Five Daughters Send Their Mums Undercover As 21-Year-Olds | 21 Again

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Five daughters send their mums undercover as 21-year-olds. Can the mums pull off being 21 Again?
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Comments • 63

  • E Presley
    E Presley Month ago

    The brunette mom is beautiful and looks really young in that clothing! I think!

  • motorhome mike
    motorhome mike 2 months ago +1

    damn british men must be desperate to think those women are 21

  • Samuel115s
    Samuel115s 2 months ago +2

    Half of these moms actually look better than their daughters but they do not look 21. The 32 year old mom could pass for 21.

  • Cox Farari
    Cox Farari 2 months ago

    lesbians family

  • Kynance iQ
    Kynance iQ 2 months ago +5

    Woman in yellow is as science teacher at my school at 1:36

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    1:36 the one in yellow is my English/science teacher at school.

  • Lisa nelson
    Lisa nelson 2 months ago

    If the men aint seen the wrinkles they must be blind

  • ArtyCeeCee
    ArtyCeeCee 3 months ago +2

    Not all young people act like this. I am in my twenties and my Instagram isn't full of selfies, it's just mainly my artwork and about the stories I write and I don't have tinder or any dating apps and I don't want to use one, because of the messages that I would receive. Plus I don't wear as much make-up as they do in the show. I hope that they will show a diverse range of different young people so that people can see that we don't all act the same.

  • crymeadinner
    crymeadinner 3 months ago


  • youshi
    youshi 3 months ago +22

    mum undercover as 21 year old predator on tinder

  • Patricia Clarke
    Patricia Clarke 3 months ago +16

    I have now watched the whole box set and can honestly say the daughters in this programme are incredibly cheeky , think they know it all and act like their mothers have just just come out the ice age!!! Oh my God they need a bloody good slap for treating their poor mothers with complete disrespect ! They have brought you up so WHO do YOU think knows more???

    • Kiran Kaur
      Kiran Kaur 3 months ago +3

      Its a show lol, TV is exaggerated for a reason love 😂

    • meggg
      meggg 3 months ago

      Think that's the whole idea of the show though, maybe they were asked to be more like that?

  • LOWE sonia
    LOWE sonia 3 months ago +1

    What interest is there in dressing and acting like a Hooker? Level of IQ?VULGARITY AT ITS BEST

  • Shacquille Greene
    Shacquille Greene 3 months ago +1

    Mums catfishing

  • Lauren Alexander
    Lauren Alexander 3 months ago +1


  • MrKing70000
    MrKing70000 3 months ago +9

    rename this catfish!!!!!!

  • Ai Mokhtar
    Ai Mokhtar 3 months ago +6

    They are beautiful !

  • Sal's Corner
    Sal's Corner 3 months ago +4

    I was gonna be a part of this! But unfortunately my mum had work so I couldn't do it. I was going to be one of the first nonbinary children on this program.

    HULL GRAFFITI 3 months ago +18

    It's the UK so there's probably only a 13yr age difference between a 20yr old and her mam..

    • Bel Sheahan
      Bel Sheahan 2 months ago

      HULL GRAFFITI my apologies, I presumed you must be going off a stereotype and were from somewhere else. Still, I think that sounds awfully young..are you sure that’s correct? God, I just hope they are responsible now that they have a child...

    • Zelda
      Zelda 3 months ago

      @Stellalpina they edited the comment before you saw it, it used to say 33 year age gap between mother and child

      HULL GRAFFITI 3 months ago

      @Stellalpina I did actually edit my comment to dumb it down for the ppl who are baffled by my comment lol...

      HULL GRAFFITI 3 months ago +2

      @Bel Sheahan I live in Hull ,Northern UK and the nickname of the girls school down the road is 'pramland' because that many girls have babies super young...15 is the Average age of most unplanned teen pregnancies here...

    • Bel Sheahan
      Bel Sheahan 3 months ago

      Stellalpina I think they were confused and thought that the original commenter meant that the mothers had their children at 33, which they thought was reasonable. I don’t think they understood the original commenter meant the mothers probably had their children at 13. Literally nobody in the UK has children at 13 tho..that’s crazy and extremely frowned upon practically everywhere in Europe. (and probably most places outside of Europe, too)

  • z
    z 3 months ago +29

    these mums are more stylish than me and i'm 17...

    • kellyc612
      kellyc612 2 months ago

      They were given a makeover tbf

  • DonReality
    DonReality 3 months ago +18

    The Vanity and Narcissism has reached Over 9000!!!!

    DRILL LORE BORIS 3 months ago +36

    3 is my favourite colour of the alphabet

  • Dumi MDKN
    Dumi MDKN 3 months ago +2

    White people...

  • Michael Pena
    Michael Pena 3 months ago +2


  • barbieyoo meta
    barbieyoo meta 3 months ago +33

    They don’t even look 21 it’s obvious they are not 21. White people age like rotten bananas

    • Samuel115s
      Samuel115s 2 months ago

      barbieyoo meta 2 of the moms are not white.

    • ArtyCeeCee
      ArtyCeeCee 2 months ago

      @barbieyoo meta I don't smoke, never have and never will. Plus I do eat well, I love food. I love fruit and veg too.

    • barbieyoo meta
      barbieyoo meta 2 months ago +1

      ArtyCeeCee you probably don't eat well .. considering you guys love to smoke cigarettes alot

    • ArtyCeeCee
      ArtyCeeCee 3 months ago +2

      Really? Then how come I am 24 but get mistaken for younger all the time? Most people think I am like 16-18. I've even been mistaken for younger. Some people still think I am at High School.