The Future of Augmented Reality

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A video demonstrating the possible future uses of mobile augmented reality and computer vision.

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Автор Eric Smith ( назад)
It's the beginning, the first step. Technology evolves step by step and realizing those steps is the key, that's how Kurzweil made his millions. We are now on the verge of imbeding information in our inviroment, accessing those enviroments through something like GoogleGlass and BCI's will be publicly accepted before neural implants will... It's evolution, it continues, a constant force, and it's wonderous...

Автор PageArts Entertainment ( назад)
This on google glass will change the world!

Автор Mahesa Pandu ( назад)
like the sims lol

Автор bighands69 ( назад)
It depends on what it is used for.

Even sun glasses with AR would be pretty useful.

If this technology is then integrated with IBM Watson type technology our society will be transformed.

Автор GoodDay2YouSir ( назад)
I want an AR Monocle

Автор kristianheidi ( назад)
AR in contact lenses is the future!!

Автор dedpxl ( назад)
lol adblock pro in real life. Nice idea.

Автор Alexander Senoner ( назад)
technology makes us lazier and lazier

Автор Shayd ( назад)
I think they heard you, look for Google Glasses.

Автор Wastefuldragon (745 лет назад)
awesome i want Ar contacts thou

Автор como conseguir dinero ( назад)

Автор Pietro Cane ( назад)
Is the girl cool or is just augmented reality?

Автор paacza (715 лет назад)
damn, this new black haired technology from the future was just astonishing

Автор mans51 ( назад)
they already have. oh snap. but they aint very useful yet.

Автор seanotube85 ( назад)
I can't wait until augmented digiffiti starts to get big.. you know? So we can cover up all that corporate shit.

Автор David Stamatis ( назад)
Yikes, someone just learned how to use aftereffects...

Автор StarOceanSora360 ( назад)
hold tight, smart contact lenses with AR as well as use internet, watch tv, etc.. will be everyewhere by 2020 keke

Автор AngryDoge ( назад)
where are you going to put the reciever to connetct wirelesly to the phone, how are you going to display the image without gpu,cpu ect..
And yes, I hope (believe) in 2020 we will have technology like this, seems really cool.

Автор Dexter2020 ( назад)
you don't have imagination and basic technology knowledge
Who said that all this must be inside contact lense? Lense may and probably will be only a screen, system like this may use smartphone hardware, connecting wirelesly with lense. Remember also that technology & science are advancing very fast and even in 5 years a lot may happen. I think that we will have such device around 2020

Автор AngryDoge ( назад)
good luck building a camara,CPU,GPU ect. in to a transparent contakt lense.

Автор misterwesstuff ( назад)
this isnt new

Автор Karan Shah ( назад)
I am a student at Coventry University and I'm currently doing a project on Augmented Reality. I was wondering if I can take some content from your video for my project. Of course you will be referenced in my project. Hoping for a positive reply. Thank you in advance whatever may be your decision.

Автор Natsume Ginji ( назад)
AR is a growing field but the technology is lacking, primarily in form of scaling. If we could have the power of a high-end pc in the size of a bracelet and wirelessly connect to some kind of retinal display (bluetooth or whatever) then and only then will AR become more practical. Additionally, bandwidth is needed for so many internet connections on the cellphone network. Thank google though, they're testing some pretty nice AR things right now ;)

Автор DazarGaidin ( назад)
Id like to know how they would actually implement this clever video they created....

Автор UnstableCore ( назад)
@HANGER187 Wish I had a door.

Автор mhatlie ( назад)
So I hold a device up to the sky and it tells me that I am seeing a cloud. I could just look behind the device and see the cloud myself, but that would require me to know what a real cloud is. It is much less taxing on my brain to only know the icon of a cloud. Real clouds are never identical, so my brain might not be able to figure things out in time before it starts raining.

Автор Spy Echel ( назад)
@mrdexter86 i hope smartphones will die in a few years. i hope that videoglasses will come with this tech, afterwards the contact lenses and then the nano-bionic tech that gives us permanent lenses :)

Автор sonuva2003 ( назад)
The snowflakes are a nice detail.

Автор diegret ( назад)
Well its not really the future anymore, this stuff exists right now and its being developed rapidly. Like the Goggles from vuzix (quite expensive but they exist). Or qoncepts platform that recognizes people and runs the 3d visualization from them... and the really scary part Miku the japanese CG singer....

Автор Josiah D ( назад)
I cant wait for A&W....Im gunna get a rootbeer float right now!

Автор Adrian Gray ( назад)
Why this is the future? it is possible now, we have GPS, google informations on different locations/building, google search for searching info about the building.

You use the GPS to get you position, use some build in compass to get the orientation of the phone/pad, calculate the direction ray of your phone, and make intersection with buildings data, also from the camera you can extract the contour and use it for building HUD approximation.

Автор Top Lobster ( назад)
@mrdexter86 meh, if you had it, i bet you couldn't live without it.

Автор Eric Woning ( назад)
Well... I thought Layar was doing this already for years now... this still looks like a pipedream

Автор Cody Brooks ( назад)
But will there still be Grampa burgers?

Автор Flex Edwin ( назад)
:O no me quiero imaginar si esto llega a pasar

Автор 3089280288 (691 год назад)
This techonogy is in the Anime: Eden of the East.

Автор aaron gayle ( назад)
Now of you integrate this AW technology with the conceptual bionic contact lens the future looks super exciting!!! I can't wait!!!!

Автор Dardlem ( назад)
1:52 City 17

Автор Βαγγέλης Ογανεσωφ ( назад)
thats amazing cool ! ...... blue eye's <333

Автор charlieisaacs1 ( назад)
this could be a app so i would not buy it the weather big deal i could watch the weather channel , but if tjey would classes like this bit better i would get them but for a another touch sceen device i say no thanks.

Автор Anonymust ( назад)
If they knocked on my door preaching this stuff, Id buy their bible.

Автор Dexter2020 ( назад)
AR in contact lenses or glasses will be really cool, in smartphones it's no so impresssive for me

Автор TheSuperCommentGuy ( назад)

Автор TheArchigadgets ( назад)
this is a really great and inspired movie. thanks a lot!

Автор Rochelle Lockridge ( назад)
Great video. I'm doing research on Augmented Reality and found this video to be professionally done and showing what is possible with your mobile device. Thanks.

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