History vs. Che Guevara - Alex Gendler

  • Published on Nov 27, 2017
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    His face is recognized all over the world - the young medical student who became a revolutionary icon. But was Che Guevara a heroic champion of the poor, or a ruthless warlord who left a legacy of repression? Alex Gendler puts this controversial figure on trial in History vs. Che Guevara.
    Lesson by Alex Gendler, directed by Brett Underhill.
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    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 6 hours ago

      +Cory Ebeling It cost 20,000 lives to get rid of the US puppet dictator Batista. US propaganda never mentions that. The trials meet the same standards as that of the NAZI's after WW2. Batista's police and war criminals, who removed eyes and left bodies hanging on lamp posts, received trials their victims never received. They were carried out to prevent mob actions which would have given the US a pretext to invade.

    • Ze Phantom Kaiser
      Ze Phantom Kaiser 2 days ago

      Can you guys make one about Ian Smith?

    • vigneshwaran subramaniyan
      vigneshwaran subramaniyan 4 days ago

      It is better to die standing than to live on your knees

    AHMED Hour ago

    Is there anyone from Cuba who tells me whether this is true or not true?

  • vladimirmanojlovski
    vladimirmanojlovski 2 hours ago

    The Jewish bankers and their allies created Communism in order to gain bigger control of the world and in the Communist occupied lands spread stories of Justice and Equality amongst people to mask their trail and present Communism as something good when in reality they created slavery in USSR, China... Che Guevara and Fidel Castro tried to implement the stories of Justice and Equality but on their own initiative and were fighting Elites Imperialism!

  • sharon romeo
    sharon romeo 4 hours ago

    Guevara made was a communist. He made people believe that they were happy while executing anyone he thought wrong. A lot like Stalin

  • shadowhelmet
    shadowhelmet 9 hours ago

    such a cringy video, stop doing them

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 13 hours ago

    One thing these “revolutionaries” need to learn is that overthrowing a government and running a government are vastly different

  • mixed blood
    mixed blood 17 hours ago

    Power corrupts.

  • Caesar Yumury
    Caesar Yumury 17 hours ago

    Completely wrong, Cuba was thriving before castro. One of the most prosper countries in the world.

  • American Conservative University

    I wonder if you ever get a sick feeling in your stomach Alex when you defend and promote a mass murder who "enjoyed Killing". I hope I am in the audience when you stand before God and defend your actions defending this monster.

  • Golden Brothers
    Golden Brothers 20 hours ago +1

    He hero komrade

  • Emmett Cashman
    Emmett Cashman Day ago +1

    "The difference between the revolutionary and the terrorist lies in the reason for which each fights. For whoever stands by a just cause and fights for the freedom and liberation of his land from the invaders, the settlers and the colonialists cannot possibly be called terrorist, otherwise the American people in their struggle for liberation from the British colonialists would have been terrorists; the European resistance against the Nazis would be terrorism, the struggle of the Asian, African and Latin American peoples would also be terrorism, and many of you who are in this Assembly hall were considered terrorists."
    ~Yasser Arafat, speaking to the UN General Assembly in 1974

  • TandooriBulb322
    TandooriBulb322 Day ago +1

    He is not a hero.

  • Aome De Nazareth

    Génial franchement c'est un excellent programme. Je pense que ont peut pas reprocher à un révolutionnaire de tuer des gens une révolution doit être violente si elle veut réellement changer tout un système surtout une dictature militaire

  • MewtwoTheScout
    MewtwoTheScout Day ago +3

    VS guy fawkes

  • João Mané
    João Mané Day ago +2

    You don't need to do an episode about Castro 'cause the History absolved him...
    Got this reference...
    Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante!

    • AHMED
      AHMED Hour ago

      Is this true about Guevara?

  • Kermit Mahomes
    Kermit Mahomes Day ago

    Guevara the terror, fresh kangol wearer, ill rhyme slayer of the 60’s error

    • GeneralEuro
      GeneralEuro Day ago

      Revolting heavy metal rebel blood spiller

  • Kane GreyFire
    Kane GreyFire Day ago +2

    He died as a hero.

  • Amol Dev Kashyap
    Amol Dev Kashyap 2 days ago

    Did he die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Classic

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan 2 days ago


  • christian Saldaña
    christian Saldaña 2 days ago

    1:04 how could the planes fly when their tails are like that?

  • Kellen Emery
    Kellen Emery 2 days ago +1

    Capitalism has done nothing wrong, communists should be thrown in the sea, or buried in unmarked graves

    • Nazx 36
      Nazx 36 19 hours ago

      Chikita banana would like to know your location


    Revolting heavy metal rebel blood spiller

  • Armand Assante
    Armand Assante 2 days ago +1

    Heroes and villains, those terms mean little in history. It's more of was the change that He brought about worth it?
    I'd say yes, you don't get real change rallying from a designated start time til designated end time in a designated rallying spot. You get real change by shaking things up for people in power, making them sweat and showing the world their reactions. By confronting those with power with determination, and stalwart resolve, you may die but the change will keep progressing.
    In any case, his legacy of change far outweighs the injustices and atrocities he's committed and in time those injustices will be forgotten and all that'll be left is the face of a revolutionary.

