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  • sunnydarks woootoo
    sunnydarks woootoo 6 hours ago +1

    The creator of DHMIS died in a car accident

  • Mr.Wafflez 503
    Mr.Wafflez 503 7 hours ago

    alright, this gonna be big if it took like a year and a half

  • Lee
    Lee 7 hours ago +1

    Who else is waiting for September 13th?

  • Lydia Moosburger
    Lydia Moosburger 8 hours ago +1

    plot twist : dhmis 6 is the last episode of dhmis

  • Vindico Productions
    Vindico Productions 9 hours ago

    This the only reason I’ll get a RUclip Red account

  • Ashton Levry
    Ashton Levry 10 hours ago +1

    Who knows, it could be released September 13th. Planning to revisit September 13th.

  • Jack Roper
    Jack Roper 12 hours ago

    Ands their not alone...

  • Jack Roper
    Jack Roper 12 hours ago

    When you look closer into it it’s not about them.. it’s about the red guy he is the creator Roy is the publisher he punished the yellow guy.. Roy is yellow guys dad.

    ADAM GENESIS 12 hours ago

    I will get a new videO, YES!?

  • 0
    0 12 hours ago +1

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  • Silent Bob
    Silent Bob 13 hours ago

    Will power depleting

  • Ausnix
    Ausnix 14 hours ago

    cannot wait

  • Crunchy Taco1000
    Crunchy Taco1000 15 hours ago +1

    This is taking longer than season four of Rick and Morty

  • Marcelo Arancibia
    Marcelo Arancibia 15 hours ago

    july 2019 still waiting in my chair

  • Zevannah Tanner
    Zevannah Tanner 15 hours ago

    Maybe July 29th? That was the day the first dhmis came out.

  • Macaron Madnesses
    Macaron Madnesses 15 hours ago

    Well damn it, by the time this is out the earth will end

  • ur dad a lesbian
    ur dad a lesbian 15 hours ago

    W h e n
    W H E N

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus 17 hours ago +1

    ah yes her we go again

  • Rize
    Rize 20 hours ago +1

    autistic thx for scaring me and other kids like me fuck you bitch ass ni-

  • Lamp
    Lamp 20 hours ago

    July 16th

  • SkullyRodger
    SkullyRodger 23 hours ago

    Wait is conan behind all of this shit

  • pastouwu
    pastouwu Day ago


  • doggo totallynothing

    3 years left

  • El_Marcianito On

    Ya subanlo prros

  • happy chung
    happy chung Day ago

    Wow look nothing

  • Marc Colomé Valle

    Maybe we will see it when the video have one year idk🤷‍♂️

  • Atari
    Atari Day ago

    Guys yall are so stupid its obviously coming out 1955 june 19 xddddddddd noobs xdddd

  • Gabarge MEMES
    Gabarge MEMES Day ago


  • Unshaken Productions

    Well, guess the Fathers Day release was bogus.

  • Shinsou Is A Cat
    Shinsou Is A Cat Day ago +1

    I just want the rest but they still haven't came out .,. WELP GONNA WAIT TILL THE END OF TIME!

  • Henry Gregti
    Henry Gregti Day ago

    WTF was that

  • Cailan_ 7
    Cailan_ 7 Day ago +1

    Guess we’re still waiting then

  • diana1465 Monterrey

    ya po qliaos, saquen la wea luego que lo estoy esperando MAS DE UN FUCKING AÑO

  • Just ok
    Just ok Day ago

    5 days it will be released

  • Your Dearest Fan
    Your Dearest Fan Day ago +1

    bloody hell, is this ever coming, because we are consuming Kabylia here in North Africa

  • casey Douglas
    casey Douglas Day ago +5

    Im still surprised a RUclip seires is now going to be an official show I hope salad fingers is next

  • Daniela Banana
    Daniela Banana Day ago +2


  • Logen Oldaker
    Logen Oldaker Day ago

    Hurry up dhmis

  • Moonbaeluv ,
    Moonbaeluv , Day ago

    Nctzens follow my twt yuqinized

  • Figment’s Youtube Channel 39

    Season 2 Don’t hug me im scared this was 1 year ago and it still hasn’t come out.


