Stephen A. is ‘incredibly disappointed’ in Kyrie Irving | First Take

  • Kyrie Irving's comments about the Brooklyn Nets lead to a first in First Take history ... Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman actually agree!
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Comments • 80

  • Antonio Gill
    Antonio Gill 3 days ago

    Injury prone delusional crybaby good riddance with this guy yo should’ve went to my Knicks KD smh

  • Duhawma Khiangte
    Duhawma Khiangte 6 days ago

    team-up of Max and Stephen A, Kyrie you better stay away from media for a while


    *NBA 🏀🏀🏀*
    1:39 🔥💓🧡
    👇 👇 👇💖


    *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice assist🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀*
    1:33 💛
    👇 👇 👇🔥💃


    *Nice play🏀*
    1:00 🖤💖🔥


    *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀every day whatch this video🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀*
    1:10 🔥💃🔥🔥

  • Abhragreat Zz
    Abhragreat Zz 13 days ago

    here after kyrie got injured. We seem to be functioning better now


    *love play basketball🏀*
    0:54 💞


    *love play basketball🏀*
    1:15 💖💕


    *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice assist🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀*
    1:06 💟🔥💙
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💝

  • Chris C
    Chris C 24 days ago

    The one time kd doesn’t complain and learns from his mistakes so why tf can’t kyrie

  • Tim D
    Tim D Month ago

    He can’t even lead a lemonade stand himself!! He’s not a leader if he leaves the court early, is a ball hog who misses a ton of shots, and can’t say anything smart in the press!!! Talk about a guy who wanted his own team. Pretty soon nobody is gonna want to sign this man on their team!!!!

  • Benji Samosir
    Benji Samosir Month ago

    I Agree with stephen... dissapointing...

  • Daniel Marquez
    Daniel Marquez Month ago +1

    I think it is kinda obvious that they may need a little more for that finals appearance, they're making a big deal out of it and shouting out points with no real backing. The Celtics point isnt really valid they acquired kemba to fill In that role and in terms of a teammate they're the same. Maybe the point of him being out for so many games and in the games he does play, they seem like they would be the same without him.but saying because he's missing a lot of games and that he doesn't know what he's talking about isnt a valid point it's not like he's hiding under a rock while he's injured, it obvious that he's still watching his team and him being part of a finals team in the past he might know what it takes to get his team back there...

  • X
    X Month ago

    Watching Stephen and Max agree on something feels like watching the avengers come together

  • Dead Giveaway
    Dead Giveaway Month ago

    Kan anyone slap Kyrie for me ? This dude is trippin and making the fans hate him. Learn your place idiot!

  • Bryant Lohse
    Bryant Lohse Month ago

    The new thot they got looks mad bored.

  • Jerrick Sanford
    Jerrick Sanford Month ago

    Hey Stephen A can you get a little more creative when you're throwing shade you literally do the same thing everytime. "Who's the biggest fan of this guy... Me! But this is just ridiculous and I'm disgusted."

  • walter hank
    walter hank Month ago

    Stephen A mad at Kyrie like he was in the Kniccks 😂😂😂

  • Energenic
    Energenic Month ago +3

    “He got me opening the show agreeing with max kellerman” 😂😂

  • J King
    J King Month ago

    Worst part is he said this after a bad game and pretty much lost the game. But took accountability like a female that’s never wrong lol

  • Joshua LeFranc
    Joshua LeFranc Month ago

    Kyrie is quite possible one of the worst leaders i’ve ever seen

  • Gonzalo Otheguy
    Gonzalo Otheguy Month ago

    I mean you have probably the best point guard in the league, you should be able to win some games

  • Dats Wassup
    Dats Wassup Month ago

    the nets already had the pieces Joe Harris a 400 plus 3 point shooter, they have everything
    Kyrie was supposed to be the playmaker and a straight upgrade to DeAngelo Russel, when Durant comes back it's hard to see them not being the favorite, but obviously Kyrie could leave or be cast out due to nonsense like this, I guess playing with Lebron warped his view of basketball

  • frrrrrrrr ghgggg
    frrrrrrrr ghgggg 2 months ago

    UN-mambamenrality ...