  • oneandy2
    oneandy2 2 days ago

    He was another "ends justify the means" terrorist who felt his vision justified any atrocities he committed in it's name. It's a shame his previous life wasn't as an economics student. Then maybe the cuba he helped build wouldn't have been as big of a disaster.

    • Nazx 36
      Nazx 36 19 hours ago

      "Disaster" still ranks better than most of south american in all fronts

  • Spagandhi
    Spagandhi 2 days ago +1

    Che vs the strawman

  • Manuel Barro
    Manuel Barro 2 days ago +1

    As an Argie, i find this really objective!

  • Emperor Washington
    Emperor Washington 3 days ago +15

    *Sounds a bit like Communist propaganda, but okay*

  • DJ FX
    DJ FX 3 days ago +2

    If Americans think Che is so bad then they should also say American revolution to kick out British was bad

  • Blindjager
    Blindjager 3 days ago +3

    "Should a revolution be judged on its ideals or its outcomes?" uhm outcomes.... ideals are not worth anything if you don"t act on them

  • BiscuitYT
    BiscuitYT 3 days ago +3

    Che did bad things but he did more good and revolutions should be judged by their outcomes in my opinion

    • Kim O'Brien
      Kim O'Brien 6 hours ago +1

      Do the Imperailist talk about the 20,000 who died to get rid of their Monster Batista?

  • Dark Striker
    Dark Striker 3 days ago

    我 塊㿧曝場圼蒔曝垇炎驫驫聽驅堰堰竹

  • xr28y ge3fl1
    xr28y ge3fl1 3 days ago

    1967 was good year.

  • jeoujukid
    jeoujukid 3 days ago

    Who’s here from guy fawkes vs Che Guerra lol

  • xr28y ge3fl1
    xr28y ge3fl1 3 days ago

    Columbian lowly soldier put a bullet in his head, he executed Che as Che had murdered others.

    • Nazx 36
      Nazx 36 4 hours ago

      +xr28y ge3fl1 you sound like a religius freak

    • xr28y ge3fl1
      xr28y ge3fl1 4 hours ago

      +Nazx 36 the universe is 99% dead, life is a rare and unatural.
      Precious, Che was a destroyer of life for ideas. If your going to play God you better be one.

    • Nazx 36
      Nazx 36 19 hours ago

      You are only here to kill a man
      Che was trully the best

  • Maeda Kumori
    Maeda Kumori 4 days ago

    i always wonder why communism always linked with labor camps, torture, and other horror stuff ?

  • Barron Von Monster Truck III

    Those are not good questions. The answer is rather obvious. You support Marxism and marxist regimes and you are a bad person. Full stop.

    • Nazx 36
      Nazx 36 4 days ago

      Those are not good questions. The answer is rather obvious. You support imperialism and pro Us regimes and you are a bad person. Full stop.

  • MemeTeam
    MemeTeam 4 days ago

    All the merchandise with his face on it, makes the capitalist rich, doing the opposite of what he believed

  • Dumbledore The Swaggy

    And now Cuba is nothing more than a poverty melting pot, where the people can’t even have washing detergent

    • Nazx 36
      Nazx 36 4 days ago

      Hmm they still rank better than mexico or brazil en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Latin_American_countries_by_Human_Development_Index

  • Kishin Asura
    Kishin Asura 5 days ago +1

    Powerpuff revolutionaries

  • Captain Castro
    Captain Castro 5 days ago

    In what world is he a hero?

    • Nazx 36
      Nazx 36 19 hours ago

      Why are you saying this captain castro ?

  • Atlas Gonzalez
    Atlas Gonzalez 5 days ago +1

    Still a far better hero than most American heros

  • help me
    help me 5 days ago +2

    anyone notice the MAGA hat at 3:26?

  • Gustavo Al
    Gustavo Al 5 days ago

    Dear Alex, a bit of intellectual honesty would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hannah K.
    Hannah K. 5 days ago

    I cannot stress this enough, but he's a BAD person.

