Good Gas & FKi 1st Feat. Matt Ox "Where Was You At" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
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    Director: GXDLIKETCLA
    Director Of Photography: GALIO
    Produced by FKi 1st
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Comments • 1 502

  • ninjaa22
    ninjaa22 9 hours ago

    How old is little Matt ox now?

  • luca legault
    luca legault 19 hours ago

    they said he are 6feet 9

  • Cochise Seals
    Cochise Seals 20 hours ago

    You should get Lil Tay on this.

  • Dsmooth D
    Dsmooth D Day ago

    Is it me or does this look like a homeless guy on the street ?? Get a hair cut and get cleaned up smh

  • junior ncube
    junior ncube Day ago

    where was you at when i was down bad!?

  • Elijah Paniagua
    Elijah Paniagua 2 days ago

    "Where we're you at when I was in the trap" probably in school doing her multiplication tables.

  • Whilsen
    Whilsen 3 days ago

    Lyrics r so trash, just repeating the same shit

  • HyperKiller GamerxX
    HyperKiller GamerxX 3 days ago

    This shit is lit matt ox in the building

    CHAOTIXXX 3 days ago сheck that shit

  • Nifemi Badejo
    Nifemi Badejo 5 days ago

    Matt ox: where was u at dad

    6ix9ine: sorry son

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 6 days ago


  • HelloAri Rip lil peep and xxxtentacion

    SoundCloud rappers be like damn how he make it in da rap game

  • Zane Weaver
    Zane Weaver 7 days ago

    White kid acting black

  • karlos lieberman
    karlos lieberman 7 days ago

    dis nigga stole carti flow and we gon jus skip over dat

  • AP Outdoors
    AP Outdoors 8 days ago

    This music video is mad lit 🔥🔥🔥

  • Murder Motion Pictures

    Thumbnail looks like carl from the walking dead

  • Logan Scarlett
    Logan Scarlett 12 days ago

    That was were ybn namir shot baby 8

  • Lilchrisyg400 Pina
    Lilchrisyg400 Pina 14 days ago +1

    This kid is trash and ugly ass fuck

  • Kidvapes
    Kidvapes 14 days ago

    Maxx ox mom is a milf

  • Bape Boi games
    Bape Boi games 14 days ago

    :mom looses matt at the store
    Matt: were was you at

  • Issac Rod
    Issac Rod 15 days ago

    Fire frfr 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ¡LoveLyricalLemonadeJuice

    This Need to be in #LyricalLemonade NOT in WorlstarTrashstar 👎

  • MightAs Well
    MightAs Well 15 days ago

    Poor ek hatch shell 🤧

  • _Roberto florees
    _Roberto florees 15 days ago

    Buen tema bro🔥🔥

  • Nik S.
    Nik S. 16 days ago +1

    I ain’t gone cap he’s gettin better

  • fangirl na
    fangirl na 16 days ago

    Damn wash that hair...

  • It'sokay
    It'sokay 16 days ago +1

    How the fuck this a feature if Matt ox on all of the song real ap I'm confused af tbh. I AM FROM NOW ON

  • Rahmo Aden
    Rahmo Aden 16 days ago

    Future and drake where was u at

  • Cracka g 43
    Cracka g 43 16 days ago +1


  • Shawn0119
    Shawn0119 16 days ago +1

    I was home cause my parents strict asf

  • Amori McNeil
    Amori McNeil 16 days ago +1

    Change character

  • spud Nick 05
    spud Nick 05 16 days ago

    Sorport your white rappers 😃

  • gamer soloution
    gamer soloution 17 days ago

    bro his freinds write all of his songs and i could out rap him any day my name is jayzen and beat his lil butt

  • One_N_Done
    One_N_Done 17 days ago


  • Sammy Xavier
    Sammy Xavier 18 days ago

    Aye, No Bap but lil Matt Ox be #triflin breh frfr son!! Ahahaha!!! @_×😎🤩😍
    It's all luvvvv slime Real Talk boii!$$$🤑🤑🤑

    ☆☆☆ -Yungg Blaysian Brazy
    AkA Lil Beast!!☆☆☆

  • q1 ranger
    q1 ranger 18 days ago +1

    this nigga no where near 14 he neads to eat he is 5,2 and 110

  • Marlon de anda
    Marlon de anda 18 days ago

    Y’all all mad he got more money then us so he must be doing something right

  • Julius Filarski
    Julius Filarski 18 days ago

    This is The same place we’re baby 8 was recorded

  • Alexander Tenorio
    Alexander Tenorio 18 days ago

    Hella ass

  • Chris Sloan
    Chris Sloan 18 days ago

    PlayBoi Carti & Thugga Would Murder This Beat.

