Public Freakouts & Cringe Interactions #145

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Hey everyone, thanks for watching the latest and greatest Public Freakout video! I have a crazy clip lineup today that features a furious customer vs. employee at a bank, a very trashy argument at steak n' shake, a pissed off wings n' things customer who never got their order, and many more!
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  • Public Freakout
    Public Freakout  7 months ago +491

    Hey everybody, sorry for the intrusion, but RUclip has told me that I either put myself in my videos, or I lose my channel. I know not everyone likes commentary in videos, but it was either that, or no more PublicFreakout. Hope you all enjoy the clips! Happy Sunday!

    • Theresa Stevens
      Theresa Stevens 26 days ago

      Don't forget Boo

    • Nita Trevino
      Nita Trevino Month ago

      You're doing a great job anyway, so keep up the good work.

    • Jason Reynolds
      Jason Reynolds 2 months ago

      More BS rules from youtube that makes the content flow like sh**. I'm not talking about anything Public Freakout is doing; he is doing what he has to do as per youtubes ever evolving restrictions. It's just that comp videos flow so much better without a break in between clips. Just another way for youtube to manipulate/shift views to the larger channels that bring in more ad revenue. I see NO valid reason why comp channels would need to appear in every video.

    • Chester Izzy
      Chester Izzy 2 months ago

      PublicFreakout kiss me

    • Downfall
      Downfall 5 months ago

      PublicFreakout sexy

  • Milton Appleby
    Milton Appleby 6 hours ago

    Megaphone moron.

  • Denise Uhlry
    Denise Uhlry 5 days ago

    Are these videos in another country?Nobody speaks,clearly without a funky ass accent! Why the hell wont he let the mother in the front?Thats just fucked up.He wanted one of his OWN to sit in front??Racist pos!

  • Mike fishead
    Mike fishead 6 days ago

    I'll have a happy meal and a dose of hopskipitol

  • 7 FDL
    7 FDL 9 days ago

    If you took rolled change to a bank wouldn't they open it anyway? A person could put something else in there, in the middle to make it look like a legitimate roll. Also the paper rolls from banks are different than the ones you buy at a store. I am sure they would have to re-roll them.

  • pleuvonics
    pleuvonics 11 days ago

    Lol you dumbass you can’t deposit loose change to the bank. Coins are disgusting the tellers are not counting all that by hand.

  • Rick Collier
    Rick Collier 11 days ago

    Go roll your change what a prickhead dad ashowing your son about the bank procedures is cool but you are showing total disrespect to bankers therefore teaching son the same thing something that could have been so easy even showing son rolling change you made a complete butthead of yourself GREAT JOB DAD!

  • The narrow path
    The narrow path 13 days ago

    If you're willing to do all that for a free cup of coffee you're beyond pathetic.

  • Theresa Stevens
    Theresa Stevens 17 days ago +1

    Complains about how shady the bank is yet still has an account

  • Sara Patrick
    Sara Patrick 24 days ago

    Yayyy boo is back. Also totally dont mind seeing the face behind the comp

  • Allfreeandhappy79
    Allfreeandhappy79 24 days ago

    first guy is a dumb Canadian.

  • ben yessin
    ben yessin 24 days ago

    13:35 is the BEST McDonalds scene ever!!! Dude knows how to motivate the Crew!!!

  • nursepower1
    nursepower1 25 days ago

    I like your explanations.

  • MsBrennad
    MsBrennad 26 days ago

    Oh good Lord, it's coffee...LOL

  • christie wakefield
    christie wakefield 27 days ago

    They never shut up long enough for something to happen for them! So petty n dumb these ppl

  • The Rebel And The Girl

    The mistake in the first video is the guy is still with TD one of the worst banks in Canada

  • Bridget Clement
    Bridget Clement 28 days ago +1

    First Bank Customer is Being VERY Polite!! He just wants to do a Deposit!!! Manager is Very Idiotic!!!

  • Bridget Clement
    Bridget Clement 28 days ago +1

    Your Kitty Cat is so CUTE.

  • Mama Llama
    Mama Llama 29 days ago

    RUclip is starting to suck really bad.

  • Courtneyy Frost
    Courtneyy Frost Month ago

    Hahaha it would be TD.

  • Sara Weil
    Sara Weil Month ago

    Leave the liquor store

  • Sara Weil
    Sara Weil Month ago

    I'm sorry bank you dont know business effects and good customer service dude take your account elsewhere

  • tyler hageman
    tyler hageman Month ago

    Banks have machines that count change they dump it in and it separates it and counts it. What bank doesnt have one ? Every bank I've been to has one. Roll my money for the bank hahaha no way

  • Redflower2442
    Redflower2442 Month ago

    hi i love your videos! i loooove the cat in the background!!!! whats their name?