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 5 days ago +5

    Che Guevara is an anti-hero
    Isn’t a hero neither a villain
    He was a revolutionary
    Fighting the elite of the capitalism
    And the imperialism along with colonialism

  • Kristiana Widayati
    Kristiana Widayati 6 days ago

    5:13 he's a pro american imperialist arest him!🔫

  • hazmat
    hazmat 6 days ago +7

    dont forget that time he did a rap battle with guy fawkes

  • Sneaky snek 101
    Sneaky snek 101 6 days ago

    Why this dude professor from power puff girls

  • Nalaman Onixservices

    A hero that died a villian

  • will2003michael2003
    will2003michael2003 6 days ago

    Personally, I think he was a miss guided young man who wanted to make a difference. His heart may have been in the right place but this was hindered by ideology & prospective.

  • mrtop hat
    mrtop hat 6 days ago

    It seems to like he did try to do the right thing it just didn't work out because governments never truly care about their people just another case of the MAN fu*k the people POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

  • Mr. Maiz
    Mr. Maiz 7 days ago

    You should do stalin

  • Paulo Silva
    Paulo Silva 7 days ago

    i think the whole humankind is hugely thankful for everything Che Guevara did

  • Ryan De Silva
    Ryan De Silva 7 days ago

    The only reason the USSR put their missiles on Cuba because the USA put their missiles on Turkey.

  • Stay Ranty
    Stay Ranty 7 days ago

    Revolutions shall be judged by the way, not the outcome

  • EpicZeke76
    EpicZeke76 7 days ago

    When Che increases literacy rate: :)
    When Che incites mass murder: >:(

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime 7 days ago

    Chill out.

  • Jose E Leon
    Jose E Leon 7 days ago +28

    Guatemala: we're distributing un-used land to indigenous people and giving companys monetary compensation
    USA: that sounds like communism but with extra steps

  • Jose E Leon
    Jose E Leon 7 days ago

    Ohhh, im from guatemala, and i just relized that that united fruit company is now called chiquita, now i know were not to buy bananas

  • Aaron Gurrola
    Aaron Gurrola 7 days ago

    @2:06 Godfather II reference to Hyman Roth

  • DJ Bazs
    DJ Bazs 8 days ago

    To me. Always a hero

  • Uncharted Fnaf
    Uncharted Fnaf 8 days ago

    guy fauwkes still one though

  • 🇵🇰Amaan Javed
    🇵🇰Amaan Javed 8 days ago

    Anyone here from ERB

  • Alex Harty Harty
    Alex Harty Harty 8 days ago +9

    Both Che Guevara and Castro saved Cuba from Battista

    • TheBritishGamer
      TheBritishGamer 6 days ago

      Battista was worse than Castro but that still doesn't mean that Castro was good. Would I rather live under Castro than Battista? Yes, but I'd rather have neither

    • Steven Bean Jr
      Steven Bean Jr 7 days ago

      Alex Harty Harty i am sure they did but I am less sure they appreciated living under castro and che.

  • Roshan Tiwari
    Roshan Tiwari 8 days ago

    laal salaam

  • Nashreddin Busk
    Nashreddin Busk 8 days ago

    Why does that other guy look like Ben Shapiro lmao

  • omar saucedo
    omar saucedo 8 days ago +3

    1:03 I am going to pretend the guy in blue shirt isnot evo morales

  • Jerry Gariety
    Jerry Gariety 8 days ago

    How is replacing a dictatorship with another dictator a good thing, I hate that they try to justify bad things like Fidel Castro’s revolution

  • Ian Branham
    Ian Branham 8 days ago

    A body count of 3000 and the left lionize him.

  • Chrysi Meow
    Chrysi Meow 9 days ago +1

    He eventually left

  • Rami Abdellah Mokrane
    Rami Abdellah Mokrane 9 days ago +1

    Weather you like it or not this great man is hero for all the opresed and poor people around the globe and victims of impérialism and he will always be because noble symboles and ideas never die

  • Christian Quartieri
    Christian Quartieri 9 days ago +1

    Pleas, do the same with Mussolini

  • todoroki
    todoroki 9 days ago +4

    sincere question... do cubans (today) revere him?

    • ZevolveZ
      ZevolveZ 7 days ago +1

      They have to. Thats what happens when you are so intellectually bankrupted that you have only one single goverment sponsored way to do things.

    • Fernando Mendoza
      Fernando Mendoza 7 days ago +1

      He's everywhere up in Cuba. Murals and posters and stuff.

  • j0eX
    j0eX 9 days ago +1

    What use is literacy if your government burns books?

  • The Crab Maestro
    The Crab Maestro 9 days ago

    I'm surprised that they didn't mention the mess that was the Cuban missile crisis further. The entire point was that it was the USSR reacting to the USAs placement of missiles near their border. The USA started the Cuban missile crisis and covered it up so well that most people think it was just the Soviets being outwardly warmongerly, but in reality it was a panicked reaction to America's most warmongerly action in their entire existence up until that point.

