Are We Raising Racists? | The View

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Автор Trish Saint ( назад)
Of course they are raising racists. No one was born that way.

Автор Victoria Bentley ( назад)
I love Whoopi!!!

Автор cgcmaster ( назад)
I think our children are less racists and I am proud of my son.

Автор janis artist ( назад)
thank you Sara

Автор Andrea Kae ( назад)
I think we are raising our kids to be obsessed with race. It is important to be aware of racism but it is so hard to know what is right to say anymore. Everyone is so offended by everything now. Be it about race, gender, sexuality, any social issue is so touchy nowadays.

Автор Biso Afua Yaa ( назад)
Simple. The answer is YES! The president is a racist. How validating is that for racists?!

Автор lucas rs ( назад)
Americans are obsessed with "race".

Автор aaron walker ( назад)
I agree, i notice alot that when i watch a movie the majority of the cast is white because me being black, but also i tend to overlook it because its the norm to see the majority white being all of the cast

Автор Amanda Beth ( назад)
Stop talking about race so much. Focus on the human race you assholes.

Автор RussianTrollHunter ( назад)
simple answer is yes...it shows in all the comment sections..sick

Автор Denisse C ( назад)
I always thought that Jedi was a mix race like Latino, I didn't know that she was white... 🤔

Автор ratherbenapping 10 ( назад)
Jed's white? no way isnt she latina?

Автор Kazmir Brown ( назад)
lol my child knows nothing about racism due to her having a black prez for the first part of her life... it's you cry baby adults who keep this a talking point


Автор mercerdamon ( назад)
Jebediah's white? If she says so.

I thought she was on the show to represent a non-white republican point of view but obviously I assumed wrongly.

Автор A. T. ( назад)
Jed girl you from Chile don't deny it.

Автор jayce emmanuelle Donley Scorpio ( назад)
Jed white where

Автор Joseph Cook ( назад)
Some deeply confused Latinos in the comment section.

Автор Sandy Kurniadi ( назад)
Everyone is a little bit racist, be honest, stupid fucking people, move on, its there because of observation,

Автор D Lakland ( назад)
Green dress has it right. White people don't want to talj about race because it could ruin their lives and or careers. It's been proven time and time again. just look at Don Imus and his Nappy headed hoes joke. Almost ruin his career completely.

Автор Sagamba Muhira ( назад)
I have same Conversation with my white friend
Most white people are racist because they know nothing bout race, another word they ignorance.

Автор Malcolm White ( назад)
I really wish that during this conversation that racism is not always taught with words. But racism is also taught through behavior and how you handle a racial situation. 93% of communication is non verbal. For example, (hypothetical situation) if you are at the mall shopping with your 8 year old son a few people approach you to use your phone because their phones had died. If you say yes to all the white people and no to black and brown people. Your 8 year old son will pick up on that behavior.

Автор notwithoutmysurfboard ( назад)
Let's start with you guys. The 2 colored women sit right next to each other! Change it up!! Sit one of the white women in between you guys. Kids and teens watch this show, it all starts with you!!

Автор trueglitterdust ( назад)
Why must white people be cuddled at every turn? So instead of non whites fearing daily discrimination and even being wrongfully shot and killed, we must be afraid of hurting your precious feelings of being labelled racist or having white privilege? Gimme a break!!!!

Автор Hiram Gonzalez ( назад)
I'm Latino and my parents didn't teach me about race because it's irrelevant. There is only the human race. As a kid I noticed different skin colors but never thought about it cuz I didn't care. Talking about skin color is stupid and we should move on from something that doesn't matter. No one cares that you're black or Mexican. You're not that special

Автор Baby boomer ( назад)
JEDIDIAH BILA IS THE VIEWS LAUGHING HYENA.She hysterically laughs at everything. This is so annoying.