  • Assistant to the Regional Manager

    “Grow up”, says the twat who’s so drunk she can’t stand up by herself!

  • Jus Tin
    Jus Tin Month ago

    Haha Canada is a waste of time.

  • Flooower Chiiild
    Flooower Chiiild Month ago

    “Grow uUuUuUuUuUup-uh!”

  • Flooower Chiiild
    Flooower Chiiild Month ago

    The first dude is teaching his son how to be a royal douche bag

  • Rosanna Ray
    Rosanna Ray Month ago

    *grOw uP*
    *ItS YoUR jOb*

  • Rosanna Ray
    Rosanna Ray Month ago

    You don't know if he has a problem with his eyes!

  • Kimberly Torrez
    Kimberly Torrez Month ago

    Love these videos my fav was the 🏦😅💯

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis Month ago

    if you cant get a copy of a contract you sign then you dont do business there.

  • Donna& Jeremy Wallace
    Donna& Jeremy Wallace Month ago +1

    Okay if that store is selling things that are out of date and he gives you hell Everytime then why the hell do you keep giving him business? Just curious on that 🤪🤪

  • Donna& Jeremy Wallace

    RUclip is getting ridiculous with all the rules and regulations 🤬🤬😠😠

  • horst wessel
    horst wessel Month ago +1


  • techsimmons
    techsimmons Month ago

    I cringe when a customer says they are "entitled" to something.

  • Bri S
    Bri S Month ago

    Omg just remake the foooood. I worked in fast food and this shit happened we don’t say shit but give them food and that’s that

  • Tammy Sublett
    Tammy Sublett Month ago

    What state is Elkhart in. LoL we have a city just 20 minutes from me called Elkhart. I was born there. People here are very rude, I'm trying to get the hell out of here

  • copper cassie Campbell

    Why, in the third one can't I understand what they're saying..what's it about.

  • Yea OK
    Yea OK Month ago

    Who the hell walks into a bank with a cup full of change? And then has the nerve to tell the teller to count it?!? What a d!ck!

  • Happy Day
    Happy Day Month ago

    7:00 Trisha Paytas has really gone downhill.

  • Happy Day
    Happy Day Month ago

    ‘Me and my girl aways comin her’
    Well then you and your girl are stupid because convenience stores Mark up their product by a high percentage. So you’re paying a premium all the time for crap you could get at CVS or dollar tree. That makes YOU the dumbass.

  • Happy Day
    Happy Day Month ago

    ‘He looks insolent and his eyes are twitching.’

  • American Paisa
    American Paisa Month ago +1

    Good Job to the TD Employees. I would’ve told the guy to fuck off too and refuse him service.

  • The End
    The End Month ago

    Beta !

  • Raven Cruz
    Raven Cruz Month ago

    Your extremely attractive! Thanks for letting us see your face

  • undeadtroop R27
    undeadtroop R27 Month ago

    The first guy comes off like those office broken losers who try hard to look for anything to set them off. Just weak spines going around harassing customer service employees because they think that their fear of getting fired would keep them from fighting back

  • cyanleopard
    cyanleopard Month ago

    So am I the only one that would have just got the coffee and used the coupon another day? It’s what 2 bucks? My time is worth more then a cup of coffee.

  • Brian Horton
    Brian Horton Month ago

    The video of the people talking to the twat with the gold computer are in a consignment shop its his store and your merchandise he sells it and gives you a small cut of the sale it's another rip off expecily when he won't give you a copy of the contract what a shit stain

  • HughJasole
    HughJasole Month ago

    So RUclip doxed you?

  • Mississippi Mud
    Mississippi Mud Month ago

    Guy at the bank J E R K I feel bad for his family

  • jcyt0511
    jcyt0511 Month ago

    The first one, the dad at the bank should be beaten senseless. Idiot.

  • OncNurseSpursSoccerChick Clayton


  • ꧁Lil Fairy꧂
    ꧁Lil Fairy꧂ Month ago

    Dude at the fast food it really that serious? Go grocery shopping fucking dumbass!

  • ꧁Lil Fairy꧂
    ꧁Lil Fairy꧂ Month ago

    First dude is triggered af! Like go and count the money yourself! God!

  • Sexy Tay-Tay
    Sexy Tay-Tay Month ago

    Where are you eating at for $64 of food??

  • Karri Winder
    Karri Winder Month ago

    To the really drunk girl who threw her plate, you grow up and handle your booze better. Call the cops next time. That's public intoxication.

  • Karri Winder
    Karri Winder Month ago

    Close your account... Go to a different bank.

  • Virginia Rowan
    Virginia Rowan Month ago

    I don't speak Spanish... I've got news for you, you don't speak English either.

  • Ann-Marie Paliukenas

    cute cat