  • Tanzania Animations
    Tanzania Animations 9 days ago

    He’s a Argentinian man just to know

  • saiprasad shetty
    saiprasad shetty 9 days ago

    make history vs bush family

  • Paulo
    Paulo 9 days ago

    Terrorist, killer of children, does not deserve respect!

  • James Rowles
    James Rowles 9 days ago

    A villain. Teacher, sure. Revolutionary, sure. Education voucher, sure. But he was always the villain.

  • Uncle Schoon
    Uncle Schoon 9 days ago

    Well, this video was a welcome surprise. Most about videos about Che just talk about how great he was.

  • Lucas Fernandez
    Lucas Fernandez 9 days ago

    Your story is full of BS and clearly biased to make people believe that this Psychopath was a hero for the people. Shame on your propaganda!!!!

  • Bendy Conservador
    Bendy Conservador 9 days ago +3

    I am Brazilian and I will never accept communists in my country because Brazil will only evolve with a monarchy


  • Bill S
    Bill S 9 days ago

    And now he's been given hero status by the left.

  • Victor Simoes
    Victor Simoes 10 days ago

    Che Guevara was a cold killer he killed children and adults he killed anyone who desagred with him people who lived in those coutries celebrated when he died and rest off the world here living a lie that was sold to them by the left

  • Bayung Pramono
    Bayung Pramono 10 days ago +1

    History vs Bung Tomo (indonesian army hero)

  • Salmaan Shah
    Salmaan Shah 10 days ago +29

    Why does he remind me of big boss from metal gear solid?

  • NMA-T
    NMA-T 10 days ago

    Revolutionaries should be judge by their outcome. Not the ideology. Because everything can sound good on paper but how it is executed and the if it works is another story. Seem when something is put out about Che, and what he did that was horrifying the other side justify's it.

  • Maxwell Kaizer
    Maxwell Kaizer 10 days ago +1

    I’m here from ERB

  • Squek
    Squek 10 days ago +3

    Hmmmm Government using press to manipulate public opinion, protect elites, corporate profits, then kill anything that would threaten those profits?
    That totally doesn't sound like the country I live in that keeps trying to send "Support to Venezuela while trying seize control" who would never oppress the lower and middle class back home.
    Home of the free right?

    • Mark
      Mark 9 days ago +1

      Dang sounds like your country sucks. Glad I live in the USA where that doesn’t happen

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 10 days ago +2

    Che Guevara is the hero of cuba 🇨🇺

  • Samovar maker
    Samovar maker 10 days ago +11

    _but i'll take your breath away_

    • emilio arce
      emilio arce 7 days ago

      You tried to rebel againt James the first.

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar 10 days ago

    Everything seems like US tactics creating a fearful environment and dethroning anyone who is not in favour of US...LIke elites exploit the poor giving polished and white lies which look civilised yet extremely cruel...the US gives reasons in the name Democracy but the real reason being its profits and business...And destroys countries which take almost immortal time to recover...Cuba, Latin American nations, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria...And even people like Napolean And Che are made to look as comedic and not so serious characters..In fact, these are Heroes that the world will remember and takes inspiration from..

  • Dalmatian Mapper
    Dalmatian Mapper 10 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with arresting LGBT people

  • Brett Buonamici
    Brett Buonamici 10 days ago

    Funny how the people who love Che disregard the fact he was undoubtedly a mass murderer of people without giving a trial, and the number of murdered is tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, not hundreds, are the same people who hate Washington and Jefferson because they had slaves. Che murders thousands and that's forgivable, Washington and Jefferson had a few dozen slaves and they are immoral repugnant people. Leftist idiocy and hypocrisy knows no bounds. We are simply evolved monkeys and some don't quite think things through because emotional pleasure of believing you have the moral highground (AOC) gets in the way of accepting fact. Unfortunately the world will never be rid of the emotional Che supporting idiots that's holding mankind back from its real potential. Like trying to get dogs to do math. I think it's time we just enjoy our lives and do our best to prevent the tyrants from taking power. They justify murder with literacy even though the literacy is meaningless because they can't strategically invest their talents because they don't have private property. What a joke

  • Stevon Freidman
    Stevon Freidman 10 days ago

    Viva Ché Guevara

  • superlokzo
    superlokzo 10 days ago

    He was a murderer.

  • Yubi K.
    Yubi K. 10 days ago


  • stg flanders
    stg flanders 10 days ago

    I don’t like this man I am a capitalist I’m more to the right let’s see how long it takes for somebody to call me fascist but I don’t like fascists either I support democracy’s and free speech and I’m all for lgtbq rights and women’s rights but sometimes people go to far

  • Lycaon 1765p
    Lycaon 1765p 10 days ago +6

    And Castro left Cuba the same, except worse.

  • Manatee Man
    Manatee Man 10 days ago

    Glad to see a nuanced breakdown, but this is still very sympathetic to the man.
    Very, very sympathetic.