Trump's Trade War is Trashing the U.S. Economy

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • President Trump, who has 15 months to keep the economy from collapsing before the next election, is choosing to blame the media for the stock market's woes. #LSSC #Monologue #Colbert
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Comments • 4 237

  • Lilly L
    Lilly L Hour ago

    Honestly WHO VOTED for THE TURD TRMP !!!!! Idiots

  • Ricardo Cerrillo
    Ricardo Cerrillo 7 hours ago

    That would be such a sweet burn on Ol' Orange Snowball! That move would be a worldwide smile maker!

  • o
    o 2 days ago

    has trump fixed the Michigan water problem yet, as promised?

  • Michael
    Michael 6 days ago


  • Hop Hampton
    Hop Hampton 9 days ago +2

    Should be Barack Obama's Way! Instead of Ave

  • est1993getme
    est1993getme 9 days ago +1

    I honestly believed that most Americans thought Obama was a pretty useless President?

  • Snowshowslow
    Snowshowslow 10 days ago

    Two weeks from then has passed, where's the railroad box car? ;-)

  • Emmett Hardie
    Emmett Hardie 10 days ago

    Donald, should also get something significant named after him to be fair.Say the Donald J. Trump National Toxic Waste Repository ?

  • Eric K
    Eric K 10 days ago

    So why is the stock market near a record high today, YOU JACKASS?

  • pamela gavrity
    pamela gavrity 12 days ago

    Love love

  • Django90
    Django90 12 days ago

    Obama wasn't a great president

  • American G.D.A.
    American G.D.A. 12 days ago

    Got a great idea!
    Have Stephan, do a new show!
    He's been gone for almost 2 months!
    Same old reruns, over and over and over again!
    Not including tonight's production.

  • Spruce Lynch
    Spruce Lynch 12 days ago

    Stepehn, I think you are great!

  • Tammy Stratford
    Tammy Stratford 12 days ago

    So, many of the comments are spot on regarding the ACTUAL content of the video, which is the petition to change a street name and how it will affect the current president. Unfortunately, there are some people that just want to engage in weird conversations about the impeachment of the current president, instead. I recommend that those people try out either Twitter or Facebook for those conversations. Many more nibbling fish there.

  • Humberto Ruiz Hernandez

    I'm not used to comment on RUclip but since I recently (about 2 weeks) noticed neither you or the Daily show have uploaded any new material regarding politics (Wich is mostly whath you do) I have to ask. Are you been censored in my country? (México) thanks

  • Anthony C.
    Anthony C. 12 days ago

    I wonder why these guys stopped uploading. I used to watch everyday. Too bad.

  • RammaNeedsBuffs
    RammaNeedsBuffs 12 days ago +1

    It feels like Colbert takes a week off every other week.

  • L K
    L K 13 days ago

    It's been 2 weeks bruh, I'm getting worried about that sharpened seashell. Come back to us, if for no other reason than to clear your name, Stephen Colbert!!!

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller 13 days ago

    Troll level: Epic

  • Joseph Jervis
    Joseph Jervis 13 days ago

    The storm is coming bert haha

  • chinookvalley
    chinookvalley 13 days ago

    It's been 3 weeks and still no LSSC???? What z up????

  • Bev Sputler
    Bev Sputler 13 days ago

    If that works to change the name of the st...let's go for changing Pennsylvania Avenue in DC next! Lol

  • sevenirises
    sevenirises 14 days ago

    Why no recent Stephen Colbert shows?

  • Hugh Mann-Bean
    Hugh Mann-Bean 14 days ago

    Colbert better pray to his respected gods or whatever he worships (Eru Iluvatar?) That Trump wins 2020, because otherwise he has no show and I'd hate to see him Coco'd.

  • Mohammed Yusuf
    Mohammed Yusuf 14 days ago

    Please sign that petition American people !!!! It would be the most amazing thing trump tower on Obama Avenue.

  • rohan
    rohan 14 days ago

    Can I sign that petition as I am from India? I bet China won't mind it either.

  • Monica Foster
    Monica Foster 15 days ago

    Yep very fitting, name the street after a cult leader where another cult leader owns a building.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 15 days ago

    Any city with a 44th street could also rename it after Obama in honor of him being the 44th president. That would be cute.

  • Patrick McCune
    Patrick McCune 15 days ago

    Was he shut down?

  • Aziz Noor
    Aziz Noor 17 days ago

    If I had his voice I'll RIP a new aswhole for being a sale out to putting and all of the dictators.

  • Deuel Ellan
    Deuel Ellan 17 days ago +1

    Obama has a street, trump has a tower.
    Obama at Trumps feet. What more can I say, poetic justice.

    • Deuel Ellan
      Deuel Ellan 13 days ago

      @Bev Sputler your incompetence is astounding. he cut everybody's taxes not just big businesses

    • Bev Sputler
      Bev Sputler 13 days ago

      Does he own the building or just the sign...I think Putin or Saudis own the building! One of the reasons he doesn't want taxes or business records out to the public! He's not a billionaire probably owes that much! Lol

  • Molly Jo Simmons
    Molly Jo Simmons 17 days ago

    I can see the street named, “Obama Drive” the the dead end alley named “Mitch Ct.”🤣😂

  • ipressedabutton
    ipressedabutton 17 days ago

    for an applause like that, im going to need a 2nd STIMULUS

  • Milan Kosi
    Milan Kosi 17 days ago

    If Trump was not a president you would not have a show. He is all you and other hosts talk about. Trump this trump that... Every f... show. You should do a "trump show" extra in the morning so you get it out of your sistem for the day, and do nice good night show for the night. Wtf

    • J Allen
      J Allen 2 days ago

      you are right. president dumpster fire is comedy gold.