  • AJ Mitchell
    AJ Mitchell 2 months ago

    Max is dumb, how is kyrie so skilled if he literally barely passes???

  • Gabriel John
    Gabriel John 2 months ago

    Does he really think Deandre Jordan is an asset...

  • J W
    J W 2 months ago

    kyrie is no kobe: flat earther.

  • Yamada Kun Shinubi
    Yamada Kun Shinubi 2 months ago

    the worst thing is in this generation is we only notice single souls mistakes but realtalk bois he's suffering something thats hits him so hard thats why his acting strangely right know

  • ynot
    ynot 2 months ago

    Kyrie should hire someone to speak for him. Everytime he opens his mouth, he inserts his foot into it

  • Chris Goodwin
    Chris Goodwin 2 months ago

    ...and don't forget what Kyrie said last year when he was in Boston "I think we need a good veteran to come in and pick this team up".

  • 장한솔
    장한솔 2 months ago

    If you both see the same thing, you're really serious. kyrie

  • Chad
    Chad 2 months ago

    And people think Irving > Lillard. Pshhhhhhh

  • Like Scoob
    Like Scoob 2 months ago

    Not like he wrong bruh😂missing pieces=Kevin love and LeBron to backpack him😂

  • James Ruffolo
    James Ruffolo 2 months ago

    I am surprised that they didn't mention the fact that Kyrie called out the names of the players that they have as their core, and he left the rest of the team out.... as thought to speculate that any of them need to go. That has to be great for locker room chemistry.

  • Jordan Laird
    Jordan Laird 2 months ago

    Max nailed his point to a tee. Kyrie is so overrated

  • khmerboy044
    khmerboy044 2 months ago

    This fool didn’t play to honor the passing of Kobe. “Personal reasons” lost my respect

  • tricksgrl2
    tricksgrl2 2 months ago


  • drill America
    drill America 2 months ago

    Another peanut brain

  • COkeefe Jones
    COkeefe Jones 2 months ago +1

    The Nets will never be champions with Kyrie. Kevin Durant is an idiot.

  • YG2K16
    YG2K16 2 months ago

    I seen since cavs days that he didn't seem much of a team player, sad to see so much skill and talent lack maturity, responsibility and intelligence

  • John Bodnar
    John Bodnar 2 months ago

    Kemba is better than Kyrie.

  • R B
    R B 2 months ago

    Kyrie's mental fragility outweighs his psudo intellect. Weak phony

  • Matt Turner
    Matt Turner 2 months ago

    Kobe died

  • Julian Louden
    Julian Louden 2 months ago

    Lol first take trolling with the WHERE BROOKLYN AT? banner

  • coolruiz19
    coolruiz19 2 months ago +1

    If I’m on the team , I wouldn’t be able trust any compliments from Kyrie

  • Lego superheroes
    Lego superheroes 2 months ago

    Lets see if kyrie can do the same things that lebron did in the finals then

  • MRfrench305
    MRfrench305 2 months ago

    Kyrie and KD were really made for each other, two players with lack of leaderships & no hearts of champions...

  • SpoilerAlert
    SpoilerAlert 2 months ago

    Not the brightest candle on the cake

  • gqn2
    gqn2 2 months ago

    Kyrie did learned from the King.

  • Carlos Alonzo
    Carlos Alonzo 2 months ago

    love Stephen A.

  • Mrvvolf
    Mrvvolf 2 months ago

    He named 17 players. How many more pieces does he need lol

  • Brandon Fernandez
    Brandon Fernandez 2 months ago +3

    When D’Angelo Russell was on the nets there where One of my favorite teams

  • Richard Bourke
    Richard Bourke 2 months ago

    Maybe warriors can now trade back D'Angelo for Kyrie :)

  • Jace Truckin
    Jace Truckin 2 months ago

    That's LeBron everyday the past 10 years...lame

  • Dessilu Niño Guevarra
    Dessilu Niño Guevarra 2 months ago

    What kind of pieces though, like a new point guard in CP3 to replace him?

