#TBT - 30 Of Gordon Ramsay's Greatest Insults

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • He's the Simon Cowell of the Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen, that is.
    Welcome to Next of Ken and in this episode, we're counting down 30 Of Gordon Ramsey's Greatest Insults. He never lets his contestants forget how shit he thinks they all are. Burnt the food? Talked back? Ate the food even? You can bet he's gonna let you have it. But he is a world-renowned chef for a reason. The man knows his food. So, you best listen to what he says and don't ever forget it otherwise he might make you into an idiot sandwich.
    Warning: This video is uncensored. Adult content.
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Comments • 118

  • Killer Knight
    Killer Knight 13 hours ago

    How is he not killed yet from the people he pissed off

  • Nine - Forty
    Nine - Forty 3 days ago +1

    Man coulda been a drill Sergeant

  • SwoodMan 127
    SwoodMan 127 8 days ago

    “You surprise me..... with how *shit* you are”
    His smile and optimism: GONE

  • adam4600
    adam4600 8 days ago

    It's real life Malcolm Tucker

  • Ziggy
    Ziggy 8 days ago

    Everything was funny except the last one. It sorta felt like something you’d see out of an extremely weird porn.

  • lizzy marlow
    lizzy marlow 8 days ago

    😱🤔 insults? tilte is a lie. should be "how many times does ramsey say the word 'fuck'?" I AM VERY FUCK8NG SURPRISED NOONE HAS BELTED HIM YET!!!!

  • Sam Mcpherson
    Sam Mcpherson 8 days ago


  • Jessica Jennings
    Jessica Jennings 9 days ago

    This makes me glad I'm not a cook. Why do people find this entertaining? He freaks me out.

    • lizzy marlow
      lizzy marlow 8 days ago

      😡 if he spoke to me or my mummy like that....

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 10 days ago +1

    There's no such thing as insults and put downs being great. Get over it.

  • 35RDG
    35RDG 11 days ago

    He's got like 5 kids. Does he talk like that im front of them at home? I bet he lot of calls from their school about his parenting!

    • 35RDG
      35RDG 8 days ago

      @lizzy marlow Really? He's got that covered then! Lol!

    • lizzy marlow
      lizzy marlow 8 days ago

      his wife is/was a school teacher

  • GirthMcDirk
    GirthMcDirk 12 days ago

    #14 should of been way higher. Top 5 at least. #1 was more funny than vicious

  • Linda Lombard
    Linda Lombard 12 days ago

    Oh dear his funny .

  • Last Knight
    Last Knight 13 days ago

    If she touches me will she screw me too

    DRIVER 13 days ago

    "Oh, fuck off, you fat useless sack of Yankee-Dankee-Doodle shite. Fuck off, will you please, yeah?"

    85% of Americans have now fucked off

  • Wiremu matenga
    Wiremu matenga 14 days ago +1

    Expected to see more Raj 😂

  • HeyMyLifeIsLibby
    HeyMyLifeIsLibby 14 days ago

    I love how most of these are just across 2 seasons. 😂😂😂

  • Wlp
    Wlp 15 days ago

    Somehow i feel at 3:15 he went far or he was just mad as fucking hell.

  • Julie McMillan
    Julie McMillan 15 days ago

    Well he is screwing himself because he is putting them down so much they can't think straight. How wrong he is in how he is treating these people. He might be a nice guy but I think he let's his true colors out on this show. I think he needs to stop giving into whatever he thinks is good show. It's not at all

    • Ice Scream
      Ice Scream 15 days ago

      My question is to you have you ever watched the show. Most of the people that come on the show be cocky acting like they know what they're doing. Then once they start cooking in the kitchen they fuck up. Don't get me wrong the first time you fuck up Ramsey doesn't really get too heated all he wants you to do is use your head, but if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and having food being wasted and everything. I think anybody would be pissed. Especially if you brag about being an executive cook and shit.

  • Tracy KaPoni
    Tracy KaPoni 15 days ago

    "Good luck, super stars" 😂😂😂😂😂 nicest thing he said

  • natalya lindo
    natalya lindo 15 days ago

    5:17 yanky danky doodle shite

  • pusae pls
    pusae pls 15 days ago +2

    gordon - get tf out
    fat guy - why chef *Pikachu face*😂😂

  • Kaotic PR3
    Kaotic PR3 15 days ago

    AMATUER CHEF-"I'm not a dick face chef"

  • inFAMOUS kid
    inFAMOUS kid 16 days ago

    Wrong spelling😂 it's RAMSAY not RAMSEY😂

  • Corrupted File19
    Corrupted File19 16 days ago +2

    That my friends when you call Gordon Ramsey a Dickface is a death sentence

  • semiretired86
    semiretired86 16 days ago

    what no Coleen?

  • Jack Seifer
    Jack Seifer 17 days ago +1


  • Kill All Reptiles
    Kill All Reptiles 17 days ago +1

    #14 Was the best!

