When Our Generation Gets Old And Hears a Throwback Song 2

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
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  • Kyle Exum
    Kyle Exum  Month ago +21423

    Thanks for watching!! Make sure to like and subscribe if you haven't already! So how many people want me to make this a series?

  • atk2597
    atk2597 Hour ago

    Well, you’re at 600k likes, which means, this definitely needs to be a series!! I can’t wait to see more of these 💯

  • Jeremiah Smith
    Jeremiah Smith 4 hours ago

    Jeremiah Smith c
    Smith and you will have the chance that you are a good candidate will have experience

  • lilbenz Beaszt
    lilbenz Beaszt 6 hours ago

    Not to be mean but ur forehead big

  • Hello, alrita10
    Hello, alrita10 7 hours ago

    Grandpa was playing ransom with the piano..

  • Autism Awareness with Jus' J

    2:07 dababy suge

  • lil_duucky
    lil_duucky 20 hours ago

    iPhone 80 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Siso
    Daniel Siso 21 hour ago

    Part 3 anytime soon?

  • Haiden LaRoe
    Haiden LaRoe 22 hours ago

    Yooooo we see some behind the scenes on that mirror at 0:49. I never noticed till now.
    2:14 big one

  • Raven Crystal
    Raven Crystal 23 hours ago

    "well it's $20.89 now, were beyond your time." I about DIED

  • Oj Gameing
    Oj Gameing Day ago

    Ok boomer

  • Godly Poison
    Godly Poison Day ago


  • Cedric Gabasan
    Cedric Gabasan Day ago

    Why don't he have apple watch

  • Edward Perry
    Edward Perry Day ago

    "I beg your pardon" made me laugh so hard

  • keith johnson
    keith johnson Day ago


  • xXx_bIgDadDy_xXx x

    what’s the name of the song

  • immortalhive
    immortalhive Day ago

    DaBaby in 50 year’s = DaMan

  • Tsk Speedz
    Tsk Speedz Day ago

    Kinda look like will smith

  • •hypë pötato•

    Why dosent he just show him videos of the vines?

  • Idk stuff
    Idk stuff Day ago

    Part 3

  • Ceejay Lee
    Ceejay Lee Day ago

    Grandkid: what did you all go though?
    Me: WW3

  • Salad Imations
    Salad Imations Day ago

    What was the play boy carti song called

  • Starsky Wilson
    Starsky Wilson Day ago

    Ransom on piano hit different 😪

  • Nosipho Dywili
    Nosipho Dywili 2 days ago

    Is anyone not going to talk about how good Kyle is on that Piano ?

  • Cookie Animations
    Cookie Animations 2 days ago

    Grandpa’s song: *beep* blah blah *beep* *beep* *beep*
    Me and Kyle:what the heck is this song?

  • Scripty Modder
    Scripty Modder 3 days ago

    kyle said that it's 2089 then grandps said therr in the 2070's I think you messed up

  • Vanessa Montufar
    Vanessa Montufar 3 days ago +1

    4:06 said grandma

  • Aries Productions
    Aries Productions 3 days ago +1

    Yes make a series!!😁😄😎🤠🌶🌶

  • Phinox Dragon
    Phinox Dragon 3 days ago

    The bass

  • JustARandomNobody
    JustARandomNobody 3 days ago +1

    This will actually happen one day, and if I become a grandma, I’m totally going to do what Kyle did in this video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tury Corral
    Tury Corral 3 days ago

    Who thot this was from highsky the first throwback song

  • Ghost YT
    Ghost YT 3 days ago

    1:07 saw the string


  • Tristan Kubas
    Tristan Kubas 3 days ago

    Grandpa always breaking his knee

  • max
    max 3 days ago

    Me: Haha this is so gonna be me when i’m older

  • Get to 100,000 subscribers before New Year’s Eve

    Now they gonna learn about ww3

  • Applesrock5
    Applesrock5 4 days ago

    iPhone 18?

  • ToxicTrapZoiid
    ToxicTrapZoiid 4 days ago +3

    See the thing on why I'm scared is because I don't want to go through the same thing.

  • stargamertag XD
    stargamertag XD 4 days ago

    coppa probaly took over

  • Sinomins and Toast crunch

    Part three

  • Random Patotoe creature of the Internet

    1:34 school shootings

  • Harrison Goulding
    Harrison Goulding 4 days ago

    Ok millennial

  • jhunk
    jhunk 4 days ago

    So when’s part 3 coming out?

  • Nathan Nordli
    Nathan Nordli 4 days ago +1


  • Felix Oriakhi
    Felix Oriakhi 4 days ago

    Where is my series

  • Hazmat Survivor
    Hazmat Survivor 4 days ago


  • moomoo L
    moomoo L 4 days ago +5

    When he starts playing the piano 😂

  • Halo FN
    Halo FN 5 days ago

    "IPhone 80s out" 😂😂😂

  • Electra Plays
    Electra Plays 5 days ago

    You're emo and you still question why your parents fight, You are the source of their suffering. Your existence makes them miserable because they cannot outright abandon you as they will be punished via the law. As a result, they take their anger and frustrations out on each other because they blame each other for the wretched mistake they've commited. But they can't do anything about it because they know in their hearts that if they didn't have intercourse that night, they wouldn't have to deal with the hellhole that is parenthood.

  • Brojomo the injured Toilet

    Anyone know the song

  • Charles Stubbs
    Charles Stubbs 5 days ago

    Kyle you messed up you said grandma we just got you off these vines...But instead of say grandpa you said grand part 3:56-4:07

  • Angelina Yang
    Angelina Yang 5 days ago

    I heard him said gramma instead grampa

  • Cynical
    Cynical 5 days ago +2

    4:05 “Grandma ...“

  • captain cameron
    captain cameron 5 days ago +1

    I'm waiting for that series

  • Finn West Brom Saunders

    That ransom piano🙌

  • Slyphean anims
    Slyphean anims 5 days ago +1

    My grandkids: what does that mean
    Me: wut

  • Noob Pokémon
    Noob Pokémon 5 days ago

    2:37 Listen carefully. Hope no kids parents listening

  • A Jager Film
    A Jager Film 5 days ago

    Hello there

  • Peyton
    Peyton 5 days ago

    At 600k likes

  • Peyton
    Peyton 5 days ago

    Where part 3 at

  • princessfluffy Kind
    princessfluffy Kind 6 days ago

    Lol the iPhone 80 got me good