Автор pd pr ( назад)
Why is The View discussing only racism against African Americans and Latinos? Three Indian people were killed by ignorant racist and this is not a " hot topic"!?! Why is this news ignored. Good honest hardworking Indian Americans who have stayed there for over 20 years are being assaulted and killed because they are mistaken for Arabs and you are still wondering whether America is racist??? These Indians were not harmed by American children, but by grown idiotic American men. This is the time when American communities should come out in support against hate crimes, but you don't even address or acknowledge it.

Автор Elisha B ( назад)
For once i agree with Whoopi. Sometimes I cringe when shes talking about race because i feel like she tries to be so inclusive that she misses the point but she was just unapologetically honest today and I appreciate it. Don't feel the need to apologize for slavery, but if you are contributing to the white supremacist systems in place, then you should feel guilty. All we are asking now is that white people help dismantle the systems in place that keep them privileged.

Автор Rome D ( назад)
race is always and issue with liberals

Автор Derek D ( назад)
If insecure black people and wrongfully guilty feeling liberal white people would stop bitching about racism like it's the most important thing in the world black children won't feel like victims and white children won't grow up annoyed about the black lives matter liberal agenda. There we go end of the annoying racism bitching. When is The View going to be cancelled already :)

Автор kilo kola ( назад)
White people in 1740 didn't talk much about slavery, only about 'business' or 'farm'. But what do you think the slaves talked about? So Trump voters don't want to be seen as racist. Well so did the slave owner.

Автор kilo kola ( назад)
This discussion is crazy. If you voted for Trump, YOU are racist. There were 19 Republican candidates, you couldn't find one that's not racist to vote for. And if you can't vote for a woman (Clinton), you should abstain. Own your racism please.

Автор Heaven is a dirt nap ( назад)
Whoopi is back and Jedadiah is back in her dark little hole again.

Автор citizenxgen ( назад)
yep, all trump voters hate niggers.
silly bigoted cunts

Автор citizenxgen ( назад)
yep, they are uncomfortable because at a certain age all white people are labelled racists, and white men are just the worst.

whoppie, you are raising bigoted cunts.

Автор galemoy ( назад)
The thing is, a lot of white families think "well, we have black friends, my kids go to school with all races, our great neighbors are indian, race hasn't caused an ISSUE in our lives, so we dont need to talk to our kids."

The thing is, EVEN IF there are sooo many colors and races in your kid's lives, and you are the poster family for diversity and acceptance, YOU as a parent need to educate your kids on the history of race and the current racial climate. Not everyone is going to be as open as you or your kids, and they need to know that too.

There is no GOOD reason to not talk about race with your kids. It's not like SEX, they can't just learn it on the streets. Why? Because its next to impossible to learn the unbiased TRUTH about Race in the country. EVERYONE has an opinion. Its easy to learn the unbiased truth about sex. Its science.

Автор Sylvia Pliego ( назад)
I love you are talking about this. I'm Mexican and my husband is German. We have kids and we live in the U.A.E. And the only thing I taught my kids when they were little is that we are all the same, we have nose, eyes, mouth. We come in all colors and sizes and but the root is the same. Love the way they grow up here with so many different races and cultures, the have friends for all over the world, and they've learned so much from all of them. At the end we all are humans :)

Автор stewjd76 ( назад)
All I know is Iowa needs to vote Steve King out of office. How can he call himself a public servant with such hateful views?

Автор Jonathan Michael ( назад)
Thank you for posting this, The View! 😀

Автор Nancy Smo ( назад)
Jed is white?? I thought she is Latino like Sunny, or from the Middle East! Okay whatever she says I guess...

Автор Wolong Gong ( назад)
Yes we are, you Whoopie are as racist as anyone with your "we are starting to outnumber you" comments about white people...you define an us and a them and are thus racist. Not to mention your intolerance of anyone that disagrees with you.

