We took a LIE DETECTOR TEST - Merrell Twins

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • We took a lie detector test answering your questions and some tea may or may not have been spilled! SUBSCRIBE HERE ▶ bit.ly/2dSP9Fg
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    THE SECOND DATE ruclip.com/video/jFSwAf51Wn8/video.html
    BAD HAIR DAY ruclip.com/video/wWhy6qr_aZI/video.html
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • nia
    nia 9 hours ago

    somebody plz explain ronron to me

  • Adriana sanchez
    Adriana sanchez Day ago

    Ness said.more lies

  • Jaskirat Bal
    Jaskirat Bal Day ago

    Who is ron ron

  • Mariam Revia
    Mariam Revia Day ago

    One one:
    Paul: thanks nessa😁😄

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 2 days ago

    I couldn't stop replaying 7:39 😂

  • Story’s with Dolls


  • Story’s with Dolls

    Hi my name is Jessica and I love you so much and you have a great day and night and your family

  • Princess Anne D
    Princess Anne D 2 days ago

    nessa:is ronron real??
    me:i got my answer!!
    guy:it's a lie
    also me:she answered yes..

  • Aqua Man
    Aqua Man 2 days ago +2

    Why lie about something that isn't that big of a deal? Like a crush.

  • omar attar
    omar attar 2 days ago +1

    I know this guy I know him because I Watch because Rebecca Samolo

  • orac229
    orac229 2 days ago

    John needs his own channel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Arif Ali Mahomed
    Arif Ali Mahomed 3 days ago

    Roblox it means rorn what rhymes with rorn? Porn. lOl.

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 3 days ago

    i wish these two could go on the show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

  • Janelle Nesbitt
    Janelle Nesbitt 4 days ago +1

    Thanks for the best way for me

  • Syamsul Basri
    Syamsul Basri 6 days ago

    I like the video I says pop to channel I click it comes up I love you so much and 90 by AI describe Syria channel

  • Drippy
    Drippy 6 days ago

    Like if they should do a collab w/ Brooklyn & Bailey and the Rybka twins as all 6!

  • The Gamer Slayer
    The Gamer Slayer 7 days ago +3

    “Do you think you look prettier than me?” “No” Lie you look the same Pretty much

  • Ashley_playz :3yeh
    Ashley_playz :3yeh 7 days ago

    Poor tiger!
    Roni: who would u pick? Me or tiger?
    Nessa: you obviously!

  • scarpo_DCLXVI _
    scarpo_DCLXVI _ 7 days ago

    roni: do u have a boyfriend?
    Nessa: no
    guy: tru
    me: i guess i have a new girlfriend

  • BTSARMYFOREVER1997.09.01 Jung Hye Won-iya

    This guy is so famous because of the lie detector test from other youtubers

  • Karla Esposito
    Karla Esposito 8 days ago


  • JK Central
    JK Central 8 days ago

    Honestly, I love john, he's funny. He literally stays quiet after every answer and it literally has me rolling idk why lmao

  • Clara XD lol hahahah

    When it was the Ron Ron question it was obviously real cuz Roni literally said that it did and she is part of it so it is TRUE!!! 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • crazy cat 3
    crazy cat 3 8 days ago

    On Roni's turn:
    Roni: You're the cuter twin
    I'm UGLY

    You're identical twins...

  • Grace Morais
    Grace Morais 8 days ago

    Who is Ron Ron

  • Nadia Mejalli
    Nadia Mejalli 9 days ago

    who is ron-ron

  • Hannah Holm
    Hannah Holm 9 days ago

    You’re not ugly you guys like to same

  • Francisco Rivera
    Francisco Rivera 9 days ago


  • Weerayut Wichitsoonthorn

    Ronni is cute because she is Vanessa twin

  • vanshika chandra
    vanshika chandra 11 days ago

    What is ronron

    RUBYONBERRY 12 days ago +29

    Veronica: "Do you have a crush."
    Vanessa: "No"
    John: "Lie."


