    Alisa McVay Month ago +4

    Barber: what you want?
    Matt ox: birds nest
    Barber: say no more

  • Donnie Willis
    Donnie Willis Month ago

    This shit goes bananas fuck what anyone says

  • Rigo Hurtado
    Rigo Hurtado Month ago +3

    His sound is actually good lil playboi carti vibes

  • Pill Bosby
    Pill Bosby Month ago

    Where ur brush at?....your shit cool but you gone regret looking like a cave man kid when u get older bruh....keep doin you tho

  • beatsbyNAIVE
    beatsbyNAIVE Month ago

    this big slept on

  • Alexander Joubert
    Alexander Joubert Month ago

    Who ever hate him bra

    Were u at boy he lit 🔥 DONT CAAAPP

  • Maria Ribeiro
    Maria Ribeiro Month ago

    Dam he used to rap like a sqeaker then puberty smacked him

  • Lord Rake
    Lord Rake Month ago

    Barber : What style would you like?
    Matt Ox : Imagine me having Scissors for hands

  • Neox32
    Neox32 Month ago

    Matt: Were was you at!?
    Hair: know why you cant see? Yeah

  • Playboii Claude
    Playboii Claude Month ago +1

    where are YOU at 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tinn Finzz
    Tinn Finzz Month ago

    Matt: Where was u at
    Me: probably at the mall

  • DaGoat
    DaGoat Month ago

    I ain’t gon cap but if this was playboi carti y’all would be going crazy

  • Salti Boi
    Salti Boi Month ago


  • Yung Content
    Yung Content Month ago

    this shit slapper

  • Alex Escobar
    Alex Escobar Month ago

    I would like him and his music but the hair though idk man

  • Vivir Por Dieciocho

    Bro, Is it me or does he look like the kid off Hereditary...

  • RealZXOOO
    RealZXOOO Month ago

    He sound like playboi carti, lil uzi vert, and trippie redd

  • blayboi barti
    blayboi barti 2 months ago

    Bruh he legit stealing carti's and young thug's style

  • 36 to start
    36 to start 2 months ago

    He needs a hair cut 🚫🧢

  • Veronica Estrella
    Veronica Estrella 2 months ago

    So we just gonna act like Matt ox wasn’t the only one in da song???

  • Veronica Estrella
    Veronica Estrella 2 months ago

    So we just gonna act like Matt ox was the only one in the song?

  • MR. Trey Husky
    MR. Trey Husky 2 months ago

    Fools be letting this flop.. Smh, this slaps harder than Chris Brown vs Rihanna🔥

  • FBI
    FBI 2 months ago +1

    Where dat shampoo and conditioner

  • berk yrk
    berk yrk 2 months ago


  • Steven Chio
    Steven Chio 2 months ago

    Was he really in the trap? 🤔

    VERSACEMEX55 2 months ago

    All that money n he can't buy a Damm comb 💇‍♂️

  • Anthony Komarov
    Anthony Komarov 2 months ago +1

    Talent: 0
    "Dont ca": 100

  • Stop playing fool Fr fr

    One word to describe this=====


  • Loco3x
    Loco3x 2 months ago +1

    I fw mattox drip

  • SMS
    SMS 2 months ago


  • Jack Bean
    Jack Bean 2 months ago

    All these people like “Why you hating?” I’m just saying the kid has no flow and relies heavily on auto tune. The beat slaps don’t get me wrong.

  • John K
    John K 2 months ago

    this screams young thug

  • Cruz R
    Cruz R 2 months ago

    Glo gang

  • cam wade
    cam wade 2 months ago

    Yo this is actually hard asf

  • TheRealDon ._
    TheRealDon ._ 2 months ago

    Playboi carti is that you .. 🙄

  • SniperZae
    SniperZae 2 months ago

    This had 400k and some view what happened

  • alleyesonme
    alleyesonme 2 months ago

    What kind of beat is this

  • daniel quevedo
    daniel quevedo 2 months ago +4

    Okay he getting better boi finding his voice

  • Space1TV .!.
    Space1TV .!. 2 months ago

    Carti and Iggy fucked and had Matt Ox ...

  • Todd Anderson
    Todd Anderson 3 months ago

    There’s rumors that lil blurry is firing shots with his new single young bulll .. what u gunna do Matt ox

  • Sage Gaming
    Sage Gaming 3 months ago

    This nigga wasn’t in no trap smokin that weed mad shit risking his live everyday possible getting shit and some white pussy ass kid with a 6 year old voice pussy ass nigga I’ll pull on this nigga and he be done you hear

  • Cruz R
    Cruz R 3 months ago +2

    This slaps 🔥