Orlando Brown Baby Mother REVEALS Nick Cannon Story TELLS THE TRUTH

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Comments • 80

  • Ty Love
    Ty Love 2 months ago +228

    I thought he received help, from what I read a few months back. I guess hes gotten back at it.

    • Pamala Washington
      Pamala Washington Month ago

      @DeadZoNv8BALL -8RMC- it's all just sad, not funny! This was a talented young man, and he is just a mess! I pray for him!

    • Allante Hunter
      Allante Hunter Month ago

      He got kicked out on video lol it’s actually a clip of that video in this video

    • Shearl
      Shearl Month ago +1

      @Bad_vibes_gaming I agree

    • DeadZoNv8BALL -8RMC-
      DeadZoNv8BALL -8RMC- Month ago

      Lol in one of the interviews he said he wanted to be a comedian maybe hes trying to do that idk

    • southside312
      southside312 Month ago +1

      He did nick sucked him off to help them both lmao

  • Tosin Nation
    Tosin Nation 2 days ago

    I loved him as a child and now he's lost his mind I thought he got helped this is ridiculous i really want him to get better

  • Luca Brasi
    Luca Brasi 8 days ago

    I think nick did it and brown exposed it cause he was hurt by nick not letting him on the show they had a relationship brown was hurt by nick so he told everyone whats the issue

  • playamade_ace 420
    playamade_ace 420 15 days ago

    Jail changed him

  • about my fathers business

    she talking that stuff but decided to have a baby with him...……...SMDH she got problems her damn self

  • shantell Unicorn
    shantell Unicorn 16 days ago

    Skip to 1:27 minutes 🙄

  • NvrChange 4SocialMedia

    How convenient how Hollyweird does celebs who tell how it really goes. Think about it... they were kids put in a pedophile white world ring and a lot of their parents were absent on those stays etc. Diddy even slipped up and said him and Usher woke up in the bed TOGETHER. He was a minor and he said his mom didn't know he was 13 at mansion parties. Usher looked away like damn u high talkn too much. Several booty parties with so call straight rappers etc.

  • q123 q123
    q123 q123 21 day ago

    Truth to everything

  • YendiaS
    YendiaS 24 days ago +1

    @10:07... Wow Openly Admitting that the Industry is in Fact Demonic🤔
    *& Another Thing, he said "Prematurely exposed", So what age is it ok to be introduced to the Demonic Industry?

  • The good Kids
    The good Kids 24 days ago

    Bruh y’all just as fucked up as him, Do y’all realize he’s a “Professional Actor” That has been in Hollyweird 🤪🤪🤪 since the sandbox. Actors know how to get the reaction out of the Audience, he’s been in a variety of Films he can make y’all the Audience if felt like it could make a person Laugh two seconds later make that very same person Cry for hours, right now he has y’all looking stupid thinking 🤔 he’s really going insane and have some sort of (Amanda Bynes)look at me I’m not a kid anymore and no longer cute and for that reason my Agent Stopped Calling Syndrome lol 😂 I just made that up Patient Pending jp. Like dude literally said in beginning of video, “Ima make this “Interesting” for y’all smh. Wtf are y’all really believing this craziness bc that shit sounds really Crazy


    Thats what she let him see


    She crazy too...if she saw this then why stay...she trying to get all his money...he aint messing with the master


    I believe him

  • John jacob Smith
    John jacob Smith 28 days ago

    So we’re not gonna question if his bm was once a man

  • Dante Thomas
    Dante Thomas 28 days ago

    5:16 she love him because he paid ....but she so dam beautiful

  • Dante Thomas
    Dante Thomas 28 days ago

    I'm how did he do it as a female tho,??

  • PinkMobStudio
    PinkMobStudio Month ago

    He was on Jamie Foxx show too

  • ToJo Buckets
    ToJo Buckets Month ago

    yeah or she is his handler....

