☠UNBOXING☠ of NCT DREAM "We Boom" Album

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • 🎥NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 'BOOM' MV: ruclip.com/video/X-iJZ0gfKPo/video.html
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  • Boomba Yah
    Boomba Yah 49 minutes ago

    JenNana at the back tho 😍😘

  • 우주
    우주 14 hours ago

    와ㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ예판끝났는데 포스터주녜 나재민어케알아 진짜대박

  • 사랑namtiddies
    사랑namtiddies 3 days ago

    Jisung being embarrassed when they were in a store is me when I find kpop stuff in a store and I wanna go see but I'm to embarrassed to >-

  • 사랑namtiddies
    사랑namtiddies 3 days ago

    Jisung being embarrassed the whole time they were in the store is such a mood

  • Indi Swastika
    Indi Swastika 4 days ago

    Mau bgt itu.

  • Sofea Darwisyah
    Sofea Darwisyah 6 days ago

    I don’t get why they have to buy the album. I thought the cashier would give it to them for free

  • Hola ooi
    Hola ooi 7 days ago

    Where is the name of the mall?

  • tjqls 06
    tjqls 06 8 days ago

    해찬이 ㅁ..뭐..뭐야? 할때표정이랑귀엽닼ㅋㅋㅋ 역시해찬이랑지성이ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Wolfroar xx
    Wolfroar xx 10 days ago

    renjun. stop being perfect. it hurts.

    OPPA TAEHYUNG 10 days ago

    Nct Dream We Boom 앨범을 샀을 ​​때 Jaemin을 구하고 싶지만 Jeno를 얻었습니다. 실제로 나는 또한 jeno를 좋아한다. 그리고 나는 또한 renjun를 얻는다.

  • Felisha Anggraenii
    Felisha Anggraenii 12 days ago

    Sub indo nya dong=(((

  • 아가
    아가 13 days ago

    Are they really all going to graduate? Like what's going to happen Jisung and Chenle are going to be given new Dream members? I'm really confused. What's going to happen to the other members who graduated? Where are Renjun Jaemin Jeno going? Cause Haechan is in 127 and Mark is in SuperM and 127 but where will RJJ go??

  • Winter Day
    Winter Day 16 days ago

    Oh god in Korea that’s so easy to buy an albums and if you lucky enough you can even meet them,but look at the store omg their is so many albums. OMG I need to pre order it for 2 weeks sometimes to 3weeks including shipping and need to go and pick up. OMG can’t relate!!!!!!

  • Cera Whittaker
    Cera Whittaker 16 days ago

    5:43 did Jisung just waved at the cd

  • tournesol
    tournesol 19 days ago

    9:27 why am i having au ideas where haechan finds an opponent who just offended him

  • Fatima Henniche
    Fatima Henniche 19 days ago

    ☠UNBOXING☠ of NCT DREAM "We Boom" Album ft. Album Signing Event ft. Chenji's This and That ft. Jaemin

  • jaemin's pokpok
    jaemin's pokpok 19 days ago

    imagine being a non-czennie and seeing jisung in we boom vs his signature

  • soph l
    soph l 22 days ago

    a lot of eng subs are missing? or is it just me

  • PwarkJisung
    PwarkJisung 22 days ago

    Jisung is such a cutie😭❤

  • Nctzenpeachcoffeegirl
    Nctzenpeachcoffeegirl 23 days ago

    Please watch my videos too
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  • Deena blinxol
    Deena blinxol 24 days ago

    jisung is so cute im-

  • dia !
    dia ! 28 days ago

    no subs for when jaemin is speaking:( whyy

  • jiho trbl
    jiho trbl Month ago

    jisung es un bebé 😖💖

  • Eunice Makita
    Eunice Makita Month ago +1

    09:24 JisUNg HaeChan i cAn'T fuCKing brEaThe 😂😂😂😂😂

  • lowkey kpop
    lowkey kpop Month ago

    someone please tell me what store this is

  • Holy Potatu
    Holy Potatu Month ago +1

    0:43 Jeno and Jaemin holding hands, *Nomin nation RISE*

  • Crestyll Silayro
    Crestyll Silayro Month ago +1

    Those 2 girls who DAMN lucky

  • Vian ey
    Vian ey Month ago

    9:25 xd

  • Charmmy Ros
    Charmmy Ros Month ago

    9:24 ok the way haechan said 뭐야😂

  • oh my gosh, whipping cream is all gone!!

    at 7:32, when nana dropped the poster, my dumb ass literally thought it was a poster of him..

