The $50 Million Mansion that will Blow your Mind ...

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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  • Lala Land
    Lala Land 5 days ago

    Pls give me some eye brows :

  • vishnu rajwade
    vishnu rajwade 6 days ago

    you could make a videos at mukesh ambani house "ANTILIA" ?

  • alicia ali
    alicia ali 7 days ago

    Check house on bell air Los Angeles on you tube , they are much better.

  • alicia ali
    alicia ali 7 days ago

    No wonder , world is so much poor only few have all the wealth in the world.

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Loved ur show

  • Rishtoon Ka Sangam
    Rishtoon Ka Sangam 8 days ago +3

    mo vlog mukesh ambani house tour asia most powerfull billionare

  • soy Emmanuel
    soy Emmanuel 10 days ago


  • Maximino Rama
    Maximino Rama 11 days ago

    I will buy that I have a 100 000$

  • Kevin Estrella
    Kevin Estrella 13 days ago

    Who the real og

  • Kevin Estrella
    Kevin Estrella 13 days ago

    Hey had ps1,2,3

  • pably william
    pably william 18 days ago

    i dont have a playstation 😏😏😏

  • IOSRayyanYT T
    IOSRayyanYT T 21 day ago +1

    Lol I got a bigger one

  • Cricket with BrOtHeRs
    Cricket with BrOtHeRs 22 days ago +3

    Who's disliker?
    I'll not kill him or heim or her.
    Cause I'm a liker of this video.

    STRADMAN CASANOVA 24 days ago

    I like this one the most

  • SoLTronkV
    SoLTronkV 27 days ago +4

    Mo : This is rolls royce phanthom, wraith
    Me: I only know rolls royce..all are rolls lol

  • Oxnard805
    Oxnard805 29 days ago

    No hate but It feels Dead in that house

  • Mini Mo
    Mini Mo 29 days ago

    He is acting as if he is homeless

  • Kendell Crenshaw
    Kendell Crenshaw 29 days ago

    7:48 😳

  • Jayshree Patil
    Jayshree Patil Month ago

    He is indian 🇮🇳

  • Priyanjan Karki
    Priyanjan Karki Month ago

    How much money for ur sis... I want to buy ur sis...

  • Prathamesh Wadhai
    Prathamesh Wadhai Month ago

    Proud Indian 🇮🇳 this house is owned by Rohit roy from Kerala india 🇮🇳

  • Ubaid Hajji
    Ubaid Hajji Month ago +1

    I love u

  • loba Raybay Saldinas

    Omg woow super nice love tge channel bed dresser ..omg tge pool is to die for i would never leave the house omg LMAO💯💯✔✔😝😛😜😁😁😳💓💓😘😍😍😍

  • Arun Miraskar
    Arun Miraskar Month ago +4

    Kardashians left the chat.

  • La jolla Local
    La jolla Local Month ago

    Honestly that house looks like trash along with that horrible color scheme lol. What a complete waste.

    • Goncalo Portela
      Goncalo Portela Month ago

      Costs 100 times more then your whole fucking life, you Idiot

  • stueymoo
    stueymoo Month ago +1

    One step is probably more expensive than my house

  • ahmed antu
    ahmed antu Month ago

    I don't like your girlfriend. she looks like a grady women

  • Sashi Rajah
    Sashi Rajah Month ago

    who is the owner of this house

  • Ompal Singh
    Ompal Singh Month ago +1

    Hey drive devel sixteen

  • Amar Singh
    Amar Singh Month ago

    Who is the owner of this house and he is an Indian

  • Lasitha Fonseka
    Lasitha Fonseka Month ago

    At 4.02 did anyone saw a catholic statue in their cupboard.

  • 4ffan33e yt
    4ffan33e yt Month ago

    Rasheed swiming pool vs this on vote which one coment

  • Martin Jansen
    Martin Jansen Month ago

    Crystals are not Diamonds Mo. I prefer Cristal for its many qualities, applications and pricing. There is Always More, Bigger, Richer......Good to see you still have your true spirit as you had couple years ago in London. But Mo, money does not buy anything. Cherish what you have that can't be bought.