  • Dena Martinez
    Dena Martinez Month ago

    Family & friends are not alway s there for you so have to learn how to trust the lord & yourselve

  • Anthony Clay
    Anthony Clay Month ago +1

    I am still waiting for Nick Cannon to deny the allegations.

  • Pamala Washington
    Pamala Washington Month ago

    His girl is basically saying that it's the public's fault for not buying his music and Hollywood's fault for not giving him more jobs! Personally I'm not sitting back blaming his family and friends. It does sound like he may be a casualty of childhood fame and success that didn't translate into adult fame and success! He's talented, no doubt, but he is acting like a trainwreck. His actions make him a liability! Is she suggesting that the public should invest in his music, even if we aren't interested in it? Don't get me wrong! He's even comical at times, but he's trying too hard! Throwing everyone under the bus isn't funny, atleast to me. A recent video is floating around of someone punching him, while he is drunk, in order to get him out of their home. I wouldn't have posted that video! That's no friend! The man needs help! I hope he gets it, and does make a comeback! But giving this man too much income right now, may just end his life!

  • Brenda ALFORD
    Brenda ALFORD Month ago

    She don’t seem nutty to me she seems hyped about the situation though

  • Brenda ALFORD
    Brenda ALFORD Month ago

    She’s kinda right

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams Month ago

    The post was better but not much better

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams Month ago

    I didn't want to hear her

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams Month ago

    But she taking him to Court

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams Month ago

    Why did Nick say what he said

  • Kay Da Don
    Kay Da Don Month ago +1

    You're telling this grown woman to take this grown man's phone away like he can't find other access to the Internet and why is it her problem? why are you putting this responsibility on her? She should be responsible for her and her kids, not this grown man desperate for attention

  • Marvin Perdue
    Marvin Perdue Month ago

    Tell the truth and they make you out to be crazy. If the people pay you no attention then that becomes your identity. People start believing you and then you start to disappear. Secondly ain’t no real man that ain’t sucked no dick gonna be calm about someone saying he sucked dick. Brotha do need help but don’t shade the facts.

  • Vicaria Williams
    Vicaria Williams Month ago

    So he having a temper tantrum

  • Vicaria Williams
    Vicaria Williams Month ago

    She acts just like him

  • Takiela Bell
    Takiela Bell Month ago

    @10:37... Crazy go together... Sad, but true ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Fatima Darif
    Fatima Darif Month ago

    She right though

  • Anamae torres
    Anamae torres Month ago


  • Nat Jac
    Nat Jac Month ago

    She seems very educated, aware, and mature. Surprised she was attraced to his man-child persona. He doesn't appear mature even beyond the mental health issues.

  • they love treasure
    they love treasure Month ago


  • Key Walker
    Key Walker Month ago

    I'm not going to entertain this shit anymore

  • Tony Gunplay
    Tony Gunplay Month ago

    We all know Orlando bm do anything for money I don’t believe shit she say

  • Super Abilities
    Super Abilities Month ago +1

    Nick been gay. Trust me I know

  • Flexx Da Ripper
    Flexx Da Ripper Month ago

    He Licked His Lips as he Said Nick was Giving Head 👎🏽

  • Joyjoy love
    Joyjoy love Month ago

    Orlando Looks disturbed😯😯😯😯

  • Cito's World
    Cito's World Month ago

    Crazy is really the masses following and liking the same shit. Repeating, wearing , eating, believing etc. Look in the mirror zombies. Your thoughts aint even yours. And thats a fact for 99% of you. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Leangelo Kellom
    Leangelo Kellom Month ago

    Nick got no choice but to get him on the show

  • Tina Harris
    Tina Harris Month ago +9

    He's not crazy and everything that he is saying and has been saying is the truth, he broke the oath in hollyweird and is now being gangstalked, and I wouldn't believe anything that his child mother had to say, she's simply saying and doing what she's told to do....