  • DankMemes13
    DankMemes13 Month ago

    When the second poster fell I thought Jaemin was a 3rd one😂🤦‍♀️😂

  • Ha Anhh
    Ha Anhh Month ago

    Know how to unbox album by Haechan 😆

  • Trinh Nguyen
    Trinh Nguyen Month ago

    They are so down to earth and hope they remain that way regardless of how much more famous and wealthy they become. Sorry but this is the first time that I have seen a group buy and unbox their own album....

  • Sumire
    Sumire Month ago +1

    Omg how i wish a store like that in Brazil :(

  • irene García-Torrecillas de la Fuente


  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Month ago


  • ichelle leee
    ichelle leee Month ago

    Their hyung sensored the bookstore name. But they freely say kyobo?

  • 나만없오애옹이

    봉춘라디오 방금 보고 망한질문 왠지ㅣ 이거일것 같아서 다시 봤더니 이거 맞네 같은 옷ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • KendraJi Lyn
    KendraJi Lyn Month ago

    I hope all sksksksksks

  • 햄쮜송
    햄쮜송 2 months ago +1


  • Mochisung The cutest
    Mochisung The cutest 2 months ago

    What’s the shop tehir in called

  • IGotLessFriendsThanNctHasMembers

    EXACTLY one year earlier i was in this exact bookstore looking for the love yourself album.....

  • Agatha127
    Agatha127 2 months ago

    9:30 Haechan 😂😂😂

  • eyangmukhamo
    eyangmukhamo 2 months ago

    Jisung being shy in public XD hahaha t

  • Seftiani Suaida
    Seftiani Suaida 2 months ago

    Indo sub nya kok ga ada si

  • Maula Ikhsani
    Maula Ikhsani 2 months ago

    Jisunggg so cute😍

  • Maula Ikhsani
    Maula Ikhsani 2 months ago

    Jisunggggggg ILove you😘

  • Romelda
    Romelda 2 months ago

    Haechan 😍

  • Kalika Naira Salsabila
    Kalika Naira Salsabila 2 months ago +3

    -when you go to korea and you went home , you didn’t see any idols
    -when you just got home they just went to the place you were in korea
    Me crying and being angry at myself

  • priscila amaral
    priscila amaral 2 months ago

    No entiendo ni madres pero aquí ando sonriendo y apoyándolos como siempre bebés 💖

  • Lin Fae
    Lin Fae 2 months ago

    These fans are so respectful

  • Jharnelae's Vlog
    Jharnelae's Vlog 2 months ago

    Hyung Line and Maknae Line 💚💚

  • Kookie smoothie
    Kookie smoothie 2 months ago +1

    4:50 Jaemin with the Maknae line! But actually I think Jaemin is kinda the part of the Maknae line😅🤔🤔💕🤣
    (do you guys agree?!🤣🤭oww and by the way..... A day ago I just saw....... NCT DREAM IN MY COUNTRY Y'ALL!!!!🤘🤘🤣😁😁😍😍😍OMG IM SOO HAPPY!i live in Indonesia,and if there any of Indonesian NctZen,tell me plz😁🙏💕💕💕)
    "sorry about my English/grammar"

  • kathy irene
    kathy irene 2 months ago

    SM make them a FIXED GROUP

  • Tzuyu Once
    Tzuyu Once 2 months ago

    2:35 I see TWICE

  • StayZen Carat
    StayZen Carat 2 months ago

    I'm going to buy one album and I dont know if I should buy the we version or the boom version. Which one should I buy?

  • na ya
    na ya 2 months ago

    Okay my album finally arrived today and guess what i got 2 circle cards!!!!! I feel blessed😭😭

  • marksmelon .ncityy
    marksmelon .ncityy 2 months ago

    Love this❤️

  • bread crumb
    bread crumb 2 months ago

    jisung puberty

  • Regular Irregular Yeoreum

    6:08 Jisung I'm pretty sure they go in batches so....