    Dhmis: *HELLO*
    Matpat: oh shoot run
    Bendy and the dark revival: HELLO

  • Elijah Williams
    Elijah Williams Day ago

    Suicide rate goes up to 100%

  • Filip Filipowicz

    Still waiting boyz

  • cardemom wolf
    cardemom wolf Day ago +1

    Dhmis: no new updates for 10 months
    Jontron: new video every week
    Oh how the tables have turned

  • Momo
    Momo Day ago

    *Dont If You Dare*
    *Hug If You Like*
    *Me If You Self*
    *I'm If You Sure*
    *Scared If You Afraid*
    *Afraid Of Thing Singing Killer*

  • Gabriel Esquivel
    Gabriel Esquivel 2 days ago

    We got our stranger things... now we need our don’t hug me I’m scared🥶

  • Rogue Neet
    Rogue Neet 2 days ago

    Damn the background music is good

  • Keenan S
    Keenan S 2 days ago

    I wanna hug somebody

  • The Animation Trash Bin

    Everyone is saying that it’s June 19th and there is nothing. But my theory is that June 19 wasn’t father’s day this year. I think things are gonna take off on the 19th in 2022

    • lord of Ink games
      lord of Ink games Day ago

      I dunno. The first episode of the TV show was already screened at a festival.

  • Out Pulse
    Out Pulse 2 days ago

    July 14 2019 were were out of food it’s only a matter of weeks before we die

    • Atari
      Atari Day ago

      its aight, boys a few more days and it will all be worth it. june 29th is our salvation

  • Sedona Bookbinder
    Sedona Bookbinder 2 days ago

    Its been 10 months.. we're running out of time

  • Cris en el tiempo
    Cris en el tiempo 2 days ago

    im still waiting for the "new" video >:v

  • tree
    tree 2 days ago +2

    Well its been about 10 months. Still waiting. Being patient... Still have some hope. I'll be waiting.

  • Mr. Plays
    Mr. Plays 2 days ago +1

    It is The end

  • Emily OHalloran
    Emily OHalloran 2 days ago

    Aight, June 19th 2019 has already passed....
    Looks like another year gamers

    • Atari
      Atari Day ago

      i thinks its debuting on the 29 of June. Dont count on it though.

  • Streetsi
    Streetsi 2 days ago

    please don't just punch my balls and not suck my dick dhmis

  • A B
    A B 2 days ago

    It’s been almost a year and I still check to see if the new videos are uploaded... they are not and I fear they will never be

  • Jonny Ogg
    Jonny Ogg 2 days ago

    Ok take your time

  • jake homes
    jake homes 2 days ago


  • It’s Risky
    It’s Risky 2 days ago

    Yeah So umm......Wheres the new episodes?😪

  • KingKai 1102
    KingKai 1102 2 days ago

    When the next one in 5 more years??

  • Kenny Bohij
    Kenny Bohij 2 days ago


  • sxndxee
    sxndxee 2 days ago

    Ight when you gonna make this. Hands down it’s July! And it’s been a year :/

  • Prig Skok
    Prig Skok 2 days ago

    Честно я в конце ждала скримера! 😐

  • jhoanpapaya
    jhoanpapaya 2 days ago +2

    0:12 the special one

    • TX1C SHARK
      TX1C SHARK 2 days ago

      jhoanpapaya no it’s yellow guy

  • laslalal
    laslalal 2 days ago +1

    Wow look nothing

  • Ms. Saturday Knight
    Ms. Saturday Knight 2 days ago

    Why do we have to wait so long?

  • Kid Friendly Username.


  • williamplayz
    williamplayz 2 days ago


  • Osiris
    Osiris 2 days ago

    The first episode released on July 30th, that's the most likely date when the next when will be released!