Автор sexyRA ( назад)
Sarah's comments are sooooo honest and it applies to this panel and the comment section

Автор JOHN A. FURTADO JR. ( назад)
funny my 11 year old has never asked why my Moe or his son is darker than him nor has he asked why Tammie has different eyes. next tell me about my white privilege growing up on welfare and being the first in two generations to graduate high school. society would be a better place if the masses stopped watching useless tv

Автор Beverly Sanders ( назад)
the native American Indians were here first. They were robbed of their land and placed on reservations. this country was built on the back of Indians, slaves and immigrants from every where. there is not one pure race.

Автор JOHN A. FURTADO JR. ( назад)
Im not but the view promotes Racism. like Morgan Freeman said, stop talking about it. Stop putting people in groups. until media stops adding modifiers.

Автор Beverly Sanders ( назад)
Jed always mentions she is white, I read a bio that stated she was of Italian heritage. I am stumped.

Автор Yesenia Reaching The Youth ( назад)
did jedediah just say she was white??? lol .. she doesnt even know herself

Автор dsmithers944 ( назад)
Whoopie you wouldn't even be in America if it wasn't for slavery so STFU!!!

Автор Steve ( назад)
Did it ever occur to you that the most diverse country on the planet isn't racist just because the news tell you it is? I've met very few racist people in this beautiful country. Not saying some don't exist, but they are powerless...

Автор Matthew Savoy ( назад)
SARA Haines is wife material

Автор holtman2012 ( назад)
yes, we are raising lots of black racist sponsored by race baiting media like the view.. .

Автор nylotus ( назад)
Why do white people need to go to people of color and ask stupid questions in the first place? I don't go to my white friends and say "forgive me for asking this but..." Whites should be fully educated on all cultures and the fact that they're not is the issue. Not whether or not they have a "safe" person of color to talk to.

Автор Deleted Mail ( назад)
The problem is when white people deny that white privilege exists since the beginning of the country.

Автор bngltinkerbell ( назад)
Well good thing Jed doesn't have kids.

Автор Charles W. Rand II ( назад)
Dear Jed, Italians are NOT Caucasian. You are white-passing, but you are not white! There is a difference. Italiano is LATIN.

Автор R Navs ( назад)
The only ones talking about race 24/7 are LIBERALS!

Автор Cristina Cabral ( назад)
Great conversation ladies!!!

Автор JN ( назад)
I can literally feel the tumor growing in my head by listening to these idiots

Автор Syisulis Solease ( назад)
That is a excellent point that she made fluency when it comes to speaking about race is definitely needed among all Americans not just jumping to the conclusion of racism...

Автор shawn preston ( назад)
All of them actually made some really great points. I love Sarah's open honesty, it seemed so personal and vulnerable of her. Sonny is right, Black and brown people are more likely to have the race conversation. Whoopi is right when by saying they don't have a choice. She's also right when she says that people should be able to explain why you voted or Trump. I, for one, am very curious. Great discussion. Of course everyone that heard it isn't going to like something they heard.

Автор Am I the only one Comment ( назад)
Racism has existed for thousands of years and will never end. If you can't beat them, join them.

Автор James Kelly ( назад)
"I voted for trump" is the wrong thing.

Автор Ms. Moses ( назад)
As a Native American I never see myself in the movies. I can only relate to the character on a person level sometimes. The only time I see Native American being portrayed is when they make movies of old western days and we are being shot down. It's nice to see other races of people that aren't white on tv. But where the heck are we. We evolved and dress just like everyone else. We are here and we never left.

Автор dxstyc sdft ( назад)
Serious question here... we all know what the extreme right wing of any race or religion can do, but has anyone wondered what the extreme left is capable of? I.e. Historically we know what the Right wing part of America is capable of, however the extreme left wing?

Автор Douglas I. Parker,Jr. ( назад)
wake up southern dixiecrats democrats are the same white racist republicans.dumb whites,blacks,etc.keep voting for persons.remember the republicans after 1867 were responsible for segregation and jim crow laws.

Автор Robert Davis ( назад)
When has Amerikkka NOT raise racists???