  • Kfx Guy
    Kfx Guy 18 days ago

    I find it quite sobering to read these comments (sobering to the fact that I realize I live in the same country many ignorant fucktards also live) and watch this idiot mock Trump like a third grader. Grow the fuck up. I just cannot fathom how people can be so childish, bitter and ignorant. You think Trump acts childish? You should re-evaluate yourselves. Smh. You dumbshits think Obama was any better? Are you serious? What did he actually do? Besides separate blacks and whites even more? O and force people to pay for healthcare whether they could afford it or not, and by doing that, slowly drove the premiums of healthcare even higher.....because you were forced to buy it.

    • J Allen
      J Allen 2 days ago

      yes, how dare this comedian mock a laughing stock of a president for entertainment?🙄 I don't know what is more hilarious, your angry indignant tone, or that you actually expect everyone to take our dumpster fire of a president seriously?

  • Kfx Guy
    Kfx Guy 18 days ago

    Dude why don’t you just go ahead and blow him already? I mean hell, you always have Trump in your mouth anyways.

  • Kfx Guy
    Kfx Guy 18 days ago

    Hell yea! It’s trashing the economy so much that gas prices are the lowest they have been in quite a while.

  • 80sCats&GunsAddict
    80sCats&GunsAddict 18 days ago

    Stephen needs to come out and admit his brother is Bob Saget.

  • PeaceMakerX1
    PeaceMakerX1 18 days ago

    PLEASE let that street be re-named!

  • Didymostruespeak
    Didymostruespeak 18 days ago

    My brother and I were big fans and then he just started burning Bernie over and over more Bernie is crazy Bernie's hair...I don't need some spokeperson for the DNC to feed me a bunch of s*** I don't believe in... War is normal 20 years of ongoing War for a substance that's killing the planet. Biden Kamala and the DNC would not get rid of that... Because they take money from the WAR machine... Go Bernie. And Colbert get on the f****** right train... Oh and Obama ineffective the only thing he did worth a s*** was pull us out of the recession... Did not pull us out of War. Did not Aim us in the right direction for climate change... Afraid to go big... No more middle-of-the-road bullshitters !
    we don't need it

  • Julia Bastet
    Julia Bastet 18 days ago

    “Some things, started as a joke, end up as a president” - soooo true, it happened to Ukraine 😅🤣🤣

  • Chris R
    Chris R 19 days ago

    3:16, the current occupant is correct to mock the media who think something as trivial as the economy will affect his chances of re-election. the media forget that he wasn't put into office to elevate any economy, but to elevate those with melanin content similar to his.

  • Volvican
    Volvican 19 days ago

    Jesus- how much time do they take off in the summer?

  • 柳宇泷
    柳宇泷 19 days ago


  • Vladimir V.
    Vladimir V. 19 days ago

    He did start as a joke and look at us now, he's been presisent for 3 years. What went wrong?

  • ramo moreno
    ramo moreno 19 days ago

    Black and Brown People - Mate with Whites and eliminate the problem...
    a black man might take a dollar or stab a man 4 protection?a brown man might rob a store or shoot a man 2 feed his FAMILY - BUT WHO WANT's & HAS TRYDE 2 BLOW THE WORLD - UP & is always trying to TAKE IT ALL because "their dog told them"

  • mw izzie
    mw izzie 19 days ago

    Thats funny get the names

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 19 days ago

    oBozo Street should be the poopiest. Like Stephen's pants.

  • Joseph Stinson
    Joseph Stinson 19 days ago

    Aaaaaaaand when left unattended the left chases people out of restaurants and hits people with bike locks. Let's keep it impartial, stephen.

  • Suzette Uriarte
    Suzette Uriarte 19 days ago

    why no new videos? im feeling so empty! T.T

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann 19 days ago +1

    The show should've linked the petition on this video, I would sign ❤️

  • Bryan
    Bryan 19 days ago

    Actually, Trump was right about saying he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters - anyone on 5th Avenue is either a foreign tourist or a New Yorker - the former can't vote, and the latter isn't voting for him.

  • Tunisia H
    Tunisia H 20 days ago

    Uncle Stephen plz bring back THE HUNGRY FOR POWER GAMES

  • Alex Vargas
    Alex Vargas 20 days ago

    lol Trump wins again. China wants it to end. And why is Colbert still here. He said if Trump won he would leave the U.S. I guess he lied.

  • Danielle Lewis
    Danielle Lewis 20 days ago

    Trump is going to 💩💩💩💩💩51 times when he going to see that.

  • Vinh Tran
    Vinh Tran 20 days ago +1

    Steven may joke all he want but it seem like Trump always get the last laugh.

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald 20 days ago

    When a city just wants to put it out there . . . .'We just f****** hate you"

  • Anyoldion
    Anyoldion 20 days ago

    What happens when trump takes viagra? He gets bigger.

  • Christoph Swager
    Christoph Swager 20 days ago

    mention obamas name crowd EXPLODES lol

  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S. 20 days ago +2

    careful, some things that start as a joke end up President .... SAD