  • Kadarius Hampton
    Kadarius Hampton 2 months ago

    Kyrie Irving how do you have 2 debate show agreeing with each

  • Headhunchotrey
    Headhunchotrey 2 months ago +1

    His voice got me 💀 it’s like every word is a voice crack

  • PolyFunktion
    PolyFunktion 2 months ago

    This is easily one of the best moments in history for First Take..
    Both Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman agree; that Kyrie's comment stating that ,"the Brooklyn Nets need another piece, ' is "Disappointing."

  • Ethan Pond
    Ethan Pond 2 months ago

    *Kemba Walker > Kyrie Irving.*

  • Muhammad Yusuf
    Muhammad Yusuf 2 months ago

    KYRIE SUCKS!!!! Spencer is better

  • Ryan McDaniel
    Ryan McDaniel 2 months ago

    how is kyrie in a different situation than cleveland when KD comes back? KD will be #1 choice and he will be in someone's shadow again. So i guess the ? is, will kyrie's ego destroy his reputation to where no team will want him?

  • Cyan Ling
    Cyan Ling 2 months ago

    I am a big fan of LBJ and love wut Kyrie has done for Cleveland. But He is really not talented to be a leader, instead he should define himself as a killer. if he gets aware of this he is gonna be as amazing as he was in 2016.

  • Tristan Taylor
    Tristan Taylor 2 months ago

    Max Kellerman is at Kyrie's neck with all the facts No Cap....that one line that went, Max Contract player is when the team believes you need to have fewer pieces, had me like 'Oh me Oh my' .....Stephen A 100% agreed, Max Kellerman, aiming at Kyrie with the scope 🙌💥

  • Dan Rotando
    Dan Rotando 2 months ago +1

    "Max I'm not about to lose my voice... BUT I'M ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND" lmaooo

  • joy joy
    joy joy 2 months ago

    Kyrie is a sidekick not a leader!!

  • joy joy
    joy joy 2 months ago

    And People though LeBron was the problem smh

  • Maxime Fossoul
    Maxime Fossoul 2 months ago

    2:28 carrot durant?

  • JBriggs320 elite
    JBriggs320 elite 2 months ago

    I got a question and I wanna know this, out of all the teams kyrie been on, Does kyrie Irving deserves to be in the NBA??

  • Francella Washington
    Francella Washington 2 months ago

    Kyrie is such a punk. He is not a Super Star, with his selfish self. He is a dilusional , egotistical Baby. Sad! 🙏🏽🏀👠

  • I'm goochie
    I'm goochie 2 months ago

    I'm glad he didn't go to the knicks

  • Nate Alexander
    Nate Alexander 2 months ago

    Kyrie the goat everybody has a bad game can’t blame him

  • Nate Alexander
    Nate Alexander 2 months ago

    Kyrie the goat everybody has a bad game can’t blame him

  • Christopher Meola
    Christopher Meola 2 months ago

    Love Kyrie’s game; not so much his team spirit. No I in team.

  • Leia Richardson
    Leia Richardson 2 months ago

    But kyrie asking for help is worse than LeBron the best player in the world asking for help?

    COG COG 2 months ago

    This is horrible. As it is, if I am a GM, I would not touch Kyrie with a long spoon. Clearly he makes any team he gets on worse. That is why I keep on saying it, LeBron James is so much more head and shoulders above all these current NBA players - Kevin Durant, Kyrie, etc., people compare him with. Give any of these players the team mates Lebron had all his career in Cavaliers in any permutation possible and I believe they would not achieve what he achieved.

  • Kel Matik
    Kel Matik 2 months ago

    Kyrie is Carmelo 2.0

  • VFranch22
    VFranch22 2 months ago

    Steven a burner account we got material here

  • the goat
    the goat 2 months ago

    i think he’s talking about kd

  • orbil matters
    orbil matters 2 months ago