LEGENDARY Ramen Noodles in Tokyo Japan: Taishoken Ramen Shop

I've always wanted to go to taishoken ramen shop in tokyo after watching a netflix video many years ago and I finally got my chance.

Taishoken ramen

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Автор nikman2 ( назад)
How do you use chopsticks?

Автор Annastacia Green ( назад)
Wow this guy can eat !!!! I've never seen anything like it honestly lol

Автор TwoFoldz ( назад)
Are you Jackie Chan's son?

Автор Nandizzo __ ( назад)
i could eat ramen for days!

Автор Small Caps ( назад)
I must have asian in me. i'm Italian but them noodles look so good by them-self

Автор NEO GAMING ( назад)

Автор Julien Merelli ( назад)
you really speak too much man.

Автор hikki94 ( назад)
Your channel gives me life.

Автор Nick Joseph ( назад)
I'm so jealous of you man. That looked amazing

Автор Everything New 077 ( назад)
Why am I watching this in the middle of the night, damn it I'm hungry

Автор majid mohammed ( назад)
Do you know narutoooooo ?
I'm saudi

Автор reynault brown ( назад)
OMG I love pho

Автор PenTheif ( назад)
Im actually eating ramen noodles right now

Автор ians 004 ( назад)
are you jackie chan? :|

Автор Cloud IX ( назад)
when it's cutting season and you're on a low carb diet watching videos about ramen...

Автор navainc ( назад)

Автор The Fabulous Gabbasaurous ( назад)
I'm so jealous lol

Автор Patrice Farmer ( назад)
How in the world can you eat so much food? Like how without your stomach exploding. It's amazing.

Автор momzou ( назад)
are you virgin ?

Автор Deborah Santana ( назад)
Seriously I wouldn't stop eating ramen, that looks like your in heaven. I could eat three bowls of the large kind and keep going. The hunger in this video, I'd be so happy eating all those noodles

Автор Virginia Rasberry ( назад)
2:18 - 2:34 Is he talking about food or you first born child😂😂😂

Автор SAM Cook ( назад)
Great video, Mike.

Автор Yonas Getu ( назад)
I think I have to go through all of these videos and see how many times Mike says "gelatinous."

Автор Duh Sushi ( назад)
2:25 You're describing a newborn baby Mike

Автор RocketPawnch ( назад)
Why didn't he dip the noodles? :S

Автор we do reviews ( назад)
I need this

Автор Tina Hulsman ( назад)
im here eating instant ramen

Автор Pdub Adub ( назад)
I never got to see Tokyo...

Автор Robin Leung ( назад)
Do Ramen give aways on your channel please.

Автор Suri me ( назад)

Автор Seamus Wilde Lynch ( назад)
Love you, bro.

Автор Chit Oo ( назад)
Any naruto fans here?

Автор Neha Singh ( назад)
i love ramen

Автор cruisernet ( назад)
i miss japan.

Автор TheLegend 27 ( назад)
Eating ramen while watching this...

Автор Alana Weaver ( назад)
🤤 going back to Tokyo for the food

Автор sub ( назад)
4:25 99% of what he fantasizes is food, whats does the 1% comprise of ?

Автор Edgar Sandoval ( назад)
Those noodles look so plain not drenched in hot sauce and lime. I bet theyre delicious, though.

Автор Rob ( назад)
At 6:34 I was thinking to myself "god damn you fat son of a bitch"

Автор cjhan47 ( назад)
So that was like $10? or am i converting wrong?

Автор JcnTheEggplant _Battle cats & more ( назад)

Автор Dylan Williams ( назад)
I went out in the middle of this video to go get chinese food, then come back with it to finish watching.

Автор CrooK ( назад)
How are you so comfortable speaking to a camera in front of so many people?

Автор Will Conway Jr ( назад)
your slurping needs work.

Автор The One ( назад)
The eating machine.

Автор Kitty Lover ( назад)
Why don't they have places like this in America I'm over here eating ramen from Aldi's

Автор Alan Sy ( назад)
Where is this place in tokyo

Автор Steve Wil ( назад)
I'm tired of these motherfucking videos making me motherfucking hungry.

Автор Strange Echo ( назад)
im over here eating some leftovers,and here I am watching a guy eating ramen (WHICH I LOVE) and its fresh! :~:

Автор Shotta R. ( назад)
lol asians love dem noodles

Автор Emmanuel Villagomez ( назад)
my chest was hurting like heck😦

Автор Emmanuel Villagomez ( назад)
dude I ate like 6 Bowles of noodles for a challenge

Автор Ivan Wirawan ( назад)
his face somehow resembles a bit like Jackie Chan or is it just me?

Автор José Neto ( назад)
kkkkkk his expression after the first bite was so funny hahaha

Автор PhantomAlucard ( назад)
Now I'M the one fantasizing...those noodles and the broth looked so delicious!