  • alton hughes
    alton hughes Month ago

    how you got a hot car if it aint registered pull over cop eyes stole from the spectacular zoom off thats a open register memory challenge yo 1st piece of pussy or the last whats sexier

  • A.J.R- Entertainment

    Nice bro

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago

    F**k the house the chicks piff 😉

  • Worst Nightmare
    Worst Nightmare Month ago

    Yeh the house is nice but kinda boring 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Srinidhi Yoganand
    Srinidhi Yoganand Month ago

    Anyone here after Fake Love? 🙏

  • Sero El Mero
    Sero El Mero Month ago

    I want to buy it

  • Romero Munoz
    Romero Munoz Month ago

    Location Location Location

  • Romero Munoz
    Romero Munoz Month ago

    Its not California

  • Nedal Mohammadi
    Nedal Mohammadi Month ago

    You dumb ass, its crystals not diamonds

  • shubham yadav
    shubham yadav Month ago

    Dear MO i think u haven’t seen the jacuzzi in swimming pool

  • Will Szabo
    Will Szabo Month ago

    The gold and diamond wall is the price of my house

  • Michel Tarik
    Michel Tarik Month ago

    Vidéo à perte de vue et sans contenu !

  • Lostre 3
    Lostre 3 Month ago

    Everything except windows... smh

  • ahmed abdullah
    ahmed abdullah Month ago +3

    They keep reving the car they must have a filtration System for Carbon monoxide poisoning or they’ll have to find out the hard way

  • Doomsday11 Games
    Doomsday11 Games Month ago

    Those cars are nice but...why? I don't think you need so many cars but it's your money

  • -Saif the king- العبيدي

    مو حط ترجمة بالعربي 😐

  • Nisha Sripavan
    Nisha Sripavan Month ago

    Where is her too from

  • Josephine Omoruyi
    Josephine Omoruyi 2 months ago

    Very soon I am going to be rich.

  • Ayden Bolger
    Ayden Bolger 2 months ago +7

    Your water is coming from a golden pipe 😁.
    15 seconds later
    Here’s a microwave

  • jue rabu
    jue rabu 2 months ago

    Narin=gold digger

  • Nicola
    Nicola 2 months ago +4

    Swarovski is crystal my guy..there is nothing such as Swarovski diamonds aside from the lab made ones (which if u ask me are not real diamonds)

    • El Mehdi Naor
      El Mehdi Naor Month ago +1

      Well said Man.I never herd of an Swarovski Diamond.i don't think that the wall is from real Gold.Because if it was real 24k gold the wall alone will be worth more than the house.So this 👦 is just talking sh*** .

  • LAMB c
    LAMB c 2 months ago


  • Dido Corleon
    Dido Corleon 2 months ago

    While children in Gaza are dying........

  • MrAbuzar1
    MrAbuzar1 2 months ago

    If you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing

  • MrAbuzar1
    MrAbuzar1 2 months ago

    You all living a fake life

  • Kas Mohammed
    Kas Mohammed 2 months ago

    Yo anyone realise that imran khan made his new song nightridah in that place were all the roll roises and and the bently were.

  • Sirjean5
    Sirjean5 2 months ago

    The only thing I'm NOT a fan of in that house is the kitchen. If it's not OPEN PLAN it's not as amazing...

  • h e n r y k t
    h e n r y k t 2 months ago +1

    The owner of this house is cj Roy
    Confident group builders
    South India he is from Kerala

    • Jose Jerry Aiden
      Jose Jerry Aiden 2 months ago

      Don casanova is his son,his real name is Rohit Roy..He's architect and builder

    ROX GAMING FAMILY 2 months ago

    At 7:48
    The Lambo : Check My Sound Microphone...
    Microphone: Not Supported Sound.... xD

    • ShinViews
      ShinViews 2 months ago

      Bro no one liked your comment, want me to like it for ya? Will it make you feel better?

  • Zaza
    Zaza 2 months ago +2

    first look a the mansion scream new money. I wouldn't mind tho..