  • Philk K
    Philk K 19 days ago

    Wussy ass LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 hip hop

  • Marlon de anda
    Marlon de anda 19 days ago +2

    When you get pushed in fortnite and die and your partner isn’t there

  • Jaden Mcelrath
    Jaden Mcelrath 19 days ago


  • krjfj platzz
    krjfj platzz 19 days ago

    *Matt Ox the type of kid to pull out his bag of cheetos in a middle of a snowball fight* 💀

  • Cortani Park
    Cortani Park 19 days ago

    "where was you at when I had no cash" you can hear the pain in that

  • kevin ??
    kevin ?? 19 days ago +1

    with that hair you look homeless 😂

  • TZNT TRE Exclusives
    TZNT TRE Exclusives 19 days ago

    Matt ox:Where was you at
    Me:I was in the trap
    Matt ox:Dont kap

  • M4vericks Jegs7674
    M4vericks Jegs7674 20 days ago


  • Nick Sachartschuk
    Nick Sachartschuk 20 days ago

    Where was you at when he needed help with his math homework

  • Subscribe and turn on post notis Beastmode

    Yo close make you look homeless

    • Squidd 42k
      Squidd 42k 16 days ago


    • Marlon de anda
      Marlon de anda 18 days ago

      Subscribe and turn on post notis Beastmode close what are you talking about

  • EvilLord Aizen
    EvilLord Aizen 20 days ago +4

    I like Matt ox evolution and he got a gritty voice for “hard bars” for more effect

    TITOBLACKSWAT13 20 days ago +1

    boi has money but can't seem to buy some hair conditioner

  • Kamron Bellard
    Kamron Bellard 20 days ago

    *ben 10 kid must be proud*

  • Kani_ Official
    Kani_ Official 20 days ago

    He said where was you at for 1 minute and 44 seconds straight

  • Slim Villain
    Slim Villain 21 day ago +4

    Been a fan since Overwhelming.....Matt Ox freshmen XXL 2020

  • Nuke
    Nuke 21 day ago

    Matt ox trash

  • Coop Dawg
    Coop Dawg 21 day ago

    When you get downed in apex 💀

  • Akal Young
    Akal Young 21 day ago

    He improved alot

  • Šáđ ßøý
    Šáđ ßøý 21 day ago

    Matt ox got way better

  • Marlon de anda
    Marlon de anda 21 day ago +11

    Me asking my dad:where was you at
    My dad: I was at the store

  • Tarek Ali
    Tarek Ali 21 day ago

    what's sad is that his dad killed himself and now he's dissing him

  • skating . sux
    skating . sux 21 day ago +1

    People think that because they young their bad, like what?

  • Louiz Benitez
    Louiz Benitez 21 day ago

    Bum Ox

  • dat peanutbutter guy
    dat peanutbutter guy 21 day ago +2

    There is like 30 different words throughout the entire song

  • Froup
    Froup 21 day ago

    im not trying to sound fucked up but do people actually listen to matt ox like on a daily. Are his songs playlist worthy? idk

  • reholy
    reholy 21 day ago

    Matt Ox is HARD

  • Arty Ohm
    Arty Ohm 21 day ago

    cool beat awful chorus

  • Sofia Torres
    Sofia Torres 22 days ago

    U say the same things

  • Sofia Torres
    Sofia Torres 22 days ago

    Eeewww be lookin like the homeless bet u never even had a girl

  • Bay BossMAN
    Bay BossMAN 22 days ago

    I'll let my nephew's slap Matty because he doesn't cuss at least this song we finna gigg to this poolside lata yeee