Автор Sara Elias ( назад)
I am half Mexican and I teach my son about the American Mexican war that happened many years ago I teach him that so he understands the Mexican history and American history especially the side that's very ugly you gotta teach your kids the real truth of ugliness of American world by teaching them that you be showing them that this is happened back then and what you make of it now to make sure that there is no discrimination for other people of color the United States has an ugly history and we need to face that ugly history by doing so we're going to eventually stop procuring back how it was back then.

Автор loolikyl0005 ( назад)
What I will teach my black children is to love themselves first and foremost. When you love yourself the world is a less threatening place. When you love yourself you have a strong sense of belonging so the OTHER doesn't represent a threat. When you are proud and unapologetic of who you are, respect and understanding of others become naturally a part of your personality.

Автор Gaytwinbros ( назад)
But...if you voted for Trump you ARE racist. Bad example to use

Автор 02Nawal ( назад)
Most of the Republican Party is racist. Zionists are racists.

Автор shynikia means ( назад)
Jedidah is italian and they where not consider till the 19th century so she should be to talk about that cause they were discriminate against as..and it kills me she keeps saying she's white but that wasn't always the case and even now she could pass for one of my persian friends

Автор Only 1way ( назад)
so funny.. these "ladies" promote racism...go figure

Автор Robert Williams ( назад)
racism is a cancer and it should be killd, as harsh as it sounds them old ppl will die soon , but they teach it to their kids who grow up to be racist also. im glad to born in this generation flaws in all because the youth we r the future

Автор Johnncasey Warren ( назад)
this show gets a bunch of dislikes ....you as a show my friends are the racist ones

Автор bing's wig Crosby ( назад)
Whooping answer me this, why do we call blacks "African Americans" or "people of color" but we just call whites whites. Why don't we call whites "European Americans?" Or "people of less pigment?" Why do blacks need all these dainty little names to appease them? Do you have so little control over your lives that you need to police people on words?

Автор treelishan ( назад)
Joy trains her husband's. Men are beneath her.

Автор HPligon6 ( назад)
Yup! I am constantly comforting my 7 year old over the derogatory statements made by children raised in bigoted households. It's funny because people always say "don't bring up race, don't make this a race thing" and my personal favorite "don't play the race card" yet racism is so prevalent in our daily lives, yet we are not allowed to call a cow a cow. How about you stop telling people how they can feel? or what they should feel? because it makes you uncomfortable. Just because it's not your experience doesn't mean it's not real or made up. I am a firm believer that what you say behind closed doors is who you are! if you use racial slurs that is who you are! own it!

Автор Dave Dee ( назад)
The gullible are afraid of brown skin foreigners and then get shot in a mall by a white skin American

Автор Antón ( назад)
The answer before watching the video it's always going to be: YES

Автор SaiyanZ Rage ( назад)
Racism is wrong and evil....unless it's against white men then it's ok~ the Left

Автор Ber Gh ( назад)
Go to Steve king video and read comments .u will see how many racists there are.

Автор Dulce Robles ( назад)
Thank you, Whoopi. Well said. I had to discuss overt racism with my child for the first time this year due to the inflammatory remarks and support of current president. It's a tragedy.

Автор Daniel Guizar ( назад)
Its really sad to think that racism still exist. It disgusts me that people tend to judge based on their color. It doesn't matter what race u r we should always respect one another no matter what.

Автор Blk Dominican ( назад)
I love Whoopie -she brings it at every ball!!!

Автор hidden nugget ( назад)
rascism is in our dna.. But by now we can only hope humanity has came to the realization . Our originality is as one.

Автор Mrchicagobulls 1996 ( назад)
We as human beings shouldn't judge anyone because of their skin color god created us in his own image no matter the skin color I'm just tired of racism.

Автор treelishan ( назад)
Are we raising and promoting anti American FASCISTS?

This show is the ultimate brainwashing tool.

Автор Lucifer ( назад)
Whoopie is a racist!

Автор Dawn Crosby ( назад)
Amen Whoopi! Much love fire and light

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