  • Nicole Pham
    Nicole Pham 14 days ago +1

    when my brother takes my Doritos😤

  • Amy Calderon
    Amy Calderon 14 days ago

    9:49 I'm dead🤣🤣

  • harley krueger
    harley krueger 14 days ago +1


    Read the first word♥️🌹😘
    Hope I Made your day♥️🌹😘

    • Kamile Bor
      Kamile Bor 14 days ago

      It says you are the best person in the world and then you wrote read the first word wich is you that doesnt make sense

  • blink tea
    blink tea 14 days ago

    hey who is ronron

  • dee doul
    dee doul 15 days ago

    Ron Ron is lazy Ron studios

  • Sonavi Singh
    Sonavi Singh 15 days ago

    I’ve seen the lie detector guy before in many many videos

  • Richard Gomez
    Richard Gomez 15 days ago

    John looks familiar

  • Pineappleanimal 10
    Pineappleanimal 10 15 days ago

    Who is RonRon?

  • Rohini Arvind
    Rohini Arvind 15 days ago

    I know John😧. He comes in Rebecca zamolo

  • Jay Lopez
    Jay Lopez 16 days ago

    Ask her if she pooped💩💩💩

  • RaSheedah MCKEON
    RaSheedah MCKEON 16 days ago

    Ronnie she’s cute
    Nessa she’s ugly
    But what about Aaron hahahahhaabha❤️❤️💕💕🌈🌈🌈😆

  • RaSheedah MCKEON
    RaSheedah MCKEON 16 days ago

    Vanessa how could John put it on you first and you say my fingers are sweating how could you put it on your real fast and then your finger sweat it doesn’t happen to me my finger sweat when I have to delete every single picture

  • RaSheedah MCKEON
    RaSheedah MCKEON 16 days ago +1

    Veronica who has her hair in the ponytail I like her better she’s cuter and she’s more fun or I just like a boyfriend

    • Jaylene Melena
      Jaylene Melena 14 days ago +1

      RaSheedah MCKEON no hate but I think Vanessa is cuter .

  • RaSheedah MCKEON
    RaSheedah MCKEON 16 days ago

    When you said why were you wearing my puma shoes guess what I got a puma shoes my mom just bought them for me yesterday

  • Tiara Sok
    Tiara Sok 16 days ago

    RonRon = Ve RON ica and AaRON. I TOATALLY SHIP!!!

  • Penguin
    Penguin 16 days ago +1

    Like is roni is pretty too

  • Eileen Vasquez
    Eileen Vasquez 16 days ago +2

    Wait doesnt Rebecca Zamolo use Jonh for lie decteceter person

  • Peter Ramirez
    Peter Ramirez 16 days ago

    John you know Rebecca zamolo

  • Angel Nemenzo
    Angel Nemenzo 16 days ago

    Nessa: "Is RonRon Real?"
    Roni: ...😳...
    Roni: Nervously Saying, "Yes"
    John: "Giant Fail"(Lie)
    Roni: *Shocked* "Hold On"
    Nessa: WOWWW. And That's The Tea Everybody 😂
    Roni: "Huh?! Well I Mean You Know, It's Like A Hashtag, On Instagram, So Technically, RonRon Is Real" Says With An Offended Face.

  • chloe and kyte P.B channel

    Who is ron ron?

  • Savannah Villarreal
    Savannah Villarreal 16 days ago

    I went to the channel and I see markiplier:O

  • Ana Bertha Torres
    Ana Bertha Torres 16 days ago

    Sorrybim new what is Ron Ron

  • mieyah miro
    mieyah miro 17 days ago


  • lightningsol
    lightningsol 17 days ago +1

    Who else thinks Vanessa is the cuter twin

  • Hazel
    Hazel 17 days ago +2

    Nessa : Is RonRon real
    Roni : 😳
    Me : Ahhhhhh 😁
    Roni : Yes ... 😶
    The guy : That’s a big lie
    Roni confuse
    Me : HUH ?!?!?😯🙃😦

    • Hazel
      Hazel 14 days ago

      expectow pxtrcnum oh sorry your a shipper so am I

    • 彡dragonade
      彡dragonade 14 days ago

      @Hazel no, dont worry its not about you! She was talking about me

    • Hazel
      Hazel 14 days ago

      harley krueger I didn’t say it was real

    • 彡dragonade
      彡dragonade 14 days ago

      @harley krueger i had nothing to do. plus i 'thought' it was because she said yes.

    • harley krueger
      harley krueger 14 days ago

      Why are you commenting on everyone's comments and saying like it's real. It's not real.

  • A name
    A name 17 days ago

    0:00 she’s beautiful...

  • Mark John Gainsbury
    Mark John Gainsbury 17 days ago

    Jhon is a zamfam

  • Chuck Betty
    Chuck Betty 17 days ago

    I remember soffi dossie went here

  • everything TV
    everything TV 17 days ago

    I think this lie detector test is faje