Автор Chimy Chum ( назад)
Thought it was dipping noodles😑

Автор Lovely Jams ( назад)
3:10 that guy 😂😂

Автор Amber Osland ( назад)
Why cold noodles??

Автор Clorrox Bleach ( назад)
slurping noise made me wet

Автор Wolfy Kaname ( назад)
going to a ramen-ya this weekend for some tonkastu

Автор Rip Rep ( назад)
5:50 lmao

Автор Bhargavi Datye ( назад)
"99% of everything I fantasize revolves around food" Meeeeeee!!! I never screamed Me so loudly in my life!!!!!!!!

Автор Neri Crafts ( назад)
That is so expensive

Автор Landon Gainan ( назад)
who else was eating ramen when watching this? Just me?......ok.....

Автор Betina Rexhepi ( назад)
omg jackie chan!!!!

Автор Lay Espinosa ( назад)
i am hungry...😢

Автор Nasal Spray ( назад)

Автор Naomi Nguyen ( назад)
you need your own tv show where you go around just eating and staying at nice places

Автор The Disconnected Wife ( назад)
That just killed me....

Автор Melkor92 ( назад)
Eating ramen while watching this 😆

Автор Haley Howard ( назад)
Went to this place yesterday after seeing this video, top notch tsukemen 👌

Автор MicroGroover29 ( назад)
I sincerely need to know what a crispy soup is like. Potato chips are crispy, things watery are soupy. I love food but my ability to describe food is tasty and nasty

Автор Linda Sol ( назад)
please don't leave chopsticks in your bowl, especially full of food. it symbolises that you have a death in your family. i did it once and ever since then, never again

Автор Legendary Destroyer ( назад)

Автор miranda zhu ( назад)
Try 太阳面 next time. It's tomato broth ramen. The soup has a very strong flavour of tomato. The noodles are thin and chewy. Not much meat but a lot of vegetables. The best part is the cheese on the top! My friend who has a tiny stomach ate all the noodles and added extra rice to finish the soup!

Автор miranda zhu ( назад)
I went to this place too! I ate But I personally like 面屋武藏 more because it has much more thicker and chewy noodles and two huge chunks of meat. But Taishoken for sure has better broth not too oily and all flavours are well balanced.

Feel bad that I always missed you in the same city 😂

Автор Niamh Mutch ( назад)
I just want NOODLES-.- Please... Just one bowl

Автор Antonio Herbert ( назад)
I bet it really is yummy 👅

Автор hawaichika ( назад)
I'm Canadian ...He has a Canadian shirt :D

Автор VIOLYNCE ( назад)
lmao was the couple behind him fighting or something?? at one point they didnt talk at all or look at each other while waiting for their food

Автор Egri Str ( назад)
Great Im craving ramen now. Thank you so much. -_-

Автор The Batista ( назад)
381 people are a McDonald's fan LOL

Автор Len Cor ( назад)
This guy & me we are a prefect match 😂 our love towards food is so strong we'll last forever ❤️

Автор TheHostile Mexican ( назад)
What's the difference between dipping noodles and actual ramen and why dip noodles when you can just have them In the broth

Автор Samantha Wong ( назад)
Way to represent Vancouver Canada :). LOVE THEY SHIRT!!!

Автор Celestia Playz ( назад)
"99% of the things I fantasize is about food"

Автор Celestia Playz ( назад)
There comes a time when every noodle lover goes to Tokyo.
This is his time.
I say this while eating cheap Ramen ;-;

Автор Jose Juarez ( назад)
i like ramen

Автор Caden Richter ( назад)

Автор Bigga Brodie O.D. ( назад)
Dude! AWSOME video! Next time when u go to Japan, TAKE ME WITH U PLZ! XD

Автор Bigga Brodie O.D. ( назад)
I wonder what it's like in Japan and how the food would taste apart from the sushi restaurant that is near Rockville Centre where I live. (They have GOOD sushi even there)

Автор Bobshouse ( назад)
Leaving your chopsticks stuck in the food is frowned upon in Japan. 3:08

Автор chainsawface ( назад)
miso ramen is my fav

Автор Naruto Uzumaki ( назад)
Ramen! 😋

Автор LightningGmr ( назад)
I could seriously eat ramen every single day. I wouldn't mind it at all! Please

Автор olie171 ( назад)
You really know how to live Mike. I am inspired.

Автор m0nstars ( назад)
Man this dude Mike can chomp down some shyt. #GodlikeAsianMetabolism

Автор First Last ( назад)

Автор Ary P. ( назад)
Yesterday and today I ate instant noodles because of you 😂😂And I'm pregnant😂

Автор YFrames NSHM ( назад)
The passion with which you look at those noodles makes me love you. Liked.

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