  • mike haze
    mike haze 17 days ago

    Number 5 had to feel real Sh!++/ lol!

  • Fair Strife
    Fair Strife 17 days ago

    "Come here you, you fat mouth little stupid bitch."
    I'm fucking deceased 🤣🤣💀💀💀

  • Hook 34
    Hook 34 17 days ago +2

    Raj was my favourite guy😂😂

    • Hook 34
      Hook 34 11 days ago

      He’s was too funny man😂😂

    • HeyMyLifeIsLibby
      HeyMyLifeIsLibby 14 days ago

      You are fucking kidding me. 😂😂😂

  • Samsung's Apple
    Samsung's Apple 17 days ago

    What are you? Idiot sandwich!

  • Dead Beat PG3D
    Dead Beat PG3D 18 days ago +2

    The last one though 😆

  • wawa Elias
    wawa Elias 18 days ago +2

    Raj is the type of guy who would try to have a full conversation with you while your laying dead in a open coffin ⚰️ ⚰️ ⚰️

  • Brett Gabel
    Brett Gabel 19 days ago

    "Fuckin gremlin" best underrated toss by him next to "slimey donut"

  • Marvel King Dimos Swag
    Marvel King Dimos Swag 19 days ago +1

    John Philip was doing his job lol

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation 20 days ago +1

    I can't decide if I'd be freaking petrified or honored to be chewed out by Gordon Ramsay...

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation 20 days ago +31

    Can you imagine, can you just imagine him as a drill sergeant? Petrified.

  • Hunter Koopman
    Hunter Koopman 20 days ago +2

    He's a savage

  • Emmie Moore
    Emmie Moore 21 day ago +4

    He would be a nightmare to work for 🤣

  • Potty The Parrot
    Potty The Parrot 23 days ago

    Do 30 times you wished Bob Belcher was your Father

  • Amy Victoria
    Amy Victoria 25 days ago +1

    Chef Ramsey: Ei come 'ere you!
    Chef:😨😨😨😨Oh no...Of fuck.....here we go....
    Me:😆😆Oh yeah ......here we fucking go!🍷🍷🍷🍷 Get them out of here 😂😂😂😂

  • Amy Victoria
    Amy Victoria 25 days ago +1

    You Yankee dandie doodle piece of shite....still my fav😂😂😂😂😂

  • -Lola-
    -Lola- 26 days ago +1

    What a jerk

  • Drak Caprico
    Drak Caprico 27 days ago

    What a Fucking Savage.

  • savage.
    savage. 27 days ago +11

    For some reason, I'm glad there's no bleeping noises 😂😂😂

  • Brice Burch
    Brice Burch 28 days ago +1

    Chief gordon+ Simon

  • Ajani Cunningham
    Ajani Cunningham 28 days ago +7

    Legend has it, Ramsey is still looking for the lamb sauce.......

  • Makayla Lacey
    Makayla Lacey 28 days ago

    Hey, Next of Ken, can we have some more Throwback Videos? I've missed some of your old videos💯

  • Ace Anthony Referiza
    Ace Anthony Referiza 28 days ago

    Wow too much insult.

  • Syntaxus Dogmata
    Syntaxus Dogmata 29 days ago

    Ramsay's notorious for his temper and his insults. Has anyone taken him to task when it comes to his food?

  • Ethan, Just Ethan
    Ethan, Just Ethan 29 days ago +3

    The idiot sandwhich thing is from Gordon?! I had no clue, but damn is it just perfect 👏😂😂

  • Lady Suisho and Felidae

    Watch Kitchen Nightmares, it's way worse than Hell's Kitchen.

  • Max Wasserman
    Max Wasserman 29 days ago

    I would be honored if Gordon Ramsay told me to fuck off

  • chicago92100
    chicago92100 29 days ago

    "You're a first class cunt"
    I'm gonna use that

  • SVR272
    SVR272 29 days ago +3

    I'm surprised with how much he can get away with. I'd probably punch him, if he pushed that egg into my chest like that.

    • Charlie Petricor
      Charlie Petricor 29 days ago +4

      Me and some friends have worked in restaurant kitchens and believe me, some chefs are way worse. They're pushy, loud and don't even warn you before they throw you eggs or any other food at you.

    • chicago92100
      chicago92100 29 days ago +3

      They have to sign a contract saying that they won't touch him. But on that note I've worked with a few tough chefs I've gotten pissed but all you can do is calm down and cook.

  • chelle 15
    chelle 15 29 days ago +1

    Knew that was going to be number . Saw it coming

  • Rick Marone
    Rick Marone 29 days ago +5

    Awww man you didn't include the one when Gordon said I'll give you Ghandi flip flops LoL but thanks for posting this

  • Said Toshimaru
    Said Toshimaru 29 days ago

    Yeah, but when someone stands up to him he calls security like a little bitch.

  • Tachibana Kei
    Tachibana Kei 29 days ago +2


    JACQUELINE Di MATTIA 29 days ago

    Fuck off....😁😆