  • FACE
    FACE Month ago


  • Virgo Napzz
    Virgo Napzz Month ago

    He betta stop playing with that man's manhood, just because you mad! Sucka shit

  • Tony Hall
    Tony Hall Month ago +1

    If this is true then Orlando what does that make you? Living Life

    DEE THE MAN Month ago


    DEE THE MAN Month ago


  • Corinthia ford
    Corinthia ford Month ago

    That intro was long as hell

  • Astro Gem & Tarot
    Astro Gem & Tarot Month ago

    Them ain't contacts dude a shape shifter!!!! That's posession

  • Victoria Ward
    Victoria Ward Month ago

    You clearly didn’t listen to anything she said

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams Month ago

    All I know is they both dated the same transgender

  • vinifari 2300
    vinifari 2300 Month ago


  • Yoboy Bigsexy
    Yoboy Bigsexy Month ago


  • Yoboy Bigsexy
    Yoboy Bigsexy Month ago

    He straight up me tal

  • Yoboy Bigsexy
    Yoboy Bigsexy Month ago

    His ex wife crazy as him

  • Musicians 4sale
    Musicians 4sale Month ago

    Dude been telling the truth on all these stars but we call him crazy because he ain’t popular

  • Daniel Chap
    Daniel Chap Month ago

    Everybody call him crazy but we just products of our environment. Nobody listening why he crazy

  • Mason Reigns
    Mason Reigns Month ago

    its amazing that Disney is still a major corporation in todays world, look what it does to children.

  • Marc Ingram
    Marc Ingram Month ago

    Baby momma talks at 6:12

  • Angel Love
    Angel Love Month ago +6

    He ain't lying every body in the industry gay tf

  • Brittney Starling
    Brittney Starling Month ago

    His bm seem a lil off too ijs

  • GD GD
    GD GD Month ago

    She does a lot considering he’s wit another single mom who has also got pregnant it’s what he does gets fans pregnant he’s got 8 kids now and he’s also dl gay and regularly on Grindr FYI that’s a fact an Uber fact if you know you know

  • Kyre Miller
    Kyre Miller Month ago

    What truth did she tell shut Nick looks like she spoke only about Orlando Brown and that’s it

  • Roasted Pistachio
    Roasted Pistachio Month ago

    Take This L Ldy;
    You let em get you pregnant

  • ElijahCapoRanxz 19239

    6:00 subscribe as a thanks

  • Vegashot Boi
    Vegashot Boi Month ago

    He like a actor version of trippie redd

  • Vegashot Boi
    Vegashot Boi Month ago +1

    Idgaf what none y’all say nick look guilty af in his interviews

  • Love
    Love Month ago

    It’s definitely for attention, the boy got bars and is highly intelligent!!!! I’ve had a conversation with the fella.., I think he does the most but he’s hilarious

  • Pre Eva
    Pre Eva Month ago

    I like Nick and Em, but I just find it funny that Orlando started saying this when they got into it

  • yung blikk
    yung blikk Month ago

    I think je really faking all this crazy shit just to stay relevant kuz before the crazy rants an the shit he ne sayin keep it real we been forgot about dude an it got to him i guess😂😂

  • Kailin Khalifa
    Kailin Khalifa Month ago

    I think you completely missed the point of what she was saying 🤔😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Stav Miguel
    Stav Miguel Month ago


  • Rodnesha Jones
    Rodnesha Jones Month ago

    He maybe crazy but he speaks truth

  • Donna Freeman
    Donna Freeman Month ago +1

    He asked her if he hit her and she went mute. That woman went through some shit with him. He needs help because it's a difference between woke and a cry for help. This is a cry for help

  • Trevor Wilson
    Trevor Wilson Month ago

    It took to long to get started that’s why I disliked this video

  • Champion Koi
    Champion Koi Month ago

    I believe it

  • King Cation
    King Cation Month ago

    When you speak the truth they try so silence you... calling you crazy or try and sabotage your character

  • Temeka Bowman
    Temeka Bowman Month ago +1

    The elite mess THEM all up, thee ones that not getting down,,they going after them in there mind aswell,,I'm here 2020