LEGENDARY Ramen Noodles in Tokyo Japan: Taishoken Ramen Shop

I've always wanted to go to taishoken ramen shop in tokyo after watching a netflix video many years ago and I finally got my chance.

Taishoken ramen

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Автор Shaan Saifullah ( назад)
Just wondering, what's wrong with the couple behind u, are most people in Japan like this???

Автор NostalgiaKarl K.F. ( назад)
Ichiraku Ramen!

Автор Narutoo Uzumaki ( назад)
Im hungry now

Автор Saint Guardian ( назад)
Man I've been eating like a peasant...

Автор stiflerz3 ( назад)
your SALIVA when you are talking.....

Автор Flame 898 ( назад)
90% what do you think about sticking your dick in foods.

Автор Mr Limitless ( назад)
i like his single person videos better , it feels more personal.

Автор Ace Victory ( назад)
naruto would have poured the broth into the noodles! 😛

Автор Joseph Said ( назад)
is it wrong that i was aroused by the ramen?

Автор Sara Martinez ( назад)
man, this guy should have his own show on the travel channel

Автор vorkev1 ( назад)
i understand your feeling. I also understand you my have had a erection when you got your ramen

Автор Abigail Hernandez ( назад)
i love this

Автор I was born with glass bones and paper skin ( назад)
Idk why but he reminds me of Seungri

Автор Yangti Pongen ( назад)
How many channel does he have ??😂

Автор Golden Gomamon ( назад)
I fantasize about food as well love your videos.

Автор Amandeep Singh ( назад)
what is the recipe for the nooodle they are serving? Is this made from All-purpose flour or whole meat flour?

Автор LightAnDark ( назад)
I am legit eating cambles soup

Автор DDG LivesWell ( назад)
Mike... I love soup!

Автор Meekle58 ( назад)
Tsukemen is the bomb

Автор ALBERTA/ BERTA ( назад)
I love Asian soup....I don't eat pork like that any more but I know that soup he's eating taste really good...well it looks good

Автор Lily Y ( назад)
Anyone want to start online Japanese lesson with me?

Автор Fatin Fadillah ( назад)
jackie chan is that u ?

Автор Felicity Eve Delos Santos ( назад)
Woah,can you actually understand Japanese?

Автор yiuqwfj ( назад)
You're the happiest eater on earth, man :D

Автор DesiredGamez Gaming,Vlogs And more ( назад)
Eating insta ramen with sirracha

Автор tung pham ( назад)
I personally think Vietnamese Pho better than Ramen.

Автор Edward Mynning ( назад)
I want that now!!

Автор The Poloroid ( назад)
Egg game weak

Автор Mine Gamer ( назад)
And here I am, watching this video hungrily at 2:40AM..

Автор Eggsn Bakon ( назад)
4:22 "99% of what I fantasize revolves around food" :D!!!

Автор Sмσl Kαηηα ( назад)
I wonder why he's wearing a Vancouver shirt in Japan.

Автор James Alaal ( назад)
Who else came here because of naruto?

Автор James Alaal ( назад)
Ramen Dattebayo!

Автор Natalie Wood ( назад)

Автор Final Fantasy Master ( назад)
same as detective conan episode ^_^

Автор It's Me ( назад)
Jackie Chan ?

Автор Gábor Evanyics ( назад)
Watcing your uploads just infuses my passion for good food. Great job.

Автор Nanda mardas Saputra ( назад)
is that... azumi mizushima on the back?? ooopss! wrong person, wrong video

Автор Petkel1987 ( назад)
i love to hear you talk but doesn't your food go cold when you start to eat lol

Автор Joseph K ( назад)
I wish I could be that happy for eating simple food. He seems to know how to enjoy the every moment of the life.

Автор Katha Rina ( назад)
I watched the episode about this ramen shop as well...I really want to go to this place when I travel to Tokyo

Автор Void Space ( назад)
You little look like Jacky Chan

Автор Cee V ( назад)
Hey Mike my friend and I are gonna attept to do Ramen soup may not be Like Naruto or the one that you just had lol wish me luck !

Автор RockyGrenade ( назад)
How spicy is Japanese cuisine in general?

Автор Camesha Campbell ( назад)
In tokyo right now, eating ramen in the morning!