  • Rhiana Masih
    Rhiana Masih 2 months ago

    When ur house gets upgraded to a luxury type

  • Rhiana Masih
    Rhiana Masih 2 months ago

    Me here just shook

  • Никита ABS
    Никита ABS 2 months ago


  • mr king
    mr king 2 months ago

    7:25 boy said Wtf hahah

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh 2 months ago

    My house is bigger

  • carlosg valle
    carlosg valle 2 months ago

    The things that impress you wow...

  • carlosg valle
    carlosg valle 2 months ago

    What an absolutely tacky and disgusting home...typical middle eastern taste... nouveau rich extraordinaire

  • Raj Brar
    Raj Brar 2 months ago

    I feel so poor after watching this video.

  • Umair Sajwar
    Umair Sajwar 2 months ago

    How narins cloths are changed every minute

  • Nias Moopan
    Nias Moopan 2 months ago +8

    This house belongs to Mr.Roy from India Kerala.

  • mansoor mushraf
    mansoor mushraf 2 months ago

    After watching this I want to be rich Again.

  • Jroc2k Beats
    Jroc2k Beats 2 months ago

    As rich as Mo Vlogs is, I can definitely see him living here!!!

  • Irshad AP
    Irshad AP 2 months ago

    Proud to be an Malayali ...

  • Sarto Nino
    Sarto Nino 2 months ago

    this doesnt even compare to a house in jannah

  • Addy
    Addy 2 months ago

    It's my dream home

  • Lee-ander Ingram
    Lee-ander Ingram 2 months ago


    MAHIMA SHARMA 2 months ago

    Visit Danbilzerian also

  • Satpal Saharan
    Satpal Saharan 2 months ago


  • Mount Tech
    Mount Tech 2 months ago +1


  • Tarang Patel
    Tarang Patel 2 months ago

    What about the world's costliest home of ambani worth 1 billion 😲😲

  • Cobra9876
    Cobra9876 2 months ago

    proof that money cant buy taste lmao

  • Prema Awasthi
    Prema Awasthi 2 months ago

    Wowww so so beautiful mention

  • Antonio Duverge
    Antonio Duverge 2 months ago

    I realized that im really poor!!

  • Jon Salhany
    Jon Salhany 2 months ago

    From what Peter Marco has taught me, if those diamonds had any color or hue to them that wall would be worth more than $17M... VVS GIA Certified...
    Ohh I just heard toward the end the inside cost more than the house... now it makes sense.

  • vivek kumar
    vivek kumar 2 months ago +2

    I just focused on his T-shirt😂

  • MrJrbf
    MrJrbf 2 months ago

    Logand House Worth More Than that

  • Gaming Saroch
    Gaming Saroch 2 months ago

    6:54 knightridah 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Jeff Rodriguez
    Jeff Rodriguez 2 months ago

    I'm not hating but are you sure?? Swarovski is a brand name for a range of precision-cut crystal glass which ismade only by its producers in Austria. They do not occur naturally in the Earth. ... Swarovski Crystal iscommonly referred to as SimulatedDiamond or Imitation Diamondbecause its rich beautiful details so closely resemble genuine Diamonds

  • KhelBoy
    KhelBoy 2 months ago +1

    What does he do? 😫🔥

  • Muhammad Rehann
    Muhammad Rehann 2 months ago

    Mo vlogs is like the mark weins of Dubai his ability to make shit look good and market it with his positive attitude and expression is really great 👍 just like what mark weins does with food on the other end naureen feels a bit non humble ish I guess idk if that’s the word I’m looking for but you get my drift like u don’t get positive vibes idk why just my 2xents

  • SeriousGamer1805
    SeriousGamer1805 2 months ago

    To all the Indian haters this mansion belong to an Indian

  • shantanu rastogi
    shantanu rastogi 2 months ago

    Don casanova is also Indian

  • Edward Lim
    Edward Lim 2 months ago

    faze house still better

  • W Do
    W Do 2 months ago

    Darin this girl so ugly Mo change her please

  • dwi wahyudi
    dwi wahyudi 2 months ago

    richard mille is dream

  • Ichthyosaur
    Ichthyosaur 2 months ago

    Toilet hole is not golden, its a shame


    nice video Mo Vlogs i love it nice work boss