Автор Hailey Yin_Yang ( назад)
Yum 👍

Автор Austin Campbell ( назад)

Автор Lori Spenclor ( назад)
That looks good

Автор Don Deano ( назад)
I didn't even know that you had another channel!

Автор DeuceMang ( назад)
Is it me or am I seeing Jackie Chan's young doppelgänger 🤣? Good eats.

Автор Alexander Tran ( назад)
Love your videos bro!

Автор strawberry cheryl ( назад)
here I am, watching this in the middle of the night. goodluck to me~ haha

Автор tigerbalm ( назад)
Pho tastes more fresh and flavorful than ramen...

Автор 011 Eleven ( назад)
Dude naruto could have eaten that sooooo quick

Автор nikman2 ( назад)
How do you use chopsticks?

Автор Annastacia Green ( назад)
Wow this guy can eat !!!! I've never seen anything like it honestly lol

Автор TwoFoldz ( назад)
Are you Jackie Chan's son?

Автор Nandizzo __ ( назад)
i could eat ramen for days!

Автор Small Caps ( назад)
I must have asian in me. i'm Italian but them noodles look so good by them-self

Автор NEO GAMING ( назад)

Автор Julien Merelli ( назад)
you really speak too much man.

Автор hikki94 ( назад)
Your channel gives me life.

Автор Nick Joseph ( назад)
I'm so jealous of you man. That looked amazing

Автор Everything New 077 ( назад)
Why am I watching this in the middle of the night, damn it I'm hungry

Автор majid mohammed ( назад)
Do you know narutoooooo ?
I'm saudi

Автор reynault brown ( назад)
OMG I love pho

Автор PenTheif ( назад)
Im actually eating ramen noodles right now

Автор Realians ( назад)
are you jackie chan? :|

Автор Cloud IX ( назад)
when it's cutting season and you're on a low carb diet watching videos about ramen...

Автор navainc ( назад)

Автор The Fabulous Gabbasaurous ( назад)
I'm so jealous lol

Автор XFiles 4EverEver ( назад)
How in the world can you eat so much food? Like how without your stomach exploding. It's amazing.

Автор momzou ( назад)
are you virgin ?

Автор Deborah Santana ( назад)
Seriously I wouldn't stop eating ramen, that looks like your in heaven. I could eat three bowls of the large kind and keep going. The hunger in this video, I'd be so happy eating all those noodles

Автор Virginia Rasberry ( назад)
2:18 - 2:34 Is he talking about food or you first born child😂😂😂

Автор SAM Cook ( назад)
Great video, Mike.

Автор Yonas Getu ( назад)
I think I have to go through all of these videos and see how many times Mike says "gelatinous."

Автор Duh Sushi ( назад)
2:25 You're describing a newborn baby Mike

Автор RocketPawnch ( назад)
Why didn't he dip the noodles? :S

Автор we do reviews ( назад)
I need this

Автор Tina Hulsman ( назад)
im here eating instant ramen

Автор Pdub Adub ( назад)
I never got to see Tokyo...

Автор Robin Leung ( назад)
Do Ramen give aways on your channel please.

Автор Suri me ( назад)

Автор Seamus Wilde Lynch ( назад)
Love you, bro.

Автор Chit Oo ( назад)
Any naruto fans here?

Автор Neha Singh ( назад)
i love ramen

Автор cruisernet ( назад)
i miss japan.

Автор TheLegend 27 ( назад)
Eating ramen while watching this...

Автор Alana Weaver ( назад)
🤤 going back to Tokyo for the food

Автор Edgar Sandoval ( назад)
Those noodles look so plain not drenched in hot sauce and lime. I bet theyre delicious, though.

Автор Rob ( назад)
At 6:34 I was thinking to myself "god damn you fat son of a bitch"

Автор cjhan47 ( назад)
So that was like $10? or am i converting wrong?

Автор JcnTheEggplant _Battle cats & more ( назад)

Автор Dylan Williams ( назад)
I went out in the middle of this video to go get chinese food, then come back with it to finish watching.

Автор CrooK ( назад)
How are you so comfortable speaking to a camera in front of so many people?

Автор Will Conway Jr ( назад)
your slurping needs work.

Автор The One ( назад)
The eating machine.

Автор Kitty Lover ( назад)
Why don't they have places like this in America I'm over here eating ramen from Aldi's

Автор Alan Sy ( назад)
Where is this place in tokyo

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